Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Leo Espinosa: Live the Love

Leo Espinosa weaves a charming romantic story into his notebook design for Monoblock as part of their “Live the Love” series.

Michael Crampton: Willamette Valley Granola Snacks

Michael Crampton was commissioned by Murray Brand Communications to create package illustration for a new Granola Snack product by Willamette Valley. The background countryside needed to evoke Oregon’s Willamette Valley; stylistically it had to generate exceptional brand awareness with fresh, unique and organic texture.

Jing Jing Tsong: January Update

Jing Jing Tsong has had a busy year already – and it’s only January.  With images for Southern Poverty Law Center's magazine, Teaching Tolerance; the Christian Science Monitor; National Geographic Education Publishing and Honolulu Magazine, she's been drawing everything from puppies to friends, to sushi robots!

Keith Negley: Hunting Cancer

Keith Negley created this series of images for Columbia Magazine to illustrate an article about chemists trying to identify certain molecules to help create specific drugs, which will penetrate cancer and other diseases.

David Vogin: Tech Standards

David Vogin’s illustration was for a special report in Investment News Magazine on technology and how standards remain elusive for the advisory industry.

Harry Campbell: Winter Ride

Harry Campbell celebrates the joy of winter riding for the March issue of Bicycling Magazine. Get out there!

Brian Stauffer: Violent Patients

Brian Stauffer’s riveting image in today’s New York Times Health & Science section illustrates an article on the rising number of "on-the-job assaults" on registered nurses by violent patients.

Phil Marden: Facebook

Phil Marden pokes gentle fun in this cartoon about Facebook’s practice of forcing users to post with their real names instead of aliases.

David Plunkert: When Collaboration Kills Creativity

David Plunkert illustrates the idea that group cooperation is not all it's cracked up to be for an article in the Dallas Morning News.

Ward Schumaker: Buzz Words of 2011

Ward Schumaker constructed a calligraphic piece for The New York Times recently, looking back at the Buzz Words of 2011 (Issue 01 January 2012)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Julie McLaughlin: Provincial Portrait


Julie McLaughlin created this illustration portrait of John K. Samson, frontman of the Weakerthans and Propaghandi, for a review of his first full length solo album, “Provincial,” in the February issue of Exclaim! magazine.

Ruth Rowland: Nottage Hill Logo

Ruth Rowland was asked to work on the new logo for Hardys Nottage Hill as part of Accolade Wines' new packaging and promotion for the brand.

Yuta Onoda: The Wonder of Science

Yuta Onoda created both the cover and an interior full page illustration for the Winter 2012 issue of Response magazine.  The theme of this issue is “The Wonder of Science."

Michael Glenwood: Illustrators Club of Washington

Michael Glenwood is exhibiting these two pieces in the Annual Members’ Show of the Illustrators Club of Washington, now on view at the Art Institute of Washington, DC.

Chris Beatrice: Spectrum 18

[[posterous-content:pid___0]]Chris Beatrice’s wonderfully narrative image is included in this year’s Spectrum 18: The Best in Fantastic Art.

Clayton Junior has joined Theispot!

Clayton Junior is the newest member of Theispot.com.

Clayton Junior has joined Theispot!

Clayton Junior is the newest member of Theispot.com.

Pete Ryan: Time Banking

Pete Ryan’s conceptual skills rose to the challenge of a recent article for AARP about time banking, a community initiative where individuals "log" hours by performing tasks for others, and in doing so, build up hours they can use to receive help from others.

Rob Kelly: Calloway Golf Clubs

Rob Kelly recently teamed with the Concept Farm agency to produce a series of storyboard panels mapping out a thirty-second spot for Callaway Golf Clubs. “I love doing storyboards,” says Rob, “Figuring out how to pace and frame the story as effectively as possible.”ed

Victo Ngai: Lonely Cubicle

Victo Ngai’s illustration for the New York Times Sunday Business section is all about loneliness in the workplace. “The saying ‘no man is an island’ by John Donne came to mind when I was brainstorming for ideas,” says Victo.

