Friday, June 28, 2013

Anna + Elena Balbusso: REVUE XXI

Anna + Elena Balbusso illustrated "La Petite Chipette," an article about a small child gone missing, for the summer issue of the beautiful quarterly French magazine, REVUE XXI.

Pete Ryan: Child’s Pay

Pete Ryan illustrates the local child support enforcement squeeze for the cover of Nashville Scene.

Mark Ulriksen: The Wire

Mark Ulriksen’s obsession with “The Wire” paid off big-time for Entertainment Weekly, who tapped him to illustrate this complex spread for their “Greatest Ever” issue.  The assignment called for 10-12 characters in a setting that fans would recognize.

Chi Birmingham: On the Road

Chi Birmingham has been illustrating the business travel column for the New York Times recently. Here are a few from this past month.  The future of room service:

Thursday, June 27, 2013

John Tomac: Digital Hurdles

John Tomac’s illustration for Inside Counsel magazine appears with a story on new rules that should limit the scope and cost of e-discovery, which in turn could mean fewer hoops to jump through for in-house legal departments.

Otto Steininger: Always in Range

Otto Steininger managed to smuggle a Citroën DS and a Dymaxion car into the New York Times Business section today, under the guise of illustrating an article on keeping Wi-Fi accessible on the go.

Brian Stauffer: False Profit

Brian Stauffer’s cover for the New Times accompanies “False Profit,” an article about a minister who manipulated those of faith and embezzled from his church’s donations.

Zelda Devon: The Bone Flower Throne

Zelda Devon created the cover artwork for The Bone Flower Throne, the first book in a series of feminist retellings of myths and legends, out this fall from Panverse Publishing.

Colin W. Thompson: Solfest

Colin W. Thompson shares a few of the series of teaser illustrations he is producing for the 10th annual Solfest Music & Arts Festival in Cumbria, UK.

Janet Allinger: Lavender IPA

Janet Allinger’s latest product label design is for Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing’s “Lavender IPA,” which is made with real lavender.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Brian Taylor: Dating Tips for Uptown Divorcees

Brian Taylor channels “The Dating Game” for his illustration on the cover of the New York Observer this week.

Merrill Rainey: Humpty Dumpty Redesign

Merrill Rainey had the pleasure of working with the AWESOME crew over at US Kids Magazines to redesign the characters and comic for the July/August 2013 issue of their popular early reader magazine, Humpty Dumpty. “It was a great experience, and I really enjoyed how everything turned out,” he tells us.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

 Michael Waraksa: 3 X 3 Proshow

Michael Waraksa had two illustrations accepted into the 3 X 3 Magazine Proshow #10.  “New Aluminium Thursday” and “Good Afternoon” were both submitted for the Unpublished category.

Ellen Byrne: Stay & Play!

Ellen Byrne’s cover for Washington Parent Magazine is loaded with tips for stay-cationing in our nation’s capital this summer.

Rain, You Blasted Sky!

John Kachik illustrates a story in the History section of Texas Co-Op Power magazine about the attempt to make rain by blasting the sky in 1871.

Laura Watson: Fully Booked

Laura Watson illustrated and designed the frisky cover for Fully Booked, a new novel that promises to make you laugh out loud and crave wine.  Bonus: 10% of sales will go to two non-profit organizations associated with therapy dogs.  Order a copy today in Bookstore!

Zara Picken: The Mix Tape of Life

Zara Picken illustrated an article for Harvard magazine, written by a student about to graduate. In it, she reflects on her time studying at Harvard while contemplating mix tapes she has made throughout her life, drawing parallels between the two.

James Yang: After School

James Yang’s illustration for The Chronicle of Higher Education accompanied an article about the lack of information regarding the future of doctoral graduates after school.

Keith Negley: The Cycle of Suicide

Keith Negley’s illustration for The New York Times accompanies an article examining the suicide rate peak each spring, increasing roughly 15 percent over the annual average to create one of psychiatry’s most consistent epidemiological patterns.

John Tomac: Time Travel

John Tomac’s illustration for The Chicago Tribune examines the literary trend of time travel by introducing a (poorly-mannered) Apatosaurus who is no longer constrained by the space-time continuum to accompany their story.

Kevin Sprouls: Full Page Hedcut in WSJ

Kevin Sprouls’ iconic black and white “Hedcut” portraits have run for years in the Wall Street Journal, but generally no larger than a spot.  This week, thanks to this Ernst & Young ad, Kevin’s portraiture ran full-page, in all its staggeringly detailed glory.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Jason Mecier: Amanda Bynes

Jason Mecier, San Francisco-based Pop Artist, created a candy portrait of Amanda Bynes made from 15 pounds of Sour Patch Kids. That's more than 1600 Sour Patch Kids and over 15,000 calories!

Merrill Rainey: Water Words

Merrill Rainey illustrated "Water Words," an fun underwater word search activity, for Humpty Dumpty Magazine.

Cathi Mingus: Sparkle Spa

Cathi Mingus shares samples of a cute book series for girls she’s been working on, Sparkle Spa. The main characters are sisters who open their own salon (inside of their mother's salon).

Gemma Robinson: Thermodynamic Rebellion

Gemma Robinson has been illustrating a monthly column for Focus magazine, exploring everyday scientific mini-gems. This month they delved into ice cream and entropy. Apparently, in the author’s words, "An ice cream isn't just a tasty treat; it's a minor act of thermodynamic rebellion."

Richard Borge: International Motion Art Award

Richard Borge’s delightful animated short, “Rooster” has earned him an International Motion Art Award in a Play-themed competition sponsored by loopdeloop.  “Rooster” is a toy chicken who dreams of being a World War II pilot. Borge created the piece, which runs 76 breathtaking seconds, over the course of three days in his Brooklyn studio.

