Monday, October 31, 2011

Adam A. Doyle: Men’s Health Australia

Adam A. Doyle’s super-busy crowd scene for Men’s Health Australia took two caffeine-soaked weeks to produce.

Tony DiMauro: Hot Damn

Tony DiMauro’s artwork for the short story "Hot Damn" appears in the November, 2011 issue of Playboy, as a runner-up in the annual Playboy College Fiction Contest.  Tony is currently enrolled in the MFA Illustration program at the School of Visual Arts in NYC.

Anthony Freda: Keep on the Sunnyside

Anthony Freda will have an exhibition of new paintings at Trifecta Gallery in Las Vegas from November 3 - 25th, 2011.

Eric Hanson: Werewolf? There Wolf!

Eric Hanson’s regular back page feature for the Macalester College magazine this month illustrated an essay by an author with a penchant for writing werewolf novels.

Sean Tiffany: Superpower of the Day

Sean Tiffany created this cover for the first in a series of young reader books about an average kid who wakes up one day… Super!  We can look forward to Sean’s character gracing at least two more volumes in the near future.

Jason Mecier: Licorice Flix

Jason Mecier has chosen some of his favorite icons from the silver screen, creating large-scale portraits made exclusively out of Red Vines licorice.  LICORICE FLIX, an exhibition of this work, will open this Friday at iam8bit in Los Angeles.

Leon Mussche: Clean Lines

Leon Mussche created the infographics for a new line of high-end European skin care products. The illustrations show, in 3 steps, how to apply the cream to prevent wrinkles, “which apparently is very complicated,” notes Leon wryly.

Julie McLaughlin: Electric Cars

Julie McLaughlin’s illustration in last weekend's National Post accompanied an article on the growing trend of electric cars and how condo complexes aren't always properly equipped to accommodate them.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Michael Morgenstern: Busy Season

Michael Morgenstern gives us a look at some recent work.  For the Polish fashion magazine Zwierciadlo, Michael has been illustrating a series of interviews with author/psychologist Wojciech Eichelberger; here are “Masculinity” and “Religion.”

Ellen Byrne: Slim Chance

Ellen Byrne’s elegant, but haunting, image illustrates for an article on eating disorders in older women for Arlington Magazine.

Jennifer L. Meyer: Puss in Boots

Jennifer L. Meyers’ 10 page comic, “Puss in Boots,” for Jim Henson’s Storyteller Anthology previewed recently at New York Comicon… So it’s okay to show you a couple of pages before it publishes officially for Holiday 2011.

Benoit Tardif has joined Theispot!

Benoit Tardif is the newest member of

Tim O’Brien: Young Lincoln

Tim O’Brien breathes life into history with this portrait of young Abraham Lincoln, gracing the cover of the premier issue of National Geographic’s Exploring History.

Leo Espinosa: Food Olympics

When Leo Espinosa illustrates a card game, everyone wins!  Here is a peek at a set of characters he designed for a card game based on food, commissioned by Monoblock / Industry of Imagineering, from Argentina.

Matthieu Forichon: Exhibition in Paris

Matthieu Forichon will have an exhibition at Galerie Arludik in Paris, opening November 29.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Jesse Lenz: Know Thy Enemies

Jesse Lenz illustrates a useful Halloween feature for this week’s New York Magazine: a species taxonomy, courtesy of the Zombie Research Society, because before you can kill them, you must understand them!

John Kachik: Transcendent in 10 Minutes or Less

John Kachik illustrates an article about taking time to meditate at work for the Personal Journal section of today’s Wall Street Journal.

Roy Scott: Retail Sustainability

Roy Scott channeled his inner corporate side to illustrate a series of full pagers for a book on “The State of Retail Sustainability” for The Retail Industry Leaders Association. Roy created a compelling mash-up using environmental, retail, regulatory and supply chain imagery within the shape of a pie chart to communicate the narrative themes.

Carl Wiens: Blinded by Science

Carl Wiens’ background in biology and art history served him beautifully when creating two recent magazine covers.  For both of these publications, commissioning an illustrated cover was a first.

The Red Dress: Phones 4U Zombies

The Red Dress delivered spooky vibes with a series of zombie-themed B-movie style posters and comic strips, commissioned by UK mobile brand Phones 4U.

Pete Ryan: Tweet Interrupted

Pete Ryan’s full page illustration for Ryerson Review of Journalism goes with an article about limiting journalists’ freedom when posting on Twitter. Many publications now have strict social media codes of conduct; Pete’s clipped wing metaphor for showing restriction says it all.

Ellen Weinstein: The Examined Life

Ellen Weinstein illustrates another great series for the Utne Reader, this time examining the examined life.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Victo Ngai: Ride the Moneyhorse

Victo Ngai’s wild image for this Sunday’s New York Times Travel section illustrates an article about major airlines that continue to cut flights this holiday season while the number of passengers increases. Traveling will be quite hectic; expensive tickets, packed planes and long lines are expected.

Kathryn Rathke: Joan Didion for Intelligent Life

Kathryn Rathke relished the opportunity to draw writer Joan Didion for Intelligent Life Magazine. “Her age and frailty of figure give her a ghostly appearance which completely belies her inner ferocity,” says Kathryn, “A fascinating subject.”