Michele Rosenthal: Pass It On

Michele Rosenthal’s illustrations appear in the February issue of Guideposts Magazine, a publication based on inspirational stories. Michele will be contributing to the “Pass It On” throughout the year. “It's always nice to draw pictures of people being nice to each other,” she says.

Keith Negley: Losing Benefits

Keith Negley’s piece in this weekend’s Wall St. Journal accompanied a story about retiree health benefits getting wiped out when the companies they worked for go bankrupt.

Otto Steininger: Soundcheck Award

Otto Steininger was commissioned to design Germany’s Soundcheck Award, issued by Berlin music critics for the album of the year. Instead of handing the award winner a trophy, it was decided that the award this time be a poster.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Shaw Nielsen: Nokia Lumia

Shaw Nielsen’s cheerful work brought a ray of sunshine to a massive recent project for Nokia. The illustrations can be found throughout the reviewer’s guide for their Lumia 710, conceptualizing headlines in the brochure as well as highlighting how generally awesome the new phone is.

Dave Murray: Childcare Now

Dave Murray created these sculptural images for Canadian Family magazine to illustrate an article about the decline in funding for childcare in Canada, and what can be done about it.

Ryan Snook: Pet Diabetes

Ryan Snook had tons of fun with this1/4 page illustration in Natural Health Magazine for an article about the causes and treatment of pet diabetes.

Jon Foster: Cineseek

Jon Foster was contacted last year by Evolve Media Corp to illustrate a project called “Cineseek” for their client, Cineworld, a company with movie theaters in the United Kingdom.

Edel Rodriguez: WWD

Edel Rodriguez illustrated the “Extreme Lingerie” section cover within an issue of Women’s Wear Daily this week.

Keith Negley: Out Magazine

Keith Negley’s illustration for the February issue of Out magazine accompanies a story about open discrimination against Asians in online gay communities.

Kim Rosen: Holocaust Memories

Kim Rosen’s illustration for the Globe and Mail accompanies a very sad story of a Holocaust survivor who could never forget her past. The author writes about his 90 year old mother whose life has been an extended version of the false identity she was forced to assume during the Nazi occupation of Hungary.

Dongyun Lee: The Mobile Elite

Dongyun Lee illustrated an article for the Deloitte Review about the looming period of hypercompetition that is engulfing the formerly stable wireless industry, and how best to meet that challenge in the 4G era.

Thomas Ehretsmann: Sincerely, L. Cohen

Thomas Ehretsmann's fine brushwork landed him a commission with Rolling Stone magazine to create a portrait of Leonard Cohen for their album review.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Alex Nabaum: Organ Traffickers


Alex Nabaum illustrates a special report for Bloomberg Markets magazine on international organized crime's move into the trafficking of organs, mostly kidneys.

Anthony Freda: Culture of Violence

Anthony Freda created this graphic image for Danish magazine Euroman to illustrate a piece about the effects of a violent pop culture on society.

Brian Stauffer: Graphis Gold

Brian Stauffer’s “Fragile Earth/Oil & Water” was selected as a Gold Award winner in the Graphis Poster Annual 2012.

Joyce Hesselberth & Dave Plunkert: PrestoBingo Shapes

Joyce Hesselberth & Dave Plunkert’s SPUR Design has just launched a terrific shape-finding and counting app for kids, available on iTunes for $1.99. PrestoBingo Shapes started with a simple idea: the world is full of shapes.


Serge Seidlitz: Puzzles

Serge Seidlitz was commissioned by Educational Insights to design eight children's jigsaw puzzles, each made up of between 24 and 48 pieces with words printed on one side and parts of the picture on the other.

Leon Mussche: Space Available

[[posterous-content:pid___0]]Leon Mussche created these infographics depicting available office space in five cities of the Netherlands for PropertyNL magazine. The images show office space on offer (the dark windows) vs. office space occupied in the years 2010 and 2011; the green windows are occupied newly built offices. One window = 1000 square meters of office space.

Echo Chernik: ImagineFX

Echo Chernik’s luminous, powerful work will be featured in ImagineFX magazine, issue #78. Out this month, the issue focuses on modern Art Nouveau, a genre at which Echo excels.

