Friday, April 29, 2011

Tim Zeltner: Talent

Tim Zeltner lent his conceptual talents to illustrating an article on finding, growing and cultivating talents for the Spring 2011 issue of Brigham Young University Magazine.

Jason Greenberg: Man v Food Nation

Jason Greenberg was commissioned by the Travel Channel to create a t-shirt image for their hit show, “Man v Food Nation,” hosted by Adam Richman.

Joyce Hesselberth: Gunpowder River Artfest


Joyce Hesselberth focused on the idea of growing an art community for the image on this Gunpowder River Artfest poster. This year's illustration is being printed on t-shirts, posters, banners and more.

Kim Rosen: Fair Fairy

Kim Rosen was hired by CBS Interactive to create the “Fair Fairy” character for GameSpot's Game Market (an online marketplace for buying video games) as well as  three banner ads.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Carl Wiens: Camping 101

Carl Wiens created a series of images for Explore Magazine to illustrate a feature called “Camping 101”. Working with just two colors kept things simple and clear: perfect for this story.

Zara Picken: From Elvis to Auckland

Zara Picken was commissioned by AAA Traveler magazine to create this map of the world for their contents page to mark each feature location.

Mark Smith: Timber

Mark Smith’s recent illustration for The Times of London's Eureka Magazine went with a story about laws regarding the provenance of timber in the UK. Apparently it's ineffectual and wood labeled as 'sustainably sourced' isn't always true to its tag.


Sarah Beetson: Much Ado


Sarah Beetson created these period, yet contemporary-feeling illustrations for the play, “Much Ado About Nothing,” which appeared in the Shakespeare issue of READ magazine.


Eric Hanson: Orientation


True story: Eric Hanson sent a cool pencil drawing from his sketchbook to the art people at Farrar Straus and they replied saying they had just the book for it, a collection of stories for their Faber imprint called “Orientation.”


David Plunkert: A Dam Shame


David Plunkert created the cover art for the current issue of Westword magazine, to illustrate the article, "A Dam Shame." 


Damien Weighill: Infinite Toast

According to Damien Weighill, repeat pattern animated gifs are the future. Yikes!

Graham Smith: A Rat’s Life


Graham Smith combines old school tools (pencils, erasers, India ink, brushes…) with digital magic to create a gritty urban cover for SF Weekly.

Graham Smith: A Rat’s Life


Graham Smith combines old school tools (pencils, erasers, India ink, brushes…) with digital magic to create a gritty urban cover for SF Weekly.

Bunky Hurter: Bikini Ready

Bunky Hurter's illustrations will be featured in the upcoming issue of Greenwich Magazine. The article, "Body of Proof", was written by former model Jill Johnson and explores different exercise routines to get ready for bathing suit season.

Roger Xavier has joined Theispot!

Roger Xavier is the newest member of


David Riley has joined Theispot!

David Riley is the newest member of



Jesse Lenz: My Two Families


Jesse Lenz created this image for the Washingtonian. When a pair of friends decided they both wanted a dog but didn’t have time to care for a pet, they came up with a better idea: they’d share one!

Scott Pollack: Tah-Dah!


Scott Pollack’s great big image in today’s New York Times Tech section illustrates an article revealing tips and tricks that even longtime iPhone users may be unaware of...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chris Gash: Two Months of Science Times

Chris Gash’s Observatory illustration for the New York Times Science section is always a bright spot in our week, as well as his.  “I look forward to Thursday night and solving whatever subatomic or mammalian conundrum they throw at me…and it done make me smarter, too,” declares Chris.  Below, two month’s worth of discoveries:

Ellen Weinstein: Harvard Law Review

Ellen Weinstein created a batch of super-smart images for a recent issue of the Harvard Law Review.

Peter Campofiori: The Not So Crazy Scientist

Peter Campofiori created character designs and illustrations for "The Not So Crazy Scientist," a children's educational literacy book published by Macmillan Education in New Zealand.

Elvis Swift: NetApp

Elvis Swift’s fluid visual shorthand provides the perfect identity for NetApp, a range of innovative storage systems and software that help customers around the world store, manage, protect, and retain one of their most precious corporate assets: their data.

Margaret Hurst: Ella Zoo

Here’s a look at a spread from Magaret Hurst’s sweet new children’s book, Ella Zoo.

Joan Chiverton: A Long Journey with a Friend

Joan Chiverton’s talent for reportage became very personal recently. She tells us, “A friend was diagnosed with lung cancer and asked me to document his experience. He had surgery, a week in the hospital and recovery at home. Then he was told he needed 16 weeks of chemo. These sketches are part of the series.”

Tim Foley: Fun With Army Guys

Tim Foley clearly enjoyed this recent assignment from North Carolina Business magazine. The art director wanted to use the “classic army men toys” and have them dropping into town with parachutes made from dollars.

Vault49: Target RED Magazine Cover

Vault49 was tasked with creating little set design goodness on the cover of Target’s RED magazine to get their employees psyched for summer. They were told it should feel hand-crafted, spontaneous, and like warm-weather fun. We’ll take some of that right about now, thank you!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

David Plunkert: AI 30

Two of David Plunkert’s pieces were selected to be included in American Illustration 30: "White Anxiety" for Time Magazine and "Codeworld" for The New York Times Book Review.

