Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Laura Watson: Kanikapila!

Laura Watson shares an illustration of a kanikapila, an impromptu Hawaiian jam session and usually happening on a beach.  A great way to wrap up summer!

Doug Chayka: The Future of Suffolk Downs

The Boston Globe commissioned Doug Chayka to illustrate the Sunday Ideas cover story about plans for the future of Suffolk Downs, a decommissioned horse racing track in East Boston.

Scott Laumann: Feature Article in Communication Arts

Scott Laumann’s ever-evolving commercial and gallery work is the subject of an in depth feature article in the September/October issue of Communication Arts Magazine.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Ruth Rowland: Illustrated Maps for Sainsbury

Ruth Rowland was commissioned by Sainsbury’s Bank Money Matters Magazine to create illustrated maps and hand lettering for their summer issues. The focus was day trips in the UK, one aimed at readers interested in family entertainment and one of general interest.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Fian Arroyo: Planet of the Crepes

Fian Arroyo created this amusing logo illustration for a food truck called Planet of the Crepes.

Keith Negley: Anti-Vacination

Keith Negley illustrated a spread in TIME Magazine on the ramifications of the current anti-vaccination movement.

The Red Dress: Kahlua Martini

The Red Dress takes a decidedly vintage cinema poster approach to this advertising illustration for Kahlua Coffee Liqueur.

Davide Bonazzi: A Farewell to Arms

Davide Bonazzi's recent illustration for MIT Technology Review accompanied an article about the possibility of recycling old Russian weapons into American electricity.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Mark Smith: Concussion

Mark Smith’s illustration for ESPN magazine effectively addresses the effects of repeated head trauma.

Jeanine Henderson: Schoolyard Prairie

Jeanine Henderson’s latest illustration commission was a set of 26 wildflowers and prairie grasses for an elementary school poster. The school district is one of the first of its kind: 80% sustainable on reusable energy with solar, wind and thermo power, surrounded by a prairie reserve. The poster will be used as a guide to teach the students what kind of fauna is growing all around them.

Kyle Hilton: Sisterhood of Hip Hop

Kyle Hilton’s infamous paper doll illustration style earned him a serial commission from Oxygen, to promote their new show, “Sisterhood of Hip Hop.”  Below are the first two out of five Sisters. “I know very little about hip hop,” Kyle admits, “but it’s been a dream of mine to be paid to watch TV.”

Pete Ryan: Caged for Life

Pete Ryan's illustration for Seattle Met accompanies an essay written by Amanda Knox about her life, post-prison. You’re never truly free; once you’re released (and have the conviction overturned) there is still the psychological trauma and public opinion of your innocence or guilt.

Bryan Christie: Solo Exhibition

Bryan Christie’s semi-abstract, deeply human work is currently on exhibit at the elegant British American Household Staffing offices, in conjunction with The Rug Company, on Mercer Street in SoHo.

Roy Scott: New York Observer

Roy Scott provided several options when the New York Observer commissioned him to create a vivid collage illustration for their “Educated Observer” feature.  The article debated whether students should incur costly law school debt at a time when post graduate employment is really not assured.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Christian Lindemann: Fun City

Christian Lindemann illustrated this whimsical interactive cityscape for the website of a Nebraska non-profit health resource, BeHealthyOmaha.org.

Agent Illustrateur: Nouveau Projet

Agent Illustrateur's recent illustration for Montreal's Nouveau Projet magazine accompanies an article on new technologies that will change the urban landscape in the future through more sustainable initiatives.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Vic Kulihin’s illustrations

Vic Kulihin’s charts, maps and illustrations tell a visual story that help explain key concepts in the pages of “U.S. Culture through Infographics,” one of a series of Super Social Studies Infographics books from Lerner Publications.

John Tomac: Reflecting

John Tomac's double take reflection illustration for Property Casualty Group highlights features of their Inline & Ocean Marine Business Insurance.

Harry Campbell: Making waves

Harry Campbell's cover illustration for the September issue of PlanSponsor magazine accompanies a feature about making waves in the retirement plan industry.

Marc Sasso: Stand Up and Shout

Marc Sasso was honored to receive the "Long Live Rock and Roll" award from the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund, named for the famous metal singer and Marc’s long-time client, who passed away from stomach cancer.

Taylor Callery: Stand Your Ground

Taylor Callery shares his first non-digital, painted-with-paint painting for an illustration project, published by Phoenix Magazine, to accompany an article about the controversial “Stand Your Ground” Laws in Arizona.

Richard Borge: Illusion of Growth

Richard Borge’s illustration for the Wall Street Journal accompanied an article about home sales growth data, which seem strong at first glance but involve unseen elements that don’t support the encouraging numbers.

Davor Pavelic: “Unemployed”

Davor Pavelic’s wall decor is part of an exhibition in Croatia celebrating collaboration between product designers and illustrators, and exploring the possibility of illustration beyond the usual book and magazine usage.

John Roman: 50 Markets of Illustration

John Roman’s fantastically useful eBook, 50 Markets of Illustration, is now live and ready for download. The book covers a vast territory of prospective clients for illustrators and brings to light literally dozens of ways for artists to forge a career path.

