Friday, October 29, 2010

Jennifer Taylor: Happy Howl-o-ween!

Who does cute like Jennifer Taylor? Um... nobody!  Happy Howl-o-ween to all!

Samuel A. Minick: Toy and Book Illustration Exhibit

Samuel A. Minick's work "Dream Head" will be included in the Toy and Book Illustration Exhibit opening Friday, October 29th, at 437 East Berry Street, Fort Wayne, Indiana. The Gallery Walk-through will begin at 6 p.m.

T.S. Spookytooth: Tales of Doom

T.S. Spookytooth cheerfully chronicles thirteen of Mrs. Tilkin’s children and the fate that befalls each of them in Tales of Doom, a work in progress.  Oh, dear!

Alessandro Bonaccorsi: Good Nutrition

Alessandro Bonaccorsi cooks up fun illustrations for an Italian nutritionist and food consultant about the importance of a good nutrition and how to be on a good terms with the bathroom scale.


Caroline Church: Pizza Proverbs

The latest from Caroline Church sees her bringing to life some amusing proverbs for Domino’s Pizza.Below, “The Sauce Always Justifies the Means.”

Fian Arroyo: Past Due

Fian Arroyo has been occupied with all things late, lately. The George Washington illustration was done for Scholastic News about an overdue library book that was 221 years late and checked out by George himself. I wonder what kind of late fee we're talking about…?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Richard Downs:

Richard Downs brings a full box of tools to work for his on-going DVD cover series.  Conveying the function of the software within each package is both a design challenge and an exercise in cohesive art-making.

Jason Mecier: Gangster

GangsterJason Mecier created this portrait of  hit man John-John Veasey from real bullets and a handgun, for the November issue of Philadelphia Magazine..

Marty Braun: Portland Stage Theater Poster

Marty Braun illustrated the poster for the next Portland Stage (Portland, Maine) production, "Last Gas." The play is a bittersweet romantic comedy that takes place in a convenience store on the edge of nowhere in northern Maine.

The Hejz: Samsonite B-Lite

The Hejz created this global key visual for TBWA\Brussels and their client, Samsonite. Production took the studio three weeks to complete, using a combination of CGI, stock and photo-shoot materials.

James Shepherd: Scary Politics

How could James Shepherd not be excited by the opportunity to render Harry Reid and Sharon Angle as Halloween monsters for the cover of Las Vegas Weekly?

Rob Kelly: Kristen Stewart

Rob Kelly was commissioned to do this "Hot Seat" portrait of actress Kristen Stewart for Time Out New York. Not wanting to make too much of an explicit Twilight connection, used mostly soft colors and gentle fades

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

John Kachik: Snooki

John Kachik crossed over from Photoshop to Illustrator for this portrait of Jersey Shore's notorious Snooki.  NOT that she needs any more attention...

John Walker: Wheatland

John Walker created this illustration for use in various B to B collateral pieces for Wheatland Tube. The objective was to show the wide range of tubing products that Wheatland makes and how they are in use all around us. The idea was to keep the art style realistic overall but not so much so that the violation of perspective and disparity in sizes became distracting.

Chris Whetzel: Ineffective Borders for Barron's

Chris Whetzel illustrates a commentary in Barron's on the current situation in Arizona, where the state government is doing questionable things to enforce immigration law.

Doug Boehm: Time Out Chicago

Doug Boehm gives us a peek at the underground party / art scene in the windy city for Time Out Chicago magazine.

Chris Gash: NY Times plus One

Chris Gash continues his unabated march across the pages of the New York Times and beyond. For the Times Sunday Book Review, a spy novel about a couple drawn into a web of espionage while on tennis holiday.

Margaret Cusack: SOFA / CHICAGO

Margaret Cusack will exhibit her "Gold and Silver Portraits" at the Snyderman-Works Gallery in booth #904 at the 17th Annual International Sculpture Objects & Functional Art Fair: SOFA / CHICAGO at Navy Pier, November 4-7, 2010.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Peter Campofiori: Storyworks Cover

Peter Campofiori created this fun cover for the Nov/Dec issue of Scholastic magazine’s Storyworks. The original concept was hand drawn, then scanned, cleaned up and colored in Photoshop.

We Heart The Original Art

Every year the Society of Illustrators hosts original artwork from the very best crop of recent children’s books in The Original Art show.  This time, the work of four ispotters is featured; we sharing their beautiful books below.  Click on a cover to order any of these books in Bookstore.

Jesse Kuhn: Retirement

As Jesse Kuhn’s image for Utne Reader poignantly illustrates, the end of the retirement rainbow isn't quite where most are hoping it will be... Everyone can pretty much count on having to tack on an extra five years of employment in order to survive.

Steven Noble Kahlua Package Redesign

Steven Noble’s talent for reinterpreting classic line work was called on for the redesign of the Kahlua coffee liqueur label.

Matt Dorfman: Should You Watch?

Matt Dorfman’s shattering image creates maximum impact for the New York Times Week in Review section this week. The article asks what it says about sports fans who so eagerly demand and relish such a purposely violent game.

Stephen Savage: Society of Illustrators Lecture

Stephen Savage will be speaking at the Society of Illustrators in New York this Wednesday, October 27th at 6:30. His topic, of course, is “Illustrating Bedtime Books.”

J.D. King: Para-Teaching

J.D. King frequently works with Rethinking Schools, a progressive education magazine. Here is a recent illustration about a young instructor “para-teaching”: being dropped into his new role as an inner city educator.

Mark Smith: Where Do You Stand?

Mark Smith illustrated the thought-provoking 'Where Do You Stand' campaign for The Economist in the UK. It's currently running on web, print and 48 sheet billboards around London's tube stations.

