Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Mark Fredrickson: MAD 20 Dumbest

Mark Fredrickson illustrates the cover of MAD magazine’s much-anticipated annual tribute to the year’s biggest idiots. No blurred lines on this one! (more)

Merrill Rainey: Happy Thanksgiving!

Merrill Rainey wishes you a wonderful holiday season!

Kyle Hilton: Field Guide to Vampires

Kyle Hilton had a ton of fun illustrating this “True Blood”-inspired airline safety card for HBO and Chronicle Books’ “Steve Newlin’s Field Guide to Vampires and Other Creatures of Satan.”

Eva Vazquez: Tackling Diversity

Eva Vazquez’ uplifting cover illustration for The Chronicle of Higher Education addresses diversity in academe.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

James Yang: Happy Thanksgiving

James Yang wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving, wherever you roam.

Scott Pollack: No Thanks!

Scott Pollack’s illustration for The Wall Street Journal addresses the distinctly thankless job of being on a New York sports team this year…

Taylor Callery: Winning Funds in the Wrong Game

Taylor Callery’s illustration once again distills a complex idea into something we can all understand.  In this case, it’s an article for Money magazine about fundamental index funds.

Leon Mussche: Rail Travel Infographics

Leon Mussche was commissioned by Dutch design company Teldesign to create a series of infographics to help guide international rail travelers with a final destination to the Netherlands out of the station in a fast and efficient way.

Elizabeth Sayles: Fight Against Censorship

Elizabeth Sayles illustration from "Moon Child" is the featured banner artwork for “Banned Book Week,” sponsored by the American Booksellers Fund for Freedom of Expression, which fights book censorship.

Keith Negley: Meet My Metaphor

Keith Negley's illustration for The New Yorker accompanied a meditative account of a writer’s weekly commute:  “Airports have become, for me, as churches used to be, places to contemplate the shortcomings of one’s life and soul…”

Michael Sloan: Rethinking America’s Role

Michael Sloan illustrated the c over feature of the Christian Science Monitor, which addresses America's trend towards isolationism. “This idea was inspired by our family summer vacation at the beach when we built sand castles and watched them get swept away by the surf,” says Michael.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Yuta Onoda: TIME Magazine

Yuta Onoda’s cover illustration for this week's international edition of TIME magazine addresses China’s “One-Child” crisis.

Karen Greenberg: WSJ Holiday Books

Karen Greenberg’s witty, pretty illustrations had the “Holiday Gift Guide” covered for the weekend Book section of The Wall Street Journal.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Jon Krause: SI56

Jon Krause had three images selected for inclusion in the Society of Illustrators 56th Annual Exhibition, opening January 2014 in New York City.

Elvis Swift: The Languages of Love

Elvis Swift’s graceful lettering and linework mingle with photography to illustrate an article on the five ways most people “speak” love, and how to connect more deeply with loved ones, for Experience Life magazine.

Jacob Thomas: Entertainment Weekly

Jacob Thomas shares a quartet of recent illustrations for Entertainment Weekly.  Bonus footage during the closing credits is usually not worth the wait:

Roman Muradov: Cover(Version)

Roman Muradov’s vastly amusing “Cover(Version)” musical comic appears in Yellow Zine 4.

Chris Beatrice: USA Book Award for Best Children's Fiction Picture Book

Chris Beatrice’s wonderful illustrations helped earn “Maurice's Valises” this year’s USA Book Award for Best Children's Picture Book (fiction). The contest yielded over 1500 entries from mainstream and independent publishers for titles published in 2012 and 2013.

Kyle Hilton: Kid Genius

Kyle Hilton illustrated another set of portraits for Time magazine recently, this time featuring prominent teen inventors.

Peter Crowther: Great Places to Work

Peter Crowther brings big fun to the cover of this month’s Washingtonian magazine with his illustration for “50 Great Place to Work.”

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thomas Pitilli: 50 Years On

Thomas Pitilli’s illustration for Vegas Seven accompanies an account of the day JFK was assassinated. Not knowing why he was let out of school early, the author recalls that he skipped all the way home, unaware that the nation mourned.

Mike Tofanelli: UCR Magazine

Mike Tofanelli created this quarter page illustration for the fall issue of UC Riverside's alumni magazine, to go with a recurring feature spotlighting successful alumni. The subject is author Tiffany Hawk, whose debut novel was inspired by her former life as a flight attendant.

Harry Campbell: Google Car

Harry Campbell illustrated the concept of a self-driving car (which is actually being road tested in California) for a feature in this week’s special tech issue of The New Yorker.

Anna + Elena Balbusso: Leather Shoe Charlie

Anna + Elena Balbusso have illustrated "Charlie Scarpe di Pelle" (Leather Shoe Charlie), a children’s picture book that takes place in the UK during the Industrial Revolution, newly published in Italian by Sironi Editore.

Urs J. Knobel: Nicki Minaj

Urs J. Knobel’s illustration of Nicki Minaj is the perfect balance of portraiture with POP of fun!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Beppe Giacobbe: Visionary Dictionary

Beppe Giacobbe covers everything you need to know, from A to Z, in “Visionary Dictionary,” a beautiful new monograph on his work from Lazy Dog Press. The book features over 250 illustrations, subdivided into key topics—alienation, hope, identity, etc.—and sorted alphabetically like a visual dictionary.