Susan Swan: Monarch

Susan Swan’s latest children’s book project, “A Monarch Butterfly’s Journey” published by Picture Window Books has earned her some pretty great reviews.

Victo Ngai: Engineering Panic

[[posterous-content:pid___0]]Victo Ngai whipped up this vision of big scary birds on super-short notice for the New York Times letters page. The topic was research being done on bird flu by engineering H5N1 in labs.

Victo Ngai: Engineering Panic

Victo Ngai whipped up this vision of big scary birds on super-short notice for the New York Times letters page. The topic was research being done on bird flu by engineering H5N1 in labs.

Victo Ngai: Engineering Panic

Victo Ngai whipped up this vision of big scary birds on super-short notice for the New York Times letters page. The topic was research being done on bird flu by engineering H5N1 in labs.

Victo Ngai: Engineering Panic

Victo Ngai whipped up this vision of big scary birds on super-short notice for the New York Times letters page. The topic was research being done on bird flu by engineering H5N1 in labs.

Jacob Thomas: Schoolbags for Kids

Jacob Thomas has teamed up with The Learning Tree to produce a very special schoolbag to be marketed through SchoolbagsForKids.com  With the sale of each bag, another bag filled with school supplies will be donated to a child in need through their One Here One There program.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Brucie Rosch: A Flounder for the Sounders

Brucie Rosch created this illustration for a story in Seattle Magazine on that city’s ongoing struggles (and long delay) in choosing a mascot for the Sounders soccer team.

Karen Greenberg: Gevalia Coffee Packaging

Karen Greenberg spent a good part of 2011 working closely with Landor Associates to develop the newly redesigned and illustrated Gevalia Kaffe retail line of premium coffee. The first seven products launched this January with Karen’s unique illustrations anchoring the look of each package.

David Saracino: Hard Time

David Saracino worked a one day turnaround for the New York Observer, this time concerning the exploits of Nightlife columnist Nate Freeman, who was arrested when he entered the subway through an emergency exit and spent the night in jail.

Janet Hamlin: Bigfoot Lives

Janet Hamlin’s poster of Sasquatch promotes North Fork Survivors a popular tourist destination in Washington State, which displays “footprints” and a variety of Bigfoot lore.

Elisabeth Alba: Rán’s Embrace

Elisabeth Alba’s mesmerizing painting depicts Rán, Norse goddess of both the sea and death by drowning. Die with lots of gold and Rán will provide you with a pretty decent afterlife… once she’s lured you over and sinks your ship with the help of her daughters, the Waves, that is.

Tom White: The Press Room

Tom White gets maximum impact from just two colors in this logo for The Press Room in downtown Asbury Park, NJ, the coolest new bar/music venue with deep roots in the venerable history and contemporary scene of rock n' roll.

Gary Venn: The Sleep of Reason

Gary Venn’s latest image illustrates the adage, “The Sleep of Reason Breeds Monsters.”

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Joshua David: Paper Doll

Joshua David provides us with the perfect diversion: an interactive fashion doll that can be dressed from head to toe (or fascinator to stiletto) a thousand different ways.  Just the thing when one is slacking off at the office… not that one would, of course…

Kim Rosen: Billabong #3

Kim Rosen recently finished her third surfboard for Billabong; this board will be on display in the Maui store.

Jason Seiler: Drawing Dreams

Jason Seiler’s oil portrait of Cory Chisel of Cabin Ghost will be auctioned as part of a fundraising event for Drawing Dreams Foundation in March.

Binny Talib: Professional Doodler

Binny Talib was recently interviewed in depth by Australian art magazine, Outline. “When I was a corporate designer I was known for doodling all over meeting notes, it was quite embarrassing; at the end of the meeting my paperwork would have all sorts of creatures all over it…”

Chris Beatrice: Maurice's Valises

Chris Beatrice created the engaging artwork for the recently released animated iPad ebook Maurice's Valises, volume one in a projected series of ten, in which a traveling mouse recounts his many adventures in his long life journey across the world.

David Vogin: Golf World

David Vogin’s fun collage for Golf World Magazine illustrates an article on the upcoming PGA Show taking place in Orlando.