Monday, January 26, 2015

Wesley Bedrosian: Putin & Latin America

Wesley Bedrosian’s weirdly accurate 3D caricature style nailed this illustration of Vladimir Putin trying to warm relations with Latin America for a recent issue of for Americas Quarterly.

Christina Wald: When Crabs Cross the Sand

Christina Wald illustrated a fascinating nature book for Capstone/Picture Window Books about the Christmas Island crab migration. Order a copy of this volume in the Extraordinary Migration series from Bookstore!

John Kachik: Unlucky Lindy

John Kachik created this illustration for story about the famous aviator Charles Lindbergh and the bumpy flight he experienced in Texas in the 1920s.

Zara Picken - Holiday Leave

Zara Picken was commissioned by CSMA Club Life magazine to create an illustration for an article about attitudes to paid vacation in various countries around the world:  how many days workers are entitled to versus how much of it they actually use.

Scott Roberts: PIERRE

Scott Roberts' illustration for Brigham Young University Alumni Magazine accompanies an article about “PIERRE,” which stands for Pseudo-Intelligent Evolutionary Real-time Recipe Engine.  Can a computer be creative in the kitchen?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Kirsten Ulve: And the Oscar Goes To…

Kirsten Ulve’s cover illustration for the New York Observer is a semi-abstract, completely accurate group portrait of this year’s Best Actress nominees, featuring Julianne Moore as the frontrunner.

Tim O’Brien: Words in the Dust

Tim O’Brien illustrates the cover of another young adult blockbuster Scholastic, “Words in the Dust,” a powerful novel set in contemporary Afghanistan.

Keith Negley: Living With Cancer, Coming to Terms

Keith Negley created this illustration for an essay in The New York Times about the words and language used around cancer and their meanings.

James Yang: Robots Can’t Dance (or Paint)

James Yang’s illustration for Nautilus magazine accompanies an article that contrasts the creative with the technical. A robot might be programmed to go through the motions of painting, it but can’t capture the eloquence, the subtlety, the nuance of a human artist.

Alison Seiffer: Power Lunches are OUT

Alison Seiffer’s illustration for The New York Times Styles section demonstrates that for new media power brokers, lunch is spent at the keyboard or on the run and definitely martini-free.

James Steinberg: Suicide

James Steinberg’s illustration accompanying an article about suicide for Rutgers University Magazine is quiet, powerful and devastating.

Goni Montes: Adobe Dreamweaver

Goni Montes has been collaborating with Adobe for the past two months to create these fantastical illustrations for their Creative Cloud Dreamweaver learning site. The dreamlike images feature different aspects of the program and take the creative process to a whole new level…

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Nigel Buchanan: David Foster Wallace

Nigel Buchanan covers the current issue of Newsweek with this illustrated portrait of the late novelist David Foster Wallace.

Harry Campbell: The Wayback Machine

Harry Campbell illustrated an article for The New Yorker on archiving the Internet: how it’s done and why it matters.

James Yang: Growing Ever Better

James Yang’s illustration for the Harvard Law Review accompanied an article about using the collaborative process with the assistance of many peers and advisors to develop more effective law professors. An organic image that calls to mind a support network was the visual solution.

Melinda Beck: Coffee, Coffee, Coffee!

Melinda Beck illustrates the twinkle-eyed happiness of quality caffeination for Amherst College magazine.

Michael Waraksa: Voice Command

Michael Waraksa’s illustration for the New York Times “Applied Science” business column accompanies an article suggesting that as people gain authority their voice quality changes, becoming measurably steadier in pitch, more varied in volume and less strained. 

Brian Stauffer: The Whole Haystack

Brian Stauffer’s illustration for The New Yorker accompanies an article questioning the N.S.A.’s claim that it needs access to all our phone records in order to catch terrorists.

Science Times: 1/20/15

The New York Times called on several ispotters this week to illustrate articles on health and science. Chris Gash illustrated how to improve one’s mood disorder by writing about oneself for the “Well” column:

John Roman: Book Event at the Rockwell Museum

John Roman’s recently-released eBook, “50 Markets of Illustration” will be the focal point of an event on Saturday, January 31, from 1 to 5 p.m. at The Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, MA.

Doug Chayka: Reflections on Charlie Hebdo

Doug Chayka’s eye-grabbing cover illustration for The Nation accompanies an article on Europe’s possible response to the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Anna Sutor: Essays That Worked

Anna Sutor illustrated an article in the Hamilton College alumni magazine, The Hamilton Review, featuring eight admissions essays from prospective students that really got the applicants through the door.

Laura Watson: Teeth Fairies are Here!

Laura Watson’s fun book illustration / character design project, Teeth Fairies, is now available. The book and doll gift set are designed to celebrate that great passage of childhood, the loosening and loss of baby teeth. Order a Teeth Fairies set today in Bookstore!

Pete Ryan: Accountable Care

Pete Ryan’s illustration and slippery little animation accompany an article for The New York Times about insurance payment systems that impose greater responsibility for cost control and quality improvement on providers.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Barbara Hranilovich: The Red Dress

Barbara Hranilovich’s exhibition of new work, The Red Dress, will be on view in Lansing, Michigan’s Old Town arts district throughout February.

