Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tim Zeltner: Brewers’ Utopia

Tim Zeltner created this lush rural landscape cover for the March/April issue of the American Homebrewer’s Association Zymurgy Magazine, featuring the concept of home brewing with locally sourced ingredients.

Paul Mirocha: Muscle Milk Protein Crunch Bars

Paul Mirocha continues his productive relation ship with CytoSport, a major manufacturer of sports nutri­tion prod­ucts, with illustrations for “Pro­tein Crunch” their new line of Mus­cle Milk Bars.

Stuart Bradford: Goodbye, Atlantis

Stuart Bradford created these illustrations for Wellesley College to accompany an elegiac essay on the end of the Atlantis shuttle program. The writer ponders the poetry of spaceflight, reminiscing about attending many launches and landings while reflecting on her own love of astronomy.

Laura Watson: New Mushroom Print

As Laura Watson’s latest art print correctly points out, “All mushrooms are edible - once.”  Please keep in mind exactly what that might mean if you ever discover mushrooms like THESE on a walk through the forest…

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

J. David McKenney: Make a Muscle

J. David McKenney goes beyond buff with his latest illustration for Out magazine.

Davide Bonazzi: Chemistry

Davide Bonazzi redefines the chemistry of seduction.

Jeanine Henderson: A Summer of Sundays

Jeanine Henderson’s latest book cover project for Egmont Books provided an opportunity to create the whole package for this middle-school suspense novel: design, illustration, and hand-lettering.

Asaf Hanuka: Viral



Yuta Onoda: No Time

Yuta Onoda’s illustration for the Sunday Business section of The New York Times was completed on a very short timeline. “I had to stay up for two days straight to complete this piece,” says Yuta.

Sara Jane Franklin: All Fixed Up is HERE!

Sara Jane Franklin’s super- interactive project, in conjunction with Red Piggy Press, is a web book / iPad app called “All Fixed Up”.  Designed to be fully customizable, the project is geared toward kids whose parents travel a lot for work.

Tom Richmond: Reuben Awards Poster

Tom Richmond takes on the task of creating the rollicking illustration for the National Cartoonists Society’s Reuben Awards Weekend NCS Reuben brochure. This year the event will be held in Pittsburgh, PA, so the scene is of one of their famous “inclines”, a kind of cable car/train that goes up the steep side of the surrounding bluffs and gives you a commanding view of the picturesque three rivers valley.

Patrick George: OH NO!

Patrick George’s latest interactive kids’ book is irresistibly titled, “OH NO!” Flip the acetate page from right to left and … OH NO! Each spread reveals something delightfully unexpected.

David Palumbo: RS Italia

This Rolling Stone cover portrait of David Bowie, freshly painted by David Palumbo, is now on newsstands throughout Italy.

Chris Gash: ESPN

Chris Gash continues his illustrious illustrative relationship with ESPN Magazine, producing an eye-catching pair of page-headers, 8.5 inches wide by 3 inches deep. The first column was about the disparity between fan favorites and statistical favorites, and which is more important:

Tim O’Brien: An American Pope

Tim O’Brien’s illustration for the Washington Post accompanies an article speculating on the possibility of an American Pope: open, ebullient, but still shadowed by the dark recent history surrounding the church.

David Preiss : North Face

David Preiss created this instructional set of illustrations for North Face to accompany their feature-rich new backpack.

Tran Nguyen: Leading Change

Tran Nguyen portrays the concept of change using color and form for the cover illustration of ACC Docket.

Paul Garland: Endowments

Paul Garland went with a wishing well metaphor in this illustration for CURRENTS Magazine (CASE) to accompany an article on why private foundations don’t give to endowments – and why they should.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Michael Cho: Apocalypse Now-ish

Michael Cho thoroughly enjoyed this illustration assignment for the University of Toronto Alumni magazine, which described various scenarios of the apocalypse and their odds of coming true.  

James Yang: Downgrade

James Yang’s illustration for Wall St. Journal accompanied an article about business travelers using economy instead of business class services amid orders to cut expenses.

Leon Mussche: Bank in Rapid Movement

Leon Mussche was commissioned to illustrate the cover of the upcoming edition of the Dutch multinational co-operative bank, Rabobank’s management magazine. The feature story is “Bank in Rapid Motion.”

Nadine Takvorian: The Boy Who Could Not Fail

Nadine Takvorian partnered with the Boomer Esiason Foundation to illustrate a story based on the childhood of Jerry Cahill, a long-time survivor of cystic fibrosis. The book, "Jerry - The Boy Who Could Not Fail" is a positive and inspirational story for kids on how to overcome obstacles in life.

Michael Waraksa: Conservation Drones

Michael Waraksa's illustration for OnEarth magazine accompanied an article about the use of radio controlled planes for conservation purposes such as the monitoring of orangutan populations in Sumatra and mapping deforestation.

