Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jillian Ditner: Country Living

Jillian Ditner created two maps for the June, 2011 issue of Country Living Magazine. An article titled “Way Down in the Delta” explores the fertile region on Mississippi that gave birth to the blues.

Kim Rosen: May Coupling

Kim Rosen’s work for the weekly “Coupling” column in the Boston Globe Magazine is eagerly awaited each Sunday.  Here’s what she served up for the month of May.

Max Scratchmann: Eat, Drink and Be Entertained


British illustrator Max Scratchmann received an inspiring brief from the art director at the Wall Street Journal European edition: illustrate their summer music festivals supplement. Max created the dreamlike cover image plus a large interior spread to great acclaim, and he looks forward to working with this dynamic publication again.


Pete Ryan: Banjo Kazooie


Pete Ryan created an image (shown here in two color-ways) for Cincinnati Magazine to illustrate a piece about a radio program dedicated to bluegrass music. “They mentioned that they wanted the piece to be really grimy,” Pete recalls, “I was happy to oblige.” 


Kareem Rizk: Stick ‘em Up!

Kareem Rizk’s latest original mixed media artwork, “Stick ‘em Up!”  is available at Busacca Gallery in San Francisco.


John Tomac: Retail Mergers


John Tomac illustrated the cover of the June issue of Shopping Centers Today, which looks at the rise in retail mergers and acquisitions, fueled partly by private equity cash, which promises to reshape the industry.


Sean Tiffany: Wildlife Restoration Volunteers


Sean Tiffany created this feisty cartoon character mascot for the Wildlife Restoration Volunteers, a group that helps the environment around Boulder County by fixing the hiking trails, planting trees, and restoring the Rocky Mountain's fragile ecosystem.


Joan Chiverton: Eavesdroppings

Joan Chiverton and her friend, Janine, created "Eavesdroppings," based on snippets of overheard conversations collected while out and about in New York City.  Watch what you say around Joan and Janine- they are ALWAYS listening! Here are a few recent favorites:

Jamie Hogan: The Circuit

Jamie Hogan illustrated “The Circuit” by Francisco Jimenez recently for Cricket Magazine. The story, a memoir of Jimenez’ childhood as an immigrant from Mexico, working alongside his family in the fields of California, reminded Jamie of her own travels there in the 1990’s. 

Tyler Jacobson: Military Portraits

Tyler Jacobson  created this series of beautiful, dynamic military paintings for Men's Journal. Though the deadline was a tight squeeze, Tyler brings superb quality to these illustrations of the various Special Forces.

Chris Beatrice: Waffles!

Chris Beatrice was recently commissioned to create poster art for a story about a kindhearted dragon who amasses a small cadre of interesting friends. When the Black Knight comes to slay him, the dragon says, "Let's have some breakfast first," and the two become fast friends - even engaging in a friendly game of chess from time to time.

Peter Diamond: The Playoff Beard

This intense portrait by Peter Diamond pays tribute to the Vancouver Canucks' Roberto Luongo’s infamous Playoff Beard, which stands as a symbol of all the mental challenges and physical injury athletes endure in pursuit of the Stanley Cup.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Zara Picken: Retiring Husband

Zara Picken was commissioned by AARP The Magazine to create an illustration for their “Wisdom Circle’ page, wherein readers respond to problems posed by other readers. The topic for this issue was about a homemaker worried her husband would get in her way once he retires and is at home more often.

Pepper Tharp: Creative Dish


Pepper Tharp whipped up a batch of refreshing, can-do imagery to brand the DIY dream-come-true website, Creative Dish.

Ryan Snook: Swiping Stars

Ryan Snook approached the topic of online business review sites such as yelp.com (and how to determine what might be a legitimate complaint and what is not) in this illustration for the Harvard Business Review.

Celyn: Bloomberg


Celyn’s duotone imagery looms large in this editorial piece for Bloomberg.

Nicole Alesi: Barbecuties!


Nicole Alesi created these new customizable e-card designs exclusively for Pingg.com - Just in time for Father's Dayand the summer barbecue season!

Adam A. Doyle: Unleashed


Adam A. Doyle channels the hectic, fight-club energy of the Ultimate Fighting Championship for MMA Unleashed magazine this month.

Adam A. Doyle has joined Theispot!

Adam A. Doyle is the newest member of Theispot.com.

Daniel Bueno: Monteiro Lobato Award

Daniel Bueno’s intricate, dreamlike illustrated version of “My Cousin’s Corner Window,” written by E.T.A. Hoffmann in 1822, has just received the FNLIJ Monteiro Lobato Award in the Best Translation / Adaptation, Young Reader Category.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dongyun Lee: Social Media

Dongyun Lee applied his people skills to another great illustration, this time for the cover of SC Magazine focusing on social media.

Andrew R. Wright: Summer Session


Andrew R. Wright’s clean and simple style works well with the relaxed atmosphere in these recently completed illustrations for Notre Dame Magazine.

Solene Debies: La Parisienne

Solene Debies' frisky fashion artwork was displayed throughout legendary French department store, Galeries Lafayette, in honor of  their recent "La Parisienne" promotion. 

Jon Reinfurt: Coors Field


Jon Reinfurt is having great fun with a series of illustrations for Major League Baseball. The article this one accompanies is about Coors Field in Denver, and the growing number of home runs it seems to be generating.

Nick Rotondo: Filtration Cityscape


Dare we suggest that Nick Rotondo has brought a little sex in the city to industrial filtration with his nightscape for W.L. Gore & Associates?  In the creative hands of the illustrator, a bag filter becomes “master of its domain" and that's a good thing for the environment.