Mark Summers: Houdini

Mark Summers recently illustrated legendary magician Harry Houdini for L.A. Magazine. The occasion: a Houdini exhibit opening at the Skirball Museum. The real magic: the extraordinary talent of Mark Summers!

Nicole Alesi: Thanks, Mom!

Nicole Alesi’s retro spa-themed note cards are perfect to accompany any Mother's Day gift - or perfect as a Mother's Day gift itself!

Jon Reinfurt: In the Game

Jon Reinfurt’s illustration for Major League Baseball explains how important the sounds of the game are to the overall experience. Jon’s image shows a home viewer transported into the middle of a stadium amongst all the crowd noise. “And you can never have too many foam fingers!” observes Jon.

Bri Hermanson: Ponca Playhouse

These are a series of illustrations Bri Hermanson created for the upcoming 2011-2012 season of plays at the theatre in her hometown of Ponca City, Oklahoma.

Antony Hare: Royal Wedding

Antony Hare’s illustration for the New York Times this week goes with an article detailing the menu (or lack thereof) for the upcoming Royal Wedding Reception.

CF Payne: Citizen Glenn

CF Payne’s cover for the New York Observer illustrates Glenn Beck’s inflammatory march from radio to the wilderness of the Web.

David Plunkert: Target Cancer

Dave Plunkert illustrated the cover of Science News for an article called “Target Cancer.”

James Flames: CA Illustration Annual 2011

James Flames’ poster for Lucero's US Tour last year is currently featured in the Communication Arts Illustration Annual 2011.

Kevin McFadin: Foxes & Strawberries

Kevin McFadin got on board this year to support William Fox Elementary in Richmond, VA with top-notch graphics for the 32nd annual staging of their hugely successful Strawberry Street Festival. Kevin’s work will cover t-shirt design, posters and banners.

Scott Pollack: Watch Your Step

According to Scott Pollack’s cover for Barron's this week, the consensus seems to be that the Bears will continue to get crushed by the Bull market.

Kim Rosen: Love Wins

Kim Rosen illustrates The Washington Post book review of Rob Bell's "Love Wins: A Book About Heaven, Hell and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived". The book challenges the Christian notion of Hell and discusses how the biblical story has morphed throughout the years.

Tom Richmond: Enough About You

Tom Richmond’s cover for Utne Reader focuses on the “Me, Me, Me Generation,” featuring a caricature of Kim Kardashian representing our 24/7 narcissistic society. “The art director wanted me to convey how even a casual stroll for someone like her becomes a staged event,” recalls Tom, “And how the public seem to be willing sheep in the process.”

Stephen Savage: Missing the Target


Roy Scott: Stealing a Bright Idea

Roy Scott created a compelling, colorful visual for Wolters Kluwer Health to illustrate an article on plagiarism for flagship publication, Nursing Magazine. The article poses the question, “Is it unethical for a manager to take credit for an idea that was developed by the staff nurses?”

Chris Whetzel: NASCAR Hall Of Famers

Chris Whetzel’s recent Dale Earnhardt image led to yet another Sports Illustrated request for a portrait-approach for their NASCAR 2010-2011 issue. This one was for an article that made predictions about future Hall of Fame inductees along with an estimated date of induction.

Future Perfect?

We’re hearing from more and more artists that editorial commissions involve creating versions for both print and mobile devices.  J.D. King’s cover for the Journal Report section of the Wall Street Journal demonstrates how he adapted the print image, top, for the iPad edition, below.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Milt Klingensmith: Easter Egg Hunts


Milt Klingensmith took a light, childlike approach to this year’s Easter cover for The Grand Rapids Press. “Focusing on using a minimum number of pencil strokes, it felt similar to how I would work with my sumi brushes,” says Milt.


Tim Foley: Twofer Friday

Tim Foley was busy last week with two fast deadlines, one for Newsday, on the topic of the nuclear situation in Japan, and the other for the Wall Street Journal.

Mark Summers: All About the Money


Hot off the press, Mark Summers  illustrates the cover of ESPN magazine for the feature story, "All About the Money," which discusses the top paid athletes and the money making business of sports.

Jesse Lenz: Spin Mix

Jesse Lenz illustrated the Spin Mix image for the May issue of the Spin Magazine iPad edition.

Jason Seiler: The ConeZone

Jason Seiler’s long-term quest to paint Conan O’Brien has at last come to fruition.  Ever supportive, Jason’s wife Cat modeled as part of the supporting cast of characters.

Philippe Debongnie: They Draw & Travel

Philippe Debongnie’s was honored to have an intimate guide map of his native Brussels featured on the "They Draw & Travel" blog. 

Friday, April 22, 2011

David Plunkert: Health Risks

David Plunkert created a series of illustrations for Denver's 5280 Magazine for an article on the biggest health risks for men.

Vault 49: O2 Ireland

Vault 49 have been spiffing things up for O2 Ireland with some 3D goodness for their “O2 Treats” campaign. Given the brand message, the concept and a few elements to include, the Vault 49 team brought the magic. (more)