Jacob Thomas: Summer Reading

Jacob Thomas hit the beach and illustrated the Boston Globe special Summer Reading supplement this past Sunday.

Michael Gelen: Graphic Statements

Michael Gelen’s Inkwell Studio  was the go-to for two recent illustration / design projects.  For the upcoming 175th anniversary of the Erie County Fair, Michael created a logo embodying all of the elements that make that event so iconic:

Roy Scott: Recent Work

Roy Scott illustrated two features for Wolters Kluwer Health Publishing recently. First, a pair of images for an article called, “Social Drinking or Alcoholism?” which concerns the ethical metrics of alcohol consumption amongst health care providers:

Friday, June 21, 2013

Dennis Wunsch: Rebounding and Rebuilding

Dennis Wunsch created this full page illustration for an article in Scotsman Guide's June Residential Edition that talks about how to help clients recover from total property loss.

Kenneth Batelman: Growing Power

Kenneth Batelman created this info-graphic for an article in Milwaukee Magazine about how fertilizers are made.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Marc Rosenthal: Shoe Battles

Marc Rosenthal’s hectic illustration for today’s “Styles” section of the New York Times charts the fetishistic world of high-end footwear, which can resemble “an insane asylum of very well-dressed women.”

David Johnson: When No One is Watching

David Johnson illustrated When No One is Watching, a children's book about a little girl who loves to dance and play when no one is watching but sits in a corner quietly when people are around. It’s a great story to show that there is nothing wrong with being shy.

Mart Klein & Miriam Migliazzi: 11 Freunde x 4

Mart Klein & Miriam Migliazzi created four different covers for the current issue of German magazine 11 Freunde, featuring the season’s best coach; best player; best manager and best guy overall in soccer. Their illustrations continue throughout the magazine inside as well.

James Gandolfini: RIP

James Gandolfini had a face that was much beloved by artists throughout his too-brief career.  Here he is as seen through the eyes of…

Aaron Meshon: Cats and Dogs

Aaron Meshon had a blast illustrating not only dozens of dogs, but plenty of cats too, for the latest issue of Tufts Veterinary Magazine.

Brian Taylor: Daddy Depression

Brian Taylor illustrates the phenomenon of postpartum depression in men for the Washington Post Express.

Laura Watson: Surfs Up!

Laura Watson illustrates a couple of happy-beachy surfers, just in time to celebrate the arrival of summer.

Anna + Elena Balbusso: Burning Girls

Anna + Elena Balbusso’s latest illustration for accompanies the dark fantasy novella titled Burning Girls. "In America, they don’t let you burn. My mother told me that…"

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Daniel Zender: 3 x 3 ProShow

Daniel Zender’s “Rats,” for the Kansas City Pitch, as well as his “Death Penalty” illustration for the LA Times, were selected for inclusion in 3 x 3's 10th Annual Proshow.

Zara Picken: 3 x 3 ProShow

Zara Picken’s illustration “The Sea” has been awarded a Merit Award in the Self-Promotion category and selected for inclusion in the 3 x 3 Professional Show No. 10.

Tim O’Brien: Gagged by Ag

Tim O’Brien illustrated the latest cover for Mother Jones, featuring an article on the ways in which laws are written to protect large agricultural companies from having their inhumane methods of treating cattle and other animals publicized.

Chris Gash: 3 x 3 ProShow

Chris Gash’s festively illustrated Dinner Dos plate sets have been selected for inclusion in the 3×3 Pro Show 10.

Mart Klein & Miriam Migliazzi: Cicero Special

Mart Klein & Miriam Migliazzi created a total of 41 illustrations for the first Cicero Special Edition about the Bundestag elections.  Sixteen images illustrate the German states; twenty-two symbolize electoral wards, all in addition to a full page, plus the two covers.

John Kachik: 3 x 3 ProShow

John Kachik was awarded an Advertising category Merit Honor in the 3 X 3 ProShow #10 for his piece titled, "The Midwest, Heartland Eating," for Scion Cars, Scion Magazine.

Angela McKay: 3 x 3 ProShow

Angela McKay was awarded a Merit Prize in the 3 x 3 ProShow #10. Series of summer window display images commissioned by the British department store House of Fraser, was selected in the advertising category.

Dennis Wunsch: Rocketman

Dennis Wunsch created this illustration for an article in the June edition of Scotsman Guide, discussing the future -- and evolving relationships with independent lenders.

Tim Bower: The Element of Surprise

Tim Bower’s illustration for the current issue of Wharton Magazine (the publication of University of Pennsylvania's business school) accompanies their article, “Office Hours: Obamacare and the Element of Surprise.”

Eva Vazquez: Cultural Philanthropy

Eva Vazquez created the cover illustration for The National’s feature, “the review,” in Abu Dhabi. The article surveys the individuals and institutions that are helping to nurture the region´s creatives and develop a thriving artistic scene.

Michele Rosenthal: Children’s Medical Center of Dallas

Michele Rosenthal created silhouette illustrations for an interactive exhibit at The Children’s Medical Center of Dallas, celebrating their 100th anniversary this year.  Michele was asked to contribute a landscape to run along the bottom of the installation, complete with hidden animals native to Texas, as well as the Dallas skyline.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Thomas Pitilli: Summer Reading

Thomas Pitilli’s recent illustration for the Washington Post Express “Summer Reading Preview” tied in with a book excerpt featuring a dinner party which served up a homemade terrine, as well as an abundance of drama between the invited guests and hosts.