Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gary Locke: Abramoff is Back, Baby

Gary Locke illustrates the very public return of notorious former GOP lobbyist Jack Abramoff (show with his new pals, the Democrats) for the current issue of The Weekly Standard.

Victo Ngai: Think Global

Victo Ngai created this double portrait of Mizuho Fukushima, the leader of Japan's Social Democratic Party and her partner, lawyer Yuichi Kaido, for the current Foreign Policy "Top 100 Global Thinker" issue. The two were ranked 29th in the magazine for their antinuclear activism.

Ian Phillips: Top Marketers

Ian Phillips created this cover for Marketing Magazine’s Top 2011 Marketers issue, depicting a cityscape with the logos of 10 marketers incorporated into the illustration.  To Ian’s delight, the AD suggested an Andy Warhol style soup can for Campbell’s and a car for Volkswagen.

Peter Diamond: The Month Ahead

Peter Diamond’s evocative December “Month Ahead” calendar image appears on the cover of The National Post Arts & Life section. "While a certain Santa-ness was almost inevitable with this character, I have tried to steer away from the big red Coca Cola Santa," notes Peter.

Chris Gash: Golf Digest

Chris Gash clearly enjoys his regular gig for Golf Digest; here are a few recent assignments… Three spots for an article about a golf trip to Las Vegas: with no story finalized, Chris was happy to just run with “golf” and “Vegas”:

Cheryl Chalmers: Sunday in the Park

Cheryl Chalmers’ "Sunday Afternoon in the Park" watercolor is featured on the contents page of the current Life in the Finger Lakes Magazine.

Marty Braun: The Santaland Diaries

Marty Braun's latest poster for Maine’s Portland Stage Company promotes "The Santaland Diaries," written by David Sedaris. The show is a cynical and wickedly funny account of Sedaris’ experience as a Christmas elf at Macy's Santaland in New York; his character, Crumpet, is definitely NOT jolly.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Roy Scott: Diabetes

Roy Scott illustrated a cover and full page feature in his colorful collage style for an article in Nursing Management Magazine on the increasing pandemic of type 2 diabetes.

Daniel Bejar: Vultures’ Picnic

Daniel Bejar illustrated the cover of New York Times best selling author Greg Palast's new book, "Vultures’ Picnic," a globetrotting investigation of the oil industry, the banking industry, and the governmental agencies that aren't regulating either.

David Preiss: Healthy Time

David Preiss just completed eight new illustrations for Time Magazine, depicting tips for staying virus-free as we head into winter.

Eric Hanson: Balancing Act

Eric Hanson created this illustration for the Cornell Law School magazine, on the topic of the difficult balance between philosophy and pragmatism. “I used the monkey wrench to depict the practical and a Greek column to stand in for the philosophical ideal,” says Eric. “Notice that the Greek column is a fragment from a ruin. Even the perfect isn't perfect.”

Peter Campofiori: Food Bank Poster

Peter Campofiori recently created this sweet poster to promote a charity food drive. “The client’s only request was that the poster had to have penguins,” says Peter.

Jon Reinfurt: SOI 54

Jon Reinfurt has had two of his pieces selected for the Society of Illustrators 54th Annual show: “The Trap” and “Test of Strength” where both chosen for the Institutional category.

David Navas has joined Theispot!

David Navas is the newest member of

Chris Beatrice: Cyril, The Red Squirrel

Chris Beatrice has created yet another in his series of whimsical characters for Dundee Beer: Cyril, the Red Squirrel, featured on the company's Nut Brown Ale label.

Christopher Jennings: Top Turkey 2011

Christopher Jennings was tapped once again by the Fort Worth Star Telegram to illustrate their super-popular “Top Turkey Awards”. Published on Thanksgiving Day, the feature highlights the biggest numbskulls of the year.

Monday, November 28, 2011

David Plunkert: Fast and Slow

David Plunkert illustrates a review of the book "Thinking Fast and Slow," by Daniel Kahneman. The article entitled, "Two Brains Running," ran in yesterday's Sunday New York Times Book Review.

Nick Rotondo: Dry Eye

Nick Rotondo illustrates the cover of the Annual Dry Eye Issue for Optometric Management magazine. It’s a thorny topic; handle with care!

Jesse Lenz: Ultimate Cocktail Party

Jesse Lenz illustrates the ultimate cocktail party for Philadelphia Magazine: the most interesting collection of local movers, shakers, style-makers and power players, all in one room with the booze flowing.

Alison Seiffer: What’s in a Name?

Alison Seiffer’s illustration appeared in the NY Times Sunday Style section, with an article on naming your baby in the age of Google.

Kim Rosen: November Coupling

Kim Rosen rounds up her November 2011 illustrations for the Boston Globe Magazine’s “Coupling” column, which each Sunday addresses all things relationship.

Daniel Baxter: Friend, Foe, or Just a Doe?

Daniel Baxter’s drawing for About Town accompanied an article about the polarizing nature of deer: animals adored for their Bambi-like appearance, and despised for the diseases they spread (as well as gardens they destroy).

Michael Sloan: SOI Silver Medal

Michael Sloan’s comic, "My Extraordinary Dream," has won a Silver Medal in the sequential category of the Society of Illustrators 54.  The 20 panel comic records an actual dream that Michael had one night this past March.

