Friday, February 28, 2014

Judith Drews: Mimi Maus is Back

Judith Drews’ fans worldwide have awaited the next story involving little Mimi Maus. And now here she is, featured in “Mimi Maus and the Easter Bunny,” alongside furry friends for cuddling.

Jon Krause: Controlling the Clouds

Jon Krause illustrates the wisdom of careful stewardship when it comes to cloud computing, for American Bar Association.

Dave Cutler: Boston Consulting Group

Dave Cutler is producing an ongoing series of 20 illustrations for longtime client, Boston Consulting Group. The images will appear on report covers to be distributed to their clients worldwide, focusing on BCG core topics such as market direction, leadership and various investment strategies.

Christina Wald: A Cool Summer Tail

Christina Wald’s latest book, “A Cool Summer Tail,” has just been released by Sylvan Dell. Written by Carrie Pearson, it is a companion to Christina’s well received 2012 book, “A Warm Winter Tail.”  Pick up a copy of each in Bookstore.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Elvis Swift: Papyrus

Elvis Swift illustrates the animal world for Papyrus Greeting Cards, with his signature loopy linework.

Molly Jacques: Stylebook

Molly Jacques lettered this elegant “Stylebook” app identity for Left Brain, Right Brain LLC.

Rocco Baviera: The Strategy Issue

Rocco Baviera created the cover and a series of interior illustrations for the latest issue of Philanthropic Trends Quarterly which dealt with the importance of strategy within organizations, the need for an integrated game plan and the value of simplicity.

Patrick George: Imagine

Patrick George was delighted to be invited to give a workshop at the Imagine Children’s Festival in London’s Southbank Centre this past month. “Exploring Magic Transformation” is an interactive creative session using laminated cards and acetate sheets based on their series of books.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Serge Seidlitz: Mural Commission

Serge Seidlitz' fun mural illustration conveys all the creativity and energy of ad agency DGWB in California.

Keith Negley: Abolitionist or Terrorist?

Keith Negley illustrated an op-ed piece for The New York Times about the controversy surrounding a newly unveiled life-size statue of Denmark Vesey, a black abolitionist who was executed in 1822 for leading a failed slave rebellion in Charleston, S.C.

Jason Seiler: Clockwork Eric

Jason Seiler’s latest illustration for the cover of the New York Observer smartly channels “A Clockwork Orange” for a story on NY State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Jeff Crosby: The Rockabilly Goats Gruff

Jeff Crosby’s latest picture book, “The Rockabilly Goats Gruff,” published by Holiday House, is a snazzy, music-themed version of a classic story that both children and adults will enjoy.

Andrea Cobb: The Rose Angel

Andrea Cobb illustrated The Rose Angel for the cover and featured editorial of Angels on Earth Magazine. This story, called "Angel in Bloom," is about a young girl who places roses on her mother's grave.editor

James Yang: La Scala In Famiglia

James Yang was commissioned by Italian ad agency TITA to illustrate a fun project for La Scala In Famiglia, a series of opera performances meant for children.

Jean Tuttle: Yammer & Sickle

Jean Tuttle’s sure design chops and wicked sense of humor combined perfectly in this logo illustration for the Wall Street Journal’s recent coverage of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Tom Richmond: The Hunger Pains

Tom Richmond nails another perfectly illustrated parody for MAD Magazine, this time poking fun at “The Hunger Games,” starring “the paroxetine teen, the depressant adolescent, the grim-as-hell mademoiselle, Katfood Aspercreme!”

Sean Tiffany: What’s the Call Right Now?

Sean Tiffany brings us right up to the minute with his very latest set of illustrations for Sports Illustrated Kids’ perennially popular column, “What’s the Call?”

Chi Birmingham: Grounded

Chi Birmingham cleverly fashions a snowflake out of grounded airplanes for this week’s New York Times “On the Road” illustration, discussing the record number of flight cancellations this winter.

Joyce Hesselberth: The Peer Effect

Joyce Hesselberth illustrates an article for the New York Times Science Times section about the “peer effect” of your child’s randomly assigned college roommate, which can affect everything from academic performance to freshman weight gain.

Peter Strain: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Peter Strain designed, hand lettered and illustrated this movie poster for the premier of Wes Anderson’s new movie, “The Grand Budapest Hotel” at the Queen’s Film Theatre in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Michael Gelen: Deco Café

Michael Gelen’s Inkwell Studios designed and illustrated this impeccably deco poster for the Deco Gallery & Café in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Brian Stauffer: Crime and Punishment and Obama

Brian Stauffer illustrates Barack Obama from behind, with perfect clarity, for the op-ed page of today’s New York Times.

Scott Pollack: Younger Mutual Funds

Scott Pollack’s illustration for the Sunday Wall Street Journal accompanies an article making an argument that younger Mutual Funds may perform better than older, more established ones.

