Thursday, March 28, 2013

Niklas Askar: To Friend or Not to Friend?

Nikolas Asker illustrated the cover of ACC Docket this month, featuring an article about the trend of companies using potential employees' social media presence when making hiring decisions.

Mitch Blunt: Taking Aim at Modernism

Mitch Blunt’s latest illustration for Spectator Life accompanies a scathing opinion piece about Sir Norman Foster and other older “starchitects.” The writer argues that Modernism is very old fashioned and there’s better work out there coming from lesser known, younger architects.

Harry Malt: We Heart Footy!

Harry Malt’s 20 meter illustrated mural for the cafĂ© at Manchester's National Football Museum in the UK welcomes visitors with a depiction of a busy match day terrace.

Cheryl Chalmers: Waikiki

Cheryl Chalmers’ super-saturated watercolor of a young swimmer was featured in Hawaiian Style Magazine and subsequently licensed for greeting cards throughout Hawaii.

Mark Borgions: Separated

Mark Borgions beautifully crafted this music video to accompany Stan Lee Cole’s Separated. 

Bernard Maisner: Macy’s Flower Show

Bernard Maisner’s hand lettering marries perfectly with the artwork for this year’s Macy’s Flower Show.

Tyler Jacobson: Crown of Swords

Tyler Jacobson illustrated this magical cover for “Crown of Swords,” the latest volume in the best selling fantasy series by Robert Jordan, published by Tor Books.

Aaron Sacco: Level Up!

Aaron Sacco created this super cover illustration for Georgetown Business.

Paul Garland: Flight Training

Paul Garland illustrated a spread and related half page for the April issue of Flight Training Magazine, to accompany an article on “expanding your capabilities as a pilot.”

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Taylor Callery: EXHIBITOR 2013

Taylor Callery illustrated the full campaign for EXHIBITOR, the annual world conference of trade show and event marketers, held this year at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. The illustrations were used for promotional advertising including posters, brochures, web, and onsite visuals.

Jacob Thomas: Online Wave

Jacob Thomas’s illustration for Library Journal addresses the massive number and variety of open online courses now offered.

Gemma Robinson: Budget 2013

Gemma Robinson’s illustrations enliven the “Budget 2013” supplement of The Daily Telegraph, London, which analyzes what impact the new budget will have on different types of family groups and individuals.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ryan Snook: Fighting Mold

Ryan Snook illustrates the valiant crusade against evil mold in the home for Natural Health magazine.

Goni Montes: SPD Merit Awards

Goni Montes was informed that two of his illustrations, for Skiing Magazine and Euroman, received merit awards from the Society of Publication Designers.

Jon Reinfurt: Ragwear

Jon Reinfurt shares a fun project for Ragwear, an urban clothing company based in Prague. Originally hired to design just one t-shirt for their Fall/Winter 2012 line, Jon’s line was quickly expanded.

Stephan Walter: NCAA Preview

Stephan Walter was commissioned by the Los Angeles Times to create a type illustration for their NCAA Preview section.

John Kachik: Hopkins Fair

John Kachik created for this illustration for the cover of the monthly "Gazette" news magazine of Johns Hopkins University, featuring a preview of their traditional Spring Fair, and all the great food available.

Luciana Navarro Powell: My Mom is the Best Circus

Luciana Navarro Powell's latest children’s book, “My Mom is the Best Circus,” is just out today from Random House/Robin Corey Books.

Susan Gal: Bring on Spring!

Susan Gal’s got spring on the brain… and so do we, now that we’ve seen this frisky illustration!

Yvetta Fedorova: Hearing Loss

Yvetta Fedorova illustrates an article on the causes of hearing loss for The New York Times “Science Times” section.

Chris Gash: Is It the Coffee?

Chris Gash illustrates the latest theory behind the success of the Mediterranean Diet for this week’s “Science Times” in The New York Times.  Spoiler Alert:  It might have something to do with the sludgy boiled coffee they drink.

David Plunkert: The Marvels in Your Mouth

David Plunkert takes over page one of The New York Times “Science Times” section this week with this illustration (and another after the jump) for an article on oral processing habits, aka chewing and swallowing.

James Yang: Financial Speed Bumps

James Yang illustrates an article about using caution in uncertain markets for The Wall St Journal. 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Alex Nabaum: EMI Takeover

Alex Nabaum illustrated the takeover of EMI by Universal Music for the Huffington Post Magazine. Huffington is a tablet magazine, so the spread is vertical.

Roy Scott: Recent Work

Roy Scott has been busy lately with diverse illustration projects for some of his favorite clients. First are a couple of display montage graphics conceptually based on osteopathic medicine.

