Friday, October 31, 2014

Anni Betts: Happy Halloween!

Anni Betts is absolutely batty for Halloween and the windswept legend of Dracula

Sarah Howell: Boo!

Sarah Howell imagines a rather grotesque Halloween mask for the lovely Twiggy, who appears somewhat startled!

Keith Negley: Blood Test for Cancer

Keith Negley created this illustration for a story in the MIT Technology Review about a new test that lets scientists break blood down into smaller and smaller pieces in order to detect cancer.

Paul Morton: Beeble & Blink

Paul Morton wishes you Happy Halloween using his new app for children, Beeble & Blink’s First Book of Colors.

Tom Richmond: Peter Peter, Pumpkin Eater

Happy Halloween from Tom Richmond!

Sean Tiffany: Season of the Witch

Happy Halloween from Sean Tiffany!

Coco Masuda: That South Korean Glow

Coco Masuda’s illustration for the New York Times Style section accompanied an article about the growing popularity of South Korean type skincare products in the United States.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Gary Kelley: Harlem Hellfighters

Gary Kelley’s latest children’s book, Harlem Hellfighters written by J. Patrick Lewis, tells the story of the African-American soldiers of 369th Infantry Regiment in WWI who put their lives on the line, despite widespread bigotry and racism, in the name of democracy and freedom.  Order a copy today through Bookstore.

John Mattos: Beaumont Hotel

John Mattos was commissioned to create a series of art deco inspired murals and caricatures for the restaurant of the buzzworthy new Beaumont Hotel in London.  The glamorous, clubby room channels a bygone era of polo, horseracing and Hollywood allure.

John Tomac: A Fair Shot

John Tomac’s cover illustration for the American Federation of Teachers’ magazine, On Campus, takes aim at the issue of college access and affordability for working families.

Peter Strain: Pubs We Love

Peter Strain’s hand lettered chalkboard cover illustration for Time Out London celebrates the very best pubs in the city.

Yaniv Shimony: The Belly Button Book

Yaniv Shimony shares a few illustrations from The Belly Button Book, scheduled to be published in November. The story follows a little girl who climbs a high mountain, falls into a deep hole… and discovers it’s the belly button of a giant, full of funny creatures.

John Jay Cabuay: Party City

John Jay Cabuay illustrates a hectic social scene for the cover of the New York Observer’s special Philanthropy Issue.

Cheryl Chalmers: Outstanding Nurses

Cheryl Chalmers recently illustrated portraits of the recipients of the Houston Methodist Medical Center's "Outstanding Nursing Award."

Elvis Swift: Magic Makers

Elvis Swift illustrated and hand lettered the “Magic Makers” feature for Veranda Magazine, showcasing the very best and most inspiring interior design professionals.

Chris Labrooy: Dairy Max

Chris Labrooy works his 3-D illustration magic for Dairy Max, spelling out the virtues of natural milky goodness.

Nathan Jarvis: Happy Halloween

Nathan Jarvis wishes you a great, goofy Halloween weekend full of treats and sweets…with no unwanted tricks!

James Fryer: International Banking Operations

James Fryer created this cover illustration for the SIBOS supplement to the latest edition of Trade Finance magazine, showing how international banks are face a host of new challenges in cash management - not least the emergence of new and competing entrants into the payments arena.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

David Palumbo: A Kiss with Teeth

David Palumbo’s latest illustration for a short fiction piece on reveals the consequences of desire blunted for too long.

Jing Jing Tsong: National Cherry Blossom Festival

Jing Jing Tsong, from the Big Island, Hawaii, was selected as the 2015 Official Artist for The National Cherry Blossom Festival. Jing Jing created a one-of-a-kind illustration exclusively for the Festival for use on the official poster as well as a variety of collectables.

Davor Pavelic: Brain Training

Davor Pavelic’s illustration for the November issue of HOW Magazine accompanies an article on improvisation training, which can stretch your ideas and improve creativity.

Matt Herring: Languages that Changed My Life

Matt Herring created eight large scale celebrity portraits for “The Languages that Changed My Life,” The Guardian Newspaper and The British Academy's Language Festival exhibition in London. Each canvas illustrates a passage written by a celebrity, describing the transformative experience of learning another language.

Neil Brigham: Prairie Care

Neil Brigham was commissioned to create a full page illustration for Twin Cities Business Magazine to accompany the article “Mind over Matter,” highlighting the need for more teen mental health care in the Twin Cities area.

Christina Wald: Macarooned on a Dessert Island

Christina Wald illustrated the children’s book, “Macarooned on a Dessert Island,” for Pelican Publishing. No, that’s not a typo- the story is a mouthwatering journey… with a super sweet ending! Order a copy for your favorite little foodie in Bookstore. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tyler Jacobson: Fantasy Man

Tyler Jacobson and his spectacular fantasy illustration work are profiled extensively in a feature article for the Communication Arts Advertising Annual, on stands now.

