Monday, February 28, 2011

Goni Montes: Can This Marriage Be Saved?

Goni Montes illustrates his contemporary take on the Ladies’ Home Journal classic advice column, “Can This Marriage Be Saved?”

Mike Hirshon: Jesus at the Senior Center

Mike Hirshon takes on the Hear Ye! feature for AARP magazine, the topic this time being a pastor's right to use a city-funded senior center for religious purposes.  Allowed or not?

Freek van Haagen has joined Theispot!

Freek van Haagen is the newest member of



Mark Hess: Trojan Pig

Mark Hess’s “Trojan Pig” is part of a double-take-worthy campaign for the Field Museum, in Chicago. The posters, featuring horse-driven iconic images, minus the horse, announces the museum’s historical look at the importance of the equine element in human history.

Asaf Hanuka: Trademarking Yoga

Asaf Hanuka amusing illustrates Metal Yoga (not to be confused with BROga) for an article in BusinessWeek magazine about the yoga-related trademarking craze

John Tomac: Happy Meal Lawsuit

John Tomac channeled the Pied Piper with this illustration for Inside Counsel's coverage of a California lawsuit alleging that McDonald's illegally markets to children. 

Paul Morton: Build-a-Lot


Paul Morton recently illustrated this game cover for iWin and Somerset Entertainment. It features quite a wide array of buildings and greenery to choose from, kind of an eco-twist on the “Sim City” type games.

Paul Morton: Build-a-Lot

Paul Morton recently illustrated this game cover for iWin and Somerset Entertainment. It features quite a wide array of buildings and greenery to choose from, kind of an eco-twist on the “Sim City” type games.

Monica Lee: The Forever Crush

Monica Lee’s third cover for the Pink Locker Society series of tween books tip toes into the purple tone zone- perfect for a crush!

Alex Nabaum: ESPN Fiction Issue

Alex Nabaum’s cover for the special Fiction Issue of ESPN magazine is a true winner!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Tyler Jacobson: Fortune Cards

Tyler Jacobson recently produced a set of illustrations for Dungeons & Dragon's Fortune Cards game, “Shadow of Nentir Vale.” One of them, a Dwarf Slayer piece named Fargrim, is on the box art as well.

Alanna Cavanagh: Birdcage Process

Alanna Cavanagh’s charming patterns are seemingly effortless, but a look at her creative process reveals plenty of hard work, discipline and many pots of coffee!

Nicole Alesi: Black History Month, Part 3

Nicole Alesi concludes her wonderful Black History Month Series with a final quartet of contemporary Divas.

Tim Foley: Crime No Longer Pays

Tim Foley worked a quick turnaround assignment for Newsday about the closing of a Nassau county Crime Lab and its implications for the region.

David Plunkert: Diabolique

The Diabolique cover David Plunkert designed and illustrated has been included in Time Magazine's Top 10 Criterion Collection Covers. This new package, created for the 1954 classic French thriller, can be ordered in both Blu-ray and DVD formats.

Eli Harris: Double Exhibitions

Eli Harris will exhibit work in two group shows in San Francisco next month. March 4th and 5th. The first, opening March 4th will be at D-StructureSF, curated by the clothing line Bush and Leavenworth. The second show, “The Letter Collector,” opens March 5th at Gallery Hijinks. 

Jacob Thomas: Kudos!

Jacob Thomas’s energetic section cover for the LA Times, “Blasting Off to Comic-Con,” has made him a Best of News Design Creative Competition Winner.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Betsy Everitt: Scrapbooking

Betsy Everitt created this sweet image to accompany an article in the February 2011 issue of Creating Keepsakes on fun ways to boost your creativity in scrapbooking.

Kim Rosen: Billabong!

Kim Rosen had the pleasure of illustrating not one, but TWO surfboards for Billabong, both for use as in-store displays. The first board is in five stores throughout the country; the new one will be in a Billabong store in Florida.

Margaret Lee: Baby Gaga

Margaret Lee created these illustrations for Baby Talk magazineto accompany an article about teaching your baby to learn and love language.

Dave Stevenson: Egyptian Gods

Although Dave Stevenson is best known for his intricately detailed hand-drawn maps, he also works in a range of other styles...for example, this series of Egyptian gods in traditional poses against a background of hieroglyphs for the cover of a book titled, "Pathworking with the Egyptian Gods" 


Jon Reinfurt: Growing Up Fast

Jon Reinfurt  created this image for The Children's Hospital Boston, for an article dealing with girls who hit puberty at an early age. The AD wanted the image to read as if the viewer was the parent about to watch their little innocent girl instantly transform into a fully developed woman.

Pete Ryan: Cottage Life

For Pete Ryan, the first sign of spring is another assignment from Cottage Life magazine. “Ahhhhh, Cottage Life, takers of my most outrageous ideas - so much fun to work with,” Pete muses.  Here, Pete illustrates a piece was about loving your dock spiders ...

Tom Richmond: Sad Men

TomRichmond gave us a sneak peek at the splash page and a few images from the parody of “Sad Men” he illustrated for MAD#508.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tim Zeltner: Cowgirl Up!

Tim Zeltner painted the cowboy boot used as the award for the Cowgirl Up! show, now in it’s 6th year. What began as a show and sale held at the Desert Caballeros Western Museum in Arizona is now a month-long exhibition of work by women artists who strive to capture the spirit and lifestyle of the West.

