Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cathi Mingus: Nails Magazine

Cathi Mingus had fun working with Nails Magazine on this illustration for an article titled, "25 Ways to Get Your Coworkers to Hate You," in the August issue.

Megan Piontkowski: Creative Quarterly 30

Megan Piontkowski's "The ‘Ya Never Know' Carrot," a satiric twist on a phrase all emerging creatives hear often, is painted in a style reminiscent of Dutch still lives. The piece was chosen for Creative Quarterly #30's online gallery.

Richard Downs: Ask Smithsonian

Richard Downs illustrated a feature for Smithsonian Magazine that asks, “If the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago had landed a thousand miles out in the ocean, would the result have been different?”

Mark Smith: A Question of Balance

Mark Smith’s illustration for Be.Magazine accompanies an article on improving mobility and balance as we age.

Chris Nixon: Pizza Hut Dippers

Chris Nixon was commissioned by Saatchi to create a series of illustrations for a Pizza Hut campaign based on their new “Dippers” product range. “It was a good time coming up with the characters and playing on the different types of dipper,” says Chris.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Noah Woods: Happy Birding

Noah Woods’ cheerful illustration, "8 Great Fall Birding Trails," for the Audubon Society has us looking forward to autumn before August even starts!

James Yang: More You than You

James Yang’s illustration for Colgate University is about concerns that the internet learns more about you while you are plugged in. James visualized the idea the web builds a virtual “you” that becomes more and more accurate with time.

Eva Vazquez: Chop and Change

Eva Vazquez created this illustration for Hemispheres Magazine  to accompany "Chop and Change," an article positing that last week’s pasta is on track to become the Next Big Thing in environmental sustainability.

Graham Smith: The Craftsmen Series

Graham Smith’s Expressionist label collection for Blue Moon Brewing Company is popular art at its tastiest.  Recently, they followed Graham around San Diego and made a short, inspiring film about him for their Craftsmen Series.

Thomas Ehretsmann: Jay Z

Thomas Ehretsmann was asked by Rolling Stone to give Jay Z a regal appearance for their new issue, featuring a review of Magna Carta... Holy Grail.

Mike Tofanelli: Yeezus H. West

Mike Tofanelli created this illustration of a "raving" Kanye West for Vegas Seven Magazine. The article, "Yeezus H. West," takes a whimsical look at how Kanye's EDM (Electronic Dance Music) influenced new album Yeezus may lead to the collapse of Las Vegas' EDM-based economy.

John Kachik: No Place like Home

John Kachik stepped way out of his comfort zone to do these alluring domestic drawings of model homes for a new development outside of Baltimore, MD. (more)

Oli Winward: Interpreting Affordable Care

Oli Winward was commissioned by Quinnipiac Magazine in Connecticut to illustrate an article on how doctors and lawyers are collaborating to interpret the Affordable Care Act.

Chi Birmingham: On the Road

Chi Birmingham continues to illustrate “On the Road,” the weekly business travel column for the New York Times. Today’s topic, “Fast Airport Screening in Store for More”:

Roy Scott: Read a Book

Roy Scott used color, pattern and a sense of the surreal to illustrate a piece for Children’s Literacy Initiative, encouraging young people to explore reading.

Laura Watson: Summery Prints

Laura Watson has four new summer-themed prints for sale:  vacationing bunnies, surfer girls and a garden fairy, all available through Janey's Superette.

Doug Stern: Folio Gold

Doug Stern’s evocative digital illustration, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic for New Jersey Monthly, has been honored with a Gold Award for Excellence in Design in Folio's annual Ozzie Awards.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Chris Gash: This Town

Chris Gash created a political toga party illustration for Sunday’s New York Times Book Review to go with Christopher Buckley’s piece on the Washington DC satire, “This Town.”

Pete Ryan: Monsanto Menace

Pete Ryan illustrated a national cover for Village Voice media last week, for a feature about Monsanto, genetically modified foods and the risk they pose to farmers, the public  health, and agriculture.

Jon Krause: Turn the Upspeak Down

Jon Krause illustrated an article for the New York Times Sunday Business section written by a serious journalist who is burdened by her annoyingly girlish voice.

Jacob Thomas: Camille Brown Dance

Jacob Thomas' illustration for this week’s New Yorker focusses on the Camille Brown Dance Event.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Ken Orvidas: When the Patient is Racist

Ken Orvidas’ image for the New York Times “Well” feature illustrates the situation doctors sometimes face when the patents they try to heal discriminate against them.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

James Bennett: This Stinks

James Bennett’s latest illustration project for longtime client Major League Baseball accompanied a wacky article in the 2013 All-Star Game Program describing team life on the road.

Dan Stiles: Out of This World

Dan Stiles’ witty illustrations continue to delight in this on-going campaign for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Charlie Powell: Indiana University Alumni Magazine

Charlie Powell illustrates a seaside gathering of the more illustrious alumni of Indiana University for the summer 2013 cover of their magazine.

