Thursday, September 30, 2010

Josh Holinaty: Trailer Trash

Today in the Canadian Globe & Mail’s LIFE section you can find this face made of trailers by Josh Holinaty illustrating a story on the joys of being trailer trash (and proud of it!)

Deb Lucke: Sneezenesia

Deb Lucke illustrated AND wrote Sneezenesia, the story of a boy who sneezed so hard, he forgot his own name. 


Home & Garden is one section of the New York Times that rarely finds use for illustration. But today’s issue features Brian Stauffer front and center on page one for an article on the guilty pleasures that even the greenest of the green cannot resist.


The Chronicle of Higher Education commissioned Jon Krause to create a cover and a series of inside images for a special issue on diversity in education.

Ruth Rowland: Celebrity Books

Ruth Rowland has noticed an uptick in demand for her work on celebrity book covers. “I think the reason hand lettering works so well with this type of cover is that it often features a photograph of the author,” Ruth muses. “A simple hand lettered title dropped over the photography can soften the design and give it a human touch, reminding us that we're reading the celebrity's own thoughts.”

Jacob Thomas: Spazz Dad

Jacob Thomas created this for Twin Cities Metro Magazine’s ongoing column, Spazz Dad. This article discusses the therapeutic value of growing a beard once the kiddies go off to school.

John Shelley: Flying High

John Shelley shares a few images from his regular series for ANA in-flight magazine, Wingspan. The feature runs in alternative issues every two months on their international flights; each image illustrates an unusual festival celebrated in different parts of the world.

Celyn: Read the Manual

Celyn illustrates an article on productivity and IT spending for the Connected Business section of the Financial Times.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Lesley Breen Withrow illustrated this cute kitty cat for an Oxford University Press course book earlier this year.

Matt Dorfman: Busy September

Matt Dorfmann's had a busy September with the NY Times. Here's a quick Letters spot he did, which collected responses to Paul Krugman’s column about the anger coming from the wealthy upper class directed at Obama on account of his raising taxes. Many of the voices who chimed in on the Letters page felt differently.

Jem Robinson: TUC Congress Guide

Jem Robinson gets her Autumn Energy on with this recent commission for the TUC's Congress Guide 2010:

Chris Gash: Coffee, Golf & Regulars

When does Chris Gash sleep?? Here is just a sample of recent work for a variety of clients, old and new.

Colin W. Thompson: Can Rats Swim from Sewers into Toilets?

Colin W. Thompson’s illustrations continue to amuse and inform on topics of the utmost importance in an on-going series of non-fiction books called "Is That a Fact?"

Keith Negley: Urban Overload

Keith Negley recently completed this piece for an article on urban planning titled "Urban Overload."

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jurgen Mantzke: Loan Expiration Options

Hanley Wood commissioned Jurgen Mantzke to illustrate an article in Multifamily Executive magazine discussing loan modification on a multifamily property to avoid foreclosure or loan default. 

Ken Orvidas: CFOs Take Over

Ken Orvidas explores the fast-changing relationship between companies and the banks that extend them credit in this illustration for CFO Magazine. 

Scott Pollack: Barron's Cover

Scott Pollack commands the cover of this week’s Barron’s, concerning the possibility of a Republican House, and what it means for investors.

Joseph Adolph: Italian Painting Exhibition

Joseph Adolphe’s exhibition of luminous Italian landscapes opens this Saturday at West Rock Studios in New Haven, CT.

West Rock Studios
425 West Rock Ave, New Haven, CT
Opening reception: Saturday, October 2, 6 – 9 pm

Peter Grundy: The Age of Energy

Peter Grundy’s vigorous, sunny style was the perfect choice for UK publication The Daily Telegraph’s special feature on aspects of energy.

Shaw Nielsen: Super-Secret Guide


Shaw Nielsen clearly had a blast hand drawing the type and creating snappy spy spots for this textbook.  Learning really CAN be fun; who knew??

Adam Wallenta: Bumpy Knuckles


Adam Wallenta is super-pumped to be working with legendary emcee- Freddie Foxxx, aka Bumpy Knuckles, on the art for his new projects. First up is Music from the Man Volume 1, which is classic underground HipHop. Get it on ITUNES!

Jennifer Thermes: Maggie and Oliver

Jennifer Thermes is finishing up the cover and endpaper art for her book illustration project, Maggie and Oliver. Look for a Fall 2011 publication date, but in the meantime here’s a little peek at the title characters in action:

Tom Richmond: UGlee

Tom Richmond has been working on the new MAD animated show on the Cartoon Network; his latest segment which aired this week is “uGlee,” a parody of the TV show “Glee”.

Stephen Savage: Around and Around

Sometimes an illustration takes on a life of its own. For example, Stephen Savage’s August 15 NY Times Book Review illustration appeared in context within a full-page ad for Amazon’s Kindle which appeared in the Business section of the September 26th Sunday New York Times.

