Friday, September 30, 2011

Jing Wei: Bad Luck Club

Jing Wei’s work will be included in “Bad Luck Club” an all-girl group exhibition opening tonight at Myplasticheart on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Of her piece Divers, below, Jing says, “Mostly I wanted this to be a very quiet, surreal scene — not knowing where it begins or ends, just capturing a moment of synchronization.”

Bunky Hurter: New York Wedding

Bunky Hurter's elegant black and white pencil sketches accompany an article in New York Magazine's Special Weddings Issue, Winter 2012, due in stores next month.

Leon Mussche: Mapping Value

Leon Mussche’s infographic map was published as an entire spread for Vibe magazine, showing the value of real estate investments to and from the Netherlands.

La Boca: Adidas SLVR

La Boca was very proud to collaborate with Adidas on a T-shirt design to be part of a new artists’ edition produced for their SLVR brand. As with pretty much everything in the SLVR line, the quality and finish are extremely high.

Jillian Ditner: Survival Guide

Jillian Ditner illustrated an article for Marketing Magazine in a how-to instructional guide format, discussing RIM and a strategy for Blackberry: How Blackberry can stay alive, and thrive, in the hearts and minds of a jilted market.

Joe Wilson: Attack the Block

Joe Wilson was commissioned to create a special glow-in-the-dark cover for a limited release of the Attack the Block DVD and Blu-Ray. “Over many nervous phone calls I worked closely with director Joe Cornish to come up with this attacking jaw motif, referencing the creatures from the film, and also the smoking fireworks back cover,” says Joe. “You’ll have to buy a copy to see the Glow Layer!!”

Jamie Hogan: Good Vibrations

Jamie Hogan’s Zen-like illustration for the Wellness column in Maine Magazine makes us want to breathe deep and say om… “I LOVE working with them,” confides Jamie. “I send a bunch of sketches, they always pick the best one, and off I go!”

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jesse Lenz: Faster than Light

Jesse Lenz illustrates an article for Time Magazine about a new study may upend Einstein's theory on time travel.

Rob McClurkan: Flourish. Banner. Frame.

Rob McClurkan is a featured artist in Von Glitschka's new book, Flourish. Banner. Frame.  Included in the book is a CD with the patterns on them so that you, too, can create beautiful artwork in the comfort of your own home.

Ruth Rowland: Teaching Tolerance

Ruth Rowland’s hand lettered illustration is featured in this month’s Teaching Tolerance Magazine, on the opening page of the article, “We {Heart} Art.” The chalkboard style illustration combines word and image, using the opening copy to outline the effects on American pupils when vital arts programs are cut.

Tom Richmond: Best of Cleveland

Tom Richmond’s series of spot illustrations just saw print in the latest issue of Cleveland Magazine for their “Best of Cleveland 2011 Awards” feature:

J.D. King: Deliver

J.D. King goes postal with a zippy set of icons for an iPad app version of the USPS magazine, Deliver. Here are his favorite nine of the batch.

Erika Steiskal: Breakthrough

Erika Steiskal’s illustration, “Oprah in Saudi Arabia,” was featured as one of twenty staff picks in Richard Solomon's first annual Breakthrough Competition for emerging artists.

Richard Borge: I Am Organic

Richard Borge’s latest music video animation is for Meat Beat Manifesto, "I Am Organic". This was done for a gallery exhibit at .NO Gallery, 251 E Houston St., NYC, Sept 7 - Oct 2, 2011.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Julie McLaughlin: Wild Flag

Julie McLaughlin obviously had a blast with this group portrait of super-rad lady band, Wild Flag, for Beatroute Magazine!

Tracy Walker: Physician Animation

Tracy Walker worked with Borshoff to create this illustrated animation for the Physician Payment Registry section of Eli Lilly & Company’s website, highlighting their relationship with doctors.

La Boca: Black Swan Kudos

La Boca’s searing, two-color posters for the Black Swan UK campaign won Best Film Poster at the Screen Awards in London last night.

Neil Duerden: Orange

Neil Duerden had great fun creating the cover and a few inner spreads for Orange Explore magazine in the UK.

Eva Vázquez: Sunflower

Eva Vázquez’s illustration for the editorial page of Spanish newspaper El Pais is titled, “Best Sun in Tottenham, Right? "

Sean Tiffany: What’s the Call in Summer?

Sean Tiffany took a moment to update us with his July installment of Sports Illustrated Kids’ monthly “What’s the Call?” feature.

Jon Reinfurt: The Golden Egg

Jon Reinfurt’s illustration for Matthews Asia appears on the cover of their publication, “Asia Now”. The main theme for the issue was Capital Markets; since most of Asia’s economy is looking strong, the concept showed investment and growth.

Phil Disley: Liverpool Marathon

Phil Disley colorfully channeled the cover of the Beatles’ Abby Road album when creating this poster for the 2011 Liverpool Marathon.

Pietari Posti: Recent Work

Catching up with Pietari Posti always makes for a fascinating journey.  Recent projects include museum graphics and postage stamps: first up, Pietari’s design for the Modern(ism) Exhibition at the Helsinki Design Museum. Illustration was used in posters, book cover, invitation, T-shirts and various other printed materials.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bill Cigliano: Hungry for Books

Bill Cigliano was commissioned by Scholastic to create one of his signature wacky animals to kick off the fall reading issue of Storyworks, one of their classroom magazines.

