Thursday, March 31, 2011

Milt Klingensmith: Bob Seger's on the road again

Milt Klingensmith went for a minimal, vintage feel again in his recent portrait of veteran Michigan rocker Bob Seger for the Grand Rapids Press. “I'm really happy with how these celebrity pieces of late rely heavily on the subtleties to carry them,” he explains.

Damien Weighill: The Queen

Damien Weighhill’s delightful print, “Queen,” will be featured in the 'Jealous Needs You' exhibition opening at Jealous Gallery in London today.

Dale Stephanos: Strays


Dale Stephanos completed a quick turnaround cover illustration for SF Weekly about the growing feral cat problem in San Francisco.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tim Foley: Virginia

Tim Foley’s ongoing graphic series, Freaks of Nurture, takes a walk on the wild side of the junior high hallways with the story of “Virginia,” the Bad Girl.

Chris Gash: Toxic Avenger

Chris Gash tackled the March 10 Dallas Observer cover for a feature about an EPA scientist who is taking the local government to task on toxic waste. The art director came up with the idea of doing a satire based on the Toxic Avenger movies, and Chris ran with it.

Dave Stevenson: A Map for the Huntress


Dave Stevenson recently created this black and white map illustration of an imaginary land for the book, "Huntress", written by Malindo Lo and published by Little, Brown and Co.

Hal Mayforth: Drawn From Vermont


Hal Mayforth is one of four artists to be featured in “Drawn From Vermont,” which opens this week at the Vermont College of Fine Arts. Although best known for his cartoons, Hal will instead be showing 32 of his semi-abstract, gently humorous paintings.

Chris Beatrice: The Secret of the Old Swing Bridge


Chris Beatrice designed an illustrated the cover for "The Secret of the Old Swing Bridge," the first volume in a series of young adult adventure books with a Canadian railroad theme.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Michael Austin: Milo Featured on NPR

Michael Austin’s interactive online children’s book, “A Present for Milo,” was featured on National Public Radio’s Morning Edition this week. The segment, “Children's Book Apps: A New World of Learning,” discusses digital development of well-known kids' books, as well as brand new book apps like, “Milo”.

Shaw Nielsen: Summer Sweep

Shaw Nielsen created an illustration for today’s NY Times showing how the improving US economy makes finding good deals on summer beach home rentals more difficult: others are swooping in and renting the best ones early.

Christian Lindemann: Charlatans

Christian Lindemann was recently commissioned by his steady client, Migros Magazine in Switzerland, to illustrate an article about “charlatans in business".

Chris Whetzel: All-American Golf

Chris Whetzelrecently did an illustration for Golf Magazine featuring the iconic Uncle Sam image. The premise of the article was why American golfers have been shut out of major tournaments lately.

John Michael Thompson: Society of Illustrators Exhibition

John Michael Thompson’s exhibition, “India,” in the Member’s Gallery of the Society of Illustrators opens today and runs through April 23rd.

La Boca: Vivid Live

La Boca was much honored to create the 2011 artwork for Vivid Live at the Sydney Opera House.

Michele Rosenthal: First Friends

Michele Rosenthal illustrated a fun piece for the April issue of Parenting Magazine. The article draws an analogy between preschool friendships and particular celebrity friendships; naturally, she got to draw a bunch of famous people as kids.


Two of Hal Mayforth’s limited edition Giclee prints are featured for sale in the spring 2011 Artful Home catalogue.

Monica Lee: What’s Old is New Media


We’re always fascinated by Monica Lee’s creative process.  Having received samples of her new fabric collection, “Now We’re Goin’ Places,” for Timeless Treasures, Monica immediately knew her next move: embroidery!


Ken Perkins: Fresh Start


Ken Perkins has produced a series of in store posters for Barnes and Noble; this one focuses on the Health & Fitness book section. 

Monday, March 28, 2011

12 New England Illustrators

Ispotters Jamie Hogan and Marty Braun, from the beautiful state of Maine, clued us into a group show they are participating in, in Danielson, CT called, "12 New England Illustrators," at Quinebaug Valley Community College. Here is Marty, with his work:

Chris Gash: NYT Letters

Chris Gash illustrates the New York Times Letters column today on the topic of exactly what was voted on in Wisconsin when they elected Gov. Scott Walker.

Jesse Lenz: Adolescent?

Jesse Lenz illustrated an article for Philadelphia Magazine about a local professor whose new book claims it's acceptable for kids to live at home until they are 25, based on science that now tells us the brain isn't fully formed until the mid 20's.

James Yang: Fly With Me

James Yang created this illustration for the New York Times Sunday Business section to accompany an article about the Web making a comeback.

Mark Smith: 100 Days

This illustration by Mark Smith appeared the Guardian, UK, Sunday Supplement this past weekend. The story concerned the head of a huge accountancy firm who was given 100 days to live after being diagnosed with a tumor.


Pete Ryan: Cornered


Pete Ryan really did have a wonderful time playing with bulldozers for this illustration in the Washington Post about a neighborhood that is being wrecked by construction.

Carrie Hartman: The Urban Garden

Carrie Hartman was happy to create an illustration for an article entitled "The Urban Garden" for the March issue of The Fort Wayne Monthly.

Goni Montes: Amerithrax


Goni Montes illustrates “Amerithrax” for WIRED magazine.

