Monday, April 30, 2012

Elvis Swift: Kate Spade


Elvis Swift was commissioned by Kate Spade New York to illustrate this wonderful Owl Vase.

David Fullarton: Chosen for AI31


David Fullarton's striking presidential portrait of William Henry Harrison for Cincinnati Magazine was chosen to appear on the American Illustration 31 website.

Yan Nascimbene: Courage and Endurance

Yan Nascimbene was commissioned to create a cover for The Saturday Evening Post. This special issue is all about amazing acts of courage and endurance; what better way to portray that than a swimmer on a rough ocean?

John Tomac: Record Home Sales

John Tomac once again enjoyed working on a fast job for the New Jersey Record Real Estate section, illustrating a story on the work that homeowners need to do once they decide to list their home for sale.

Jem Robinson: Recent Work

Jem Robinson checks in with an update on what’s been keeping her so busy lately, illustration-wise.  First is this luminous cover for Accounting and Business International magazine, featuring St. Basil's Cathedral. 

Jessica Secheret: Running from the Rainbow

Jessica Secheret painted this charming book cover for a new novel for girls, to be published by Barringtonstoke, UK.

Tom Seltzer: The Return of Not-So-Daily Dog

Tom Seltzer’s bizarrely addictive graphic novel in progress, Part-Time Dog returns at last! The story tells the tale of an underemployed Ph.D. candidate in philosophy who takes a job with a rich family in Brooklyn Heights pretending to be a dog for their toddler, because they don't want a real dog peeing on the rugs. It is not an uplifting story; it's about every humiliating job anyone's ever had, but a little bit worse. 

Elizabeth Sayles: Summer School

Elizabeth Sayles has a busy summer of teaching up ahead; she will be presiding over two classes: 

J.D. King: Nannies

J.D. King’s cover and interior illustrations for the Boston Globe G section accompany a feature about nannies. It seems that they can earn up to $80,000 per annum plus benefits and are often college grads.

Dongyun Lee: Army of One

Dongyun Lee was commissioned by C-Ville magazine in Virginia to create illustrations for their most current issue. "Army of One" is a feature about school bullying. 

Tim O’Brien: The Titanic for Smithsonian

Tim O’Brien created this painting in honor of the 100th year anniversary of the tragic sinking of the Titanic. “Smithsonian Magazine asked me to illustrate the Titanic and how it stays vivid in our minds and imagination,” says Tim. “It's an historical anomaly that makes a sure thing seem less so, that nothing is assured and that nature wins out in the end.”

Merrill Rainey: New Adventures of Jack and Jill

Merrill Rainey’s spunky redesign of Jack & Jill Magazine’s core set of characters is a tremendous hit with young readers. Here’s a peek at the latest issue of the bi-monthly comic.

Craig LaRotonda: Eternal Consequences in CA Illustration Annual

Craig LaRotonda’s series of monkey paintings based on the 7 Deadly Sins are featured in a two page spread in Communication Arts Illustration Annual 53

Friday, April 27, 2012

Jacob Thomas: Bike-Run

Jacob Thomas attracts a double take with this illustration of a new exercise phenomenon for Runner’s World magazine.

David Plunkert: aiCIO

David Plunkert illustrates "Are Daggers Out Between Consultants and Asset Managers?" for Soojin Buzelli at Asset International.

Ricardo Martinez has joined Theispot!

Ricardo Martinez is the newest member of

Keith Negley: Gay Doctors

Keith Negley’s image for the New York Times WELL blog illustrates an article about the challenges of being gay in the medical profession.


Joe Wilson: Little White Lies


Joe Wilson took charge of the latest cover for Little White Lies, issue 41, The Midnight Double. This is a wraparound cover: a different film for the front and the back, “The Raid,” and “The Innkeepers.” The magazine is split dead center, so you get two covers for the price of one.


Tyler Jacobson: A Tale of Two Covers

Tyler Jacobson shares a couple of recent novel covers, one for Tor books and the other for Penguin.  “I thought it would be interesting to post them side by side considering they are for two different genres,” he says.

David Helfrey: Amazon Borg

David Helfrey was tapped by Seattle Business Magazine to illustrate an editorial about how is to local businesses as The Borg are to inhabited planets. Helfrey comments, "I love getting lobbed a softball like this. I mean, the article already had robots in it! Cracking the Borg's stone-faced veneer using the Amazon logo as a wry smile was a no-brainer.”


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chase Stone: Reins of Hysteria


Chase Stone was commissioned to do the art and the type design for the cover of financial guru Peirce Stern’s book, Reins of Hysteria. “This nonfictional dark comedy will guide you through the misconceptions and misdirections of banking today. It will teach you how to invest wisely."

Chris Whetzel: Mobile Box Office

Chris Whetzel was commissioned by the LA Times to illustrate their Business Section cover article about how movie theaters are pushing their accessibility on mobile devices.

Murray Kimber: Dance Mania II

Murray Kimber created another poster for the fabulous Djoon nightclub in Paris, promoting their next “Dance Mania” event.

Kyle Hilton: Summer Movies

Kyle Hilton had great fun with a series of illustrations for New York Magazine’s Vulture arts blog titled, “What If the Summer Movie Casts Were High School Cliques?”

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David Plunkert: Stanford Medicine


David Plunkert created four illustrations created for the Spring 2012 issue of Stanford Medicine Magazine. Clockwise from upper left: Hit Record: Research to Explain Concussions; Joint Discovery; Historic Trial Halted; Computing Cancer.

