Thursday, July 31, 2014

Dave Ember: Bend Ale Trail

Dave Ember designed and illustrated this logo for the Bend Ale Trail, delightfully loose guide which connects brew pubs throughout the beautiful mountain town of Bend, Oregon.

Justin Metz: Coke Has a Fat Problem…

Justin Metz created this hilarious cover illustration for Bloomberg Businessweek accompanying a feature about Coca Cola’s efforts to address its obvious image problems.

Otto Steininger: The Urban Machine

Otto Steininger illustrates a cover story on the economic power of Vancouver for BC Business magazine in Canada.

Mark Smith: Telepharma

Mark Smith’s recent cover illustration for The Pharmaceutical Journal breaks through the fourth wall for an article about telemedicine.

Orlando Arocena: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Orlando Arocena’s high-design poster illustration for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes attracts and intimidates in equal measure.

Marilena Perilli: Golden Books

Marilena Perilli illustrated her first “Dora (the Explorer) and Friends” children’s book for Golden Books and is now working on her second.

Richard Borge: Chatbots

Richard Borge’s latest illustration for The Wall Street Journal accompanied an article about “chatbots,” a popular trend in Asia, now catching on here.

Daniel Bueno: Acrobats of Form

Daniel Bueno is one of six Brazilian illustrators whose work is celebrated in “Acrobatas das Formas - Neue Illustrationen Aus Brasilien,” an exhibition being held at international children's bookshop Mundo Azul, in Berlin, Germany. Through August 31 / Choriner Str. 49 / Prenzlauer Berg / Berlin.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Jason Seiler: The Complete Artist

Jason Seiler’s epic book on the business of illustration, The Complete Artist, is now available: nearly 300 pages of behind the scenes, step by step paintings and illustrations for magazines, books and film.

Roy Scott: Heat Wave

Roy Scott created a colorful montage illustration for Smithsonian Magazine to accompany a feature about heat waves. The article explored the devastating toll heat can take on human life, as well as cutting edge research to predict a sustained temperature spike.

Michael Waraksa: Sometimes, Early Birds Are Too Early

Michael Waraksa’s illustration for the New York Times Applied Science column accompanies an article about “precrastinators,” defined as people who finish things sooner than they need to get them done.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dave Ember: Healthy Analytics

Dave Ember’s conceptual cover illustration for Health Leaders’ magazine conveys the idea of connection between technology and the healthcare community.

James Yang: Golf Wars

James Yang illustrates the competitive spirit of the old masters against the young bucks with an elegant dueling metaphor, for the latest issue of Golf World magazine.

Taylor Callery: Almost-August Update

Taylor Callery continues to work hard through the lazy summer months, producing a new batch of illustrations just under the August wire.  This feature for The Hollywood Reporter is about the top 25 film schools in the nation.

Lara Tomlin: Garden & Gun

Lara Tomlin created a series of portrait illustrations for the current issue of Garden & Gun magazine.

Rob Dobi: Neighborhood Schools

Rob Dobi's illustration for Houstonia Magazine accompanies an article about embracing schools closer to home.

Monday, July 28, 2014

John Jay Cabuay: Boston Globe Book Review

John Jay Cabuay’s elegant illustration for the Sunday Boston Globe accompanies a book review for Tiphanie Yanique's new novel, "Land of Love and Drowning".

Friday, July 25, 2014

Kevin Sprouls: Crown Royal Whiskey

Kevin Sprouls’ product illustration skills were called for by Grey Advertising to create a Father’s Day campaign featuring Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey. Initially conceived as a black and white hero image for newspaper, the project was such a success that a color version was commissioned as well.

Michael Gelen: Modern Love

Michael Gelen/ Inkwell Studios' recent spot illustration depicts love in the time of dating apps.

Rob Dobi: Craigslist Crime

Rob Dobi's illustration addresses the increasing volume and variety of crimes originating via Craigslist.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Wesley Bedrosian: Border Crisis

Wesley Bedrosian created this cover illustration for Newsweek by sculpting actual barbed wire. Ouch and wow!

Jon Krause: Patchwork Coverage

Jon Krause’s illustration for the Wall Street Journal accompanies an article on the need to stitch one’s own coverage together in order to fully address insurance requirements.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Iker Ayestaran: On the Line

Iker Ayestaran illustrated this dynamic poster for On the Line, a short film set in Southern California.

Joe Wilson: Crabtree & EvelynPackaging

Joe Wilson’s crystalline line illustration style is a perfect match for this lovely Crabtree & Evelyn packaging.  His simple floral drawing adorns their latest line of fragrances and creams, “English Honey and Peach Blossom.” 

Jean-Manuel Duvivier: Children’s Hospital Mural

Jean-Manuel Duvivier created this lively mural for the new Oncology Department at Emma’s Children’s Hospital AMC in Amsterdam.

