Friday, February 12, 2016

Arthur Giron Illustration: Successful Failure

Arthur Giron’s illustration for Entrepreneur Magazine accompanies an article about becoming a successful failure.

Robert Neubecker Illustration: Risk Tolerance

Robert Neubecker’s illustration for The New York Times Business section says it all about how best to cope with market volatility.

Joey Guidone Illustration: Psychoses, Drugs & Mindfulness

Italian illustrator Joey Guidone’s striking cover for Modern Psykologi in Sweden makes us want to say “Ommmm” in several languages at once.

Paul Lachine Illustration: Florida Python Troubles

Paul Lachine created the main graphic and two spot illustrations for a Popular Science Online feature about the python, which is decimating wildlife in the Florida Everglades, and the people who hunt them.

Fian Arroyo Illustration: Happy President’s Day

Fian Arroyo gladly shares this illustration for Scholastic, accompanying a story about George Washington's 221 year overdue library book… Nobody’s perfect, right??

Colin Hayes Illustration: (Not so) Fun Facts

Colin Hayes illustrated a series of amusing, but rather alarming, facts for Haven Life insurance, all of which end up by reminding us that we’re going to die.

Laura Watson Illustration: XOXO

Laura Watson’s rustic, oh-so-pretty Valentine illustration takes you back to the basics: Hugs & Kisses!

Chris Gash Illustration: Diagnostics and Data

Chris Gash’s double page and spot illustrations for the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business accompanied a feature about teaming analysts from Booth with area hospitals to solve data management issues and improve care.

Yvetta Fedorova Illustration: Helping Girls Succeed

Yvetta Fedorova illustrated a story for Amherst magazine’s winter issue about an alumna whose work with the White House Council on Women and Girls helps minority children overcome obstacles.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016