Friday, June 29, 2012

Brian Stauffer: Wandering Away

Brian Stauffer created a haunting illustration recently for Vancouver Magazine, to go with an article about Alzheimer's patients who "wander away," often with dire consequences.

Ruth Rowland: Twiggy Collection

Ruth Rowland was delighted when model, actress and singer, Twiggy, wanted to use the lettering Ruth had created for her latest album to brand her new online clothing collection for Marks & Spencer.

Graham Smith: Eye of the Storm

Graham Smith received an assignment to illustrate a scary and gruesome story for the Phoenix New Times cover article. “Prisoner Alan DeLong was beaten mercilessly in the bathroom of Joe Arpaio's Arizona jail. His eye was knocked out at the hands of the ‘Torpedo Man’- a gang enforcer, in a case of mistaken identity…”


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Christina Wald: A Warm Winter Tail


Christina Wald’s lovely picture book, “A Warm Winter Tail,” written by Carrie A. Pearson, will be published by Sylvan Dell this fall.

Dave Murray: Swiss Stationary

Dave Murray designed a series of greeting cards for Kaspar, a bespoke stationery outfit located in Switzerland.  Their focus is to craft outstanding paper goods and desk accessories – a fantastic client to work with!

John Tomac: Making Bank

John Tomac’s illustration in the current issue of Barron’s addresses upcoming Treasury Department auctions of preferred shares of small- and mid-sized bank stocks that offer investors an opportunity to buy stocks that could yield 10% or more.

Colin W. Thompson: Pet Positive

Colin W. Thompson’s latest illustration for Anxious Times / Anxiety UK accompanies an article on the link between pets and anxiety reduction. Studies show that pets may have a positive effect on emotional wellbeing and can make a world of difference for someone suffering from anxiety.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Maria Corte Maidagan: Why Can't I Get This Song Out of My Head?

Maria Corte Maidagan created a series of three illustrations for Psychologies Spain Magazine to accompany an article on the persistence of musical memory.


Curtis Parker: Panera Mural

Curtis Parker painted this astounding 40 x 12 foot mural for Panera Bread restaurants at 1/8th size.  Which is still pretty big, when you do the math… “To celebrate the three months of work finished, I went fly fishing and promptly broke my ankle,” says Curtis ruefully. 

Jason Seiler: Meet the Gatsbabies

Jason Seiler illustrates the cover story for this week’s New York Observer, detailing the latest film iteration of “The Great Gatsby,” as it relates to the real-life return to flamboyance.


Nancy Doniger: From Mice to Monsters

Nancy Doniger will have two photo etching / monoprints in a group show, From Mice to Monsters: Illustration for Children,opening this week in Brooklyn, NY.


Pete Ryan: Damaged Democracy


Pete Ryan’s cover illustration for Harvard Magazine depicts democracy in trouble and America’s attempts to band aid it with bureaucracy. In a fortunate visual overlap, the stripes on the flag double as red tape.

Mitch Blunt: Downwardly Mobile

Mitch Blunt illustrated the new cover of European financial publication, RealDeals, featuring a story about the downfall of Nokia. “The idea of showing a fossilized Nokia 3210 seemed perfect,” says Mitch.

Jacob Thomas: Reigning in Pay

Jacob Thomas illustrates the issue of reigning in executive compensation for page one of the Washington Post Capital Business section.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Scott Brundage: NASA Funding Cuts

[[posterous-content:pid___0]]Scott Brundage had fun with the space probe for an assignment from Scientific American to illustrate the funding cuts in NASA's planetary exploration programs.

David Vogin: Stormy Weather for Obama

David Vogin's photo illustration for Investment News Magazine accompanies an article about the problems currently facing President Obama.


Jamie Hogan: A World of Wonders

Jamie Hogan is a proud participant in a group show of children’s book artists currently on view at the University of Southern Maine's Atrium Gallery at Lewiston-Auburn College.  The science/nature themed exhibition is titled, “Tell Me a Story: A World of Wonders.” 


Peter Arkle: American Voters

Peter Arkle rendered a veritable parade of American voters for this double page illustration in this week’s TIME Magazine.

Mark McGinnis: TV Exodus

Mark McGinnis illustrated the cover of the San Diego Union Tribune business section. The feature was about the mass exodus of cable TV subscribers to wireless services.

Roy Scott: Patient Confidentiality?

Roy Scott illustrates a monthly ethical feature for Wolters Kluwer Health's Nursing Magazine. This month the article examined how health care providers can advocate for a patient that skips her medication and struggles with a drinking problem without betraying confidentiality.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Marilena Perilli: The Start Tribune

Marilena Perilli illustrated a story for The Start Tribune on the importance of larger, more institutional theaters/museums remaining nimble and edgy, like the smaller arts organizations.

Landis Blair: Getting From Nine to Five

Landis Blair has a sly little spot illustration in a recent issue of the University of Wisconsin-Parkside alumni magazine,Perspective.

Brian Stauffer: High-Tech Sleep Aids


Brian Stauffer illustrated a fun topic for the Wall Street Journal: technology as a sleep aid.

Amy Saidens: Zuzee

Amy Saidens created these illustrations for Zuzee, a safe creative social networking site for girls and kids where they design photo books, scrapbooks, cards and share with friends.


Tony DiMauro: Playboy College Fiction Award


Tony DiMauro’s evocative artwork was chosen as the winner of the 2012 Playboy College Fiction Contest. The work will be featured as part of a spread in the Annual College issue of Playboy magazine due out this fall, as well as on the Playboy website.


