Friday, August 31, 2012

Kyle Hilton: Cut It Out

Kyle Hilton’s completely cut-out-able version of his “Drive” paper doll was featured in the “Finally…” section of Canadian film magazine Cineplex this month.

Michael Cho: Time Travel

Michael Cho’s recent illustration for Torchbearer magazine took on the subject of quantum physics, time travel and viewing the past.  “I was grateful that they gave me the latitude to do a ‘pulp sci-fi’ take on it,” says Michael.

Tim Zeltner: Country World

Tim Zeltner’s “American Gothic” spoof, employing his trademark patina of layered paint and varnishes on wood, is the perfect cover art for Jay Zell’s CD, Country World.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Jacob Thomas: Nature of Boys

Jacob Thomas subtly illustrates that moment when enthusiastic play becomes too aggressive, for Boy Scouts of America Magazine.

Bill Sanderson: Obama for The Atlantic

Bill Sanderson created this multi-portrait illustration for the September issue of The Atlantic, showing President Obama surrounded by important figures in African American History: Frederick Douglas, Booker T Washington, WEB DuBois, Martin Luther King Malcolm X, Jessie Jackson Senior, and Rosa Parks.

David Saracino: Press Release


David Saracino’s illustration for the Washington Post accompanies a story on the dying breed of the Press Release: apparently, the social network is the box it’s going to be buried in. 


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Eric Hanson: Lucky Jim

Eric Hanson cover illustrations for the New York Review Books editions of Kinsley Amis’ classic novels manage to channel the author’s intelligent humor with the simplest of line. Here are the first two in the series.

Jamie Hogan: The Sisters Rosensweig


Jamie Hogan illustrated the poster and ad materials for the Portland Stage Company production of “The Sisters Rosensweig” by Wendy Wasserstein. This award-winning play is a funny family drama about three Jewish-American sisters who gather in London for the birthday of the eldest. 

Jeffrey Smith: What It Was


Jeffrey Smith illustrated the story, “What It Was” by George Pellecanos for Playboy Magazine.

Eva Vazquez: Common Wealth


Eva Vazquez’ illustration for Massachusetts-based Common Wealth magazine accompanies an article about the decreasing amount of time the Legislature actually spends in session.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Shaw Nielsen: Management Today

Shaw Nielsen’s illustrations, for Management Today, add a bit of zip to a couple of short columns. First, an article about how larger companies tend to talk big when it comes to building up “social capital” with their employees, who in turn are rather apathetic about the idea.

Karen Greenberg: Featured Interview

Karen Greenberg discusses her work process and what inspires her today on Illustration Pages.

Colin W. Thompson: The Drum Funnies

Colin W. Thompson has teamed up with UK media news blog, The Drum, to provide a lighthearted look at the day's news. In the first of a series of new daily cartoons, Colin offers his take on the news that Tennent's is asking the people of Scotland to help it design “the ultimate Scottish pint glass.”


Chase Stone: Six Investment Moves

Chase Stone illustrated a feature in last weekend's issue of Wall Street Journal Weekend Investor section called, "Six Investment Moves to Make Now."

Ruth Rowland: Testament


Ruth Rowland recently hand lettered this title for Edinburgh publishing house, Canongate Books, to give the cover an intimate, confessional feel.

Merrill Rainey: The Fortuneteller

Merrill Rainey gives us a peek at what the future holds for The Gang in the current issue of Jack & Jill Magazine.

Clayton Junior: The World

Clayton Junior illustrates a screening of “The World” at the Film Society of Lincoln Center for this week’s New Yorker. 

Cathi Mingus: Girlguiding UK

Cathi Mingus illustrated this super-cute cover of the Girlguiding UK Brownie Annual for 2013. “It's so wonderful that little girls across the ocean will be looking at my characters,” says Cathi. “This is the third year I've worked with fun!”

James Yang: Swiss Savings

James Yang’s cover and interior images for SonntagsZeitung Magazine (Zurich), illustrating a special edition about investing for retirement, show that the Swiss can be just as bewildered by the choices as we Americans.


Monday, August 27, 2012

Ryan Snook: Hidden Treasures

Ryan Snook illustrated a full page opener for an article featuring a selection of great low-cost Mac apps for MacWorld magazine.

John Tomac: Cellar Dwellers

John Tomac’s illustration for The Record’s real estate section ran with a story on basements and the polarizing opinions they generate among potential home buyers. Some people love the extra space a basement provides; others live in constant fear of finding the lower level flooded.

Mitch Blunt: Leadership Vacuum

Mitch Blunt rides the Wall Street bull in this illustration for Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s “Markets & Finance” section.

Doug Boehm: Walden University

Doug Boehm was recently commissioned to illustrate the feature story, including cover and interiors, for Walden University Alumni Magazine’s Summer/Fall issue.

Jason Seiler: The New Yorker

Jason Seiler first assignment for The New Yorker appears in this week’s issue.

