Thursday, May 31, 2012

David Navas: Live Music Drawings

David Navas has published the second edition of Live Music Drawings, a compilation of drawings he made at live music performances from 2006 to 2012, available through

Otto Steininger: Spotting the New Yorker

Otto Steininger is the artist behind the series of spot illustrations weaving through the pages of this week’s New Yorker. Otto was asked to create a detective story, and since the focus of this special issue is science fiction, he dubbed it "Sci-Fi Murder Mystery."

Pete Ryan: The Sunday Factor

Pete Ryan’s full pager for Golf World illustrates an article about score leaders blowing it in the last stretch because they choke under the pressure - the scoreboard starts creeping into mind, and it becomes a mental barrier.

Ryan Snook: Diversity

Ryan Snook’s illustration for the Harvard Business Review accompanies an article pondering why corporate diversity is so hard to achieve.

Linda Bleck: Santa’s Hat

Linda Bleck gives us a tiny peek at her festive new children’s book, “Santa’s Hat,” due out this October from Running Press, just in time for the holidays.

Keith Negley: Fortunate Son

Keith Negley’s illustration for the New York Times Opinionator blog accompanies a story about a brutal mugging and the care the author’s mother gives him in the aftermath.


Stephen Savage: Little Tug


Stephen Savage will be signing copies of his latest children’s book, “Little Tug,” due out in Fall 2012 from Roaring Brook Press, on Wednesday, June 6 at Book Expo in NYC.

Yuta Onoda: Boy’s Life


Yuta Onoda created a spread and spot illustration for the June issue of Boy's Life Magazine. The coach of the kayakers club wants nothing more than to be accepted by his fellow kayakers. When they suddenly face a life-or-death situation, can he truly make the team? 

Jon Stich: Synesthesia

Jon Stich was commissioned to do a series of portraits, to illustrate “Synesthesia” for the University of Denver's digital library.  Synesthesia is the phenomenon of experiencing stimuli across more than one sense.  The prevalence of synesthesia among many well-known artists served as the foundation for this project.

Melinda Beck: Real Simple

Melinda Beck used a combination of silhouette, calligraphy and a bit of collage to illustrate “Wearing the Big Skirt of Self-Doubt” for Real Simple magazine.

Ruth Rowland: Longleat House


Ruth Rowland was asked to work on some lettering to promote Longleat House, an impressive example of Elizabethan architecture, set in the beautiful Wiltshire, UK countryside.

Leon Mussche: Limited Edition

Leon Mussche has created a limited edition, stitch-bound 36 page book, featuring a retrospective selection of his artwork.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Merrill Rainey: Remembering Maurice Sendak

Merrill Rainey was approached by regular client Kaboom! to produce this icon in memory of Maurice Sendak for their website.

Ellen Weinstein: Village Voice Cover

Ellen Weinstein’s cover image for this week’s Village Voice illustrates an article about the issue of gay bullying in schools.


James Yang: Inventory

James Yang was commissioned by the Wall Street Journal to create an illustration about inventory volume predicting the health of the economy. 

Ken Orvidas: Turbulent Times

Ken Orvidas’ cover image for the Boston Consulting Group offers a metaphor for the importance of raising performance in a time of financial crisis when efficiency, effective process and a streamline operation are necessary for success.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Stephan Walter: Varoom! 18

Stephan Walter created a jazzy, entertainment inspired cover for the 18th issue of UK illustration magazine Varoom.

Nathaniel Gold: Are You Chimp Enough?

Nathaniel Gold recently drew a parody (with respect to photographer Martin Schoeller) of the already infamous breast feeding TIME Magazine cover for his ongoing series, “Primate Diaries” at Scientific American.

Hans Diemel has joined Theispot!

Hans Diemel is the newest member of



Keith Frawley has joined Theispot!


Keith Frawley is the newest member of


Chi Birmingham has joined Theispot!


Chi Birmingham is the newest member of


Marilena Perilli: Living in BKLYN

Marilena Perilli’s illustrations capture the charming diversity of four Brooklyn neighborhoods for a Douglas Elliman Real Estatebrochure.

Taylor Callery: Insider Trading & Social Jet Lag

Taylor Callery covered a couple of diverse topics for Newsweek magazine recently. First, illustrating “Insider Trading,” the story of Raj Gupta on trial, and the question of whether David Sokol will be charged with insider trading.

Victo Ngai: Cobol BrainDrain

Victo Ngai’s cover image is for the latest ComputerWorld magazine illustrates an article about the last Cobol programmers’ retirement, and the potential loss of 50 years of business processes within the software they created.

J.D. King: Goodbye to Windows Live

J.D. King illustrates an article for the New York Times Business section about the demise of Microsoft’s “Windows Live” brand, a suite of software products that included photo management, video editing and instant messaging. 

Mark Smith: ESPN Update

Mark Smith takes a fast moment to share some of the exciting images he's created for ESPN Magazine over the past few months.

