Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ken Orvidas: SI 53

Ken Orvidas’s piece done for the New York Times: Science Times, about child safety during summer play, was accepted into the Society of Illustrators 53rd Annual exhibition.

Scott Brundage: Schoolhouse Knock

Scott Brundage rose happily to the challenge of illustrating the unsteady financial future of colleges and universities for The Deal magazine. The art director encouraged Scott to push the "unsteady" aspect of the piece and have fun with it... (more)

Spectrum 17: Ispotters Front to Back

Spectrum continues to be THE showcase for fantastic and fantasy art—the sheer variety of style, tone and media and subject matter is stunning. Starting with Gregory Manchess’s front cover painting, the 17th edition is rich with the work of more than a dozen ispotters, many with multiple images.  Congratulations to all!

Kim Rosen: November “Coupling”

Curated for your viewing pleasure, a month’s worth of Kim Rosen’s images for the “Coupling” feature in the Boston Globe Sunday Magazine..

Alex Nabaum: Fight Pollution

Alex Nabaum created this piece for the Progressive to illustrate an article on how powerful the fossil fuel industries are and that it would take a grassroots effort to fight their influence.

Chris Whetzel: MLB Program

Chris Whetzel was super psyched to get an assignment for the 2010 Major League Baseball World Series Program. Along with the usual scorecard and player info, the program also features great articles for the fans to enjoy.

Laurie Lafrance: Olympic Gold

Laurie Lafrance was thrilled to learn that her Olympic postage stamp has been awarded the “Prix Olympia 2010″ Gold Medal by the Olympic Philately Numismatic and Memorabilia Commission. 

Yuta Onoda: A Helping Hand

This piece was done by Yuta Onoda for the December issue of Runner's World. The article was about an accomplished runner who introduces her friends to the sport.

James Flames has joined theispot!

Our newest member, James Flameshas joined theispot!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Eric Hanson: Stale Food Fight

Eric Hanson commands the Monday morning Op Ed page of the NY Times with this witty, cranky drawing about the difficulty of improving the safety of the American food supply through legislation. 

Jeanine Henderson: Strap of a Jock

Jeanine Henderson illustrated a fun story on a cool short-fiction blog, Secret Lives of the Unemployed, that chronicles three Brooklyn neighbors, who after a year of being unemployed stop looking for work and embrace their lives of permanent hooky.


Jesse Kuhn: Titan of the Triathlon

Jesse Kuhn created this Talk of the Town illo for 417 Magazine to go with a story about a Local 417 member who qualified for the world Ironman competition in Florida.


Michael Morgenstern: Holocaust Denial

Here is a recent illustration by Michael Morgenstern, commissioned by The Chronicle Review on the subjectof Holocaust denial and the issue of free speech in academia. 


Paul Morton: Wally Meets the Polar Bears

Paul Morton has just finished this latest illustration for the new Wally Woppapotamus book by Helen Bonney, "Wally Meets the Children of the World."

Harvey Chan: Viva Mexico

Harvey Chan created these richly patterned illustrations for READ’s “Viva Mexico” issue. The story,  Xibalba Games, follows a Mayan Creation Myth about two twin brothers, rulers of earth and sky.

James Yang: SI 53

James Yang just discovered that these two illustrations have been accepted by the Society of Illustrators for their 53rd Annual.

John Tomac: Fordham University Summer Session

Winter may still be a few weeks away, but John Tomac is helping college students focus on their plans for next summer already with this image for Fordham University’s 2011 Summer Session course catalog.

Randy Pollak has joined theispot!

Our newest member, Randy Pollak has joined theispot!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

La Boca: Eight:48

La Boca  is pleased to be featured in the new issue of Eight: 48, a magazine focused on the art of poster design. The magazine highlights a new colourway of La Boca's design for Sixpack film "It was On Earth That I Knew Joy" directed by Jean-baptiste de Laubier.

Kurt Huggins & Zelda Devon: King Charlemagne

[[posterous-content:pid___0]]Kurt Huggins & Zelda Devon reveal another series of beautiful illustrations commissioned by Pearson Education. This set features the tale of King Charlemagne.

Leon Mussche: Office Automatization

Leon Mussche recently created these illustrations for an article about the developments in office automatization in the latest issue of Topix magazine.

Erika Steiskal has joined theispot!


Our newest member, Erika Steiskal has joined theispot!

Jason Mecier: Happy Thanksgiving!

Jason Mecier created this festive food portrait of Sarah Hale, the woman who talked Abe Lincoln into the Thanksgiving Holiday, for this month's Hemisphere Magazine.

Joe McKendry: Give Thanks!

Joe McKendry cooks up this crazy / cozy Thanksgiving feast for this week’s Village Voice cover.  The issue features the Thanksgiving Week Honor Roll, a yearly shout-out to those who labor behind the scenes to bring dignity and fairness to New York City.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mark Smith: Tracking the Bear

This is one of eight illustrations Mark Smith did for Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine recently. The starting point he was given: use footprints to illustrate how to spot the next bear market.

Jesse Kuhn: A Few Good Googlers

Jesse Kuhn  created this extremely interactive full page illo for Pamona College. The story was about the hiring process at Google and the man in charge of that process, Laszlo Bock, who just happens to be a Pamona alumnus.