Paul Garland: Remodeling

Paul Garland created four illustrations for the latest issue of Remodeling Magazine. For the “Your Business” section, Paul shatters the glass ceiling to accompany an article on the theme of female bosses in the construction industries:

Anna + Elena Balbusso: The Canterbury Tales

Anna + Elena Balbusso illustrated the cover for a new edition of The Canterbury Tales by creating a portrait of the author, Geoffrey Chaucer, composed of his own characters. The Balbussos have twelve more color illustrations within.

John Tomac: Lose the Generals

John Tomac’s illustration for The Washington Post Outlook section appeared with a story on reducing the size of the military by pushing senior officers into retirement.

Danny Schwartz: Good Thoughts vs. Better

Danny Schwartz’s illustration for Scientific American accompanies an article about the brain's tendency to stick with familiar ideas that can literally blind us to superior solutions; chess grandmasters were used as the prime example

Friday, February 21, 2014

Brian Taylor: Miss Miley

Brian Taylor illustrated this portrait of Miley Cyrus for the March issue calendar section of Atlanta Magazine.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Niklas Asker: Sex, Power, and the Quest for Perfection

Niklas Asker illustrated the cover story of the Barnard College quarterly magazine, "Wonder Women: Sex, Power, and the Quest for Perfection", excerpted from Deborah Spar's new book.

Thomas Ehretsmann: Freddie in the Shade

Thomas Ehretsmann’s full page opening illustration for the short story "Freddie in the Shade" appears in Scholastic's Scope Magazine's March issue.

David Vogin: Some Bot to Watch Over Me

David Vogin’s illustration ran big, bold and just a little bit creepy, on page one of the New York Times Home section today, for an article about the new breed of home surveillance systems.

Chris Gash: Mid-Winter Update

Chris Gash is keeping the illustration fires burning through the long dark winter days with lots of inventive imagery.  For Counselor Magazine, illustrating a story about how to win government contracts:

Richard Borge: The Giant Sucking Sound

Richard Borge’s recent illustration for The Progressive accompanied an article about the loss of jobs in the US ushered in by NAFTA. But it was the title, “Stopping the Giant Sucking Sound,” that gave Richard his visual punch line.

Dennis Wunsch: Due Diligence

Dennis Wunsch illustrated a feature article for February's Scotsman Guide Commercial edition about the surprising upside of seemingly onerous due diligence deposits.

Davide Bonazzi: Copyright & Creativity

Davide Bonazzi created the engaging illustrations for the video "Copyright & Creativity," now appearing on the Copyright User Portal, an independent online resource aimed at making UK Copyright Law accessible to creators and members of the public.

Roy Scott: Mid-Winter Update

Roy Scott shares a few favorite projects from his busy winter assignment docket. First up, a graphic that was used on a poster for The Friends of The Cynwyd Heritage Trail's MLK Day of Service:

Christian Lindemann: Social Media

Christian Lindemann illustrates a feature about social media for an upcoming issue of Migros consumer magazine in Switzerland.

Ellen Byrne: Tapestrie

Ellen Byrne created a site specific illustration for the opening of the chic new Summit location of Tapestrie, an upscale chain of women's clothing stores in New Jersey.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Doug Chayka: CommArts Interview

Doug Chayka was interviewed by Communication Arts magazine recently, on the topic of his life and evolution as an illustrator.  The article is titled, "Inventive and Spontaneous" – see Doug’s recent work for the Boston Globe, below, and you’ll understand why.

Alex Nabaum: Fight like a Dog

Alex Nabaum was commissioned by Utah ad agency Fluid to illustrate a call for entries poster for the Salt Lake City chapter of the American Advertising Awards, urging all creative to “Prepare to Fight like a Dog.”

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tyler Jacobson: Dr. Sleep

Tyler Jacobson incorporates just the right amount of creepiness for this illustration of Stephen King which appears in Entertainment Weekly.

Taylor Callery: Future of Facebook

Taylor Callery gazes into his crystal ball to predict the uncertain future of Facebook in this illustration for Advertising Age.

Patrick Arrasmith: The Line

Patrick Arrasmith’s beautifully illustrated typographic cover for “The Line” is the first in a new book series called Witching Savannah.

Brian Taylor: Let’s Meet Where?

Brian Taylor created postcards from the road, complete with evocative hand lettering, for the cover illustration of Capital Business, a sister publication of the Washington Post.

Steven Salerno: Sleeping with the Dinos

Steven Salerno created a whimsical illustration for a New York Times Travel Section piece on museums around the world that provide interesting after hour events for patrons to experience, such as actually sleeping overnight in the museum, among the fossils, dinosaur skeletons and various others creatures on display.

Val Bochkov: Winter Games

Val Bochkov brings his personal best to this illustrated Olympic Souvenir of Sochi.

Wacso: Day Dreaming

Wacso comments on the endless winter enveloping the USA, and the humble dreams to escape same, soonest!

Friday, February 14, 2014