Thursday, June 30, 2011

Morgan Gaynin: 3x3 Kudos


Many of the talented artists at Morgan Gaynin, Inc. have been recognized in this year’s 3×3 ProShow #8.  Valeria Petrone was awarded BOTH Gold and Silver medals for her graphic Editorial work. 


Jon Valk: Dallas Palace

Jon Valk was engaged by Dallas-based regional D Magazine to add the color of money to this month's cover story on the ever booming real estate market in oil country. 


Cathy Hull: Alliance Party Logo


Cathy Hull poured heart and soul into this logo for her brother, Alliance Party candidate for Mayor of Schenectady, NY, Roger Hull. The logo displays the emblems of both major parties upon a flag background, conveying that this alliance brings together Republicans, Democrats and independents, truly "United for Change."

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Owen Smith: Public Artworks Honors

Owen Smith's artwork for the San Francisco Arts Commission Public Art Projects was named among the top 47 Best Public Artworks in the United States at the Americans for the Arts convention held in San Diego recently. Smith’s mosaic murals and bas relief sculptures at the new Laguna Honda pay homage to the existing W.P.A. mural series, “Professions,” located in the hospital’s 1926 building.

Elisabeth Alba: The Willow Tree

Elisabeth Alba was recently commissioned to paint this enchanting image of a willow for a private client.

Gregory Manchess: Mark Twain Forever Stamp

Gregory Manchess’ Mark Twain Forever Stamp has just been released by the United States Postal Service.  Gregory’s iconic portrait of an older Twain, based on a photo taken about 1907, features a paddleboat plying the Mississippi river in the background. 

Harry Malt: Burn This Book!

Harry Malt’s drawing of Man United appears in Uncommon, a guide book to Malta and Gozo full of tips about the secret, secluded parts of the island where stupid foreigners don't go. 


Val Bochkov: Cloud Technology


Val Bochkov’s illustration on competing providers of cloud technology appeared in the Wall Street Journal this week.


Jesse Lenz: Unlocking Our Potential

Jesse Lenz created the cover and full page illustrations for U of T Magazine feature story about Nature vs. Nurture as it applies to our genetic makeup, and the importance of life’s early years.


James Flames: New Gigs

James Flames’ wonderfully psychedelic poster is for Alexander and Fam, who recently played a series of shows in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Washington D.C.


Nicole Alesi: The Memory Hierarchy

Nicole Alesi created this perky illustration for the Computer Science Department of Rutgers University.


John Dyess: Scrapbooking


John Dyess has been creating art for use on Sugartree Scrapbooking Papers. The printed size is 12″ x12″, with the subject positioned on the lower part of the paper and a simple background to allow scrap-bookers room to place their photos.


La Boca: The Big Idea

La Boca is currently exhibiting this new large-scale print in a group show titled, “The Big Idea,” at the Scion Gallery in LA. Through July 16th.


John Kachik: Confessions of a Food Critic

John Kachik’s illustration for the Food & Drink section of Atlanta Magazine reveals their long-time food critic confessing her desire to eat with her hands in restaurants.


Samuel A. Minick: Strikes in the Night

Samuel A. Minick’s infographic for the current issue of Field & Stream is sure to come in handy the next time we go bass fishing in the dead of night!


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Noah Woods: Comic Relief


Noah Woods’ utterly joyful cover for School Library Journal proves it can be fun to be a young bookworm.

David Plunkert: Splitting Headache

If you’ve ever suffered a migraine, Dave Plunkert’s image for the Dallas Morning News will resonate painfully. Dave’s art ran with the article, "Migraines: No Mere Headache," in the June 21 edition.

NY Times Science: June 28, 2011


This week’s New Your Times Health and Science section featured terrific work from members of theispot.  First up, Viktor Koen provided visual relief from those uncomfortable bicycle seats:


NY Times Science: June 28, 2011

This week’s New Your Times Health and Science section featured terrific work from members of theispot.  First up, Viktor Koen provided visual relief from those uncomfortable bicycle seats:

Christina Wald has joined Theispot!


Christina Wald is the newest member of



Mark Ulriksen has joined Theispot!

Mark Ulriksen is the newest member of



Bill Cigliano: Make Mom a Sandwich

Scholastic called on Bill Cigliano for one of his humorous character pieces to accompany a story on a boy's Chorebot gone haywire.

Stephen Savage: I Found My Mom Through Facebook

Here is Stephen Savage’s illustration for a New York Times article entitled, "I Found My Mom Through Facebook".

Ryan Snook: Manage Your M-I-L

Ryan Snook’s illustration for Fit Pregnancy goes with an article about how to cope with your mother-in-law’s attention for nine long months. Given the go-ahead on his ‘monster’ sketch, Ryan incorporated the part of the story that suggests giving her an active role, in this case picking out the car seat.

Charrow: New York Coffee Map


The ever-caffeinated Charrow has researched and produced this colorful map of all the specialty coffee shops throughout Manhattan. Wake up and smell the Stumptown, people!

Edel Rodriguez: Portraits

Eleven of Edel Rodriguez’ evocative portraits have been included in the newly published “Portraits,” from Taschen. 

Alice R.: Entangled

Alice R. channeled the marvelous Johnny Depp in Cry Baby while creating this ultra feminine illustration for the Entangled series.

Mark Ulriksen: SF Giants

Mark Ulriksen’s celebratory painting of the San Francisco Giants’ World Series victory earned him an interview on the San Francisco Bay Area cable sports interview program, Chronicle Live.