Melinda Beck: Egg Drop

[[posterous-content:pid___0]]Melinda Beck illustrated the infamous “Egg Drop” assignment for Independent School Magazine.

Bunky Hurter: Mocktails

Bunky Hurter was commissioned to illustrate the multicultural faces of Crystal Light's new “Mocktails” mix. Bunky designed five diverse women to personify each flavor: margarita, mojito, pomtini, peach bellini, and appletini.


Paul Fricke: Coast Guard Lobster


Paul Fricke recently had the pleasure working on a piece for the U.S. Coast Guard: an angry cartoon lobster illustration to be used on a coin and more. 


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Sara Jane Franklin: Christmas in April


Sara Jane Franklin has been busy finishing up the new holiday card lineup for Paper Loop. “I love Christmas in the spring!” says Sara Jane. “It's a great excuse to listen to Vince Guaraldi's ‘Charlie Brown Christmas’ while drawing cats in Santa hats and drinking a peppermint mocha.”

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Kevin McFadin: Strawberry Street Festival 2012

Kevin McFadin once again nailed the graphics for Fox Elementary's big Strawberry Street Festival, in Richmond, VA. “It's the 100th anniversary of Fox, so keeping in line with that milestone, the art for this year's poster reflected an older, vintage feel,” explains Kevin. The main art will be used on banners, the festival poster and the festival t-shirts.

Jon Reinfurt: Common Senses

Jon Reinfurt had the pleasure of working with Boating Magazine, illustrating a feature on boat maintenance called “Common Senses,” which broke down a list of ways to monitor wear and tear by simply using senses like look, feel, and listen. 

John Hersey: Village Voice

John Hersey’s cover for this week’s Village Voice illustrates an expose about middle-class activists stuck in jail because they can’t afford bail.

Taylor Callery: War Maker

Taylor Callery illustrates a book review for The Progressive about the unmooring of American military power.

Graham Smith: Draw


Graham Smith will be instructing a private, eight week life drawing workshop for the artists and animators at Sony Online Entertainmentand Sony Computer Entertainment America from May 8th to July 10th, 2012.

Leon Mussche: From Mining to High Tech

Leon Mussche depicts the history and development of industry in Limburg, Holland for Industriebank LIOF, a regional bank and investment company. From agriculture to mining to the development of high-tech systems, innovation, and scientific research, Leon’s graphic style captures this beautiful Dutch province. 

Nathaniel Gold: This View of Life

Nathaniel Gold wrote and illustrated a review of “The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary: A Canadian Story of Resilience and Recovery” for Evolution: This View of Life magazine. The book tells is the true story of several chimps that were rescued from biomedical research who are now living in retirement at Fauna Sanctuary, a farm just outside of Montreal.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Paul Mirocha: Botanical Tea

Paul Mirocha created lush botanical illustrations to grace the packaging of a new line of organic Alvita Tea packages.

Karen Greenberg: Compost for Brooklyn

Karen Greenberg, working through DesigNYC's initiative to "improve the lives of New Yorkers through better design," created branding and a revamped visual identity for Compost for Brooklyn.

Mark Summers: Presidential Profiles

Mark Summers recently illustrated a book for Vanity Fair, published by Abrams called "Vanity Fair's Presidential Profiles". The objective was to show all 43 presidents in the same pose, with the same lighting.

Jon Krause: Blowing Off Steam

Jon Krause extols the therapeutic value of sports in this illustration for Tennis Magazine.

Edel Rodriguez: Peace Without Partners

Edel Rodriguez illustrates the feature on today’s Op Ed page of the New York Times, which asserts that Israel should set the conditions for a territorial compromise based on the principle of two states for two peoples.

David Saracino: Cookie-Cutting

David Saracino’s commission for this week's advice column in Washington Post Capital Business gave him the opportunity to experiment a little on composition and concept. The story is about businesses that copycat / piggyback off of others, creating a haze of indistinguishable companies. Only the ones that break the mold truly finish first.

Joel Nakamura: Flip-Flops

Joel Nakamura's artwork is now available on shoes!  Sandalista, the makers of custom flip-flops, has licensed some of Joel's images for use on their sandals.  Here are just a few of Joel's designs, but you can see all of them in his shop.

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Gary Hanna: Wildlife Illustrations


Gary Hanna created detailed digital paintings of various animal habitats for a Raintree Publishers in-classroom reference volume.

Cathy Gendron: Whistleblowers

Cathy Gendron’s illustration for Strategic Finance Magazine accompanies a story presenting a corporate survey on whistleblowing: what was seen, was it reported, who kept silent, and regret for acting or not acting.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Dave Murray: SHOP

Dave Murray’s cover for the Spring/Summer issue of SHOP Magazine features the modern design - be it furniture, lighting, glass - of Prague.

James Yang: Don’t Be Evil…


James Yang illustrates, “Don’t Be Evil, but Don’t Miss the Train,” for the New York Times Business section. The article discusses the updated morality of Google.

Bob Staake: The Ayatollah under the Bed(sheets)

Bob Staake’s illustration for Foreign Policy Magazine accompanies an article about sexual politics, and political sex, in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Yuta Onoda: Wharton Magazine

Yuta Onoda produced a full page illustration of arrogant power for Wharton Magazine.

Antony Hare: On the Horizon

Antony Hare pens a portrait of Jim Parsons in “Harvey” for the On the Horizon feature in this week’s New Yorker.

Sean Tiffany: What’s the Call?

Sean Tiffany’s monthly gig for Sports Illustrated Kids always puts the reader in the umpire’s shoes.  So, you tell me: What’s the Call?