Chris Gash: Recent Spots

Chris Gash shares his latest crop of spot illustrations for a few of his favorite clients. The first is for Golf Digest about the “driver draw” – the perfect shot everyone wants to hit:

Chuck Gonzales: Thin Ice

Chuck Gonzales’ latest illustration for Tiger Beat magazine is all about the challenges of winter “fun.”

Michael Gelen: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

Michael Gelen shares this caricature done while patiently waiting for embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford to either resign or explode.

Wesley Bedrosian: A Pain in the…

Wesley Bedrosian rose to the challenge of illustrating anal fissures in the New York Times Health and Science section this week.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Brian Stauffer: Cover to Cover

Brian Stauffer’s two latest cover illustration assignments, for ComputerWorld and New Times, are on newsstands now.

James Yang: 3 x 3 Spotlight

James Yang is the subject of a “Spotlight” 20 Questions feature in 3 x 3 magazine’s last issue, on newsstands now.

Davide Bonazzi: Greenpeace

Davide Bonazzi is one of 30 Italian artists who contributed work for Greenpeace's petitions #SaveTheArctic, #FreeTheArctic30.  Davide focused on the risks of oil drilling in the Arctic Ocean.

Jacob Thomas: All in the Family

Jacob Thomas illustrates the perils of lending to family for The Wall Street Journal. 

Joyce Hesselberth: Traveling with Kids

Joyce Hesselberth illustrates (with first-hand knowledge) the joys, challenges and potential dangers of traveling with children for today’s New York Times.

Steven Noble: Tavern on the Green

Steven Noble was commissioned to create a logo for the reboot of New York City’s iconic Tavern on the Green that felt contemporary while still referencing the restaurant’s storied past.  The logo will be used throughout the restaurant on menus and business cards, as well as on the restaurant’s famous red awnings.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Dan Bob Thompson: Cricket Magazine

Dan Bob Thompson brings his fun retro-hip style to the kiddies with these swashbuckling illustrations for Cricket Magazine.

Valeria Petrone: Aeroporto di Napoli

Valeria Petrone’s illustration for the Italian International Airport of Napoli Service Guide makes us want to get up and go there.  Right Now!

Tom Richmond: Achmed’s Bombsweeper

Tom Richmond created illustrations for ventriloquist/comedian Jeff Dunham’s new game app called Achmed’s Bombsweeper, including this giant “RoboAchmed.”  It’s a variation on the old Minesweeper game, and you can get it for free on iOS and Android platforms, or play it on Jeff’s website.

Helen Friel: London Sparkle

Helen Friel’s monochromatic paper engineered illustrations of London’s skyline set the stage for a dramatic display of jewelry, appearing in a recent issue of Inspire Magazine.

Joyce Hesselberth: Milk Matters

Joyce Hesselberth created a series of illustrations for On Wisconsin magazine, published by the University of Wisconsin. The feature story, “Milk Matters,” covered a variety of dairy related topics and married well with Joyce’s playful images.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fian Arroyo: Kid Stuff

Fian Arroyo illustrated the winter 2013 catalog cover for Kid Stuff.  “It was a challenge getting everything that was required by the client into that vertical format,” says Fian, “But it’s always fun capturing the joy kids get when playing with toys!”

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Jon Krause: The Ice Traveler

Jon Krause’s illustration for the current issue of The Writer's Chronicle accompanies an appraisal of philosopher poet Stephen Dunn, whose poems are sometimes composed of mostly abstract language and relatively few images.

Paul Mirocha: Rebranding Altavita Tea

Paul Mirocha’s gorgeous botanical illustrations anchored a massive rebranding project for Altavita Herbal Teas. With 46 different herbs, the Alvita shelves read like an illus­trated encyclo­pedia of ancient and modern medicinal plants. “I’m a terrible gardener,” Paul admits, “But I love plants. So I just draw them!”

Mark Ulriksen: Smithsonian Magazine

Mark Ulriksen created a series of magical illustrations for the latest Smithsonian Magazine, a special issue featuring "101 Objects That Made America."

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Edel Rodriguez: SI Silver

Edel Rodriguez just found out that his poster for Opera Grand Rapids was awarded a Silver Medal from The Society of Illustrators in New York.

Kyle Hilton: New Girl Paper Dolls

Kyle Hilton and NY Magazine’s are at it again with the printable paper doll sets.  This time it’s the cast of “New Girl,” featuring Zooey Deschanel.

NY Times Science: 11/12/13

The New York Times Science Times section was rich with artwork this week.  Yvetta Fedorova’s bouncing baby illustration accompanies an article re-examining the meaning of “full term pregnancy”:

John Tomac: Grad-School Gulag

John Tomac’s illustration for the current edition of The Chronicle Review accompanies an account by a professor who recalls the difficulty he had obtaining health insurance while enrolled as a graduate student. His options for health coverage were either don’t get sick or take out a student loan to pay for it.

Chi Birmingham: Times x 2

Chi Birmingham has two illustrations in today’s New York Times. The first, for his usual Business Travel column, concerns a new airport coat check service for those en route to warmer climates.