Chris Beatrice: Lady Justice & the Pig

Chris Beatrice created this humorous illustration for the cover of a political satire novel called "The Moralist," depicting the statue of Lady Justice come to life, as her scales are tipped by a cowboy cartoon pig.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jesse Lenz: Profanity Fight Club

Jesse Lenz’s illustration for Time Magazine accompanies an article theorizing that exposure to profanity can lead children to become more aggressive. Middle-schoolers who heard more swearing on TV or video games were more likely to be aggressive, both physically as well as via hurtful gossiping, toward their peers.

Stuart Bradford: Mammogram as Savior

Stuart Bradford’s image for the New York Times Science section illustrates an article debating the relative benefits of mammography screening for breast cancer.

Greg Scott: Gut Buster Competition Logo

Greg Scott created a logo for Two Cousins' Pizza in Ohio to publicize their Gut Buster Competition.

Chuck Gonzales: Brace Yourself

One of Chuck Gonzales’ sweet illustrations for Tiger Beat got a fun animation treatment recently from Benjy Brooke.

Thomas Ehretsmann: Consider the Evidence

Thomas Ehretsmann created this detailed portrait of Elizabeth Warren for The Boston Globe in just two days.

Jon Reinfurt: Stuck on You

Jon Reinfurt had fun with this quick for American Lawyer, illustrating an article about law firms increasing their “stickiness”, i.e. their ability to keep clients happy and coming back for years to come.

Ken Orvidas: Head Trauma

Ken Orvidas takes a literal approach to an article about the critical aspect of speed when performing surgery on patients with head trauma. Rapidly relieving intracranial pressure, within four hours versus possibly 72 hours, is working and helping to save lives.

Pepper Tharp: Field Guide to Men

Pepper Tharp is the illustrator and co-creator of Bettina and Pepper’s Field Guide to Men: How to identify, deal with, and date men in the internet millennium, due to be published in 2012.

Stephan Walter: Fall Dining Guide

Stephan Walter’s signature combination of illustration and typography was a perfect match for the cover of the Washington Post Magazine's Fall Dining Guide.

Erla Maria Arnadottir: Cirque de Laliberté

Erla Maria Arnadottir worked with photographer Steve Benisty to create this mixed media portrait of Guy Laliberté, founder of Cirque de Soleil, space tourist and poverty fighter.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Keith Negley: Pensions

Keith Negley’s new piece, featured in the Wall Street Journal, illustrates the state of employee pensions.

Eric Hanson: Irish Spirits

Eric Hanson’s on-going challenge for the whip-smart is to illustrate the untranslatable. This time around, the topic is the Irish penchant for the no longer living but never really dead; the unalive but ever-present: "Neamhbeo."

Tom Richmond: How to Cure a Fanatic

Tom Richmond’s cover for the current UTNE Reader illustrates a feature on defending against the new extremism.

Kim Rosen: Lights. Camera. Wait.

Kim Rosen’s illo in the current Utne Reader accompanies a humerous personal essay by an aspiring actress who has been put through the ringer and is fed up with auditions.

Ian Phillips: Ouija Board

Halloweenologist Ian Phillips created this customized Ouija Board in an unlucky edition of 13 for the upcoming Toronto International Art Fair, this October 28-31.

James Yang: Be the Club

When Golf World called James Yang asking for an illustration describing the handicap system, the essence of the idea came quickly. “It is not a secret golf is one of my passions,” says James. “The handicap scoring system allows players of different ability to play together on a level field.”

Edel Rodriguez: The End of Gaddafi

Edel Rodriguez covers the demise of Muammar Gaddafi for the international edition of the current Newsweek.

Yan Nascimbene: Millon - Petits Auction

Three of Yan Nascimbene's paintings, including one that recently appeared as an illustration for Guideposts magazine, will be part of the Millon - Petits Papiers auction on November 20, 2011.

Dongyun Lee: Me vs. The Big C

Dongyun Lee was recently commissioned by The Washington Post Health & Science section to create an illustration for an article about incurable cancer at the age of 77.

Jim Frazier has joined Theispot!

Jim Frazier is the newest member of

Christian Lindemann: Green

Christian Lindemann was recently commissioned to create a double page illustration for Italian publication Be U Agenda 2012. The subject was “Green,” and Christian came up with this cheerful bunch of quirky creatures.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Jacob Thomas: Sister Anne

Jacob Thomas gets his pop on with this CD package for New York City garage rock band, Sister Anne.

Jon Stich: Shoplift From Home

Jon Stich has a solo exhibition, Shoplift from Home, opening next month at Chronos Gallery, in LA. Opening night is Friday November 4th, 7-10, with a second reception in conjunction with the Downtown Artwalk on November 10th.

Samuel A. Minick: Halloween Helpers

Samuel A. Minick’s fun infographic flash card series will get you through the scary season, safe and sound.

Kelly Dyson: Aphasia

Kelly Dyson received a commission from Bulletin Magazine to produce an illustration for an article on Aphasia, an impairment of language ability that ranges from difficulty remembering words to complete inability to speak, read or write.