Friday, June 27, 2014

Otto Steininger: They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To

Otto Steininger’s illustration for today’s New York Times Op Ed accompanies a piece lamenting the inferiority of modern construction.

Mark Smith: Playing Hardball

Mark Smith created this illustration for Variety Magazine to accompany an article titled, "YouTube, Amazon Start Playing Hardball With Sellers"

John S. Dykes: Frogfolio

John S. Dykes created this illustration for next year’s fabled Frogfolio calendar, due out in the fall.

Sean Tiffany: Sports Illustrated Kids

Sean Tiffany illustrated the popular “What’s the Call?” feature for the June issue of Sports Illustrated Kids with his usual élan.

Ruth Rowland: The Field of Cloth of Gold

Ruth Rowland created the opulent hand lettering for The Field of Cloth of Gold by Glenn Richardson. The title refers to a spectacular Tudor festival of competition and entertainment which aimed to secure a permanent settlement between England and France in 1520.

Anna + Elena Balbusso: Little Knife

Anna + Elena Balbusso produced two illustrations for “Little Knife,” a young adult fantasy story from The first image represents a big wave in the guise of a woman that sweeps away the forest.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Mark Summers: Nook HQ

Mark Summers takes illustration to a grand scale with these portraits for Barnes and Noble's new Nook headquarters in Palo Alto, CA. Each of the illustrations was etched onto the glass doors of their namesake conference rooms.  Doors to the Richard Feynman conference room:

Michal Dziekan: The Cost of a Student

Michal Dziekan illustrated an article for DF Magazine about the inherent costs of being a student and whether or not it truly does take money to make money.

Paul Morton: Tour de France

Paul Morton’s regular client, Morrisons, wanted to give a photo opportunity to their younger customers. Children can now pop their head through and have a memorable pic taken with Mr. Ginger as he cruises in to a breathtaking finish. And yes, he's already bagged that yellow jersey!

Andy Ward: Cel-EGG-rity Portraits

Andy Ward was commissioned by Morrisons, a major UK supermarket chain to illustrate a clan of “Cel-EGG-rity” hand painted eggs as part of an interactive Twitter campaign. Members of the public tweeted suggestions; Andy responded and painted them the same day, documenting the process and providing video footage and photos to post on Twitter.

Antony Hare: Cultivating Thought

Antony Hare’s illustrated cup for Chipotle’s Author Series provides ample food for thought, whether half empty or half full.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

James Steinberg: Healthcare Fraud

James Steinberg’s illustration for AARP’s blog centered on the keywords "theft" and "healthcare." “A conceptual illustrator's job is to find images universally recognizable images and merge or distill them into a picture that is easily read and hopefully fresh and striking,” says James.

Jason Seiler: Kelsey Grammer

Jason Seiler pulled off another incredible two-day turnaround cover illustration for the New York Observer, this time a portrait of actor Kelsey Grammer.

Pete Ryan: Kiju Juice Packaging

Pete Ryan pushed his painting skills out of the editorial arena and whipped up these bright packaging illustrations for Kiju Organic Fruit Juice, in stores across the US and Canada now.

Rob Dobi: Hits and Misses

Rob Dobi’s latest illustration for Variety depicts the stock of studio executives rising and falling precipitously, based on the success of their movies.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

John Tomac: Marriage Equality in Georgia

John Tomac’s illustration for the June issue of Atlanta Magazine accompanies a feature a discussing state laws barring same-sex marriage that have been overturned around the country, and evolving views on the subject in the Peach State.

Dan Stiles: Pinkies Out!

Dan Stiles created a series of six stylish illustrations for Red Robin Gourmet Burgers…When preparing for one of their Finest Burgers, periodically practice your most preeminent pinky pose.

J. D. King: Modern Stress

J.D. King’s recent illustration for EXPERIENCE L!FE magazine examines the role of stress in our contemporary lives.

Brad Yeo: 3 x 3 GOLD

Brad Yeo’s eloquent illustration, “Fatigue,” earned him Gold in this year’s 3 x 3 International Pro Show.

James O’Brien: No Body Talk

James O’Brien illustrated an article for the New York Times Sunday Styles section about a brave new type of summer camp where kids take a break from mentioning physical appearance, including clothing.

Pete Ryan: Hay Fever Driven

Pete Ryan’s lighthearted illustration for The Wall Street Journal addresses the apparently serious issue of driving under the influence of hay fever.

John Jay Cabuay: New Yorker Film Review

John Jay Caubuay illustrated a review of Clint Eastwood’s “Jersey Boys” for this week’s issue of The New Yorker.

James Yang: Math Anxiety

James Yang's fun series of illustrations for American Teacher magazine accompanied a feature about math anxiety. James’ approach was simply to imagine the feeling of a child being overwhelmed with a flood of numbers.

Karen Greenberg: 3 x 3 Pro Show

Karen Greenberg’s series of five illustrations done for the Wall Street Journal Holiday Gift Guide: Books was accepted into the 3x3 International Pro Show, in the editorial/lifestyle category. Shown is the cover and four of the 14 illustrated labels and banners produced for the project.

Eric Hanson: The Ultimate ‘Cue Crawl

Eric Hanson’s latest illustration for Southern Living Magazine maps out the dense deliciousness of Eastern North Carolina’s best barbecue joints.  Loosen your belts and start your engines!

Jon Reinfurt: Ghost Golf

Jon Reinfurt’s illustration for Minnesota Magazine accompanied a memoir about the author’s childhood golf outing with his father at a haunted resort town. Ghosts never actually appear in the story but the memory itself became the thing that haunted the author as time went on and his relationship with his father deteriorated.