Nick Rotondo: No Worries?

Nick Rotondo’s sinking feeling turned out to be just the right thing for this Information Week cover. 

Aaron Minier: Black Rose #4


The fourth volume of Aaron Minier’s collaborative graphic novel series, Black Rose, has been released. Fantasy is Dead! 


Monday, June 27, 2011

John Vogl has just joined Theispot!

John Vogl is the newest member of

Marty Blake: Consuming

Marty Blake’s latest image has us thinking about the non-thinking consumer: do we sometimes bury our heads in all the things we buy and miss what's really going on?

Kevin McFadin: Lincoln Comes to Richmond. Honest.

Kevin McFadin’s illustration appears in the July issue of Richmond Magazine for an article on Steven Spielberg’s upcoming biopic, “Abraham Lincoln.” Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Field will be filming on locations in Virginia, and much of the area’s period appropriate architecture will be front and center.

Eric Hanson: Untranslatable

Eric Hanson illustrated another “Untranslatable” feature for, a column that discusses words and phrases that don't travel well from one culture to another. Eric’s visual shorthand: the smug face, the protective hand, the national flag, the iconic Matterhorn, the word in question, layered in colors the way language is layered with meanings.

Tom Richmond: Ms. Peachez

Tom Richmond’s illustration appears in the current issue of UTNE Reader (July-Aug 2011), depicting viral internet rapper, Ms. Peachez being looked upon with contempt and disbelief by Snoop Dogg and Jay Z for her stereotyped, “Southern hip-hop” styling.

Dean Rohrer has joined Theispot!

Dean Rohrer is the newest member of


Jennifer L. Meyer has joined Theispot!


Jennifer L. Meyer is the newest member of


Ken Orvidas: Orthodontics Logo illustration


Ken Orvidas was contacted by Dr. Jeff Harvey, an orthodontists in North Dakota, seeking an illustration and logo for his practice. Doc Harvey liked the exploratory aspect of this image, as well as the teeth that need some work. “This was quite out of the ordinary and a fun commission,” says Ken.

Dean Rohrer: The New Yorker Special Issue

Dean Rohrer's memorable cover, "Woman of the Year," is featured in the current special issue, The New Yorker Talk of the Town Visits 50 Interesting People (on newsstands through Aug.22, 2011).


Daniel Hertzberg: Terrorist Targets


Daniel Hertzberg created this full-pager for New Jersey Monthly for an article about terrorist targets in New Jersey. Among the targets are power plants, chemical plants, Newark Airport and the Port of Newark.


Jesse Lenz: Untold Story


Jesse Lenz illustrated the cover and inside feature for the Sunday New York Times Book Review of Monica Ali’s new novel, “Untold Story.” The book imagines Princess Diana faking her own death, getting a little surgery and eventually living under an assumed name in America.


Pete Ryan: Drink it Raw


Pete Ryan created this illustration for an article in New Jersey Monthly covering the raging debate over the risks and benefits of “raw,” unpasteurized milk. Raw milk is currently illegal in new Jersey, despite a growing movement in favor of getting milk straight from the source.


Chris Whetzel: Kevin Kline Awards

Chris Whetzel created this cover and interior imagery for the St. Louis' Riverfront Times to illustrate an article on the controversy surrounding the city’s Kevin Kline Awards (a theatre-actors' event). 


Tom White: Pumped Up


Tom White had great fun creating this attention getting poster image for a fundraising event for Big Brothers Big Sisters of New Hampshire. All the participants are to run a foot race wearing ultra high heel stilettos. 


Chris Beatrice: The King's Puzzle

Chris Beatrice created the cover art and design for “The King’s Puzzle,” a young adult mystery novel centering on King George VI's historic visit to Canada in 1939. The scene depicts a late night water stop by the locomotive, where thousands of spectators turned out to see the royal train.

Celia Johnson: The Greening of China's Cities

Celia Johnson's image for the McKinsey Quarterly illustrates research results asking "How Green are China's Cities?" A new index shows mixed results in China's push for sustainable development.

Elvis Swift: Saveur Magazine


Elvis Swift beautifully illustrates exotic loquats for Saveur Magazine this month.

Antony Hare: Richard III


Antony Hare’s illustration of Seana McKenna as Richard III, at this year's Stratford Shakespeare Festival in Stratford, Ontario, was commissioned by Toronto Life.

Antony Hare: Richard III

Antony Hare’s illustration of Seana McKenna as Richard III, at this year's Stratford Shakespeare Festival in Stratford, Ontario, was commissioned by Toronto Life.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Jesse Kuhn: 3 x 3 Pro Show #8

Jesse Kuhn’s illustration, "The Departure" illustration was selected by the jury for this year’s 3x3 ProShow.

Ellen Weinstein: Astronomical!

Ellen Weinstein illustrates an interesting look at astronomy for the International Herald Tribune.  Our galaxy may well be teeming with lonely, Jupiter-sized planets adrift between stars. Alone in the void, unattached to any parent sun, these cosmic orphans appear to fill the heavens in vast numbers.

Aaron Meshon: My Neighbors


Aaron Meshon’s first app, My Neighbors by Pop and Pals, has debuted in the iTunes App Store. A humorous peek-a-boo app for young children featuring wacky noises and over 80 of Aaron’s lovable characters, My Neighbors is a blast for us big kids, too!