Monday, October 29, 2012

Kelly Leigh Miller: Kentucky Living

Kelly Leigh Miller a charming set of illustrations for "Road Report," by Kentucky author, Bobby Ann Mason for the November 2012 issue of Kentucky Living magazine. The article discussed the pleasures of book tours and how sometimes the smaller locations, such as local libraries, are the best as they afford more one on one time with fans.

Jack Molloy: Wine with Everything

Jack Molloy combines a few of our favorite things, wine, travel and a fine sense of design, in this image for Papyrus Greeting Cards.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Jacob Thomas: The League

Jacob Thomas proves, once and for all, that librarians ROCK with this cover for School Library Journal.

Oli Winward: Unlevel Playing Field

Oli Winward was commissioned to create an image for Nursing Standard magazine on the hurdles to career progression faced by BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) nurses.

Merrill Rainey: KaBOOM Badges


Merrill Rainey used Adobe Illustrator and Sketchbook Pro to create a recent set of badges/icons for's Facebook "Play Quiz" campaign. 

Daniel Hertzberg: MLB Post Season

Daniel Hertzberg was tapped to create the iconic figures for Major League Baseball’s 2012 Postseason Style Guide. The players needed to feel generic, obscuring any specific team or race/nationality, and the colors had to reflect the World Series logo palette. So far, the players have appeared on tickets, cups, posters and other memorabilia.

Pete Ryan: Vehicular Unicorn

Pete Ryan was made giddily happy by the phrase “Vehicular Unicorn,” the title of his most recent illustration assignment from the wonderful people at Orange Coast magazine.


Roy Scott: Business on the Fly


Roy Scott was commissioned by Hanley Wood publications to create a full page feature illustration for an article about “Changing Business Strategies on the Fly.”


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Betsy Everitt: Bring Back Play

Betsy Everitt was commissioned by Hambly & Woolley to create the vibrant artwork for an app called “Bring Back Play.”  Sponsored by Participaction, a Canadian not-for-profit organization whose vision is to get the country moving, the app is designed to encourage unstructured, imaginative play.

Ward Schumaker: Exhibition at OK Harris

Ward Schumaker’s exhibition of new work at O.K. Harris Gallery in New York City opens this Saturday, 27 October, 2012, 3 - 5pm.

Chi Birmingham: Figuring Out Windows 8


Chi Birmingham takes a Rubik’s Cube approach to the user-unfriendly new Windows 8 operating system for the Letters section of today's New York Times.


Chuck Gonzales: Beer vs. Wine

Chuck Gonzales illustrated the pressing issue of Beer vs. Wine for an article in this month’s San Antonio Magazine.

Richard Solomon Artists: FLOW, Part 5


Richard Solomon’s ongoing project for his group of artists, FLOW, connects work by 36 artists in a visually rhythmic sequence. Here is the Flow so far, featuring the fifth group of images by Guy StauberChris GallNiklas Asker, and Jason Seiler. Scroll down to see how they flow…


Oli Winward: The Breakup Bed

Oli Winward was commissioned to create two illustrations for the New York Times Home section, accompanying a humorous article called "The Breakup Bed".


Patrick George: Climate Change


Patrick George’s visualization of climate change for Lloyds of Londonhas been short listed for the CMA “Best Use of Illustration” award.


Peter Horvath: The Price of Beauty

Peter Horvath’s photo illustration for Smithsonian magazine accompanies an article that posits, "For [both] men and women, looking good can mean extra cash in your bank account."


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Yan Nascimbene: Happy Holidays

Yan Nascimbene illustrated the cover for The Saturday Evening Post's Holiday issue with his playful take on the age-old tradition of bringing home the Christmas tree.

Stephan Walter: Fast Company

Stephan Walter gives Fast Company magazine the marquis treatment for a story about winners and losers in the world of gadgets.

Brian Stauffer: Creative Evolution

Brian Stauffer’s cover for ComputerWorld magazine accompanies a story about how technology has transformed and continues to transform to smaller and less clumsy mobile forms.

James Yang: Quants


James Yang’s illustration for DBusiness magazine accompanies an article about quants. Computers now overwhelm human investors in the stock market and they are programmed to exploit human weakness. In a bit of irony, many computer run firms are closing down because machines are now programmed to exploit other machines. 


Sarah Beetson: Lost


Watch the unfettered imagination of Sarah Beetson at work in this video on the making of artwork for Amanda Palmer's new record “Lost,” from the album Theatre Is Evil.


Chi Birmingham: Wyclef Jean


Chi Birmingham was commissioned to illustrate this portrait of Wyclef Jean for the New York Times Book Review this weekend, to accompany a review of the hip hop artist's recently released autobiography.


Mary Woodin: Tesco Soup Cartons


Mary Woodin takes the farm-to-table concept one step further by illustrating the earthy packaging for the new Tesco soup cartons.


Malin Rosenqvist: First Aid

Malin Rosenqvist created an autumn illustration for a magazine published by Swedish pharmacy Apoteket, featuring their new first aid kit.