Monica Lee: LIVE!


This short video of Monica Lee discussing her new line of fabric at Spring Quilt Market completely cracks us up in the very best way!  A self professed “excited dork,” Monica’s enthusiasm is like a good cup of coffee on a chilly afternoon and her sweet design sense definitely has her Goin’ Places.

Shaw Nielsen: Cloud Nine

Shaw Nielsen’s hand drawn type and cunning cupids make a perfectly lovely new opener and spot illustrations for the always wonderful folks over at 1105 Media

Graham Smith: Honoring Seized

Graham Smith’s utterly riveting cover for the Phoenix New Times has earned him a second place nod in the Best Illustration category from the Arizona Press Club.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Edel Rodriguez: Recent Work

Edel Rodriguez’ illustration stands squarely at the intersection of art and design; here are three recent editorial assignments that go there with him.

Jason Seiler: Dirty French Laundry

Jason Seiler’s time frame for this New York Observer cover featuring Dominique Strauss-Kahn was less than 24 hours, probably closer to 14 hours, from start of sketch to the end of final painting.

James Shepherd: Business Boost

James Shepherd’s imagination takes flight with this illustration representing the growth within the Atlanta chapter of the Building Owners and Managers of America.

Ellen M. Byrne: ALA Conference

Ellen Byrne’s cover for the June issue of Library Journal previews the annual American Library Association conference in New Orleans, the biggest event of the year for librarians. Ellen’s vivid image of the trolley, wrought iron library cart and readers in Jackson Square bring together the energy of the convention and city.

Jonathan Williams: Propel Your Career

This is one of four characters created by Jonathan Williams for Dow Jones & Company (publisher of The Wall Street Journal) to promote FINS.com, an online resource providing careers and industry advice for financial professionals. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Goni Montes: Harness

Goni Montes illustrates the theme, “Harness,” for Swiss based cult publication, The Work Style magazine.

Roy Scott: Hypertension?

Roy Scott was called upon by publisher Wolters Kluwer Health to create a colorful full pager for the July issue of Nursing Magazine that illustrated the lifestyle changes that can help senior adults combat hypertension, such as exercise and a healthy diet.

Damien Weighill: Floorink

Damien Weighill’s joyfully subversive work can now be found underfoot, thanks to Forbo, a London company specializing in custom flooring systems.  Floorink is their creative collaborative project, pioneering bespoke artist-designed vinyl cushion flooring. 

Eugene Smith: The Captain Jack Sparrow Handbook


Eugene Smith created interior illustrations for the recently released Quirk Books title, "The Captain Jack Sparrow Handbook," a guide for would-be pirate enthusiasts. The book was written by the arrrrrrrrrticulate Jason Heller, a regular contributor to The Onion.  Buy a copy today in Theispot.com Bookstore!

Cathy Gendron: Tinkering with Trusts

This illustration by Cathy Gendron visually distilled a complicated story about Canadian and US Royalty Trusts for Oil and Gas Investor magazine. These trusts are investment vehicles that supply capital for oil and gas exploration. The story explains how trust companies respond to new tax law changes, "tinkering" with their structures in order to attract investors. 

Jason Seiler: Digital Art Masters Volume 6

To no one’s great surprise, several pieces of Jason Seiler’s work are included in the lush new Volume 6 of the Digital Art Mastersseries. This time around, the first 200 people to pre-order the book will receive a pack of these cards for free.


Chris Whetzel: Cyber Soldier

Chris Whetzel was commissioned by Semper Fi magazine to create an image for an article outlining a new approach in the fight against terror: the cyber soldier. Hacking is a major national security threat, and the military is training soldiers as well as incorporating tech-savvy civilians into a cyber-defense task force. 


Traci Daberko: Toyota Global Values

Traci Daberko was commissioned by the Toyota Corporation to create a visual representation of their core global values which are rooted in five foundation elements. Her tree illustration will be used in conjunction with their corporate vision statement to symbolize strength and power and stability.


Michael Sloan: Green Lantern

Michael Sloan has been illustrating The Washington Post's Green Lantern column for a year and a half.  The feature answers reader's questions about the impact of a specific topic on the environment and the topics are always fascinating. Here are a few of Michael’s favorites from the 50+ assignments he’s completed:


Jesse Lenz: House Trap


Jesse Lenz illustrates the cover of Riverfront Times, for a story about Bellington Realty which cashed in during the housing boom, but let its customers get stuck in the bust.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Keith Negley: Medical Care

Keith Negley illustrates the Letters to the Editor in today’s New York Times, in which readers responded to an article on consumers’ impulse to self-ration medical care and how it is enriching insurers.


Tim Foley: Student Debt

Tim Foley takes on the timely topic of crushing student debt for the Wall Street Journal this week.


James Yang: Wired Campus

James Yang created a couple of images for a special edition of his long-time client, the Chronicle of Higher Education, to illustrate the concept of adapting technology for the campus of the future of.


Alex Nabaum: Illustrating Ethics

Alex Nabaum was given a challenging assignment recently by Emory University: Illustrate “Ethics” for the cover of Emory Magazine.  The entire issue dealt with Emory’s method of teaching ethics and character.


Paul Morton: Silhouette


Paul Morton’s thoroughly modern vector-based silhouette illustrations bring to mind the charming work of Jan Pienkowski.


Pete Ryan: Housing Scores


Pete Ryan’s illustration in today’s Wall Street Journal explores the phenomenon of people investigating, and ranking, their neighbors’ homes.


Jodee Taylah: Children of the In-between Trailer

Jodee Taylah’s intense debut graphic novel, Children of the In-between, now has a promotional teaser trailer online: