Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Yuta Onoda: Cereberus

Yuta Onoda’s full page illustration for Commonwealth Magazine concerns a for-profit healthcare giant taking on Boston’s venerable teaching hospitals.

James Yang: Smarter Grids

James Yang’s illustration for Time Magazine accompanies an article about smart power grids becoming more adept at pinpointing problems.

Alex Nabaum: Seattle 2012

Alex Nabaum illustrated an article for Seattle Met magazine on that city's failed attempt to get the 2012 Olympics.

Daniel Hertzberg: If He Loses…

Daniel Hertzberg’s image for the cover of the Washington Post Outlook section this weekend illustrated an article highlighting some of Obama's mistakes in his first four years in office. “I thought it would be a great tie-in to the article by showing Obama recently fired from his day job, family portrait and plant in hand,” says Daniel.

Monika Melnychuk: Lessons Learned

Monika Melnychuk was commissioned by New Jersey Monthly to illustrate a piece detailing the serious issue of social ostracizing and bullying in schools. Under New Jersey’s strict new anti-bullying law, any school employee that hears of a bullying incident must tell the principal, which starts the clock running on an investigation.

Peter Arkle: Marathon Man

Peter Arkle illustrates the improbable athletic transformation of a Michigan dentist for an article in this week’s New Yorker.

Clayton Junior: Regarding Warhol


Clayton Junior illustrates all the Andys for The New Yorker’s “On the Horizon” blurb about a Warhol-centric group exhibition opening at the Met this fall.

Chris Beatrice: Rip Tide


Chris Beatrice illustrated a dramatic story in a recent issue of The Weekly Standard, about a 13 year old girl who saved her little cousin from a dangerous rip tide by grabbing onto her hair. 

Mitch Blunt: The Thief

Mitch Blunt illustrates a book review of “The Thief” by Fuminori Nakamura for this week’s Big Issue.

Elvis Swift: Fisker Automotive

Elvis Swift hand lettered the inspirational advertising campaign for Fisker Automotive, an American company committed to producing luxury electric vehicles with extended range.

Leo Espinosa: Gold

Leo Espinosa’s illustration for the NY Times Book Review this past Sunday accompanied a review of “Gold,” a novel about of two friends, Kate and Zoe, competing against each other for the slot to represent Great Britain in cycling at the London 2012 Olympic Games.


Monday, July 30, 2012

Kelly Leigh Miller just joined Theispot!

Kelly Leigh Miller is our newest member.

Stuart Bradford: The Ultimate White Collar Crime

Stuart Bradford’s recent cover illustration for SF Weekly accompanies a feature on the collapse of the nonprofit Vanguard Foundation through embezzlement and fraud by the management themselves.

Edward Kinsella: Timon of Athens

Edward Kinsella illustrates a contemporary production of Shakespeare’s “Timon of Athens” for The New Yorker.


Aaron Meshon: Tokyo Exhibition

Aaron Meshon will be having his first show at a Japanese bathhouse this September.  Aaron will be at the opening from 6-9 pm on Saturday, Sept 1st. If you’re in Tokyo stop by; he’ll drink milk and take a bath with you!

Sean Tiffany: Calling It for SI Kids

Sean Tiffany’s illustrations for the popular “What’s the Call?” feature in Sports Illustrated for Kids always present a fun challenge.  Here are the questions; do you know the answers?


Laura Watson has joined Theispot!

Laura Watson is the newest member of Theispot.com.


Jon Berkeley has joined Theispot!

Jon Berkeley is the newest member of Theispot.com.


Antony Hare: New Yorker Portrait

Antony Hare’s latest illustration for The New Yorker is this portrait of playwright David Greenspan, appearing in the August 6, 2012 issue.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Steven Salerno: The Science of Salt

Steven Salerno created an illustration for the “Food Science” section of Fine Cooking magazine, on the subject of salt, one of the five basic tastes we are all hard wired to detect on our palate.

Niklas Asker: Falsterbo Museum

Niklas Asker currently has a solo exhibition of paintings at the Falsterbo Museum of Art in Sweden, through August 19.

James Bennett: Shamir Lenses

James Bennett demonstrates his mastery of situational humor in this campaign for eyeglass makers, Shamir Lenses. Every month, James illustrates a humorous scene demonstrating that, obviously, those aren’t Shamir Lenses being worn by the hapless protagonist.

Wacso: To Market, To Market

Wacso creates a cheerful visual report of the local Twin Cities shopping scene for the Star Tribune in Minnesota.

Ruth Rowland: New Design Interview

Ruth Rowland was extensively interviewed about her work by the stylish magazine, New Design, in the UK.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

New York Times Op Ed July 26, 2012


The New York Times Op Ed features two ispotters today.  Keith Negley illustrated an opinion piece addressing gun control:

Bob Staake: The First Pup

Bob Staake classifies this in the Kinda Cool Department:  the President of the United States reads one of your books ('The First Pup') before the Associated Press cameras…

Paul Garland: The Water’s Fine

Paul Garland’s gorgeous artwork illustrates the cover and opening spread for Acc Docket magazine. “The original title was ‘Thinking about a Career Transition to a Non-Profit Organization?’” explains Paul. “I therefore decided to use the Olympics as a metaphor (‘jump’) as it is a July/August issue and to try to create a vintage poster feel.”  

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

David Saracino: New York Observer

David Saracino’s first cover for New York Observer illustrates a story about Peter Thiel and the approaching Singularity.

Karen Greenberg: Keep Composting!

Karen Greenberg continues her work through DesigNYC's initiative to create fresh branding and a revamped visual identity for Compost for Brooklyn.  Here’s the latest poster in the series:

Bob Staake: Cheap Vacations

Bob Staake illustrates cheap vacation destinations for The Wall Street Journal.

Edel Rodriguez: Tragedy at the Movies

Edel Rodriguez’ graphic cover for the Hollywood Reporter illustrates a series of articles related to the “Dark Knight” massacre.


Brian Stauffer: Stolen Valor

Brian Stauffer’s piece for the cover of Westword illustrates an article about a man who escaped charges of "Stolen Valor”: he faked military service among other identities.

Richard Borge: Rooster Animation

Richard Borge created a looping animation of his handmade rooster toy.  “This is a rough cut,” says Richard. “I'd also like to come up with a series of animations for this character.”  Here are some stills from the project; to see the video, go here.


Mark Smith: Naked

Mark Smith’s tropical landscape for Naked Antioxidant Juices is currently appearing on carts, umbrellas, postcards and assorted other promotional paraphernalia around London.


Ellen Byrne: Four Seasons of Hood College

Ellen Byrne created a colorful set of seasonal vector illustrations of Hood College, which will be featured on everything from their 2013 calendar to banners, cards and prints.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tom Garrett: CBS Watch


Tom Garrett created a series of photo-collage illustrations for June 2012 issue of CBS Watch Magazine.

Merrill Rainey: Pockets

Merrill Rainey shares some sweet new illustrations appearing in Pockets Magazine for children.


Jing Jing Tsong: Creative Toolbox


Jing Jing Tsong gathered diverse elements of creativity into one illustration for “aMUSE,” a Girl Scouts of America publication.

Martin Ansin: Batman’s Bane

Martin Ansin illustrates this week’s film review of “The Dark Knight Rises” for The New Yorker. 

Alex Nabaum: Progressive Cover


Alex Nabaum illustrated this month's cover of The Progressive, on the topic of sustainability and our full-circle connection to the land. 

NY Times Health & Science: 7/24/2012

Ispotters figure prominently with beautiful work in this week’s New York Times “Science Times” section. Keith Negley illustrates an article on the psychological limbo of waiting for test results:

Cindy Luu: KidsHealth

Cindy Luu created a friendly medical illustration extolling the virtues of a dry bottom for KidsHealth, published by the Nemours Foundation.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Giulio Iurissevich: Pure Luxury

Giulio Iurissevich created this opulent image for a fashion retail client in Italy.

Eric Hanson: Orientation

Eric Hanson’s brilliant cover illustration for “Orientation and Other Stories” by Daniel Orozco (published by Faber & Faber) practically jumps off the shelf.

Bill Cigliano: The Battle of Kringen

Bill Cigliano was commissioned by Viking Magazine to create an old-world oil painting, complete with aging varnishes, to illustrate a classic Norwegian folktale for their August cover.

Daniel Hertzberg: The Big Shift

Daniel Hertzberg was firmly in the driver’s seat with this illustration for an ESPN Magazine Playbook feature on major league pitching trends.

Pete Ryan: Techno-Peeping

Pete Ryan’s illustration for the New York Times Sunday Business section is about consumers getting a small peek at the information data mining conglomerates have on them.

David Saracino: Twitter Dos and Don’ts

David Saracino illustrates an article on the right way and wrong way to use Twitter, business-wise, for the Washington Post.

Hans Diemel: Child Soldier

Hans Diemel integrates materials and topic to illustrate the recent news cycle: “Hans Diemel” is a cut and torn paper collage.

Sara Jane Franklin: All Fixed Up

Sara Jane Franklin’s latest project, in conjunction with Red Piggy Press, is an interactive web book / iPad app called “All Fixed Up”.  Designed to be fully customizable, the project is geared toward kids whose parents travel a lot for work.

Daniel Bueno: 3x3 Children's Illustration Annual #9


Daniel Bueno has received two Merit Prizes in the 3x3 Children's Illustration Annual #9. The synthetic and colorful images of “Sapo Amarelo,” created for a visually disabled audience, earned Merit in the Children’s Book category.