Simeon Elson: Face Off


Simeon Elson was commissioned by UK investment magazine, Fund Strategy, to create this cover illustration of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney squaring up both with boxing gloves on.

Simeon Elson: Face Off


Simeon Elson was commissioned by UK investment magazine, Fund Strategy, to create this cover illustration of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney squaring up both with boxing gloves on.

Zara Picken: Penningtons Style Insiders

Zara Picken was commissioned by Imago Montreal to create a series of illustrations for plus size clothing store Penningtons. The images are being used to brand their “Style Insiders” loyalty program.

Oli Winward: CLOSER


Oli Winward followed up a successful collaboration on the first album by UK based singer/songwriter James Main by creating the artwork for his next one as well, CLOSER, due out November 2012.

Popular Science: Materials of the Future


Guy Stauber and Chris Whetzel were commissioned by Popular Science to illustrate their November feature on materials of the future and their possible applications. Guy took off first with a bat-wing plane and self-repairing computers:

Dung Hoang: Cloud Atlas


Dung Hoang created this photo illustration of the filmmaking team behind “Cloud Atlas” for the cover of this week’s Village Voice.

Yehrin Tong: VISA Infinite


Yehrin Tong has been creating some high profile ad images for VISA recently, as part of their “Infinite” campaign running in the Canadian market.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Jason Greenberg: Children’s Hospital

Jason Greenberg’s dinosaur mural art for the walls at Children's Hospital in Orange County, CA is sure to bring smiles to some little faces.

Andy Ward: Downtown Creative

Andy Ward’s illustration in Crain's Chicago Business accompanied an article which posed the question, "Can tech start-ups move their creative mindsets downtown?" as old and new business models are now clashing in the Loop.

NY Times Health & Science 10/23/12


The New York Times “Science Times” section displays some great work from ispotters this week. Carl Wiens illustrates an article recommending that we curb our enthusiasm with regard to multi-vitamins:


Taylor Callery: Security Threats


Taylor Callery’s illustration for PC World accompanies an article concerning security threats to watch for in the coming year.


Jillian Ditner: D Moms


Jillian Ditner was contacted by D Magazine to illustrate “The Littlest Angels,” an article in their sister publication, D Moms.  Jillian’s gentle line style walks the reader visually through the various suggested random acts of kindness, as the story encourages moms and kids to volunteer in community activities.

Arn0: Virgin Money

Arn0 has been working with UK agency Beattie McGuinness Bungay on this epic 48-sheet airbrush montage for Virgin Money.


Monday, October 22, 2012

Chris Whetzel: X-Ray Specs

Chris Whetzel created a recent portrait of NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg for NRA publication, America's 1st Freedom. Bloomberg is pushing for the placement of special cameras around the city that are able to detect concealed firearms; guess how the NRA feels about that...

Daniel Hertzberg: Shopping on Thanksgiving

Daniel Hertzberg’s illustration for AdWeek accompanies an article on the many Thanksgiving Day-only sales retailers offer. Prior to 2010 Thanksgiving was a family day, but Black Friday comes early now…

Niklas Asker: Aeronautical University Poster

Niklas Asker’s illustration is the focal point of this poster for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, showcasing the school’s newest majors.

Richard Borge: Cash Flow

Richard Borge’s financial illustration appeared in the New York Times this past Sunday.

Ellen Byrne: Shopping Centers Compete

Ellen Byrne illustrated an article for Arlington Magazine in Virginia, regarding which shopping malls attract more customers.

Jacob Thomas: Don’t Get Cornered

Jacob Thomas illustrates a conflict between parent and child for the Boy Scouts of America.

Larry Milam: Making Whoopi

Larry Milam created this scratchboard portrait of Whoopi Goldberg by first tracing an original ink drawing, to transfer white guidelines onto the black board. The image is then scratched out (as shown), scanned and colored in Photoshop.

John Kachik: Winter Camping Tips


John Kachik created a series of images to illustrate a story in Scouting Magazine, for the Boy Scouts of America, which help describe three ways to Be Prepared for camping in the winter.


Andrea Cobb: Warming Trend


Andrea Cobb’s full page illustration for Family Circle's October “Get Inspired” page accompanies an article about simple winter weather preparations to make in your home. 


Kelsey Garrity-Riley: Wedding Map


Kelsey Garrity-Riley provided a map of festivities for a recent bucolic wedding that included a pre-nuptial fishing trip, lots of sunshine and plenty of drinks. 


Edward Kinsella: Tom Wolfe


Edward Kinsella illustrates an appropriately elegant portrait of novelist Tom Wolfe for the Wall Street Journal.


Mark Smith: The Final Push


Mark Smith’s illustration for this week’s New Yorker addresses President Obama’s high risk advertising strategy for the upcoming election.


Friday, October 19, 2012

Ricardo Martinez: America’s Science Problem


Ricardo Martinez created this political cartoon of both parties sweeping matters of science "under the rug" to illustrate a Scientific American article about the partisan nature of politics negatively affecting technical progress in America.