Thursday, December 29, 2011

John Kachik: The Physics of Love

John Kachik created art to accompany a story in Texas Co-Op Power Magazine about romance found on a golf course via an internet dating service. A couple, each divorced, realize their lives have been intertwined since grade school, and find their way back together after years apart.

Jacob Thomas: Modern Marriage

Jacob Thomas illustrates a piece for New York Magazine wherein economist Joseph Stiglitz and his wife Anya Schiffrin advance a few theories about the growing obsolescence of the American marriage.

Kim Rosen: Father/Daughter Bonding

Kim Rosen illustrated a sweet story for the Globe and Mail, about a father who was recently fired from his job and made a promise to travel with his teenage daughter. His daughter chose Vietnam and they formed a tight bond over all the sites, cultures and beautiful landscape.

Ryan Snook: Alcohol and Urbanism

Ryan Snook created this illustration for D Magazine for an article about the proliferation of highway spending along with mandatory parking minimums at bars, virtually guaranteeing drinking and driving.

Dave Murray: Recent Publications

Dave Murray’s work can currently be found in some very cool international publications.  Göoo, an Argentinean art magazine filled with fantastic work, had asked him to contribute a piece.

Jon Reinfurt: Convene Cover

Jon Reinfurt’s illustrations for the most recent issue of Convene Magazine have a common theme: “terrible meetings,” or more accurately how to breathe life into a bad meeting or convention in order to make it more effective.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pete Ryan: Year-End Covers

Pete Ryan had time to whip up a couple of covers before the New Year. First, for the Broward New Times, an illustration about predatory charter schools that target "at risk" kids with the promise of a diploma, but don’t deliver.

Maria Corte Maidagan: Foodies in New York

Maria Corte Maidagan, was recently commissioned by the New York Times to create an illustration for their Dining & Wine section. The result was a blend of geometry, strong concepts, and great execution.

Aaron Sacco: Who is Cobalt?

Aaron Sacco created the character artwork for, a recently developed animated trailer for Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, which utilizes Facebook to give the viewer a more personalized experience.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Yvetta Fedorova: Sodium Saturation

Yvetta Fedorova’s weekly illustration for Jane Brody’s “Personal Health” column in the New York Times concerns the universal threat of a sodium-saturated diet.

Darlene McElroy has joined Theispot!

Darlene McElroy is the newest member of

Daniel Baxter: Musical Mares

Daniel Baxter’s assignment for Rutgers Magazine involved interpreting a horse as a singing star on Broadway! Dan was asked to illustrate a story about famous musical mares and assimilate an equine element into some famous theater posters.

Tim Foley: Year End Money

Tim Foley shares a couple of end-of-the-year financial images for his regular editorial clients.  First, a scratchboard assignment for Barrons, illustrating the pitfalls of having too much of a hands-on approach to managing your investments:

Stephen Savage: Finding My Religion

Stephen Savage created a series of spot illustrations for a feature in the New York Times Sunday Book Review exploring new books about humankind and God.

Julie Dillon has joined Theispot!

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Marek Haiduk: Rev Up Your Money Machine

Marek Haiduk illustrated an article about financial tactics for the December issue of Men's Health.

Elizabeth Sayles: Wonder

Elizabeth Sayles is currently working on a book series, part of which takes place in Persia. This illustration will be on view February thru March at the Edward Hopper House Art Center in Nyack, NY.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Dongyun Lee: Filling Daddy’s Shoes

Dongyun Lee, who is South Korean, created an image especially for this moment in history. With the death of Kim Jong Il, his son Kim Jong Un will be filling in as the new overlord of North Korea. Will he be the same cruel despot his father was? The world will have to wait to find out.

Robert Neubecker: Merry Hanukkah!

Robert Neubecker has been spending a lot of time making holiday images of every sort, illustrating articles about being Jewish in a sea of Christians during the holidays; a kid haunted by Santa and quite a bit more...

Eva Vazquez: Editorial Roundup

Eva Vazquez’ regular spot in the Madrid newspaper El Pais yields a rich supply of editorial imagery from a distinctly Spanish point of view.

John Tomac: Everyday Heroes

John Tomac illustrated the cover of this week’s Las Vegas City Life, highlighting their end-of-year feature recognizing Las Vegas residents who made a positive impact in 2011. The Art Director requested something superhero-related, in bright primary colors, but gave John the latitude to develop that idea a little more.

Eva Vazquez: Editorial Roundup

Eva Vazquez’ regular spot in the Madrid newspaper El Pais yields a rich supply of editorial imagery from a distinctly Spanish point of view.

John Tomac: Everyday Heroes

John Tomac illustrated the cover of this week’s Las Vegas City Life, highlighting their end-of-year feature recognizing Las Vegas residents who made a positive impact in 2011. The Art Director requested something superhero-related, in bright primary colors, but gave John the latitude to develop that idea a little more.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Joyce Hesselberth: American Lawyer

Joyce Hesselberth created this illustration for an article in American Lawyer's January issue about the growing percentage of women being made partners in law firms. A 30% average may not seem like much, but it's a big improvement from a couple decades ago.

Lesley Breen Withrow: Christmas Cards

Lesley Breen Withrow designed two fun sets of Christmas boxed cards for Gartner Greetings this season, scheduled for Holiday 2012 production.

Jesse Kuhn: Christian Century Cover

Jesse Kuhn found time to share a cover illustration from this past fall for Christian Century, featuring their annual fall book review.

