Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Eric Hanson: The Fragments

Eric Hanson’s complex web of words became the illustration for a recent fiction feature in The New Yorker.

Elisabeth Alba: The Invitation

Elisabeth Alba's latest painting, created with watercolor and acryla gouache, features a faun beckoning the viewer to follow him into his world.

Chris Gash: Changing Annuity

Chris Gash was commissioned by The Wall Street Journal to do a Lichtenstein-style illustration for their latest Weekend Investor cover.

James Yang: Recruiting

James Yang illustrates the concept of recruiting new talent in a colorful way for PlanSponsor Magazine.

Ryan Snook: DNA Run Wild

Ryan Snook’s illustration for Popular Science accompanies an article that advocates setting aside privacy concerns and letting scientists run free with DNA to start saving lives.

Kevin Sprouls: Play Ball!

Kevin Sprouls was commissioned by ESPN to produce a couple of classic black and white illustrations for their magazine, celebrating the baseball season’s opening.

Chris Whetzel: Big Bull

Chris Whetzel’s illustration for the Business section cover of the LA Times is all about keeping the bull market strong… no matter what.

Marc Phares: Throwing a Curve

Marc Phares’ dynamic illustration for page one of the New York Times Sunday Business section accompanied an  article on the Boston Red Sox World Series pitcher, Curt Schilling, and the debacle that ensued when his video game studio crashed and burned soon after the State Of Rhode Island promised $ 75 million in funding.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Cheryl Chalmers: Run on Guns

Cheryl Chalmers’ recent editorial illustration highlights the buying surge on military style weapons and handguns as the debate about gun control intensifies.

Dennis Wunsch: Leveraging Technology

Dennis Wunsch’s illustration for an article in Scotsman Guide's Commercial edition, titled "Do More with Less by Leveraging Technology" was selected by the Western Publishing Association as the 2013 Maggie Award winner for Best Single Editorial Illustration/Trade.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Elvis Swift: Mood Music

Elvis Swift’s illustration for Smithsonian Magazine accompanies a feature asking, “Does Music Really Influence People's Moods?”

Merrill Rainey: Jack Attack

Merrill Rainey joins the band and rocks out with the gang in these fun illustrations for the next issue of Jack and Jill magazine!

Anne Wertheim : Three New Puzzles

Anne Wertheim has created three new puzzles for international game company, Ravensburger. The “Kittens” puzzle is sold with gem stones, which can be glued onto the puzzle when complete:

Paul Giovanopoulos: Heckscher Museum of Art

Paul Giovanopoulos will be on exhibit as part of the Heckscher Museum of Art's "Car Culture" exhibit in Huntington, NY, from April 27-Aug. 11, 2013.

Chi Birmingham: Animation for the NY Times

Chi Birmingham got the chance to test his GIF chops with this animated illustration for today's New York Times, on the topic of education standards.

Solene Debies: ELLE India Horoscope

Solene Debies shows off a few of her fashion-forward illustrations (Aries, Libra and Sagittarius) made for the 2013 Horoscope column of ELLE magazine, India.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Michal Dziekan: The Case for Spending

Michal Dziekan’s illustration for The Wall Street Journal accompanies an article making a case for spending your money vs saving it for retirement.

Harry Campbell: On the Mark

Harry Campbell’s elegant interpretation of “well-designed advisor run financial plans” breathes life into this article for PlanSponsor Magazine.

Roy Scott: stop passing the buck

Roy Scott was commissioned by Wolters Kluwer Health to illustrate an article about a hospital nurse's experience with an ethics committee that never takes any action on pending issues.

Jon Krause: Investment Advisors

Jon Krause’s illustration for Investment Advisors takes a serious look at advisors’ books to reveal the real splits and percentages.

Elvis Swift: Visibility

Elvis Swift illustrated two impeccable identity logos for Len Stein / Visibility Public Relations.

Dongyun Lee: Get Your Geek On

Dongyun Lee illustrated the full page cover of the Washington Post weekend guide in honor of DC’s very first comic/sci-fi/pop-culture convention, Awesome Con.

Janet Allinger: Endermologie

Janet Allinger’s hand lettered illustration for personal luxury brand Endermologie channels inner radiance with an art nouveau flourish.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Chris Gash: NYT Letters Animation

Chris Gash shares the fun of his first animated gif for the New York Times Letters column. The first illustration ran in the paper itself, accompanying letters about attorneys who use delay tactics to stall court proceedings. Chris’s animation added another layer of meaning to the on-line version.

Dennis Juan Ma: Mr. Whatnot

Dennis Juan Ma illustrated the poster for the classic English comedy by Alan Ayckbourn, Mr. Whatnot, an extraordinarily silly homage to Buster Keaton. The show, a physical comedy fish-out-of water tale, is currently playing at The Royal & Derngate Northampton.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Jon Stich: Green Washing

Jon Stich created this illustration for Marketing Magazine in Toronto, to accompany an article about “Green” cleaning supplies that aren’t actually good for the environment.