Charrow: For the Love of PB

Charrow was commissioned by a MAJOR peanut butter aficionado to create this image of ultimate devotion…

Alex Nabaum: Society for News Design Silver


Alex Nabaum’s "Great Migration," done for the Boston Globe Magazine, won a Silver Award in this year's Society for News Design competition.

Nick Rotondo: The Merger

The current cover by Nick Rotondo for Realtor AE magazine features a fluid interpretation, via 3D digital watercolor, depicting association mergers in a positive and dynamic manner while avoiding the usual cliched concepts. 

Daniel Bueno: Bologna Children's Book Fair Prize

“My Cousin’s Corner Window / A Janela de Esquina do Meu Primo,” illustrated by Daniel Bueno, and written by E.T.A. Hoffmann, received Honorable Mention in the New Horizons category at the prestigious Bologna Children’s Book Fair in Italy. 

Steve Lux: Blockhead!


Steve Lux’s loving tribute to Good Ol’ Charlie Brown (with a hat-tip to Lego blocks) is prominently featured on GoComics as part of their "Celebrating Peanuts” theme.

Steve Lux: Blockhead!

Steve Lux’s loving tribute to Good Ol’ Charlie Brown (with a hat-tip to Lego blocks) is prominently featured on GoComics as part of their "Celebrating Peanuts” theme.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Akiko Kato: Dance for Japan

Akiko Kato donated her time and talent to create an image to promote the benefit performance, Dance for Japan. Participating dancers come from companies including American Ballet Theatre, Mark Morris Dance Group, Cedar Lake Dance Ensemble, The Francesca Harper Project and more.

Dance for Japan
@ Mark Morris Dance Center
3 Lafayette Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11217

Saturday, April 16th, 2011
Minimum donation: $25

Paul Cox: Well-Suited

Paul Cox created these splendid paintings for bespoke tailoring company Anderson & Sheppard in England. Being a Brit himself, Paul certainly knows how to portray the elegance of a well-fitting suit on a gentleman of class.

David Plunkert: Original Art at Giant Robot for Unicef

David Plunkert created this 8 x 10” painted collage for the Unicef TAP Project Fundraiser at Giant Robot.  There are original works of art for sale by many different artists; 100% of the proceeds from each sale will be donated to Unicef.

David Fullarton: Disaster Movies and Shameless Celebrity Namedropping


David Fullarton clues us in to the appearance of two of his paintings in the soon-to-be completed Hollywood Blockbuster Disaster Movie from director Steven Soderbergh entitled Contagion, starring Jude Law, Matt Damon, Kate Winslet, Gwyneth Paltrow and Laurence Fishburne.

Graham Smith: Survive the Dive

Graham Smith received a dream assignment for Philadelphia Magazine's April issue: draw a dive bar.  Perfect for his noir pen and ink style! Graham immediately installed himself in a booth at the Ruby Room; cocktails were ordered and "the work" began.

Pete Ryan: The Rememberers


Pete Ryan illustrated a recent feature story for Orange Coast magazine about a woman who is one of a small group of people that remember everything that ever happened to them.

Ella Tjader: Globus

Ella Tjader’s beautifully elegant art adorns the pages of the spring catalog from Globus, a high end Swiss department store.

Neil Duerden: Smirnoff


Neil Duerden’s long running relationship with the Smirnoff brand in the US has involved creating all types of visuals. Here’s one of his graphic systems designed to cover all executions of below-the-line promotion.

La Boca: Lucifer

Inspired by the 1972 film, Lucifer RisingLa Boca has teamed up with Sixpack France to create an entire range of groovy limited edition products:

Zara Picken: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow


Zara Picken illustrates an overview of the many suggested treatments and “cures” for hair loss in women for St. Louis Magazine.

Jon Krause: Pick, Plan, Spend, Invest

Jon Krause was commissioned by Smart Money magazine to create these four subject openers for the April issue.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Max Estes: Alfabetfesten


Max Estes’ latest children's book, “Alfabetfesten,” published by Norway's Cappelen Damm is now in print.  Sweet!

Daniel Bueno has joined Theispot!


Daniel Bueno is the newest member of


Craig LaRotonda: Lost Between Aberration and Absurdity


Craig LaRotonda's upcoming solo show of original work "Lost Between Aberration and Absurdity," will take place during the 4thannual Trimania event at The Buffalo Arts Studio.

Linda Davick: We Love Our School!

Linda Davick’s latest picture book, about the first day of school, combines a story in rhyme by Judy Sierra with Linda’s colorful graphic rebuses, making it a fun read for parent and child to share. Children about to enter kindergarten or first grade will get a sense of accomplishment by "reading" the little rebus pictures in the story. 

Jodee Taylah: Children of the In-between

Jodee Taylah’s intense debut graphic novel, Children of the In-between, imagines the dark region between life and death.

Milt Klingensmith: Ludacris in K-zoo


Milt Klingensmith illustrated another great cover for the Kalamazoo Gazette, this time in honor of the arrival of rapper Ludacris.  Milt went for a minimal, vintage jazz album cover vibe.

Bill Cigliano: Gadaffi

Bill Cigliano visualizes Muammar Gadaffi burning in his own hubris: “Seems like self-immolation, but I think he likes it, the martyr thing…” muses Bill.