Dave Murray: Corporate Knights

Dave Murray’s portrait of James Rogers, CEO of Duke Energy, will be published in the upcoming issue of Corporate Knights magazine.

Malin Rosenqvist: Post Mortem Achievement

Malin Rosenqvist’s illustration for the Swedish literary magazine Vi-läser accompanies an article on books that get a new life after the author’s death.

Dave Mott: Animals’ Alphabet

Dave Mott’s sweet, inventive “Animals’ Alphabet” is available in various sizes as prints and posters through online art vendor,

Carl Wiens: Under the Knife

Carl Wiens’ recent work this spring has been all about medical procedures. The first illustration was for an article in the New York Times about the invasiveness and dubious benefits of screenings, specifically colonoscopies. “I went through a pile of sketches to arrive at a conceptual, non-specific final,” says Carl.  

Alex Nabaum: The Art of Fielding

Alex Nabaum’s illustration for The Atlantic accompanied a scathing book review panning "The Art of Fielding," by Chad Harbach.


Zara Picken: Localizing Spinal Surgery

Zara Picken created this full page image for a hospital publication, illustrating an article about the use of a fiducial screw to mark the location for spinal surgery.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Paul Garland has joined Theispot!

Keith Negley: Christianity Today

Keith Negley’s illustration for the current issue of Christianity Today accompanies an article about the autobiography by Barnabas Mam, a communist who had an encounter with faith in Cambodia during the turbulent 70s. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thomas Ehretsmann: Le Choix du Gemeaux

Thomas Ehretsmann's exquisite work illustrates the cover of “Le Choix du Gemeaux" ("The Choice of Gemini"), the newest Zodiaque book in the French mystery series from Delcourt Editions.  Thomas’s previous work for the series can be seen here.


Ted Wright: IPRA Rodeo Championship

Ted Wright created this poster, shown here in several colorways, for the upcoming International Professional Rodeo Association Championship coming up in Hillsboro, MO this June 


Patrick George: GQ Round-Up


Patrick George’s witty, graphic work has been a huge favorite of GQ Magazine’s UK and EU editions for quite some time.  We rounded up a few samples to show you why:

Cathy Gendron: A Spoonful of Murder

Cathy Gendron’s deceptively cozy painting illustrates the cover of “A Spoonful of Murder,” a new mystery series book from Penguin/Putnam.

Gary Kelley: Legendary Film Director Stamps

Gary Kelley’s latest forever stamps for the United States Postal Service honor legendary film directors. The set, released just yesterday, includes Frank Capra ("It Happened One Night"), John Ford ("The Searchers"), John Huston ("The Maltese Falcon"), and Billy Wilder ("Some Like it Hot").

Christopher Jennings: BandFrame

Christopher Jennings created a couple of cool characters for, a promotional web-based tool for musicians.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pete Ryan: Death Trap

Pete Ryan’s cover for Miami New Times, illustrates a brutal story about police set-ups: essentially, cops secure a house, lure criminals to break in, and then shoot them all once they're inside.

Goni Montes: Legacy Lost


Goni Montes illustrated mermaids for a fantasy short story on called, “Legacy Lost.”

Daniel Guidera: The Year 2117

Daniel Guidera’s space-age illustration appears in the latest issue of Sky & Telescope magazine, accompanying a column, "An Open Letter to the Year 2117".


Vlad Alvarez: Nurture or Outsource?

Vlad Alvarez created this image for American Lawyer Magazine, illustrating an article debating whether law firms should nurture in-house talent or outsource new recruits. 


Melinda Beck: Pretty Poison

Melinda Beck grabs attention with this section header for the Wall Street Journal, illustrating the risks in the current bond market.

Asaf Hanuka: K.O. Tel Aviv


Asaf Hanuka’s first two years of his autobiographical comic, “The Realist” are now collected in a book from French publisher Steinkis. “The title means ‘Knocked out in Tel Aviv’" explains Asaf. “In French, K.O. sounds also like Chaos which suits well the story of my life…”

Malin Rosenqvist: May Day

Malin Rosenqvist created this illustration for the Swedish magazine Tiden to accompany an article on the various May 1st demonstrations and protests. 

Peter Arkle: The Most Comma Mistakes

Peter Arkle illustrates the myriad rules and conventions about when to use and not to use commas for the New York Times Opinionator column. 


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Yvetta Fedorova: Glass Half Full

Yvetta Fedorova’s image for Jane Brody’s column in this week’s New York Times Health section beautifully illustrates the richness that optimism adds to life.

Michal Dziekan: Sleepless Nights

Michal Dziekan created a series of illustrations for Briefings Magazine, for their latest issue about the effects of sleep deprivation on employees’ ability to function properly. Michal’s assignment included a series of spots in the corner of the magazine that serves as a little flip-book animation.

Daniel Bueno: The Animal Game

Daniel Bueno illustrated each of the 25 animals used the popular Brazilian game “Jogo do Bichim (The Animal Game)” for a book of the same name. A poetic journey through the animal world, the text plays with words and the characters peculiarities, as do Daniel’s charming double page images.