Luciana Navarro Powell: Spatter & Spark

Luciana Navarro Powell developed “Spatter & Spark,” a fun children’s app, through Polk Street Press. Spatter the porcupine wants to paint the portrait of Hubert the baby crow, but he can’t reach the crow’s nest, and the tiny bird is afraid to fly down to model for him.

Merrill Rainey: Awesome Christian Association

Merrill Rainey illustrated “Awesome Christian Association,” the first in a series of chapter books by Tony Bellagamba. No one knows that better than Just-Plain-Jada, Once-Upon-A-Ron, and No-Way-Jose that being a kid with special powers is AWESOME!

Brian Stauffer: Bespoke

Brian Stauffer’s latest cover illustration (his 22nd!) for Worth magazine is all about the glamour and energy of couture.

Jason Mecier: Heads

Jason Mecier will participate as a guest artist in “Heads,” a group exhibition of portraiture opening this Saturday at Gallerie Citi in Burlingame, CA.

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Chuck Gonzales: Start Off on the Right Paw

Chuck Gonzales illustrated a great new pet guidebook by veterinarian, Jason Nicholas. Full of important tips on raising a healthy and safe dog, Chuck’s sweet line drawings manage to capture the fun of having a pet as well.

Scott Pollack: Bond Bubble

Scott Pollack's illustration for the Sunday Wall Street Journal accompanied an article about the irony of investors worried about a stock market slide when in reality their bond holdings, which are in a bubble, could be where the real danger lies.

Tom Bloom: New York City Doodles

Tom Bloom’s simple black and white cityscapes invite young artists to jump in and doodle along, completing each scene as their imaginations see fit.

David Palumbo: The Evolution of Creativity

David Palumbo illustrated this month's cover story for Scientific American, featuring an article about the origins of creativity and the rise of the innovative mind.

Ben Garvie: Phoenix Album Art

Ben Garvie’s rich history of luscious packaging illustrations made him the obvious choice to produce this peachy new cover art for the band Phoenix’s upcoming album, “Bankrupt!”

Patrick George: Health & Fitness

Patrick George’s graphic, playful illustration style is a favorite among the better men’s magazines; here are some recent highlights.  For Men’s Health:

Ruth Rowland: Do the Math!

Ruth Rowland was commissioned by Harvard Graduate School of Education to create the cover, plus double page spread and half page illustrations, for an article about mathematics reform in the winter issue of Ed. Magazine.

Carl Wiens: Gun Violence

Carl Wiens illustrated two different aspects of gun violence this past month. For an Entertainment Weekly special section examining the role guns play in the whole entertainment market, Carl was given the specific topic of guns and television. 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Scott Brundage: A Brain is for Eating

Scott Brundage gives us a sneak-peek at his awesomely twisted children's book in progress, A Brain is for Eating, written for young zombies. "When hunting for packages just say with a roar, it's braaaaains you are after and you always want mooooore!"

Edel Rodriguez: Oscar, Oscar, Oscar…

Edel Rodriguez created a full page illustration of the coveted statuette for a special edition of The Hollywood Reporter this week, in honor of the 85th Academy Awards.

Michael Cho: Popular Science

Michael Cho incorporated both inventors and their inventions when illustrating these portraits for Popular Science.

Scott Pollack: Gym Etiquette

Scott Pollack's illustration for the Wall Street Journal is all about good manners (or lack thereof) at the gym.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Larry Jones: Mr. Booze

Larry Jones was more than happy to take on designing this hep and happening mascot for the folks at The recipe was simple: Add one part gin, one part Sinatra music, two parts Fred Flintstone... and shake well.

John Kachik: Air-O-Matics

John Kachik’s painting will appear in an exhibition called the “Un-Box Show” at The Artists' Gallery in Frederick Maryland. The invitational show and silent auction fundraiser runs from March 2nd to 30th.

Andrew R. Wright: Dragons of Komodo

Andrew R. Wright's regular client, Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, commissioned this illustration for the story, “Dragons of Komodo.”

Michele Rosenthal: Pass It On

Michele Rosenthal’s regular illustration assignment for the “Pass It On” feature of Guideposts Magazine is a monthly source of inspirational good cheer.

Keith Negley: Smoking’s Gender Gap Closes

Keith Negley created this hauntingly beautiful illustration for an article in the New York Times reporting grim new statistics on women and smoking.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mark Ulriksen: Academy Awards Cover

Mark Ulriksen goes to the Oscars for the cover of this week’s New Yorker, showcasing the nominees for Best Actor and Best Actress. Guess who he’s putting his money on…?

Philippe Lechien: Magazine Bilan

Philippe Lechien was commissioned by Magazine Bilan, the top economic publication in Switzerland, to illustrate a feature about on-line trading.

Jason Seiler: Escape from Planet Earth

Jason Seiler was commissioned to create caricatures of several influential business personas, to be featured hob-nobbing with cartoon characters in newspaper "photographs" in the animated film, "Escape from Planet Earth" (out in theaters now).