Ken Orvidas: Building Well-Being

Ken Orvidas’ cover illustration for The Boston Consulting group sends the message that it’s not enough to simply study or measure well-being… rather, governments should be integrating well-being into the development of public policy.

Lara Tomlin: Smithsonian Portraits

Lara Tomlin’s illustrated series of “Contributors” portraits for Smithsonian Magazine included good friend and fellow artist Kim Rosen.

John Kachik: A Most Rugged Route

John Kachik created this illustration for Texas Co-Op Power, to accompany a story about traveling by stagecoach in the 1850s, and what supplies were required to make the arduous journey.

Anna + Elena Balbusso: 3 x 3 x Twelve

Anna + Elena Balbusso have had twelve illustrations accepted into this year’s 3x3 International ProShow, including a Silver Medal for "The Canterbury Tales," illustrated book, five images; a Distinguished Merit for "Pride and Prejudice," illustrated book, 5 images; one Merit for “Number 62” and one Honorable Mention for “Autoimmune Disease,”  both US editorial.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Dennis Wunsch: Numbers Make for a Horror Story

Dennis Wunsch created this full page illustration for the June Scotsman Guide Residential edition to accompany an article warning mortgage brokers that marketing to borrowers using only numbers, without a personal touch, can be a real nightmare.

Taylor Callery: REACT

Taylor Callery’s first solo exhibition will take place at Gallery 788 in Baltimore next month. "REACT" is an ongoing series of acrylic and collage paintings on wood, inspired by the gritty energy of street art.

Scott Pollack: 50 Best Annuities

Scott Pollack’s cover for Barron’s illustrates happy, healthy growth in the 50 Best Annuities feature of their Special Retirement Report.

Daniel Bueno: 3 x 3 Picture Book Show

Daniel Bueno’s illustrations received one Merit and numerous Honorable Mentions in the latest 3 x 3 Picture Book Show. Daniel’s character Mônica published in the book "Mônica(s)" received Merit prize. Illustrations from  "Flavia-Flavia” and "The Hole” were also honored.

Zara Picken: 3x3 Pro Show

Zara Picken has had two series of her illustrations accepted into the 3 x 3 International Pro Show. “Fairy and Folk Tales of the Irish Peasantry” received Merit in the Self-Promotional category, as did her series for “Brunswick Review,” in the Editorial category.

Friday, June 20, 2014

James Yang: 3 x 3 Pro Show

James Yang’s illustration about visualizing, created for CFA Institute, was accepted into the latest 3 x 3 International Pro Show.

Paul Garland: Timing Your Retirement

Paul Garland’s latest illustration for MoneySense magazine accompanies an article on the optimum time to retire in order to collect your pension. If you quit right before a Bull Market your portfolio will thrive, but if you retire before a downturn you risk outliving your money.

Daniel Bueno's: 3 x 3 Pro Show

Daniel Bueno's illustration series, published in Pesquisa Fapesp magazine, received Honorable Mention from the latest 3 x 3 International Pro Show.  All four were created for the "Good Practices" section of this magazine on the topic of ethics in science.

Megan Piontkowski: GODZILLA!

Megan Piontkowski's illustration of Godzilla for this month's “Outtakes” column in the Brooklyn Rail is obviously inspired by her love for Japanese comics.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Mark Smith: 3 x 3 Best of Show

Mark Smith’s witty Twitter-Splatter illustration won Best of Show from the latest 3 x 3 International Pro Show competition.

Pepper Tharp: Globe Trotting

Pepper Tharp’s illustrated avatar watercolor-washes up on the shores of Mykonos, clad in the perfect retro D&G sundress…  A girl can dream, can’t she?

Otto Steininger: Cutting the NHS

Otto Steininger’s perfectly simple illustration accompanies a story in The Economist about cuts to the British National Health System.

Chris Gash: Tempe Rising

Chris Gash’s illustration for the cover of Phoenix New Times explores the newly developing Arizona college town of Tempe.

Laura Watson: Caffé Demetré Menu

Laura Watson illustrated the new menu for Caffé Demetré, a 12-location chain of desserts-only restaurants. The brief for the project was an illustrator's dream: wide open. The client wanted something wild and fun, with lots of saucy little details and a fanciful focus on their yummy sweet treats. Coming right up!

Roman Muradov: Crony Capitalism

Roman Muradov illustrated “The Upshot” feature for today’s New York Times titled, “Why We’re All Crony Capitalists, Like It or Not.”

Tom Chitty: Good Old Spain…

Tom Chitty illustrates the heroic glory that once was Spain, even as World Cup 2014 surges on without them. Those were the days…!

Kyle Hilton: Late Night Variety

Kyle Hilton’s half page illustration for a special Emmy Awards issue of Variety magazine employs his signature “Paper Doll” technique to integrate ten portraits into one scene. Whew!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Taylor Callery: Disruptive Innovation

Taylor Callery created the cover and feature illustrations for Harvard Magazine, celebrating innovation guru Clayton Christensen. The interior illustrations depict his ideas, theories, and research on disk drives and bringing WiFi to poor African villages through means of unmanned aerial vehicles such as drones.

Hal Mayforth: The Four Stages

Hal Mayforth tells it like it was, is, and inevitably will be in this droll distillation of relationships.

Dan Stiles: Book Blocks

Dan Stiles’ Baby’s First Book Blocks are chunky little board books shaped like blocks, featuring high-contrast colors, eye-catching shapes, and colorful patterns. These mini books are designed to entice infants to focus and develop their visual acuity (and withstand plenty of drool!) Buy a set today in Bookstore!