Dennis Wunsch: Hard Money Lends a Hand

Dennis Wunsch created the illustration and page design for a January Scotsman Guide Residential Edition feature that details six steps that will help close more loans with hard money lenders , when a bank says no.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Solene Debies: Love Horoscope

Solene Debies envisions a sexy new year for all with these illustrations for the “Love Horoscope 2015” feature in French women’s magazine, BIBA.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Gabriel Moreno: Get Ready!

Gabriel Moreno’s frisky series of illustrations promoting premium brand Vodka Cruiser drive a campaign based on the pre-party excitement of getting ready for a big night! The work appears in magazines, digital media, web, and outdoor.

Michael Cho: Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

Michael Cho designed and illustrated the new branding for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, to be used  for their 2015 initiative. In light of recent world events, freedom of expression in the arts is a right that needs to be defended more than ever, efforts supported by the CBLDF.

Davor Pavelic: Mr. Coffeetino

Davor Pavelic illustrated the logo character and design motif for Mr. Coffeetino, an Australian coffee to-go delivery company.

Leticia Plate: Whole Foods Calendar

Leticia Plate was tapped to illustrate the month of February for the Whole Foods Market 2015 Calendar.  This year's theme is recipes created with the store brand 365 Everyday Value product line;
Leticia envisioned Polenta Stacks with Artichokes and Feta… mmmmm!

Chris Gash: The Economic Policy Divide

Chris Gash illustrated a spread and additional half page for a feature in Americas Quarterly about the divide between academics and seasoned policymakers with regard to US relations in Latin America.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Andrea Cobb: Love among the Juniper

Andrea Cobb’s illustration for a story in Guidepost’s Angels on Earth magazine gained new warmth from a dash of Holiday Red.

Michael Sloan: Grandpa’s Binoculars

Michael Sloan serves up a lovely slice of personal history using both illustrations and words in Grandpa’s Binoculars, a graphic memoir.  Read the entire story here.

Daniel Bueno: Popeye

Daniel Bueno illustrated the updated cover for Popeye Classic Comics #29, edited by Yoe Comics and IDW. The character appears in the geometric shapes of Daniel’s style, as he explores graphic elements suggested by the dynamism of Popeye’s movements and punches.

David Plunkert: Illustrators 57 Gold

David Plunkert will be in New York today to accept his Gold Medal from the Society of Illustrators for the 2013-14 Theatre Project poster series.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

John Tomac: Avoiding Tax Scams

John Tomac's illustration for Kiplinger’s Personal Finance accompanies tips on identifying good and bad tax preparers.

Richard Borge: Je Suis Charlie

Richard Borge shares his take on the senseless tragedy in Paris.

Dave Arkle: Social Media Marathon

Dave Arkle’s illustration for a recent issue of Exhibitor Magazine accompanies an article about the difficulty of measuring Social Media's success via the internet: less of a sprint, more of a long haul.

Bob Staake: Paris

Bob Staake comments on yesterday’s events in Paris.


Several artists from Gerald & Cullen Rapp have responded to yesterday’s horrific murders in Paris, which targeted cartoonists exercising their right to free speech.

Kevin Sprouls: Freezing Over

Kevin Sprouls illustrates what is painfully obvious to most all of the United States this week… please stay warm, safe and dry out there, friends!

Daniel Hertzberg: Best Of 2014

Daniel Hertzberg’s illustration helped the Wall Street Journal Arena section ring out the old last week, covering their “Best of 2014” issue including film, music, TV, art, architecture, fashion, and theater.

Allan Burch: Portraits

Allan Burch’s classic portrait style combines realism with raw energy to capture likenesses of presidents, popes, and pop stars (as well as folks like you and me) for a variety of illustration clients.

Jon Valk: White Out

Jon Valk designed and illustrated the chilling cover of “White Out,” a memoir of heroin addiction, detox, treatment, and finally into recovery, published by Hazelden. The cover was included in PRINT magazine’s Regional Design Annual.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Orlando Arocena: Shoe Fury

Orlando Arocena collaborated with Shoe Fury to create these impeccably fierce limited edition sneakers.

Brian Stauffer: Illustrators 57 Silver

Brian Stauffer’s illustration for the Skoll Foundation symposium in Oxford, England has earned him a Silver Medal from the Society of Illustrators NY.

Jem Robinson: The World in Your Kitchen

Jem Robinson was commissioned to illustrate the 2015 edition of The World in Your Kitchen Calendar, published by New Internationalist, the world's leading independent publisher of magazines and books on global social justice and sustainable development.

Jon Krause: The Invisible Puppeteer

Jon Krause illustrated an article about treatment and resolution of Tourette’s syndrome for NYU Physician magazine.

Michal Dzieken: Bank Polski 2015 Calendar

Michal Dzieken was commissioned by DDB Warsaw to create 13 detailed illustrations for the 2015 PKO Bank Polski calendar. The theme for the calendar was “Digital reconstruction of classic Polish films”… Michal’s antic tableaux bring the concept immediately to life.