Shaw Nielsen: Bordo Bello

Shaw Nielsen’s skateboard deck illustration will be auctioned off on October 6th in Denver as a part of Bordo Bello, an organization that fosters design directive outreach in Colorado and beyond.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Joe Wilson: Blisters, The Directors Cut


Joe Wilson is pleased to finally share his Princess Mononoke inspired work for this year's Print Club London Blisters, The Directors Cut exhibition at Millers Junction. “The theme is movies, so expect plenty of awesome movie inspired pieces,” shares Joe.


John Kachik : Separate Beginnings


John Kachik's image for Texas Co-Op Power magazine accompanies a historical story concerning a young recently freed slave’s inability to celebrate his new life until he knows the rest of his family is safe living on another plantation.


John Kachik : Separate Beginnings

John Kachik's image for Texas Co-Op Power magazine accompanies a historical story concerning a young recently freed slave’s inability to celebrate his new life until he knows the rest of his family is safe living on another plantation.

Tyler Jacobson: Climate Change

Tyler Jacobson was commissioned by Scientific American to create this exceptional set of illustrations for their article on the effects of climate change on landscapes over time. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Angela McKay: House of Fraser


Angela McKay was commissioned by British retailer House of Fraser to produce six images in just four weeks, for their 2012 summer window displays. The work can be seen in some 60 store windows throughout the UK for the months of June, July and August.


Jason Greenberg: Frackers

Jason Greenberg’s illustration for Ft Worth Weekly in Texas accompanies an article revealing how industrial fracking is using up precious residential water in an already parched state.

Pete Ryan: Carbon and Coal


Pete Ryan channeled a bit of inspiration from old Fortune magazine covers when creating this illustration for Canadian Wildlife.  The article is about the world running on carbon and coal - scary, but true. 


Jason Mecier: Meat the Candidates


Jason Mecier was commissioned by Jack Link’s Jerky (the Medici of meat, if you will) to create these uncanny mosaic portraits of the Presidential hopefuls.


Yuta Onoda: Space Elevator

Yuta Onoda’s illustration for the August issue of Seattle Met Magazine accompanies an article about a possible space elevator to the moon that is in the works and may be available for funding.

Paul Morton: Construction Truck Character Set

Paul Morton just completed another wonderful Imaginetics play set for Interplay. A folding diorama scene is the background illustration and these magnetic trucks can be assembled and moved around all day.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Keith Negley: Therapy of Lies

Keith Negley illustrated a visceral piece on the practice and dangers of so-called conversion therapy for Teaching Tolerance Magazine.

Laura Watson: Sweet Treat in the Shade

Laura Watson just finished this piece celebrating the last days of summer... a timely reminder to catch every delicious drop of this lovely season before it melts away!

David Saracino: Export Stress

David Saracino illustrates the stress of exporting your goods or services, even if it is the best business plan, for the Washington Post.

Daniel Hertzberg: Remodeling Socially

Daniel Hertzberg’s cover and inside full page illustrations for Remodeling magazine cleverly combine bricks & mortar renovation with the concept of social media.

Eric Hanson: Gastronomica

Eric Hanson was commissioned by Gastronomica to illustrate a story about pranks that chefs and sous chefs play on each other. Eric seized on part of the story describing the equipment requests for non-existent gadgets that chefs send the new guy in search of…

Otto Steininger: The New Scrabble Mania

Otto Steininger was commissioned by The New Yorker blog to illustrate Judith Thurman’s poem in honor of Nigel Richards’s win in the 2012 National Scrabble Championship, following up on her 2009 article, "The New Scrabble Mania."

Scotty Reifsnyder: Survey Says

Scotty Reifsnyder created this bustling full page illustration for "Business How-To: Creating a Customer Satisfaction Survey" in the latest issue of Remodeling Magazine.


Shaw Nielsen: HOW

Shaw Nielsen’s cheerful cover for the latest issue of HOW Magazine features both his playful illustration and his hand drawn type. 


Muddyum Choudhury has joined Theispot!

Muddyum Choudhury is the newest member of


Michael Crampton: US Open 2012


Michael Crampton’s classic style was tapped to illustrate the poster for the 2012 US Open Tennis Championships, which begin later this month in Forest Hills, NY.


Vlad Alvarez: Immigration Imbroglio

Vlad Alvarez created this illustration for the cover of this month's Inside Counsel magazine to accompany a feature on how the current immigration policy has made it tougher to bring good, qualified people to work in the U.S. from other countries.



Merrill Rainey: The Making of Jack & Jill

Merrill Rainey gives us an inside look at the making of his popular Jack & Jill magazine comic.  From Editor to Art Director to Artist, and back and forth and back and forth… it all gets done and everyone has fun!


John Tomac: Still Sinking!


John Tomac’s a recent illustration (and lettering) job for USAA Magazine involved creating an updated version of the classic “Loose Lips Sink Ships” for a story on the hazards of service members using social media while they are deployed. 


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Keith Negley: WikiLeaks and Free Speech

What do Keith Negley, Michael Moore and Oliver Stone all have in common? They worked on today's New York Times Op Ed piece in support of Julian Assange and free speech.