Brad Yeo: SI53 GOLD

Brad Yeo has won the 53rd Annual Society of Illustrators' Gold Medal in the Advertising category. The winning piece was done for the Founders' Gallery at The Military Museum in Canada.

VAULT 49: We Heart Biomega

Vault 49 has created lushly romantic gift packaging for Biomega’s high-end salon range of hair care products.

Nina Frenkel: ELF the Musical

Nina Frenkel recently had the opportunity to create illustration and animation for ELF the Musical, which just opened on Broadway for the holiday season.

Peggy Fussell: Hedge Fun

Peggy Fussell’s assignments from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden are always a lot of fun. This one was for an article in the current issue of Plants & Garden News about the challenges of growing hedges for privacy. Patience, my dear…

Jeremy Forson: LIVE_F>A>S>T>

Jeremy Forson’s edgy illustrations of hot chicks with tattoos caught the eye of LIVE_F>A>S>T>, the online magazine of fashion, art, sex and travel.  They featured Jeremy and his work in a recent Q & A.

Cathi Mingus: Let’s Dress Up!

Hot off the press ....Cathi Mingus creates hours of mix and match fashion fun with this Flip & Draw book for Mudpuppy! 

Charrow: New Mugs

Charrow’s refreshing artwork adapts perfectly to the surface of these lovely mugs.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Ryan Snook: Driver’s Dread

Ryan Snook looks forward to his regular assignments from Indianapolis Monthly magazine because they’re always just so darn fun!  This month was no exception, with humorous story about a father teaching his son to drive and regretting it ever since.

Liz Lomax: Barney’s Holiday Windows

Liz Lomax is living the Great New York Dream: Working with legendary Creative Director Simon Doonan on the Holiday windows of Barney’s, New York.

James Yang: Apps on the Road

wJames Yang illustrates the iPhone apps for traveling, for the Wall Street Journal.

Edward Kinsella: SI53

Edward Kinsella informs us that these two haunting pieces on “Zombie Economics” for the Milken Institute Review have been accepted by the Society of Illustrators for their 53rd Annual.

Chris Beatrice: Grave Robber

Chris BeatriceChris Beatrice created this cover image for the upcoming Bloomsbury release, The Grave Robber’s Secret, due out February 15, 2011.

Akiko Kato: Sokolow Theater Dance Ensemble

Akiko Kato has another illustration in The New Yorker this week for the Sokolow Theatre / Dance Ensemble's ‘Kurt Weill’ performance at the Baryshnikov Arts Center.

Steven Noble: Curiously Strong Altoids Packaging

Spring Design Partners in New York tapped into Steven Noble’s expertise in woodcut style illustrations for colorful new Altoids packaging. Known for their Curiously Strong Mints, Altoids has now branched out to sours, gum and sugar free mints.

Jason Seiler: MLB World Series Program

Jason Seiler was honored to illustrate an article for this year’s World Series program with a full page and two spots.  Jason’s looser, more painterly style worked well with the subject matter (and the tight timetable!)

Friday, November 19, 2010

VAULT 49: Luma Bespoke: Creative

Luma invited Vault 49 to be a part of their Bespoke: Creative project where artists are asked to create two bike frames. “Inspired by the city we inhabit, we let our creativity run route across these two frames,” the team enthuses. “Here are a few sneaky pics from the exhibition, which took place in the heart of London’s Shoreditch.”

Harry Campbell: SI53

Harry Campbell had three pieces accepted by the Society of Illustrators this year: two in Uncommissioned and one in Editorial.

Ian Vanderhill has joined theispot!

Our newest member, Ian Vanderhill has joined theispot! 

Jonathan Williams: City Trumps

Square Mile magazine commissioned Jonathan Williams to conjure this illustration of the archetypal quantitative academic for a series of 'City Trumps.' 

La Boca: Aol

Here are the first two images produced by La Boca for Aol as part of the Aol Artists initiative.

Jacob Thomas: Spazz Dad Christmas

Jacob Thomas’s on-going gig for Metro Magazine’s Spazz Dad column has him illustrating one of the author’s past jobs: he was the “problem solver” for a Christmas tree salesman.


Christian Lindemann: Making Peace

Christian Lindemann created this illustration for Swiss Migros magazine for an article about making peace with bad memories.

Roy Scott: Brain Death

Heathcare publishing giant Wolters and Kluwer Health commissioned Roy Scott to create this compelling cover illustration for Nursing Magazine's December issue.

Jose Pardo: High Noon

Thanks to theispot, Jose Pardo just finished a big project for High Noon Books, a publisher specializing in books for young, struggling readers. The project involved five book covers, including Space Pirates, shown here, and 15 interior illustrations.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kim Rosen: SI53

Kim Rosen just found out that her inspired portrait of writer Jhumpa Lahiri was selected for inclusion in the Society of Illustrators 53rd Annual.

Jason Seiler: SI53

Jason Seiler’s cover painting for the Miami New Times, "Blow Hard" was accepted into the Society of Illustrators 53rd Annual exhibition.

Pete Ryan: A Show of Hands

Pete Ryan pulled together three very cohesive images for three different articles appearing in RBC Dexia, the magazine of Royal Bank, Canada. The first article was about smaller, alternative investments reinventing themselves as good investments rather than certain debt.


Rob Kelly: Aasif Mandvi

Rob Kelly's "Hot Seat" portrait this week for Time Out New York is actor/comedian Aasif Mandvi, a regular correspondent on The Daily Show.