Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bob Venables: Prog

Bob Venables’ cover for Prog gives visual life to the promise of “astounding sounds, amazing music.”

David Plunkert: Avian Aspiration

David Plunkert created this cover for a feature on human powered flight in the current issue of Distro, a tablet-only magazine.

Eric Hanson: Metro-Lumberjack

Eric Hanson created this illustration last week for an article in the Minneapolis StarTribune which reports that metropolitan types are now adopting the style of lumberjacks. Seriously.

John Hersey: Get a Seat Out of Your Miles

John Hersey illustrated an article for the New York Times Travel section, providing tips on how best to exchange your frequent flier miles for an actual seat on a plane.

Kathryn Rathke: Beckett for Intelligent Life

Kathryn Rathke created a powerful portrait of Samuel Beckett for her December contribution to Intelligent Life Magazine’s "Notes on a Voice" feature.

Deborah Nadel: Engage!12

Deborah Nadel worked closely with a team of top notch designers to create the elegant, festive lettering for Engage!12 The Breakers, the luxury wedding resource summit held recently in Palm Beach. Her hand lettering was used to brand the event from the logo and website to signage, printed materials and gifting.

John Kachik: Chip off the Old Block

John Kachik illustrates the "Food for Thought" section for the March/April 2013 issue of STYLE Magazine. The article attempts to name the best potato chip ever made, and how Baltimore adopted the snack food as its own.

Janet Allinger: Ish Happens

Janet Allinger’s on-going illustration series for the DIY Network currently explores "when things go wrong in the home." Next up: bathroom disasters!

Zara Picken: Austerity Fitness Guide


Zara Picken used line work and halftone to evoke a 1950s feel in these three illustrations for People Management magazine. The feature explored how companies can help to keep their staff healthy in an age of austerity. 


Yvetta Fedorova: The Art of Doing


Yvetta Fedorova was asked by Josh Gosfield and Camille Sweeney to create an artist’s interpretation of Russian-born soprano Anna Netrebko for the companion blog to their book, “The Art of Doing.”


Urs J. Knobel: Mr. Secretary


Urs J. Knobel's latest portrait celebrates our new Secretary of State, John Kerry, off and running.


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Daniel Hertzberg: Cost vs. Value

Daniel Hertzberg created the cover and full-page interior illustrations for Remodeling magazine’s annual "Cost vs. Value" issue. The feature articles explored the quality of return people are seeing on their investments in houses throughout the country.

Eva Vazquez: Road & Track

Eva Vazquez created a nostalgic snapshot illustration for a Road & Track magazine story about the joys of a taking a road trip (in a 2002 BMW 325i) from Colorado to Wisconsin.

Leticia Plate: Life with Little Ones

Leticia Plate shares a peek at the illustrator’s equivalent of a novel in the bottom desk drawer: Life with Little Ones is her original collection of real-time musings on parenthood.

Stuart Bradford: Fueling the Manufacturing Renaissance

Stuart Bradford’s illustrations for MIT's Technology Review accompany a feature on the
possible return of manufacturing to USA, which would depend heavily on high tech, science and the development of workers with brain power. Use of inexpensive natural gas for is another factor fueling the manufacturing renaissance.

Max Scratchmann: Erotic Urban Fairy Tales

Max Scratchmann has just completed illustrating The Many Perversions of Monsieur Perrault, a collection of erotic fairy tales wherein the classic stories of Grimm and Perrault have been re-imagined in modern settings.

Roy Scott: From Oldest to Newest

Roy Scott’s latest assignments ranged from an archaeology concept illustration created for The University of Pennsylvania to an image for The National Education Association, accompanying an article about the proliferation of on-line college course offerings.
Christian Lindemann created this colorful bunch of creatures as a poster illustration for his own t-shirt brand, ALIVE. A portion of the sale of each shirt and hoody will be donated to the WWF (World Wildlife Fund for Nature).

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kyle Hilton: Mickey Rourke’s Sex Grill

Kyle Hilton teamed up with for more illustrative fun and games this week. The result is a visualization of really odd, imaginary encounters between Mickey Rourke and Jenna on 30 Rock, based on bizarre script excerpts.

Michal Dziekan: Shopping for a Hearing Aid

Michal Dziekan was commissioned by the Wall Street Journal to put a quirky touch on an illustration for an article about one of the largest retirement expenses: hearing aids.

Janet Hamlin: Day 1 Sketching the Guantanamo 9/11 Hearings

Janet Hamlin takes up her sketchbook and returns to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba once more to provide live reportage of the current 9/11 hearings in progress.

Paul Garland: Bridges

Paul Garland produced the cover and inside spread illustrations for CURRENTS magazine, celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the formation of CASE, their parent organization. The cover incorporated the Brooklyn Bridge to convey the theme of “connections.”

Stephan Walter: The Big Debt Question


Stephan Walter goes big for the cover illustration of Corporate Financier magazine.


James Yang: Double Golf Standard


James Yang is an avid golfer, so he’s always pleased when Golf World calls for an assignment. This one discusses the possibility of two sets of rules for professional and recreational golfers. 


Monday, January 28, 2013

John Kachik: Denny’s Menus

John Kachik cooked up two retro-licious illustrations for a limited-time special Skillet menu at Denny’s, a national restaurant chain.

Brian Stauffer: Spring Arts Preview


Brian Stauffer created a ginormous illustration for page one of the “Spring Arts Preview” in this weekend's Washington Post.