James Yang: SOI 54

James Yang’s illustration for the World Wildlife Federation (Canada) has been accepted into the Society of Illustrators 54th annual, in the Institutional/Advertising category.

John W. Tomac: Helping Hands

John W. Tomac worked a quick, pre-Thanksgiving job for the Chico News & Review, illustrating a story about residents who make a difference.

Ellen Weinstein: The Unbelievers

Ellen Weinstein’s page one image for the Sunday NY Times Style section illustrates an article about Afro-American atheists, a minority within a minority.

Pete Ryan: The Color of Money

Pete Ryan has been working on a series of illustrations for Money Sense magazine tp accompany an ongoing info section about ETF's: buying /selling them, using them, boutique ETF's etc.

Ellen M. Byrne: Happy Holidays

Ellen Byrne’s cozy snowscape is the perfect image for Hood College's 2011 Holiday Card.

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Javier Medellin Puyou: Happy New Year!

Javier Medellin Puyou created this cover illustration for the New Year’s edition of Mexican culture magazine, Por Amor al Arte magazine. The Chinese zodiac water dragon represents the year 2012; some of the coming year’s most anticipated events, desires and rumors are shown as well.

Michael Waraksa: SOI 54

Michael Waraksa had two pieces accepted into the Society of Illustrators upcoming 54th annual show in New York. "Indirection" and "Do" were both chosen in the uncommissioned category.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Anthony Freda: SOI 54

Anthony Freda’s piece, “Culture Is Not Your Friend,” will be included in this year’s Society of Illustrators show in New York.

Michael Sloan: Recent Work

Michael Sloan’s cheerful, intelligent style continues to be a favorite among all sorts of clients.  Here’s a roundup of some of his recent jobs:

Kim Rosen: Facts & Arguments

Kim Rosen illustrates a piece for the Globe and Mail about the thoughts of a brain surgeon about the fate of his patients that he foresees on paper before even meeting them.

Gary Kelley: And the Soldiers Sang

Gary Kelley’s most recent book project, “And the Soldiers Sang,” is a heartwarming and haunting collaboration with J. Patrick Lewis that teaches a very valuable lesson: soldiers on both sides of the fence have very much in common.

Mark Smith: SOI 54

Mark Smith’s reflective image of Herbert Warren Wind was accepted into the New York Society of Illustrators 54th award annual in the Editorial category.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Shaw Nielsen: Seven Billion and Counting

Shaw Nielsen created this illustration for Harvard Public Health Review magazine for an article about the exponential growth of the human population. If you think the world is crowded now, just wait a few years. Between today and 2050, our 2011 global population of roughly 7 billion could expand by an estimated 2.3 billion people…

Murray Kimber: Wharton Magazine

Murray Kimber was commissioned by Wharton Magazine to create this verdant scarecrow illustration.

Nathaniel Gold: The Primate Diaries

Nathaniel Gold has been a regular contributor to Scientific American for the past four months, creating a weekly image for “The Primate Diaries.” Working directly with writer Eric Michael Johnson, Nathaniel is given total creative freedom. “The weekly article has to do with primates, which is my passion,” says Nathaniel.

Jon Stich: Buzzworthy

Jon Stich is thrilled to have his dinosaur celebrity prints featured on MTV's Buzzworthy Gift Guide. Pictured here is the Weirdallosaurus.

Malin Rosenqvist: Recent Work

Malin Rosenqvist’s gorgeous super-saturated work appeared recently in the Swedish magazine Chefstidningen.

Science Times 11/22/11

The New York Times Health & Science section is full of interesting articles illustrated by ispotters today.  Viktor Koen offers a serving of Thanksgiving gratitude on page one:

ArnO: Ted Baker Eyewear

ArnO’s fun, frisky artwork focuses all eyes on the Ted Baker Holiday Eyewear collection.  Look for these sexy beasts in opticians and Ted Baker stores over the coming months.

Zara Picken: Waitrose Christmas 2011

Zara Picken’s work last year for UK supermarket giant Waitrose, creating their first bespoke Christmas children’s range, was such a success that 2011 sees the return of her Santa and friends.

Anthony Freda: Beatitude

Anthony Freda illustrated the cover of Larry Closs’s novel, Beatitude, a nicotine-and-caffeine-fueled journey into New York’s thriving poetry scene of slams and open-mike nights, featuring two previously unpublished poems by Allen Ginsberg..

Monday, November 21, 2011

Daniel Baxter: Softmart Calendar Portrait

Daniel Baxter’s portrait of James Fergason, who invented the improved Liquid Crystal Display, or LCD, was commissioned by the IT company, Softmart for a calendar celebrating great innovators of computer technology.

Eric Hanson: The New Republic

Eric Hanson’s double portrait of Bono for The New Republic is one of about a dozen illustrations he did for their “Lists Issue,” on newsstands now. “Bono is on their list of ‘pseuds’", explains Eric, “Not having spoken with Bono recently, I can't say whether he's any phonier than other rock musicians who have political opinions. He does have nice eyewear though.”

Carl Wiens: Not So Supercommittee

Carl Wiens created this sharp set of spots for The Wall Street Journal illustrating some possible outcomes of the budgetary 'supercommittee', ranging from full success to complete failure.

Edel Rodriguez: NY Times Op Ed

Edel Rodriguez illustrates a complex opinion piece for today’s New York Times on China’s growing influence over the global economy and its increasing ability to project military power in competition with the United States.