Harry Campbell: Food Labels

Harry Campbell’s illustration for Science Times in today’s New York Times accompanies an article questioning the usefulness of the newer revised food labels.

Pietart Posti: SHOP Paris

Pietari Posti illustrated the current French cover of global merchandise publication SHOP.

Karen Greenberg: Why Ask Y?

Karen Greenberg powers through the graphic alphabet, this time with a clickety clack yak!

Helen Friel: Paper City

Helen Friel engineered and built an entire city of paper illustrations for French utility company RTE’s 2014 television campaign. The spot dramatizes the operation, maintenance and development of the high-voltage transmission system, which at approximately 100,000 kilometres, is Europe's largest.

Anna & Elena Balbusso: Bargaining Power

Anna & Elena Balbusso refreshing graphic illustration style was the perfect look for the University of Colorado’s Coloradan Magazine.  The image accompanied an article stating research finds that working women wield more influence at home.

John Kachik: Bad Santa

John Kachik's illustration for Texas Co-Op Power Magazine accompanies a story about a burglar dressed as Santa committing crimes during the holiday season.

Dennis Wunsch: 6 Steps to a Better Website

Dennis Wunsch created this number-focused full page illustration for an article in this month's Scotsman Guide Residential Edition, describing six important elements for creating a great website.

John Kachik: Bad Santa

John Kachik's illustration for Texas Co-Op Power Magazine accompanies a story about a burglar dressed as Santa committing crimes during the holiday season.

Yaniv Shimony: The Wizard of Oz

Yaniv Shimoy’s illustrations for a recent Israeli edition of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz bring a spirited, modern twist to the well-loved children’s classic.

Monday, October 27, 2014

James Yang: Living on Air

James Yang’s illustration for a special section of The New York Times focused on Wealth asks the question, “Do you have enough to retire?”

Arthur Giron: Citizen Scientists

Arthur Giron’s illustration for The Wall Street Journal accompanied an article questioning the ethics of gathering data by experimenting on yourself.

Chris Whetzel: Houston’s Best

Chris Whetzel created a series of four playing card inspired illustrations for Houston Press’s annual "Best Of" issue. The full-page section openers show royalty living it up every which way. The King represented Food & Drink:

Rob Dobi: Reach Out

Rob Dobi’s illustration for Vancouver magazine accompanied an article about making the decision to reach out and help a stranger in need.

Andy Clarkson: Country Style

Andy Clarkson’s organic style translated beautifully for this line of tee shirts he designed and illustrated for Country Style Apparel. Here are a few samples from more than two dozen amazing designs celebrating the international language of huntin’, fishin’ and drinkin’.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Kotryna Zukauskaite: Blowing up the Bundle

Kotryna Zukauskaite’s illustration for Variety accompanies an article contemplating the future of TV a la cart, free from massive channel bundles.

Chris Labrooy: Ted Baker Eyewear

Chris Labrooy has all the fun collaborating with the eyewear team at Ted Baker on their appealing new advertising campaign. A fruit and vegetable 3D illustration mashup!!

Zara Picken - OBRANI 2015 Collection

Zara Picken’s whimsical illustration has been licensed by Ukrainian fashion house OBRANI for textile use on their Spring-Summer 2015 collection. The uplifting image is incorporated as a repeat pattern on a full range of garments including dresses, skirts and trousers.

Michael Sloan: Election Year

Michael Sloan gathered a few of his favorite political illustrations to remind us of the importance of midterm elections.  Get out there and VOTE next month!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tom Bloom: Recent Work

Tom Bloom’s cheerful illustrations are a feature favorite throughout the pages of The New York Times. Recent assignments have found him in the Travel section for an article on custom hotel apps:

Joe Wilson: American Cowboy

Joe Wilson was commissioned by American Cowboy magazine to create a series of illustrations depicting classic stories of the heroic Texas Rangers, including the deaths of the notorious Bonnie & Clyde.

Maria Corte Maidagan: Resolution

Maria Corte Maidagan was commissioned by Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud to illustrate the banner image for their tutorial helping users understand the resolution of an image. As always, her intelligent illustration gets right to the point in the most intriguing way.

Tim Bower: MLB World Series Program

Tim Bower was commissioned by Major League Baseball to illustrate an article about past Hall of Fame inductees in this year's and past years' World Series programs.

Jim Frazier: ElectroRent Annual Report

Jim Frazier created illustrations for a digital and print wraparound cover of the ElectroRent 2014 Annual Report. The client listed four qualities which best described the company's position, Transparency; Trust; Creative Growth; and Technology and then asked Jim to "just do what you do and make it wonderful."

Richard Borge: Connecting the Dots

Richard Borge illustrated an article for the Wall Street Journal this week on the topic of critical thinking. The "ability to connect the dots" inspired Rich’s final image.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Iker Ayestaran: Staycation, Here We Come!

Iker Ayestaran’s refreshing illustration series for The Boston Globe accompanies an article outlining ways to make your "staycation" feel like a vacation.