Gail Piazza: Volunteer!

Gail Piazza directed and illustrated a public service billboard campaign, designed to motivate people aged 55 years and up to volunteer in the community.

Rachel Caldwell: House of Blues

Rachel Caldwell’s wonderfully organic illo-type graces the official House of Blues t-shirt.

Nicole Alesi: Custom Cards

Nicole Alesi was commissioned to create a series of custom notecards featuring a young woman, newly arriving in New York City. “The cards were a ‘Welcome to the City’ gift arranged by her mother,” explains Nicole. “It was fun to be a part of the surprise!”

Victo Ngai: End-of-Summer Wrap Up

Victo Ngai brings us up to date on some of the swirling, vivid work that kept her so engaged over the summer.  First up, a portrait of Roland Lescure for aiCIO magazine, arguing that diversification as a good way to invest is merely an illusion.

Eric Hanson: Suadade

Eric Hanson created this illustration for his regular “Untranslatable” feature at “To get myself in the right frame of mind for a Brazilian term I listened to Jobim and Luis Bonfa and Joao Gilberto for a bit…” says Eric.

Elvis Swift: Seahorse

Elvis Swift’s perfectly simple combination of hand lettering implied imagery is simply perfect for the logo of a line of flower girls dresses called Seahorse.

Monday, September 26, 2011

John Kachik: Life in Pleasantville

John Kachik illustrated a story of one modern family's life on campus at an exclusive private boarding school (and how it seemed as though they’d gone back in time) for Style Magazine.

Phil Marden: Chicago Food Trucks

Phil Marden's latest illustration touches on Chicago's emerging food truck scene. The image will be featured in Munro Campagna's 25th Annual Calendar.

Richard Borge: The First Virus

Richard Borge assembled a wicked little pack of bugs to illustrate a Wall Street Journal article on the history of computer viruses.

Rachel Caldwell has joined Theispot!

Rachel Caldwell is the newest member of

Daniel Hertzberg: Sorry

Daniel Hertzberg’s disturbing image for the Sunday New York Times Book Review illustrates an assessment of “Sorry,” a thriller in which the reader may actually be the serial killer in the story.

Jesse Lenz: Best ‘Hoods

Jesse Lenz illustrates the cover of Time Out New York with a utopian view of the best neighborhoods in the city.

James Yang: For a Rainy Day

With the heavy rains, earthquake, and hurricane in the New York area, it is no surprise that James Yang was asked to illustrate a story about apartment insurance for the Wall St Journal Metro section.

Goni Montes: Can This Marriage Be Saved?

Goni Montes’ latest illustration for the classic Ladies Home Journal column keeps the feature firmly anchored in the 21st century.

Martin Ansin: Illustration Now!

Martin Ansin’s work is among that of 150 artists featured in “Illustration Now!” volume 4, newly published by Taschen.

Hugh D'Andrade: Growing the Bookshelf

Hugh D'Andrade’s bookshelf of volumes he illustrated just got a little longer this week.  Two new young adult titles, “Dust City” and “The Sign of the Beaver,” boast Hugh’s images and hand lettering on their covers.

Doug Boehm: Mt. Song

Doug Boehm created this image for National Parks Magazine to illustrate story about a composer who wrote a sonata inspired by a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park.

Elisabeth Alba: Celadonia

Elisabeth Alba created this intricate map of the fantasy lands Celadonia + Glendoch for an upcoming web novel project.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Mark Thoburn: Illustrating Orlando

Mark Thoburn illustrated this logotype for a national convention being held in Orlando, Florida next year. “I wanted to capture the fun and excitement of the city but wasn’t sure which element to settle on, so I just decided to throw a different one in for each letter,” says Mark. 

Tim O’Brien: Soviet Ape

Tim O’Brien was given an article over the summer, to be published in Playboy, about a clandestine program to attempt to breed a human ape hybrid race in the Soviet Union around the time of the Second World War.  The goal was to breed a powerful and vicious soldier.

Alex Nabaum: Revitalizing Industry

Alex Nabaum created this piece for The New Republic to illustrate an article on the fate of American industry and how to revitalize it.

Kim Rosen: Coupling Update

Kim Rosen has finally found time to update us with her latest illustrations for the popular “Coupling” weekly column in the Boston Globe Magazine.

Jesse Lenz: How to do Everything Better

Jesse Lenz creates another fun set of images for “How to do Everything Better” feature in Men’s Health magazine this month.

Eva Vasquez has joined Theispot!

Eva Vasquez is the newest member of

Eva Vasquez has joined Theispot!

Eva Vasquez is the newest member of

Philippe Debongnie: Schooling

Philippe Debongnie was asked to illustrate manual for a school in Belgium. Here is a preview of a couple of the arresting collage illustrations that will be included.

Scott Pollack: Love & Tech

Scott Pollack illustrates an article for this Sunday’s Wall Street Journal about how technology can help a relationship, in this case the writer and her husband's.