Thursday, October 31, 2013

Janet Allinger: Sweet Heat

Janet Allinger designed and illustrated this fun logo Santa Cruz Sweet Heat, an awesome hot sauce with a bit of a hot/sweet sting.

Tom Bloom: Fractured Compounds

Tom Bloom’s approach to a Happy Halloween inevitably involves whimsy and wordplay… Enjoy!

Nathan Jarvis: Happy Halloween!

Nathan Jarvis wishes you a day and night full of great treats, with no stale candy recycled from 2012 and more fun than you can shake a zombie at… In other words, a Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Michael Waraksa: Heaven Can Wait, but Customers Can't

Michael Waraksa’s illustration for a story in The New York Times Business Day section is about how the concept of "waiting" has become a ripe subject for business researchers.

Jason Mecier: Wild Art

Jason Mecier’s inventive portrait style is in Phaidon's new book, "Wild Art,” described as a visual exploration of everything and anything from outside the exclusive and rarified spectrum of the Art World.

Justin Metz: Death Inc.

Justin Metz illustrated a suitably creepy cover for the current issue of Bloomberg Businessweek to accompany a feature on North America’s largest single provider of funeral, cremation and cemetery services.

Graham Smith: Art After Dark

Graham Smith will be at the Oceanside Museum Art After Dark costume party, and fundraiser, helping partygoers create their own cardboard Dia de los Muretos masks on Nov. 1st, 2013.

Jon Reinfurt: Wicked

Jon Reinfurt’s illustration accompanied an article about a production of “Wicked” mounted by a Las Vegas nonprofit organization, The Smith Center for the Performing Arts.

Keith Negley: Living Room Concerts

Keith Negley’s illustration for Voice Media appears on the cover of Houston Press, and the St. Louis River Front Times for a feature on how living room concerts can be lucrative for rock musicians.

John Tomac: Top 20 Under 35

John Tomac’s heroic illustrated lettering earned him the cover of this month’s issue of The Mortgage Observer which profiles the latest crop of young, hot-shot commercial mortgage brokers.

Brian Taylor: Halloween Inspired Illos

Brian Taylor shares a few recent spooky illustrations- first, for Adweek, to accompany an article about the 10pm ‘dead zone’ in TV viewership:

Chad Geran: Blue Sky Thinking

Chad Geran’s ridiculous business jargon-spouting rapper was created for The Office Life.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

James Yang: Linea Curve Feature

James Yang’s illustrations are featured in the latest issue of Linea Curve, a visual magazine from Spain.

Kevin Sprouls: Ex Libris Joseph Finder

Kevin Sprouls was commissioned by a previous client, bestselling thriller author Joseph Finder, to design and illustrate a personalized bookplate. He wanted something in the style of Rockwell Kent, showing a figure surrounded by books: a version of himself in graphic form. 

Chi Birmingham: NY Times

Chi Birmingham’s illustration for this week’s business travel column in the New York Times accompanies a story on the piecemeal way that airline tickets are priced.

Roman Muradov: Baden-Baden

Roman Muradov illustrated four one-act operas about Baden-Baden 1927, for The New Yorker this week.

John Kachik: Lou Reed

John Kachik pays tribute to one of the godfathers of punk and alternative music.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Leo Espinosa: Beastly Appetites

Leo Espinosa illustrated an article about animals we love too much to eat (also known as the “meat paradox”), for this week’s special food issue of The New Yorker.

Steven Noble: October Playing Cards

Steven Noble’s frightfully fun illustrated deck of playing cards, featuring 52 undead spirits, will send shivers down your spine. Everything from the back design, ace of spades, jokers, and court cards were customized. 

Tyler Jacobson: Legend of the Cryptids

Tyler Jacobson illustrated the new card trading game app, “Legend of the Cryptids,” for Applibot with stunning results.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Art that Goes Bump in the Night

The illustrators at Gerald & Cullen Rapp have embraced the Halloween season with considerable gusto this year, both in the line of duty and just for fun.

Kyle Hilton: The Love that Never Was

Kyle Hilton’s illustration for this Sunday’s New York Times One Page Magazine feature concerns the Terry Gilliam-directed (Kubrick-approved) “Dr. Strangelove” sequel that never got made.

Chi Birmingham: NY Times

Chi Birmingham’s illustration for this week’s New York Times Business travel column addresses the pervasive worldwide issue of street harassment.

Christine Marie Larsen: Dive Deep

Christine Marie Larsen created this illustration for Dutch advertising magazine Adformatie's “Podium” feature, curated by the agency Dolly Rogers. “Podium” is a platform for image creators and designers to comment and reflect on their industry. This illustration is about the joys and challenges of pushing yourself as far as you can go creatively in order to find new ways of thinking and creating.

John S. Dykes: The Daily Reportrait

John S. Dykes has embarked on an ambitious, multi-media project, The Daily Reportrait. Portrait illustrations of contemporary figures created daily (mostly) are accompanied by a hand-lettered fact, rumor, complete falsehood, or otherwise illuminating highlight of the character portrayed, and are designed to enlighten and entertain.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Chris Whetzel: Flying on the Cheap

Chris Whetzel’s recent illustration for the Los Angeles Times' Business section cover accompanied an article about the questionable business practices of Spirit Airlines, which maintains low, affordable rates by "nickel and diming" passengers with numerous expensive fees such as $10 to print a boarding pass and $25 to bring a carry-on bag.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Kathryn Rathke: Two Little Owls

Kathryn Rathke somehow found herself with two owl related illustration jobs on her hands recently. The first was for a logo for Little Owl Urns, which needed a logo to imprint on the bottoms of their ceramic and wooden urns created for beloved pets.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Brian Taylor: The Middle

Brian Taylor’s illustration speaks cartoon truth in this uncanny group portrait honoring episode #100 of “The Middle” for Variety magazine.