Yuta Onoda: City of Death


Yuta Onoda created a dramatic composition for the cover illustration of Laurence Yep's third book in the City Trilogy series, "City of Death," published by Tor/Starscape.

John Walker: Born with a Tale


John Walker’s delightfully eerie painting, “Born with a Tale,” has been selected for exhibit at the National Art Premiere 2013 show, which runs from March 1 - April 26th at the Elmhurst Art Museum in Elmhurst, Illinois.

Phil Huling: Mary Jo White


Phil Huling's portrait of the new SEC nominee Mary Jo White was commissioned by New York Magazine. White has worked hard at both sides of defending business interests and government watchdogs- let's hope she can still fight clean.


Tom White: Recent Covers


Tom White illustrated two covers for longtime clients this recently.  First is a design for Nurse Practitioner Magazine’s yearly special issue, which Tom has illustrated since 2002.

Tracy Walker: Ski Nation


Tracy Walker had great fun illustrating this map for Middlebury Magazinehighlighting the Vermont college's stellar ski facilities. 


Friday, January 25, 2013

Marci Roth: Love Shack

Marci Roth’s fun, retro collage illustration for The University of Texas at Arlington Magazine accompanies an article about one dorm on campus that has produced not only graduates, but a number of happily married couples as well.

Jon Foster: McDonald’s Mouthopia

Jon Foster was commissioned through ad agency Buck (which specializes in animation) to create a matte painting backdrop for a Big Mac commercial they were working on for McDonald’s. The concept was to create a landscape that resembled the inside of a mouth; below is Jon’s final art and its integration into the commercial:

Joe Wilson: Eynsham Hall Branding

Joe Wilson was commissioned by Realise Creative to step out of his inky comfort zone and into a bit of “proper” drawing with this pencil illustration of an Oxford Hare for the new branding of Eynsham Hall, a converted castle in Oxfordshire. 


Jing Jing Tsong: McDonald's Lunar New Year Promotion

Jing Jing Tsong celebrates the 2013 “Year of the Snake” with this McDonald's commission for their Lunar New Year promotion. The final image is 30 x 40 inches and will be used on in-store posters and various printed materials. The Water Snake is crossed by several bridges symbolizing the connections between past and present.


Daniel Guidera: Sweepstakes Parlors


Daniel Guidera's witty illustrations accompany the back page humor column each month in Charlotte Magazine. His latest focused on the city’s “Sweepstakes Parlors”: gambling establishments just like Caesar’s Palace… only smokier, scarier, and decidedly less snazzy.


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Harry Campbell: Townies

Harry Campbell illustrates an essay on the personal side of the Presidential election for the Townies blog on the New York Times.

Eugene Smith: Tales from Lovecraft Middle School #2

Eugene Smith illustrated “The Slither Sisters: Tales from Lovecraft Middle School #2,” the next volume in a series which follows the adventures of Robert Arthur as he navigates all the twists and turns of middle school as well as mini-cthulus and a pair of venomous, do-gooder gorgons…

Greg Mably: The Fiscal Cliff

Greg Mably’s cover illustration for California Real Estate says it all, quite simply, about the fiscal cliff.

Kelly Leigh Miller: Southern Indiana Living

Kelly Leigh Miller created two illustrations for Southern Indiana Living magazine's Jan/Feb 2013 issue; the first is for a Valentine’s Day article, "Top 10 Romantic Destinations."

Mark Ulriksen: SI 55 Gold

Mark Ulriksen's dryly humorous cover for The New Yorker, titled “Capturing the Memories,” has earned him a Gold Medal from the Society of Illustrators in the Editorial category.

Anna + Elena Balbusso: SI 55 Gold

Anna + Elena Balbusso’s luminous illustration “Tayana (Eugene Onegin)” has earned them their third Gold Medal from the Society of Illustrators in the Book category. The twins have a total of seven pieces in the show, which will be on exhibit at the Museum of American Illustration during the month of February 2013.

Elizabeth Sayles: Anne Frank's Chestnut Tree

Elizabeth Sayles just completed the illustrations (30 of them) for "Anne Frank's Chestnut Tree," a Step-Into-Reading book to be published by Random House this fall.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pete Ryan: Spinal Injury

Pete Ryan’s cover for this week’s City Pages vividly illustrates an article about the cycle of fixing and breaking spinal injuries, over and over.

Ken Orvidas: Illustration West

Ken Orvidas had four images accepted for exhibition in the 51st Society of Illustrators, Illustration West Competition.

Caroline Tomlinson: Love at First Sephora

Caroline Tomlinson’s swoony, heartfelt artwork is illustrating Sephora signage, point-of-purchase and web pages in the USA, Canada and Brazil.

Mark Matcho: Camera Shy Restaurants


Mark Matcho’s illustration for the Dining section of the New York Times addresses the aggravating trend of compulsive food photography at the table, from the restaurateur’s point of view.

Jason Seiler: No Stinkin’ Congress

Jason Seiler’s latest cover for The Weekly Standard sounds a warning bell on Obama’s alleged “regulatory rampage.”

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Eva Vazquez: Predictions

Eva Vazquez illustrated a set of tarot cards to accompany "Predictions for 2013" in Canadian Business magazine.

James Yang: The Smartphone Tango

James Yang’s illustration for New York Times “Booming” column is all about the annoyance of friends tied to their smartphones.