Lesley Breen Withrow: Does Your Dog Paddle?

Lesley Breen Withrow created this delightful illustration for Reader's Digest - Best Health Magazine to accompany an article on water safety for pets.


Mitch Blunt: The Flame Alphabet


Mitch Blunt created a simple, but effective, illustration for a Big Issue Book Review of “The Flame Alphabet,” a sci-fi thriller where the language of children has become poisonous and lethal to adults. 


Harry Campbell: Triburbia

Harry Campbell created this book jacket, both illustration and type treatment, for a new novel from Harper Collins called “Triburbia.” 


Megan Piontkowski: Tiny Underdog City Available in Stores


Megan Piontkowski's satirical illustrated book, Tiny Underdog City: An Uncomprehensive Guide, is now available at St. Mark's Bookshop (East Village), Spoonbill and Sugartown (Williamsburg), Desert Island (Williamsburg), and Cog and Pearl (Park Slope).

Friday, June 22, 2012

Eva Vazquez: Weekend Arts

Eva Vazquez created this stunning full page cover image for the New York Times Weekend Arts section to illustrate an article on the hottest upcoming summer cultural events.

Keith Negley: Unmotivated Liberals


Keith Negley's latest image for The New Republic illustrates an article about unmotivated Obama supporters.


Keith Negley: Unmotivated Liberals


Keith Negley's latest image for The New Republicillustrates an article about unmotivated Obama supporters.


Tim Foley: Chronicle of Higher Education


Tim Foley was commissioned by longtime client, the Chronicle of Higher Education, to illustrate this delightful online spot for their website.

Tim Bower: Against all odds

Tim Bower created this striking series of illustrations for Golf World Magazine to illustrate an article on golfer Jack Fleck‚s against all odds win in the 1955 Us Open.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

C.F. Payne: Mousetronaut

C.F. Payne's collaboration with former astronaut Mark Kelly is coming to bookshelves in October. Mousetronaut is the (partially true) story of a small mouse that wants nothing more than to travel to outer space. The book tells a charming tale of perseverance, courage, and the importance of the small; pre-order a copy today in Bookstore.


Jon Krause: Shy


Jon Krause illustrates the virtual prison of extreme shyness for the San Francisco Chronicle.


Mark McGinnis: American Institute of Architecture

Mark McGinnis worked with the American Institute of Architecture on “The New Normal,” a three part series exploring the future of architecture in the wake of the market crash in 2008. The first part focused on single family houses and what the three main areas of importance are for firms and clients. 


Kelsey Garrity-Riley: Downton Abbey Scarf


Kelsey Garrity-Riley created this heirloom silk scarf featuring Lady Mary from “Downton Abbey” exclusively for online treasure trove, Fancy French Cologne.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cora Lynn Deibler: Crazy Cousin Anatole

Cora Lynn Deibler has scrupulously researched, illustrated and published Anatole Deibler, the true story of her own distant cousin who was responsible for the legal demise of almost 400 men. Now available through! 

Ken Orvidas: Taking Wing

Ken Orvidas illustrates an essay for the June 2012 Runner’s World by an experienced runner who finds inspiration from an unexpected.


David Fullarton: Imperial College London

David Fullarton’s cover for the Imperial College London’s Alumni Magazine is both funny and utterly lacking in hope, like many graduating students.


Bernard Maisner: Samuel Adams


Bernard Maisner created hand-lettering for the Samuel Adams IPA Hop-Ology variety pack, working only with chalk. Although the labels on the beer bottles were done in an entirely different medium, Bernard was able to create a cohesive package that harmonizes beautifully. 


John Kachik: Best Barbecue

John Kachik illustrated the food column for Style Magazine’s July/August issue, with the best chicken barbecue recipe ever: Eastern Shore Style. Illustrator tested and family approved!


Bob Staake: The Reads

Bob Staake created an uplifting cover for Reader's Digest's special supplement, "The Reads."


Carl Wiens: Loco

Carl Wiens illustrates for this week with “Loco,” an original science fiction story by Rudy Rucker and Bruce Sterling, in which desperate times call for desperate inventions.


Jacob Thomas: Super-Cloud


Jacob Thomas creates a powerful image for a recent article in the Washington Post positing that the government needs a champion for the movement to the cloud, an individual in a high-profile position who can say, “this is the right thing to do…” 


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ricardo Martinez: Merkel for The Deal

Ricardo Martinez elegantly combined caricature and scratchboard to create this (not so flattering) likeness of Angela Merkel, German Chancellor, who is currently holding the fate of the EU economy in her hands. Commissioned by The Deal magazine for their current issue.


Jason Mecier: Capturing Sasquatch

Jason Mecier has discovered the perfect medium for capturing the elusive Sasquatch's portrait: Beef Jerky! In honor of National Jerky Day (June 12), mosaic artist Jason created a 3D portrait of Sasquatch made entirely of Jack Link's products.


Breakthrough Contest Deadline Extended


The goal of Breakthrough, created by artists’ rep Richard Solomon, is to help young illustrators break through into the competitive world of illustration.  By submitting a portfolio of their best images, the entrant will be judged by a diverse panel of art directors who will review, score, and decide who will be this year's great, young illustrator. 


Melinda Beck: Poetry

Melinda Beck’s imagination takes flight with this constructed cover for Poetry Magazine


Ellen Byrne: Charlie’s Teacher

Ellen Byrne illustrated Charlie’s Teacher, the story of a little girl whose baby brother, Charlie, has special needs. The book explores the little girl’s feelings about the extra attention that Charlie receives when a special education teacher visits her home.