Jason Seiler: Mama Grizzly

Jason Seiler had just two days to create this Sarah Palin cover for the New York Observer.  “So, I painted fast but had loads of fun along the way!” Jason tells us. “I kept it more loose and painterly, which I love to do anyway.”

Jon Burgerman: Nouveaux Dessins

Jon Burgerman currently has an exhibition of new work at Galerie Issue in Paris.

Matt Dorfman: Less Than Human

St. Martin’s Press contacted Matt Dorfman a short while back about this book cover with an extremely succinct brief, essentially: “DEHUMANIZATION. SLAVERY. OPPRESSION. HUMAN VIOLENCE. TREAT IT LIKE AN OP/ED. GO!

Pietari Posti: First Day of Issue

Pietari Posti created this beautifully fresh artwork for a First Day Cover and stamps for Finnish postal system.


Ryan Snook: Healthy Families, Healthy Kids

Ryan Snook illustrates an article for Baltimore Magazine about families working on a healthier lifestyle.

David Plunkert: Aprihop!

Dave Plunkert proudly displays the first in a series of screenprints for Dogfish Head Craft Brewery's seasonal beers. Signed prints will be available at starting March 1.

James Shepherd: Decisions, Decisions

James Shepherd created a couple of surprised-looking kids for Clubhouse magazine, published by Focus on the Family.  The story is about children, around the age of 12, making good decisions.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tim Foley: Toe Jam

Tim Foley’s latest illustration for the Wall Street Journal appeared in an 'Aches & Claims' column about a new laser treatment for foot fungus.

James Yang: Passive / Active

James Yang creates cover and interior illustrations for Morningstar Advisor Magazine on the topic of passive and active investing.

Tom White: NYT Education Life

Tom White illustrated the latest cover for the New York Times Education Lifesupplement. The visual challenge was to come up with a solution which presented the university genre, but emphasized the "you" part of "U" 

Pete Ryan: Tick-Tock

Pete Ryan has fun with a metronome to illustrate an article on various areas of reform meant to produce overall educational consistency.

Mark Smith: Troubled Water

Mark Smith illustrates a front of section piece for the Financial Times about investors returning to more volatile markets as the 'safer' markets are showing poor returns at the moment.

Aaron Minier: Battle of Destiny

Aaron Minier was honored to collaborate with writer Chuck Dixon on Battle of Destiny, out May 10, 2011 and now available for pre-order in Bookstore.

Rob Kelly: Strip Till Dead

Rob Kelly jumped at the chance to create a vintage-y cover illustration for this crime novel involving murder in the world of stripping. 

James Shepherd: Big Oil

James Shepherd was asked to create a cover image for a story about “Big Oil” companies that no longer service convenience stores.  The premise: semi pulling oil tank trailer labeled BIG OIL turning off a ramp with EXIT sign.

Peter Diamond: Mixed Martial Hearts

Peter Diamond illustrated the Valentine’s edition of The Drabblecast, a fiction podcast specializing in weird tales and 100-word stories called ‘drabbles’. Mixed Martial Hearts was a first-person narrative of an MMA fighter resolving to reveal his feelings for the man he loves. Right after he finishes beating him to within an inch of his life.

La Boca: Recent Work

La Boca updates us on a few of their coolest new projects; first, this poster designed in collaboration with video director Cassiano Prado.

Eric Hanson: Rethinking Pop Culture

This illustration is one of a series Eric Hanson created for a book titled, Rethinking Pop Culture. This chapter was about how stereotyping dictates the toys our kids play with, something the majority of children wouldn't notice.

Chris Whetzel: Bait Car

Chris Whetzel had a great time illustrating a cover and interior image for SF Weekly, on the topic of a reality show called “Bait Car,” which was moving from Los Angeles to San Francisco under questionable motives.

Goni Montes: Herne

Goni Montes illustrates “Herne” for his client, designer Ninh Nguyen. 

Sarah Beetson: Dresden Dolls

Punk mistress Sarah Beetson has just finished this piece for musician Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls. Sarah’s provocative imagery appears on products such as signed artist prints, t-shirts and pillowcases, available through Post-War Trade.

Karen Greenberg: Skirt! Rules All Year

Karen Greenberg happily reports that she’s been continuing with the Skirt! Rules project for Skirt! Magazine, featuring "Do's and Don'ts for the Modern Girl.”  Here are the last four months; Karen is in discussions now about producing a calendar…

Christian Lindemann: Mistakes

Christian Lindemann was recently commissioned by Swiss client Migros Magazine to illustrate an article titled “Don’t be Ashamed to Make Mistakes." 

Jason Seiler: Fire the Rich!

Jason Seiler  obviously had a blast with this cover and interior image for the Utne Reader. “I had nearly two weeks to paint both the cover and the inside illustration, and believe me, it took every minute I had,” says Jason.

Roy Scott: Under Surveillance

Roy Scott was commissioned by Wolters Kluwer Health to illustrate an article about the ethical ramifications of "colleague surveillance” in a Hospital Nursing Unit.

Phil Marden : Job Referrals

Phil Marden's latest illustration depicts, with gentle humor, how referrals can influence the outcome of your job interview.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Jacob Thomas: Music & Creativity

We like seeing Jacob Thomas go a little outside his comfort zone in this Sunday Calendarcover for the Los Angeles Times on the topic of Music’s Relationship to Creativity.