Friday, May 31, 2013

Daniel Zender: Selected by AI 32

Daniel Zender’s death penalty illustration for the Los Angeles Times was selected by American Illustration 32.

Kyle Hilton: Bush League

Kyle Hilton’s illustration for his regular Sunday spot in The New York Times Magazine was an especially fun challenge this time, accompanying an article about the Oakland A’s Josh Reddick and his infamous beard.  

Steven Noble: Rabbit Restaurant Logo

Steven Noble teamed up with award-winning design studio Tasty Concepts to create a hand illustrated, engraving-style logo for the playfully named Rabbit restaurant.

Wesley Bedrosian: Dirty Verses

Wesley Bedrosian illustrated a review of a new book showcasing some of the dirtiest poems of all time (all written 800 years ago) for The Wall Street Journal.

Roy Scott: College Costs

Roy Scott weighs in on the high cost of a college education with his colorful collage illustration for The National Education Association.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Neil Brigham: Sugar

Neil Brigham was commissioned by Little Brown & Co to create stark woodcut illustration for the interior of “Sugar,” young readers’ book. This fictional tale tells the inspiring story of 10 year old Sugar, who lives on a plantation on the banks of the Mississippi River after slavery has been abolished.

Peter Horvath: Depression and Existential Terror

Peter Horvath was well challenged by Scientific American recently to illustrate how “Hallucinogens Could Ease Existential Terror,” and “Ketamine, the Next Big Depression Drug.”  His vivid solutions have us convinced!

Ryan Snook: Don’t Tilt the Glass

Ryan Snook illustrated an article for the Washingtonian recently, about dispelling a few myths surrounding the enjoyment of craft beer. 

Pete Ryan: Corporate Knights

Pete Ryan heroically battles evil greenhouse gas emissions in this illustration for Corporate Knights magazine.

Wacso: Chef Shack

Wacso illustrates a well-deserved break after a long shift on the line, at Chef Shack in Bay City, WI.

Colin W. Thompson: Skills Development Scotland

Colin W. Thompson brought his lighthearted illustrative touch to the serious business of job hunting for Skills Development Scotland. SDS supports individuals in navigating the dos and don’ts of obtaining employment; Colin, naturally, managed to find gentle humor in the “don’ts.”

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dongyun Lee: Summer Books

Dongyun Lee's newest illustration made a splash across the cover of the “Summer Books” section of the Los Angeles Times.

Jon Krause: Service Minefields

Jon Krause executes a retro-tiptoe through a minefield of call bells in this illustration for the latest edition of American Medical News.

John Tomac: Finally On Board

John Tomac’s many hours spent on the MetroNorth New Haven Line finally came in handy illustrating this cover and full page interior for the June issue of Benefits Selling magazine. The feature analyzes the impact of new Obamacare regulations on insurance brokers.

Elizabeth Sayles: The NeoIntegrity Omnibus

Elizabeth Sayles’ work is included in "The NeoIntegrity Omnibus," a newly published  712-page catalog documenting the comprehensive 2010 exhibition at The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art: "NeoIntegrity: Comics Edition."

Tom Seltzer: Dig at Dizzy’s

Tom Seltzer will celebrate the installation of "Dig," an exhibition of his Jazz Print series at Dizzy's on Fifth, Thursday May 30, 2013 from 7 - 9 PM in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Featuring live music, drinks and snacks.

Elvis Swift: Limited Edition for Crate & Barrel

Elvis Swift was commissioned by Crate & Barrel to create a whimsical teapot in a Limited Edition release of 200, celebrating their 50th Anniversary. Online sales only, starting June 1, 2013. Fair warning: Prior teapots have sold out within the first day.  Go Fetch! 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Scott Pollack: Dad at Home

Scott Pollack created this illustration for the Memorial Day weekend edition of the Sunday Wall Street Journal, accompanying a story about a Dad who stays at home but feels completely secure in his masculinity.

Shaw Nielsen: AdWeek

Shaw Nielsen's new illustration for Adweek accompanies an article explaining “Why the New Union Contract Is Good for Everyone.”

Jamie Hogan: Bank Street Best of 2013

Jamie Hogan’s illustrated book “A Warmer World,” written by Caroline Arnold, has been awarded a place on the Bank Street College of Education’s Best Children’s Books of 2013 list, in the Ecology category for ages 5 – 9.

Stephan Walter: ENR Covers

Stephan Walter shares two cover illustrations he constructed for the Engineering News-Record magazine this May.

John Walker: Ginni Moon Prepares for Takeoff

John Walkers intimate, Wyeth-worthy painting, “Ginni Moon Prepares for Takeoff” was recognized with the National Society of Painters in Casein and Acrylic Award at the 59th annual NSPCA exhibit, which opened this past Friday night at the Salamagundi Club in New York.

Joe Wilson: By the Rivers

Joe Wilson created cover art for the chilled reggae vibes of By the Rivers’ self-titled debut album.

Brian Taylor: Retail Heat Map

Brian Taylor’s illustration for The Commercial Observer takes the form of a map of New York City, pinpointing the top ten retail trendsetters.

James Yang: Illustrating, Clearly

James Yang illustrated a couple of projects recently that gave him the perfect opportunity for exploring transparency in his artwork.  The first was this banner for Mi Petit Madrid, a site celebrating Madrid:

Keith Frawley: Dreamworks’ Turbo

Keith Frawley was contacted by Simon & Schuster last fall to illustrate a couple of children’s books for Dreamworks’ newest film property, “Turbo.” It was, as Keith happily notes, “a great opportunity to work with two very big houses!”