Scott Brundage: Near-Death Experience

Scott Brundage illustrated an article for the latest Scientific American called “Why a Near-Death Experience Isn’t Proof of Heaven.”

Aaron Meshon Joins the Circus!

Aaron Meshon was commissioned by The New York Times to create this page one Arts Section opener, celebrating the arrival of Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus, the “Greatest Show on Earth,” at Brooklyn’s Barclay’s Center.

Brian Stauffer: Can I Get Some Privacy?

Brian Stauffer illustrated the cover story of Stanford Magazine for an article about the rise of a generation unconcerned with invasions of their privacy.

Jonathan Williams: Back to the Future

Jonathan Williams created a set of fantasy transport illustrations for Toronto based media agency Sonic Boom, to run on a comparison page on Ford Canada's blog.

Sean Tiffany: Sports Illustrated Kids

Sean Tiffany’s illustrations for Sports Illustrated Kids’ popular “What’s the Call?” feature are instantly recognized (and eagerly awaited) in homes across America.  Here are six of them, two months’ worth, to puzzle over.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mark Matcho: Currency Swings

Mark Matcho’s dramatic illustration for Fortune Magazine accompanies an article about maintaining stability in the face of currency swings.

Jeanine Henderson: Build a Burger

Jeanine Henderson’s illustration for a feature article in Time Out Chicago about a local “DIY” Burger joint, involved “building” the shape of a burger out of hand-lettered ingredients. “I definitely got a little hungry while working on it!” she admits.

Mark McGinnis: A Smashing Plan

Mark McGinnis illustrated an article for Johns Hopkins University magazine that assures us, “One of these days, almost certainly, an asteroid is going to be predicted to be able to hit Earth…”

Jacob Thomas: Shilling for Shale

Jacob Thomas illustrates the business of selling shale drilling for the cover of Ft. Worth Weekly Magazine.

Chuck Gonzales: La Dee Da

Chuck Gonzales created the character design for the glittering “La Dee Da” range of fashion dolls from Time To Play, now appearing in a series of animated ads.

Gregory Manchess: New Yorker Portrait

Gregory Manchess flexes his painterly muscles with this dramatic full page portrait illustration of Australia's controversial billionaire Gina Rinehart for The New Yorker.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Shaw Nielsen: LegalTech Conference

Shaw Nielsen’s series of illustrations for American Lawyer Magazine accompany a feature about a recently held conference on tech issues in the legal arena.

James Yang: A Dull Roar

James Yang’s latest illustration for “Booming,” the New York Times on line feature for the Baby Boomer generation, accompanied a column complaining about the overly loud music in restaurants.

Jack Molloy: Hiking the Nation's Parks

Jack Molloy’s illustration for The Wall Street Journal accompanies an article with tips for seeing some of the best that Yosemite and other National Parks have to offer (without walking your legs off.)

Elvis Swift: Retirement

Elvis Swift’s eloquent line work provides a sensitive illustration for an article in Dickinson Magazine on the occasion of their retiring college president.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Edel Rodriguez: One Penny at a Time

Edel Rodriguez commanded page one of the Washington Post Sunday Business section.

Nick Lu: Apollo Lunar Landing

Nick Lu shares the second in his series of commissioned posters based on a space theme; this one is the Apollo Lunar Landing.

Daniel Hertzberg: When Your Broker “Outs” You

Daniel Hertzberg’s dramatic illustration for the Wall Street Journal accompanied an article on mutual fund taxes being automatically reported to the IRS, and how quickly they can catch up on you at tax time.

Leon Mussche: The Evolution of Stuey

Leon Mussche’s “Stuey” the student cartoon character has been a consistent part of the Netherlands Open University communication over the past decade. First a mascot, he quickly made his way to a black and white cartoon for a student newspaper.

Jacob Thomas: What Rules?

Jacob Thomas illustrates the existential question for Entertainment Weekly: Why is “Rules of Engagement” still on the air? Apparently, David Spade doesn’t know either.

Laura Tallardy: Flower Fairies Ballet

Laura Tallardy debuts her latest sweeter-than-honey app, Flower Fairies Ballet: Fairy Ballerina Puzzles for Kids, a fun animated puzzle game for toddlers, preschoolers, and kids from ages 1 to 6.  Available in the Apple App Store to sample for FREE! (more)

Jon Reinfurt: Goldilocks

Jon Reinfurt used a Goldilocks metaphor when illustrating an article about picking the right type of community management style for Common Ground Magazine recently. The “porridge house” concept emphasized the pressure of poor Goldi’s decision by having all the bears looming over her in anticipation.