Traci Daberko: X and the City

Traci Daberko was commissioned by Smithsonian Magazine to illustrate a feature article called "X and the City". The story, featured in the Smithsonian May 2013 issue, is about the mathematics of cities and how they all relate to one another.

Cathy Gendron: Penguin Mystery Series

Cathy Gendron has illustrated the latest cover of Penguin's successful Coffeehouse Mystery Series, "Billionaire's Blend". The New York Times bestselling author of the series serves up a double shot of danger with the crew from the Village Blend; Cathy adds that little touch of blood…

Kyle Hilton: L.A. Style

Kyle Hilton created a handful of fun spot illustrations for a recent issue of The Hollywood Reporter, detailing talismans of the wealthy L.A. lifestyle.

John Kachik: Politics & Portraits

John Kachik’s original illustrations from the 1980s and 1990s are the subject of an exhibition titled "Politics & Portraits," opening with a reception on Saturday, May 4th and running through the end of June, at The Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center in Frederick Maryland.

Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center / 40 S. Carroll Street / Frederick, MD

Peter Grundy: Tronox

Peter Grundy was commissioned by the Tronox chemical company to graphically conceptualize six values for their employees around the world, followed up by a dazzling value chain for their 2012 Annual Report.

TopDog Illustration: Avinger Ocelot

TopDog Illustration was commissioned by Avinger to develop an illustration of their Ocelot™ device: an advanced catheter that uses intra-vascular imaging to address total artery blockage.

Ellen Byrne: The Year of the Mall

Ellen Byrne’s glamorous illustrations of a colorful, upscale shopping mall accompany an article in Shopping Centers Today and SCT Latinoamérica, detailing the rampant value increase of these retail venues in the past year.

James Yang: Illustrating Risk

James Yang thoroughly enjoyed illustrating the latest issue of Morningstar Advisor Magazine. “When you are hired, they are using you to be the look for the issue,” explains James. “You are assigned a cover, spread and four sections in the magazine, usually with a theme tying the issue together.”

Nan Lawson: Olivia/Fauxlivia

Nan Lawson’s print Olivia/Fauxlivia, inspired by the program “Fringe,” will be presented in the Gallery 1988 Bad Robot show, which opens this Friday.

Angela McKay: If You Build It…

Angela McKay has created building illustrations for clients that range from opticians to local English pubs and breweries to castles… If you build it, she will draw!

Judith Drews: TalentGallery Exibition

Judith Drews will have an exhibition of work from her latest book, "Stockholm – Vimmelboken," opening Wednesday, April 24, 2013 at Talent Gallery in Stockholm, Sweden.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Jacob Thomas: Toxic Legacy

Jacob Thomas illustrates the cover of Fort Worth Weekly, featuring an article about widespread illness among workers in a local factory.

Gemma Robinson: Coping with Dementia

Gemma Robinson was commissioned by RCN Publishing to illustrate a set of icons for Nursing Standard.  The article was about caring for people with dementia and included a series of practical tips on how to cope with the hallucinations that dementia sufferers often experience.

David Plunkert: Fixing the Economy

David Plunkert created this illustration for The Wall Street Journal, accompany the article: "Seven Lessons for Fixing an Economy".

Alex Nabaum: Earth Day

Alex Nabaum’s recent cover illustration for The Progressive, on the topic of climate activism, rings loud and true on Earth Day and every day.

Dean Rohrer: Independence Seaport Museum Mural

Dean Rohrer created this image for a 13 1/2 ft. mural depicting middle passage on a slave ship, which will be part of an upcoming exhibition about slavery at the Independence Seaport Museum in Philadelphia.

Nathan Jarvis: Happy Earth Day

Nathan Jarvis celebrates Earth Day 2013 with a sweet illustration and a simple message… pass it on!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Eric Drooker: Shadow Over Boston

Eric Drooker’s somber Marathon cover for The New Yorker will be on stands Monday.

Raul Colon: Centos Populares at Eric Carle

Raul Colon is one of the featured artists in “Latino Folk Tales: Cuentos Populares – Art by Latino Artists,” a remarkable exhibition featuring original illustrations from bilingual Latino folk tales, currently on view at the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art.

Otto Steininger: Hip-Hop Redemption

Otto Steininger illustrated a very cool book cover for “Hip-Hop Redemption” by Ralph Basui Watkins, published by Baker Academic.

Harry Campbell: Guns and the Senate

Harry Campbell illustrated today’s Letters to the New York Times, all of them reactions to the failure of the Senate to pass overwhelmingly popular, common-sense restrictions on gun trafficking.

Aaron Meshon: Guggenheim Gutai

Aaron Meshon created 175 tiny original paintings for an exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum titled "Gutai Splendid Playground". The ink and painted cards are to be dispensed by the "Gutai Card Box" at the show, which runs until May 8th, 2013. (more)

Brian Taylor: Birthday Buzz

Brian Taylor illustrates the “Birthday Buzz” column for the redesigned USA Weekend, USA Today's weekly magazine.  A new celebrity is highlighted each week; here are a few of Brian’s favorites…

Thursday, April 18, 2013