Monday, January 31, 2011

Chris Jennings: Brain Booster

Chris Jennings had a lot of fun illustrating ten steps to boosting your brainpower, for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

TopDog Illustration: WE!

TopDog Illustration has done a series of informational graphics for Microsoft’s Windows Embedded, covering a variety of industries. In this particular illustration the focus is on the healthcare industry.

Jason Seiler: Digital Painting Techniques, Vol 2

Jason Seiler is honored to be a part of the just-published second volume of Digital Painting Techniques. One of Jason’s paintings appears on the back cover; the details of its creation appear in depth inside.

Kim Rosen: January “Coupling”

Kim Rosen always enjoys working on the "Coupling" stories for The Boston Globe Sunday Magazine.

Paul Morton: Jungle Jamboree

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Paul Morton created this fun set of magic game cards for his favorite children's magicians - Razamatazz Magic.

Phil Disley: Egypt

Phil Disley comments on the Egyptian protests for The Guardian, UK.

Marcus Cutler: Keep the Heat

To celebrate hitting 500,000 subscribes, Alex of YouTube's “Keep the Heat” fame commissioned Marcus Cutler to produce this fresh new background. 


Michael Hirshon: O?

Michael Hirshon created this image for the Los Angeles Times to illustrate an article on a new novel, "O," and its anonymous author. In the past, publishing novels anonymously has resulted in strong book sales, as people who read the book try to discover who the actual author is.

Matt Dorfman: Bigger Oil

Matt Dorfman illustrates a story for Bloomberg Business Week, observing how small, independent drilling companies are being bought up by larger oil corporations in the wake of the Gulf oil spill.

Jamie Hogan: 2 Pianos 4 Hands

At last! The illustration Jamie Hogan worked on during the summer for Portland (Maine) Stage Company is now showing up all over that beautiful city!

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Mark Hess: What’s Broken in Greece

Mark Hess commanded the front page of the Sunday New York Times Business Day section with this image illustrating the deep-rooted frustrations of entrepreneurship in Greece. 

Friday, January 28, 2011


Alex Nabaum created this stark image for a Friday New York Times Op Ed piece by Nicholas Noe.


Serge Seidlitz was commissioned by Macmillan Publishers to work on the repackaging of the well-loved books of Judy Blume. The emphasis was to open Judy Blume up to a whole new audience and to develop a signature style that would work across eleven titles in the series, from the younger children's books to the teen titles.

Jon Reinfurt: Knight in Shining Armor

For the last few years Jon Reinfurt has illustrated New Scientist's special "Graduate Careers" edition. Here's the latest batch for the 2011 issue, which included a full page illustration, quarter page, and two spots.

Jesse Lenz: The Man behind the Mouths

Jesse Lenz grabs the cover of The Pitch with this surreal portrat of Pat Grey, Kansas City's most notorious campaign guru.


Kim Rosen: Know Your Board Members

Here is an image by Kim Rosen for the current Associations Now that was turned into an interactive illustration. The article is about knowing your board members and learning how to deal with all the different personalities in the board room.


Sholto Walker: Louis the Tiger

Sholto Walker created the delightful illustrations for a new children’s book, “Louis the Tiger Who Came From the Sea,” out this month from Annick Press.


Brian Stauffer: SI 53 Editorial Kudos

Brian Stauffer has a staggering amount of amazing work from the past year accepted into the Society of Illustrators 53 - Book and Editorial Exhibit, opening Friday, February 4th.

Jack Molloy: Phillips Lytle

Jack Molloy creates a travelogue mood in these ads for attorneys Phillips Lytle, The Go-To Firm for New York State Law.”

Tom White: Two for the Road

Tom White’s typographic illustrations have taken him all over the place lately.  He was commissioned by the Shaw Company in St. Louis to design the logo for the Bud Light Bowl, a Budweiser promotional event held in Texas around the time of the Super Bowl.

Jing Wei: January Update

Jing Wei brings us up to speed on a few of her favorite things from this past month.  First, this 9 x 9” woodcut print for SooJin Buzelli in the February issue of PlanSponsor, on the topic of "Healthcare for Executives." 


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

James Flames: Fever Dreaming

James Flames created a 6-color screenprint poster for the band No Age, to advertise their recent show in Asheville, NC. The poster is inspired by their song "Fever Dreaming".

Stephen Savage: Where’s Walrus: The Movie

We blogged before about Stephen Savage’s sweet picture book for Scholastic, “Where’s Walrus?” But we HAVE to share this super-cute live-action-meets-animation book trailer:

Chris Gash: Sweetheart Swindle

Chris Gash has kicked off 2011 with some fun assignments, like this cover for the Dallas Observer about a woman who romances the pants off older men and then relieves them of their savings.