Giulio Iurissevich: Year of the Dragon

Giulio Iurissevich has just completed five stunning images for French magazine Gala’s January 2012 issue. The theme is the Year of the Dragon and the Chinese zodiac signs.

Jason Crosby: Recent Work

Jason Crosby winds up 2011 with a couple of fun pieces: for Charlotte Magazine he illustrated the notoriously reckless behavior of NASCAR driver Kyle Busch…

Daniel Hertzberg: Postcards from the Lockout

Daniel Hertzberg was commissioned by Sports Illustrated to create postcards of NBA players who were forced to play overseas during the recent lockout. “I'm not used to doing humorous collage pieces like this, but it was a lot of fun putting these together,” says Daniel. “It was fun choosing cliché fonts for each country too.”

Judith Drews: Lullabies

Judith Drews designed and illustrated the packaging, including a little booklet, for a charming CD of lullabies called, "CIRROCUMA."

Tony DiMauro: Invisible Man

Tony DiMauro created this Invisible Man artwork for a recent issue of Chicago Magazine.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Victo Ngai: Happy Apps!

Victo Ngai’s cheerful image for the New York Times Travel section illustrates an article describing apps that might keep the little ones entertained on the road.

David Vogin: Nursing Diversity

David Vogin’s photo illustration for Bunker Hill Community College Magazine accompanies a story about S.T.A.N.D. (Students Taking Action for Nursing Diversity). The organization recruits local high school students, especially students of color, for careers in nursing and related areas of healthcare, where they can find meaningful, secure, life-long work.

Yan Nascimbene: Crouching Tiger

Yan Nascimbene’s latest children’s book from Candlewick Press, "Crouching Tiger," written by Ying Chang Compestine, is receiving rave reviews from the critics.  Buy a copy through Bookstore.

Steven Salerno: Harper’s Cover

Steven Salerno had the extreme pleasure of working with design legend Roger Black on this recent cover for Harper’s Magazine.

Graham Smith: PlanSponsor Portrait

Graham Smith illustrated a portrait of Patrick Groenendijk, the CIO of a Dutch co-operative private road transport pension plan, for PlanSponsor Europe magazine.

Mark Smith: Penguin Modern Classics

Mark Smith illustrated the cover of the Penguin Modern Classics edition of John Mortimer’s “Collected Stories of Rumpole.”

Kim Rosen: Happy Hanukkah

Kim Rosen illustrated a sweet story in today's Globe and Mail, Canada, about a new mother who wants to carry on the Hanukkah traditions that her father passed to her throughout her life.

Rebekah Nichols: The Spirit of Giving

Rebekah Nichols’ gentle illustration for the Dallas Morning News Business section offers a reminder to give to the neediest this holiday season.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Alex Nabaum: The Future of Korea

Alex Nabaum’s empty portrait of the late Kim Jong-il for the New York Times Op-Ed page reflects the uncertainty of Korea’s immediate future, as well as China’s desire to keep the country divided.

Dale Stephanos: Texas Monthly Bumsteers Issue

Dale Stephanos’ cover illustration for Texas Monthly celebrates their annual “Bumsteers” list, headed up this year by a very forgetful Rick Perry.

David Grove: An Illustrated Life

David Grove has produced An Illustrated Life, an autobiography tracing his path as an artist, from a sketchbook journal in Paris in the mid-sixties through his career as one of the most emotionally expressive illustrators of our time.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Kim Rosen: Losing Trust

Kim Rosen’s illustration in The Washington Post this past weekend accompanied a story about a woman with multiple sclerosis who finds out that her neurologist is being paid large amounts of money from pharmaceutical companies to administer certain prescriptions. The patient quickly loses trust in her doctor and makes sure that her future doctor will have no industry relationships or conflicts of interest.

Daniel Baxter: Brave New World

Daniel Baxter’s illustration for Rutgers Magazine accompanied a profile about alumnus Dan Blank, whose business helps authors and publishers navigate the shifting terrain of technology: E books, Tumblr, kindle, ipad, twitter, skype, etc. The editors liked this portrayal of traditional writing from within the virtual world.

Leon Mussche: On the Road with Stuey

Leon Mussche’s signature character, “Stuey”, which he developed for the Open University in the Netherlands, hits the road this month! Already featured in cartoons and animations on the university website and magazine, Stuey appears in his first live action setting: the beaches of Barcelona.

James Yang: Gifted

James Yang was commissioned to illustrate the cover of a special holiday shopping section for the Washington Post.

Shaw Nielsen: Happy Holidays, Coast to Coast

Shaw Nielsen created this illustrated map for Takeda, which was sent out as their holiday eCard. The map highlights all of the cities where Takeda has offices or research facilities and spreads a bit of holiday cheer to boot.

David Plunkert: Brainy Beauty

David Plunkert created the cover illustration for the Sunday New York Times Book Review, featuring "Hedy's Folly," authored by Richard Rhodes and reviewed by John Adams.

Alex Nabaum: The Ecology of Conflict

Alex Nabaum illustrated an article for California Magazine noting the fact that, due to the threat of Somali pirates, tuna, marlin and wahoo populations have soared in that part of the Indian Ocean.

Marc Phares: What’s Luck Got to Do with It?

Marc Phares illustrated a recent cover article The New York Times Sunday Business Section, October 30, 2011, highlighting how much luck is involved when some entrepreneurs succeed wildly and others never rise above relative mediocrity.