Solene Debies: Delsey Live Event

Solene Debies collaborated with high end brand Delsey Luggage in a customized live illustration event at Galeries Lafayette in Paris.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Jason Seiler: Celebrity Chefs for USPS

Jason Seiler's joyful portraits of Master Chefs James Beard, Julia Child, Joyce Chen, Edna Lewis and Felipe Rojas-Lombardi illustrate a new series of forever stamp from the United States Postal Service.

Kyle Hilton: Freeze, Puppy!

Kyle Hilton’s illustration for this week’s Sunday New York Times Magazine accompanied report of a scientist who invented a spray that can momentarily “freeze” an excited dog into a non-barking state.

Oli Winward: Walk, Talk and Travel

Oli Winward shares a few recent editorial illustrations. For United Airlines Rhapsody Magazine, to go with an article on the number of large business walking away from Facebook and returning to good old email campaigns to reach customers:

John Tomac: A Fresh Start

John Tomac's recent illustrations for NYU Langone Medical Center accompanied a cover feature about fecal transplants, a method of reintroducing healthy microbes in the human gut. Understandably, they needed visuals for this story that were more metaphorical than literal…

Friday, September 19, 2014

Orlando Arocena: The Jump Off

Orlando Arocena created a wildly fun vector illustration for the cover of Retro Magazine, featuring a tribute to the most memorable games of all time.

Michael Gelen: Alien Vinyl

Michael Gelen’s latest illustration is dedicated to the many millennials for whom the 12-inch LP is completely alien.

Michal Lisowski: Automated Advisers

Michal Lisowski created a friendly cyborg for the cover illustration for "Taking Stock of Automated Financial Advisers," which ran recently in the Wall street Journal.

Goni Montes: The Girl in the High Tower

Goni Montes created this illustration for Gennifer Albin’s story, “The Girl in the High Tower,” published by Tor.com.

Paul Garland: Proteomics

Paul Garland created this illustration for Discoveries Magazine, the flagship publication about medical research from Cedars Sinai, to accompany an article on “Proteomics,” the large-scale study of proteins. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Justin Metz: Out of Control

Justin Metz illustrates the problem of infinite TV viewing choices for the cover of Variety magazine.

Melinda Beck: Punishment or Abuse?

Melinda Beck’s stark silhouette illustration on today’s New York Times Op Ed page accompanies an opinion piece on the wide acceptance of various forms of corporal punishment.

Stephan Walter: Made in London

Stephan Walter constructs another fabulous illustration for the cover of Time Out London.

Paul Morton: Winter Wonderland

Paul Morton has illustrated another Imaginetics magnetic sticker set for Interplay, the second Snowpersons Holiday / Winter themed set he produced this year. More penguins? Yes, please!

Taylor Callery: Marathon Rebel

Taylor Callery's illustration for The New York Times accompanied an essay written about a woman training for the marathon by simply sticking to her daily routine of smoking cigarettes, drinking wine, and eating pasta.

Tim O’Brien: The Roosevelts

Tim O’Brien painted a stunning triple portrait for the cover of TIME magazine’s special issue on the Roosevelts.

Anni Betts: Love, Internationally

Anni Betts created these sweetly global animal illustrations for the wedding event stationary of a British groom and his Australian bride. Anni’s creatures included a kookaburra and a kangaroo to represent Australia, and a robin and a squirrel to represent the UK.

Harry Campbell: Cold War Star Wars

Harry Campbell created a doodle-wonderful cover illustration for Newsweek magazine using a vintage astronaut photo as a base.

Keith Negley: Flake Music

Keith Negley was commissioned by Sub Pop Records to illustrate a reinterpretation of Flake Music’s (The Shins) album “When You Land Here, It’s Time To Return” for a re-release.  Here is Keith’s soaring painting, along with the more earth-bound original, below.

Sarah Howell: Face Pack

Sarah Howell illustrated Face Pack over photo by Kenneth Willardt of model Barbara Palvin… all in the name of beauty!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Michael Sloan: How Parents Make Teachers Miserable

Michael Sloan’s illustration for the Boston Globe Sunday Magazine takes a humorous look at parents who are inappropriately involved in their children's education.

Scott Pollack: Mets Fantasy Football

Scott Pollack's illustration in today’s Wall Street Journal depicts the end of yet another abysmal New York Mets season as the team’s focus turns to David Wright and company's interest in Fantasy Football.

Goni Montes: Gods and Vampires

Goni Montes illustrated “When Gods and Vampires Roamed Miami”, a short story about immortal teen goddess Athena and her delusional admirer, for Tor.com.

Chad Geran: Pellegrino

Chad Geran’s illustrations for flavored Pellegrino are a totally refreshing pleasure.

Pepper Tharp: A North Loop Moment

Pepper Tharp’s chic, breezy illustration makes us look forward to swirling days of autumn in the city.

Molly Jacques: Genevieve & Joy

Molly Jacques gets into the spirit of happiness with her hand lettered website logo for Genevieve & Joy.