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Kurt Huggins & Zelda Devon: Black Plague

Kurt Huggins & Zelda Devon managed to have fun, even as they illustrated the Black Plague for Pearson Education.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Susan Swan: Washington’s Teeth

Susan Swan’s cover for the beloved children’s magazine, Spider, accompanies an article concerning true tales of George Washington and his dental problems.

Jesse Lenz: Boston Magazine

Jesse Lenz illustrates an article for Boston Magazine on Steven Tyler joining the crew at American Idol, and why this move could rescue Aerosmith.

Tim Foley: Go, Team!

Tim Foley cleverly repurposes his entire range of presidential portraits into T-shirts, complete with their starting line-up numbers.  Available to order, for both good sports and sore losers, through

Dave Stevenson: Laramie Longhorn Campaign

Dave Stevenson illustrated a map of the U.S. reminiscent of an old cattle trail map for the new Laramie Longhorn Truck ad campaign.

Ryan Snook: Ticked Off

Ryan Snook illustrated a humorous story for Indianapolis Monthly about the writer's love/hate relationship with his clocks. Specifically, his disdain for his quantum-logic clock and his love for the handmade one given to him by a friend.

Damien Weighill: Clerkenwell Design Week

Damien Weighill shares a little preview of illustrations he’s been working on for Clerkenwell Design Week, 2011.

Ken Orvidas: Duke Cancer Report

Ken Orvidas illustrated the cover of The Duke Cancer Report, as well as three full page “portraits” of cancer survivors who were treated at Duke. The Report goes to a national audience of cancer physicians; its goal is to enhance Duke’s reputation among these peers as one of the country’s top cancer centers.

Eric Hanson: Kids & Science

Eric Hanson did this illustration a week ago for Children's Advocate, a magazine published out of Berkeley, but art directed by Eric’s old friend, Patrick JB Flynn. out of Madison, Wisconsin. (Isn't web commerce marvelous?)

Stephen Savage: Moscow Bombing

Stephen Savage was called for a fast response to yesterday’s suicide bombing in Moscow for today's New York Times Business Day.

Jesse Lenz: Identity Theft for Hadassah Magazine

Jesse Lenz illustrates an article in Hadassah Magazine by an elderly woman who was tricked by a fraudulent email into giving out her social security number.

Sean McCabe: Guns. Speech. Madness.

It is sometimes the job of an illustrator to visually distill tragic events, even as we struggle to make sense of it all.  Relying on his strong creative skills and sensitivity, Time magazine selected Sean McCabe to illustrate the cover and two full page portraits of Gabrielle Giffords and Jared Loughner.

Jose Pardo: The Vega Proxy

Jose Pardo just finished a science fiction wraparound book cover for Dean Ruggles’ novel, “The Vega Proxy,” coming soon fromTate Publishing.

Marty Braun: The Center of Gravity

Marty Braun has just completed another terrific poster image for Portland Stage (Portland, ME). “The Center of Gravity,” is historical fiction, a whimsical look at the Wright Brothers and how things might have gone.

Milt Klingensmith: Epidemic of the Self Absorbed

The headline suggestion, below, sparked this illustration by Milt Klingensmith for a piece on the trend of increasingly self absorbed students.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Chris Beatrice: Mimir's Well

Chris Beatrice created the cover design and illustration for the first volume in a series of novels called The Valkyrie Sagas, which blends contemporary real world settings and characters with the gods and creatures of Viking mythology.

Fian Arroyo: Fandooble

Fian Arroyo had a blast creating the box cover art for new dice game “Fandooble” for Mindtwister, USA. Fian was given free reign on the characters and composition. “Being a skateboarder myself, it was a real treat working with the owner of the company who happens to be skate legend Tony Magnusson!”

Jacob Thomas: Tiger Mothers in Traning

Jacob Thomas illustrates "Tiger Mothers in Training" for New York magazine. "To judge from the backlash, lots of American parents find Amy Chua horrifying. To judge from the book sales, something else is going on…"

Tracy Walker: Lunar New Year Stamps

Tracy Walker illustrated this elegant rabbit to celebrate the Chinese year of the metal rabbit for Canada Post. Embossed foil stamping was used on the stamps as a reference to the “metal” element of this Year of the Rabbit.

Bri Hermanson: Scratchboard Menagerie

Bri Hermanson created 13 large (18x24") scratchboard panels for a recent gallery exhibition in Oklahoma. “This was my first time exhibiting original scratchboards,” says Bri, “I really enjoyed making these images and exploring ways I could imagine animals moving.”

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