Julie Dillon: Imagined Realms

Julie Dillon is running a kickstarter campaign to fund the first issue of what is to be an annual publication, Imagined Realms. The Hugo Award nominated illustrator focuses on positive and diverse representations of women in fantasy and science fiction.

Brian Stauffer: The N Word

Brian Stauffer illustrated "The Word That Killed Our Friendship," an article about the irreparable damage inflicted on a treasured friendship when the "N word" was spoken, for Readers Digest.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Joyce Hesselberth: Tasting More Than Four

Joyce Hesselberth’s illustration for Science Times in the NY Times accompanies an article about newly established flavors beyond sweet, salty, sour and bitter.  Fatty and soapy, anyone?

Ken Orvidas: Probiotic Logic

Ken Orvidas illustrates an article analyzing the truth and myths surrounding the health benefits of probiotics for the New York Times Science Times section.

James Yang: Pickin’ It Old-School

James Yang totally brings it for this illustration in the Wall Street Journal that accompanied an article about a trend among CEO’s to pick successors from their alma mater.

Chi Birmingham: On the Road for a Year

Chi Birmingham marks his one-year anniversary illustrating the weekly Business travel column for the New York Times. Below, two for the road on the grim topics of phone bombers and corporate liability issues:

Rob Dobi: Pro-Russian Rebels

Rob Dobi responds to the news cycle with this illustration about pro-Russian rebels making access to the MH17 Ukrainian crash site difficult.

John Jay Cabuay: Brooklyn’s Hospital Crisis

John Jay Cabuay’s cover illustration for the New York Observer highlights a grim feature on the lack of quality healthcare available in upwardly mobile Brooklyn.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Scott Pollack: Finding Hidden Beauty

Scott Pollack’s cover illustration for Barron’s this week accompanies an article about finding undervalued stocks in today’s boom market. 

Kotryna Zukauskaite: Boston Globe Book Review

Kotryna Zukauskaite illustrated a review of “The Great Glass Sea” for the Sunday Boston Globe.

Taylor Callery: On Work

Taylor Callery’s illustration for the NY Times Sunday Business section accompanies “The Job That Keeps Playing In My Head,” a writer’s memory of the frustrating year she spent trying to sell real estate.

Yarek Waszul: Sunday Times Book Review

Yarek Waszul illustrated a review of “The People’s Platform,” an exploration of the unequal distribution of Internet power, for the Sunday New York Times.

Peter Arkle: Times Sunday Book Review

Peter Arkle’s cheerful line illustrations, including portraits and objects, are sprinkled liberally throughout this week’s Sunday New York Times Book Review section.

Otto Steininger: The Data-Driven Search

Otto Steininger’s section cover illustration for the New York Times Sunday Real Estate section visualizes house hunting based on hyper-specific community data provided by the web.

Doug Chayka: Busy Doctors, Wasteful Spending

Doug Chayka’s illustration for the New York Times Op Ed page accompanies a piece on why paying doctors less is a system that will cause more waste instead of saving money.

Dennis Wunsch: Who’s Lending?

Dennis Wunsch created this cosmic illustration for the July Scotsman Guide Commercial edition, to accompany an article elevating lenders who go above and beyond on behalf of their clients.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Michal Dziekan: Magic Delivery

Michal Dziekan worked with Disney - Hyperion publishing to illustrate the wraparound cover and high-energy chapter openers for Clete Barret Smith's new book, "Magic Delivery".

Ricardo Martinez: Mick

Ricardo Martinez's over-the-top caricature of Mick Jagger was featured in Spanish newspaper El Mundo's weekend magazine.

Tyler Jacobson: Mural for BYU

Tyler Jacobson was commissioned by Brigham Young University to create a narrative mural illustrating historical events in the life of the founder. This specific scene shows Brigham Young leading a group of followers across the Mississippi River to the town of Quincy.

Jon Foster: The Leftovers Animation

Jon Foster's astounding animated opening sequence for “The Leftovers” can be seen every week on HBO… or right here, anytime you’d like:

Steven Noble: William Wolf Whiskey

Steven Noble was commissioned by One Good Arrow to create a brand-mark to help establish their new premium whiskey, “William Wolf.” The character, illustrated on scratchboard to create an old woodcut look, evokes something out of the rustic Old South, complete with banjo, suit, and hat.

Peter Grundy: Laboratory for Children

Peter Grundy illustrates and animates this engaging Laboratory for Children for the Royal Institute of Science.

Rob Dobi: Concept and Color

Rob Dobi produced two topical illustrations based on the current news cycle that use color to help convey the concept. This image is a reaction to people who still perceive homosexuality as a curable illness:

Paul Garland: Erasing Sexual Violence

Paul Garland’s illustration for the latest issue of CURRENTS Magazine (CASE) accompanies an article on a new US Government initiative to assist colleges and universities in erasing the problem of sexual assault and violence.

Joe Wilson: The Plant that Ate Britain

Joe Wilson’s cover and feature illustrations for The Sunday Times of London Magazine concern the invasion of Japanese knotweed into the native landscape.