Monday, September 27, 2010

James Yang: Good Banks, Bad Banks

James Yang illustrated the cover of Christian Century Magazine for an article suggesting that Christians do work with banks that exhibit ethical behavior.

Susan Swan: A Dollar Bill's Journey

Susan Swan gives us a peek at a just completed book for Picture Window called A Dollar Bill's Journey, about how a bill is made and what happens to it from the cutting paper/printing/inspecting/distribution/spending stages to shredding and starting all over.

Akiko Kato: Let Me In

The New Yorker contacted Akiko Kato for this gouache and pen illustration of "Let Me In," an American-British horror film.

Pete Ryan: Thunderstruck

Pete Ryan created this nerve-wracking image for Leap, Alberta Cancer Foundation’s magazine. The article, called "the science of stress," discusses the health and personal dangers stress causes.

Chris Morris: Division Realignment

 Chris Morris’s illustration questions the whole NFL conference division playoff system for an article on

Carrie Hartman: Zaega

Carrie Hartman creates an edgy, glamorous identity with this logo for organic beauty product retailer Zaega Partners.

Mark Smith: Annuities

Mark Smith takes a subtle, conceptual approach to illustrating the pros and cons of annuities for Employee Benefit News.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Today in the NY Times op-ed pages, Alex Nabaum tackles the topic of the Founding Fathers vs. the Tea Party.


Dave Stevenson's map illustrations are featured in "The Art of the Map," a solo exhibition hosted by The Walt Disney Family Museum in the Presidio of San Francisco. 


The dynamic duo of Kurt Huggins and Zelda Devon has recently released another fantastic mini-comic for science fiction heavyweight, and it is a spooky delight.


Paul Morton took the existing logo for the UK's '2nd World Festival of Animation,' and gave it some 3D 'ooomph.'


Here's Kathryn Rathke's latest, for the NY Observer's current cover.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Brucie Rosch worked a fast turnaround for the Wall Street Journal this week. The subject was the investment "disconnect" between the private and public market.

Josh Holinaty: Electricity for Everybody!

Electricity for Everybody! is releasing a CD in the coming month, and Josh Holinaty was asked to handle poster duties for the show. Other killer local acts to be seen include Field + Stream and Sans AIDS.

Jason Seiler: Lil Wayne for Rolling Stone

Jason Seiler was thrilled to get a call from Rolling Stone for a portrait of Lil Wayne one recent morning. “Working for Rolling Stone has been a dream of mine since I was at least 15. So to finally have the chance to paint for them was an awesome experience to say the least.”

Katia Wish: Creative Quarterly 21

Katia Wish’s whimsical image of piggies was chosen to be one of the runner ups in the Creative Quarterly 21 competition.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Scott Dawson: Moving Pictures

Scott Dawson's first picture book, 'Fearless,' is set to release in mid-October via Dutton Children's Books. 'Fearless,' written by first time author Barb Rosenstock, tells the exciting sports legend of Louise Smith, the first woman stock car driver to be inducted into the International Motorsports Hall of Fame.

Brynn Metheney: Animal Art

Brynn Metheney was recently asked to be in a show about animal art – work inspired by the other beings that share our planet. Brynn will have three pieces on display from her 'Morae River' series, including a new species. The opening is October 1st at 6 PM and the show will be up until the 30th.

Colin Thompson: Do People Really Have Tiny Insects Living in Their Eyelashes?

Colin Thompson continues to lend his singular comedic illustration skills to an on-going series of non-fiction books called "Is That a Fact?"


Monica Lee continues her sweet victory march through the world of stationary with the debut of her latest line for Expressionary.  This time, it’s personalized recipe cards and notepads… the perfect gift for your favorite foodie!


Bill Greenhead created the artwork for the world’s first celebrity-based card game,Hellebrities. The 36 featured celebs have been re-imagined and renamed in a pun-tastically satirical fashion. 


Allan Burch created this charcoal portrait in his signature sculptural style for The University of Chicago Magazine.

James Shepherd: Healthy Harley

James Shepherd created this motorcycle made up of fruits and vegetables to go into a monthly internal newsletter for the Harley Davidson Motor Company.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Goni Montes donated his scarce time and considerable talent to create this haunting piece of art for Designers Against Child Slavery, a Design Collective that enables creatives from all over the world to rise up against the sex trade.

John Francis: The Disappearing Deal

For the October (current) issue of Smart Money Magazine, John Francis ‘disappears’ a BMW. The car becomes a phantom view, as the tight color of the foreground turns into a pencil rough...

Brucie Rosch: Construction Biz

Brucie Rosch created an opener and a 1/3 page illustration for a contracting trade magazine recently. The article's subject is the pros (and a few cons) of hiring formerly self-employed workers for your own construction biz.