David Plunkert: Tools, Fools & Beer

A few recent projects by David Plunkert serve to demonstrate clearly just how versatile a talent he is.  For Chronicle Review of Higher Education, he illustrated "Confessions of a Blue-Collar Prof".

Asaf Hanuka: Burp Man

Asaf Hanuka chronicles life as a new father, albeit the second time around, in his utterly addictive blog, The Realist.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Harry Campbell: Slow Ideas

Harry Campbell’s illustration in this week’s New Yorker accompanies an article exploring the paradox of why some innovations spread so swiftly and others so slowly.

Eric Hanson: Why Pay?

Eric Hanson’s illustration for the “Letters” column in today’s New York Times, which is concerned with the debate over whether to pay off the national debt.

Alex Nabaum: Breaking the Brain Barrier

Alex Nabaum’s illustration for Scientific American accompanies an article about the barrier around the brain and how it prevents certain substances from entering.

Muddyum Choudhury: WordPlay

Muddyum Choudhury’s fun, pun-centric app, WordPlay by Muddyum®  is available as an iPad App game for 1, 2 or more players. Recommended by the Wall Street Journal as an app for kids worth checking out, you can download it here.

John Burgoyne: Apple Stamps for the USPS

John Burgoyne was selected by the United States Postal Service to illustrate a set of four stamps, based on different varieties of apples.  John worked in his signature pen-an- ink style, familiar to so many from his iconic Cook’s Illustrated back cover series.

Ellen Byrne: Avoiding Legal Hangovers

Ellen Byrne’s illustration for Shopping Centers Today and SCT Latinoamérica accompanies an article discussing the legal issues surrounding alcohol use by tenants, which can leave landlords with a big headache.

Guy Stauber: Skills & Thrills

Guy Stauber’s action packed illustrations appeared in the game program for the recent 2013 MLB All-Star Game, accompanying the article, “Skills & Thrills.”

Phil Marden: Free At Last!

Phil Marden illustrates the joyful liberation from the 2-year contract for some cell-phone users, for The Christian Science Monitor.

Charlie Powell: Best TV Bosses

Charlie Powell magically brings together Rebecca Howe (Kirstie Alley), David Brent (Ricky Gervais), Lou Grant (Ed Asner), and Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) in this illustration for Entertainment Weekly.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Chris Gash: A Couple of Quick Ones

Chris Gash worked a fast turnaround (or two) this week, first for the Wall Street Journal, illustrating a story about people who are having fatal heart attacks while high-altitude hiking:

Brian Taylor: You Are So Nashville If…

Brian Taylor’s Rushmore-inspired cover and series interior illustrations add up to a super fun, 24th annual “You Are So Nashville If…” issue of Nashville Scene.

Mark Summers: Summer Reading

Mark Summers continues his tradition of illustrating portrait-driven seasonal literary covers for The Weekly Standard with this “Summer Reading” issue, featuring Flannery O'Connor frolicking poolside.

Chi Birmingham: Art Alfresco

Chi Birmingham illustrated a full page opener for a major New York Times’ feature, discussing the various outdoor art offerings throughout the city during the summer.

Eric Hanson: Best Towns for Families

Eric Hanson created illustrated mapwork for Family Circle’s summer issue, to accompany the feature, “The 10 Best Towns for Families.”

Keith Negley: NPR Calendar

Keith Negley reveals his illustrated page for the 2014 National Public Radio Wall Calendar.

Roman Muradov: NPR Calendar

Roman Muradov reveals his illustrated page for January in the 2014 National Public Radio Wall Calendar.

Taylor Callery: Mid-Summer Update

Taylor Callery shares a couple of projects he’s been working on lately. Another "Hot Topics" illustration for Phoenix Magazine, about the controversial planned South Mountain Freeway, which will cut through the pristine southwest part of the mountain preserve:

Mary Woodin: A Bit of Butter

Mary Woodin managed to make us feel both ravenously hungry and totally inadequate with her illustrated account of a recent summer day. “I found I had run a couple of miles, made strawberry jam and whipped up a batch of fresh scones... before breakfast,” she recalls. “By the afternoon, I was even making butter!”

Monday, July 22, 2013

Gemma Robinson: Game Changers

Gemma Robinson’s cover illustration for Health Service Journal is for a story about how junior doctors get to work in many different hospitals and departments, and so are able to learn from good and bad practice on their journey.

Mia Nolting: Deadliest Pick

Mia Nolting illustrates a guide to the most dangerous wild fruit in the Pacific Northwest (just in time for the third annual Oregon Berry Festival) for Portland alt magazine, Willamette Week. Be careful out there!

Chris Whetzel: Digital Surveillance

Chris Whetzel used fun juvenile colors while maintaining a dark, ominous feel in this illustration for an article on parental digital surveillance, which ran in a recent Worth magazine.

Blair Kelly: Who’s Watching?

Blair Kelly recently created the cover illustration for Marketing Magazine, to accompany a feature on TV viewership.

Merrill Rainey: Pie in the Face

Merrill Rainey illustrates the gang indulging in a friendly game of "Pie in the Face" for the July/August issue of Jack & Jill Magazine.