Jon Reinfurt: Lessons from Rock and Roll

Jon Reinfurt’s new illustration for Corporate Counsel Magazine accompanies an article titled “Lessons from Rock and Roll” which used lyrics from a Van Halen song to help express the importance of getting a contract signed right away, (especially when dealing with creative property.)

Chad Geran: Safe Ride Scene

Chad Geran illustrates for the SGI Safe Ride App which puts all Saskatchewan taxis, DD services, transit routes, and even your own designated drivers in the palm of your tipsy little hand!

Dale Stephanos: Hands Off My Data!

Dale Stephanos shows far more of Lady Liberty than one is accustomed to seeing in the cover and full page interior illustrations for the December issue of Mother Jones. 

Vince Mcindoe: Bigger, Wider, Deeper

Vince Mcindoe’s cover for Foreign Direct Investment harks back to posters of the grand cruise ship era.

Megan Piontkowski: Phillustration 6

Megan Piontkowski’s how-to illustration about shining your shoes was selected for inclusion in the exhibition Phillustration 6, at the Philadelphia Sketch Club. (more)

Monday, October 21, 2013

Tom Chitty: Ted Baker London

Tom Chitty is the illustrator of choice to elevate Ted Baker London’s new in-store promotion: starting Friday Nov 18th, you can pick up a FREE lovely, leather-bound note book and pencil set when you shop.

David Palumbo: King of the Beasts

David Palumbo illustrated the cover of the latest issue of Scientific American, featuring humankind’s ascendance from evolutionary weakling to dominant predator.

Roman Muradov: Freemium Access

Roman Muradov’s illustration for The New Yorker Blog accompanies a meditation on false entitlement, defined as assuming you can always get for free what you should certainly be expected to pay for.

Thomas Pitilli: Goodbye, Skinimax

Thomas Pitilli’s illustration for a recent issue of Variety magazine accompanied an article about Cinemax losing its spicy “Skinemax” image in favor of more scripted, plot-driven programming.

Brian Taylor: Washington Post

Brian Taylor shares some sweet illustration work for the Washington Post. First, for the Sunday Outlook page, a piece about how parents view Halloween candy... Next, a cover for the Real Estate section about understanding the different types of mortgages… and finally, an illustration for a sister publication of the Post called Capital Business.

Colin W. Thompson: Flockin Sheep

Colin W. Thompson debuts “Flockin Sheep,” his extensive line of whimsical greetings cards featuring a versatile cast of sheep, via Northern Photography Ltd. in the UK.

Dennis Wunsch: Return of the Purchase Market

Dennis Wunsch created this full-page illustration for the October issue of Scotsman Guide Residential edition, accompanying an article about market trends that indicate change is on the horizon of the mortgage landscape.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Wesley Bedrosian: John Boehner

Wesley Bedrosian rolls out an intriguing new 3-D style with this portrait of bronzy John “Boo Hoo” Boehner.

Michael Morgenstern: The Economist Traveller Briefing App

Michael Morgenstern illustrated The Economist Traveller Briefing’s new iPad app about South Korea.  The app, one in an ongoing international series, includes articles from The Economist offering insight about the history, economy and culture of the country.

Elisabeth Alba: Magic and Maps

Elisabeth Alba shares illustrations from an in-progress middle grade fantasy manuscript commission. The first, a scene that takes place within a dream, is painted in watercolor and acryla gouache, with some digital touch ups.

Davide Bonazzi: Day Trippers

Davide Bonazzi will have a one man exhibition opening this coming Saturday at Fiorile+De Diseño, in Bologna, Italy.  “Day Trippers” is comprised of thirteen beautifully observed moments in the travels of an ordinary old couple.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Jacob Thomas: Genius?

Jacob Thomas poses the visual question: “Is Kanye West a Genius?”

Yvetta Fedorova: Tests that Babies Need

Yvetta Fedorova’s super-cute baby illustration for the New York Times Science section accompanies a serious article on the screening of newborns for inherited and congenital disorders.

Chuck Gonzales: Halloween!

Chuck Gonzales' illustration for US Kids’ Jack and Jill Magazine has entered our subconscious and is freaking us out a little… just in time for Halloween!

Marilena Perilli: Luxette

Marilena Perilli illustrates beautifully for Luxette, the finest curated source for luxury hotels, debuting later this fall.

Michael Gelen: Parks Service Poster

Michael Gelen and Inkwell Studios celebrate the reopening of our government with this beautiful Arches National Park poster.

Graham Smith: Haunted House

Graham Smith’s illustration of a haunted house for the Boston Globe accompanied the true story of an owner of a 350 year old home who called in a number of psychics to discover the otherworldly forces floating about.

Dave Wheeler: Sports Radio

Dave Wheeler was tapped by Twin Cities Business Journal hired me to illustrate a story about the high number of sports radio stations in Minneapolis / St. Paul.