Urs J. Knobel: Maroon 5

Urs J. Knobel’s portrait of Adam Levine portrays him as lead singer of Maroon 5, as well as songwriter, occasional actor and Mike Jagger move-alike, of course...

Anna + Elena Balbusso: Victoria + Albert Shortlist

Anna + Elena Balbusso have learned that three of their illustrations for "Eugene Onegin," published by The Folio Society, have placed them on the Victoria + Albert Museum (London, UK) shortlist for their 2013 Illustration Awards. The winners will be announced on June 3rd 2013 at their Awards Ceremony.

Mike Tofanelli: New York Knicks Q&A

Mike Tofanelli's recent full page illustration for Westchester Magazine accompanies a Q&A interview with various New York Knicks about life in Westchester County and their activities off the basketball court.

Leon Mussche: Old? That’s the Other Guy!

Leon Mussche created these vital illustrations for a survey article on aging in leading European lifestyle magazine Zin.  As it turns out, the 55+ age group is largely independent, socially well-connected, prepared to work and use modern technology like skype consultations and online health checks.

Roman Muradov: Likeability?

Roman Muradov’s imaginative illustration for The New Yorker’s “Page-Turner” blog accompanied a post asking a group of novelists how often the question of likeability has been posed about their characters.

Ken Orvidas: Fat Talk

Ken Orvidas illustrated a column for The New York Times Science section today on the impact of body-denigrating conversation between girls and women, and how to turn it into a more positive bonding ritual. (Spoiler Alert: Blame the pants, not yourself.)

Dennis Wunsch: Unlocking Tax-Credit Opportunities

Dennis Wunsch created this full page illustration for the May issue of Scotsman Guide's Commercial Edition, to accompany an article exploring tax-credit opportunities.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Richard Borge: Golden Parachutes

Richard Borge’s illustration for The Wall St Journal went with an article about "golden parachutes": the amount of money that some people make when exiting their job is hard to fathom, and seems to be getting worse.

Brian Stauffer: Runner's World Germany

Brian Stauffer illustrated a gorgeous spread in the current Runner's World Germany for an article on running as an important force in overcoming cancer.

Michele Rosenthal: Funny or Die

Michele Rosenthal recently had the pleasure of illustrating some retro-future backgrounds for Funny or Die’s digital magazine, “The Occasional,” to work around some great photos of comics Kristen Schaal and Kurt Braunohler.

Roy Scott: Young Hearts

Roy Scott was recently commissioned to apply his colorful, hard-edge montage illustration style to a series of posters for Penn Medicine. The first subject in the series is on young adult cardiac issues.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Anna + Elena Balbusso = 3 x 3

Anna + Elena Balbusso are featured over fourteen pages in the current issue of 3 x 3 Magazine.  Their work is immediately recognizable thanks to countless awards won in recent years, but this sweet childhood snapshot took us by surprise!

Brucie Rosch: Food Fight

Brucie Rosch created an intriguing series of food-based illustrations for Skidmore Scope alumni magazine recently.

Paul Morton: Fun Activity Sheets

Paul Morton managed to pack a lot of fun into this commission from the chain of Crown Carveries to illustrate a double sided activity sheet for children. Should help keep the little ones occupied through their ice cream sugar rush…

Otto Steininger: Babies on Planes

Otto Steininger’s illustration for The New York Times accompanied an article debating whether babies on airplanes should travel with their own safety seats.

Aaron Meshon: Spaceship Floor Puzzle

Aaron Meshon latest project for Crocodile Creek is an amazing spaceship puzzle which, when completed, measures 12" x 48".  Buy one for all the little (and BIG!) kids in your life in Bookstore.

Chris Whetzel: Baseball is HUGE This Year!

Chris Whetzel illustrated a full-page section cover for the LA Times, to accompany an article on California baseball and what a hot topic and great source of entertainment it promises to be for southern Cali folks in 2013.

Jacob Thomas: Entertainment Weekly

Jacob Thomas Illustrates a “Fantasy Programming” article for Entertainment Weekly, inviting projected desired outcomes for popular shows. Breaking Bad Fantasy - Actor Adam Scott (“Parks and Recreation”) would like Walter, Hank and Mike's ghost to open a bar in the Bahamas and loudly high five each other:

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Valeria Petrone: 3 x 3

Valeria Petrone commands both front and back covers (and many editorial pages in between) of the latest issue of 3 x 3 Magazine.

Guy Stauber: Penn State Portraits

Guy Stauber’s illustration for Sports Illustrated’s current issue is an intense double portrait of the Athletic Director of Penn State, Dr. David Joyner, and Team Physician Dr. Peter Seidenberg.

Gary Townswick: 2013 US Open

When Gary Townswick got a call last November from the United States Tennis Association, inviting him to submit sketches for the 2013 US Open, it didn’t take him long to say yes.  “They really liked my work and cited a couple of Olympic-themed samples in my Portfolio on Theispot,” recalls Gary. 

James Yang: Annual Dance

James Yang’s illustration for Healthleaders magazine accompanies an article about labor and management’s process in hammering out contracts.

Lara Tomlin: Smithsonian Food Issue

Lara Tomlin was commissioned by Smithsonian Magazine to illustrate a feature interview with super-foodies Ruth Reichl and Michael Pollan for their special food issue. The assignment included a series of fruit and vegetable spots scattered throughout the article… Yum!

Anthony Freda: Order Out of Chaos, a Retrospective

Anthony Freda’s artwork will be the subject of a retrospective exhibition, "Order Out of Chaos", at the A.J. Dillon Gallery in New Jersey this summer.  Freda considers himself to be an information warrior; the show will encompass twenty years of his ironic, often darkly humorous illustrations, paintings and digital media.