Sylvie Daigneault: The Good Garden

“The Good Garden,” written by Katie Smith Milway, is Sylvie Daigneault’s 13th children’s book. It is the inspiring story of one struggling farming family in Honduras and their journey to growing enough food to meet their needs.


Monday, October 25, 2010

Jurgen Mantzke: Measuring Toxins

Jurgen Mantzke recently created this information graphic for EnergyBiz magazine. It shows the percentages of emissions from electric utilities in terms of types of toxins; the size of the pipes is proportionate to the percentage of pollution

Akiko Kato: Halloween Eve Masquerade

Akiko Kato channeled 1920's vintage poster art for this illustration of a Halloween Eve Masquerade with tap dancing duo The Minsky Sisters for this week's New Yorker.

Tim Foley: The Weekly Standard

Tim Foley picked up a cover assignment from a new client recently: political editorial magazine The Weekly Standard. They needed an image of a scenario for the upcoming November elections; Tim was happy to oblige.

Aaron Sacco: Collapsus

Aaron Sacco is one of a small team of artists collaborating on, a transmedia project exploring our likely future as the world energy crisis continues unresolved.

James Yang: Pushy

James Yang illustrates the taming of pushy salesmen for Consumer Reports Magazine.

Pete Ryan: Medical Assessment

Pete Ryan worked a very fast (four hour!?) turnaround op-ed for the New York Times over the weekend about doctors treating patients using guidelines rather than personal assessments in an effort to cub malpractice suits.

Andy Lackow: Interactive Media Council Award

Andy Lackow was hired by the CoStar Group, a major commercial real estate information company, to create an illustrated header for their real estate search website, SHOWCASE.COM.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Colin W Thompson: Did Castles Have Bathrooms?

[[posterous-content:pid___0]]Colin W Thompson continues to illustrate the hilariously addictive “Is That a Fact?” series from Lerner Publishing.  Did Castles Have Bathrooms? and other Questions about the Middle Ages focuses on all trivia related to Robin Hood, King Arthur, and dentists, among others.

Colin W Thompson: Did Castles Have Bathrooms?

Colin W Thompson continues to illustrate the hilariously addictive “Is That a Fact?” series from Lerner Publishing.  Did Castles Have Bathrooms? and other Questions about the Middle Ages focuses on all trivia related to Robin Hood, King Arthur, and dentists, among others.

Kevin McFadin: WRIR Fund Drive / Halloween Kick-Off

Kevin McFadin conjured up this poster for the 2010 Fall Fund Drive at Richmond, VA's WRIR 97.3, which happens to coincide with Halloween weekend.

Michael Hirshon: The Case of the Bad Burial

Michael Hirshon illustrates "The Case of the Bad Burial," in AARP's feature, Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Julie West: HP Wallpaper

Julie West  is popping up on computer screens everywhere with a series of four desktop Artist Edition wallpaper illustrations - created in conjunction with Hewlett Packard. Several of the images came loaded as the standard desktop background.

Melissa Dow: The Cow

Melissa Dow recently did some portrait work to promote an upcoming movie called “The Cow.”  The film deals with the gulags of Soviet Russia in the 1950s and unthinkable choices that need to be made in order to survive.

Liz Goulet Dubois: Hidden Pictures

As Liz Goulet Dubois demonstrates in the November 2010 issue of Highlights High Five… you are never too young (or too old) to enjoy a Hidden Pictures page. Kitties and baked goods? Oh yeah!

Jorge Mascarenhas: Featured in HOW

Jorge Mascarenhas’ work is featured in the "Seen" section in this month's HOW Magazine.

Jurgen Mantzke: Solar City

Jurgen Mantzke created this illustration for EnergyBiz magazine, for a feature written by Lindon Rive, CEO of Solar City. 

Marty Blake: British Buzz

Marty Blake  created this image for the Washington Post to accompany a story about the British troops being plagued with mosquito swarms during the Revolutionary War.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Stephen Savage: Where’s Walrus?

Stephen Savage has yet another charming children’s book coming up that is sure to delight the discerning eyes of adults, too.  Where’s Walrus? is the wordless story of a bored walrus who manages to escape from the zoo.

Dan Page: Malpractice Methodology

Dan Page illustrates today’s New York Times op ed feature on reforming medical malpractice laws.

Nina Frenkel: Dali-Ween

What are YOUR plans for October 31?  Nina Frenkel will be at the High Museum in Atlanta as half of the Mustache Sisters to conduct a Salvador Dali craft-workshop for museum-goers of all ages. The costume in progress:

Ellen Weinstein: Sweet Home

Ellen Weinstein demonstrates the carefree joy of leaving the house to your kids without a hefty tax bill, for the New York Times.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Anthony Freda: Art for Awareness

Anthony Freda’s painting will be one of the pieces auctioned off on October 21st in the Art for Awareness benefit being held at the Hint Mint Warehouse in LA. All proceeds will go to the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.

Jon Foster: Lightbringers and Rainmakers

Jon Foster illustrates the cover of Felix Gilman’s latest fantasy novel, debuting next week on

David Johnson: The Union

David Johnson pens Elton John and Leon Russell for Billboard magazine’s feature on “The Union.”

Janet Hamlin: Martin Luther King

Janet Hamlin created this poster image for OneAmerica, a minority-owned multicultural company. Janet broke down MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech into a word cloud to make a graphic background that has meaning as well.

Jonathan Williams: Potato Bake

Oxford University Press asked Jonathan Williams to create a set of small, simple illustrations for Switch, a lively, colorful book aimed at 12-16 year old English language students in Spain. The images show different stages of preparing a potato bake. 

Jason Seiler: Advanced Photoshop

Jason Seiler was honored to be profiled in the latest issue of Advanced Photoshop magazine.