Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Brian Stauffer: New York Times Op-Ed

Brian Stauffer got the call last week from the New York Times Op-Ed page to do an image about the revival of peace talks in the Middle East and how religious settlers obstruct any chance for peace.

Tim Foley: Dow Jones

Tim Foley tackled a couple of projects for Dow Jones over the weekend.

Harry Campbell: Emmy Awards

Harry Campbell got a call from the LA Times to do a section cover on the upcoming Emmy awards.

Mark Smith: You Magazine

Mark Smith created this image for You Magazine while he was away on holiday. "I took some bits and bobs with me just in case anything came in," he tells us. The article states that between 1 and 5 children in 100 suffer from school phobia. 

Robin Moline: Washington State Magazine

Robin Moline illustrates the Fall 2010 cover of the Washington State Magazine. The work pays homage to Grant Wood's Stone City, painted in 1930.

Ruth Rowland: John Lennon's 70th Birthday

Liverpool native Ruth Rowland was thrilled to be asked to work on the John Lennon “Gimme Some Truth” Campaign to commemorate his 70th birthday, which falls on October 9th.  The logo Ruth created for the campaign was inspired by the small calligraphic self portraits that often accompanied his signature.

Charrow: The Look

Charrow created the logo type and washes for bespoke hair and make up stylists The Look in Chicago.

Federico Jordan: Above and Beyond

Federico Jordan illustrates the first annual New York City Unicycle Festival (aka the city’s début celebration of the one-wheeled) for the Above and Beyond feature of this week’s New Yorker.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Judith Drews: Wimmelbuch

Judith Drews is thrilled with the completion of her first Wimmelbuch, one of a series of classic German children's activity books

Tyler Jacobson: Dark Sun Creature Catalog

Several pieces by fantasy artist Tyler Jacobson were selected for inclusion in the new D&D Dark Sun Creature Catalog, published by Wizards of the Coast.

Lisa Henderling: K-Mart Packaging

Lisa Henderling's illustrations are featured on the packaging of K-Mart's exciting and innovative new house brand called “Smart Sense.” Lisa's illustrations add a bit of whimsy and movement to the clean design of the packaging. Check them out on your next trip to K-Mart!

Keith Negley: Medicine & Science

Keith Negley created two provocative new illustrations for Medicine & Science Magazine relating to the difficulty of finding cancer medicine for children.

Marty Braun: The 60% Solution

Marty Braun created a full page feature for the current issue of Bates, the magazine of Bates College in Lewiston, Maine for an article titled “The 60% Solution.” There is a myth at Bates, surprisingly also common at other colleges, that 60% of Bates students who marry wed other Bates students.

Mitch Frey: Discovery

Mitch Frey created this poster, reminiscent of the old “Greetings from...” postcards, for Discovery Land Properties, depicting activities at a variety of their resort locations. The image was mainly produced in Adobe Illustrator, and finished off with Photoshop Airbrush.

Zara Picken: Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet Magazine commissioned Zara Picken to create four maps for their current issue. The assignment gave Zara the opportunity to combine small illustrated elements, handwritten text and her chosen color palettes for each location. Below, Papua New Guinea and Quebec.

Jason Seiler: Utne Reader Cover

Jason Seiler created this Presidential food fight for the cover of the Utne Reader… in just three and a half days!

Friday, August 27, 2010

John Hersey: Recent Work

John Hersey shares a couple of his recent favorite illos. For the Sunday NY Times Week in Review, “Now Playing: Night of the Living Tech.” Is the internet dead, or is it just evolving into something else?

Jacob Thomas: Featured in HOW

Jacob Thomas and his beautiful, colorful work are featured in the September issue of HOW Magazine.

Ted Wright: US Open 2010

Ted Wright has been working since December of last year on the poster and logo graphics for the 2010 US Open Tennis Championships, poised to begin in Forest Hills, NY.  Below is some of the merchandise, bearing Ted’s iconic graphics, that we can look forward to seeing just about everywhere in the coming weeks:

T.S. Spookytooth: Once a Robot Confided in Me...

This illustration, rendered in acrylic paint and finished with collage elements in Photoshop, is directly inspired by a story that was told to T.S. Spookytooth...by a Robot. “A Robot, who told me that he was on a century long search for love and never knew if his true love had actually passed him by years before…”

Christian Lindemann: Happy New Year!

German illustrator Christian Lindemann created this quirky and colorful bunch of creatures for an upcoming 2011 pocket calendar.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kyle T Webster: Phoenix New Times Cover

Kyle Webster’s recent cover assignment for the Phoenix New Times was a tricky one: a daycare operator charged with the murder of a baby boy was found innocent after a difficult and painful trial. 

John Collier: The Black Cat

John Collier’s mood is suitably noir for the cover of the 22nd installment in the Richard Jury Mystery series by Martha Grimes.

Kim Rosen: The First Day of Peace

Kim Rosen created this image for the Pennsylvania Gazette to illustrate a story submitted along with the author’s (Frank Hurley) obituary.  The story begins, "World War II ended on September 2, 1945. For two alumni, something strange happened next…"

Ryan Snook: Indianapolis Monthly

Lately, Ryan Snook has been doing regular illustrations for a column in Indianapolis Monthly and he finds he loves to work within a regular structure and find the right tone and style that fits each story best.

Rob Kelly: Justin Long

Rob Kelly added a child-like, cartoon drawing of a heart to this week's "Hot Seat" portrait for Time Out New York. The subject this time is actor Justin Long (aka The Mac Guy), who is promoting his new movie, Going the Distance, a comedy/love story co-starring Drew Barrymore

Karen Greenberg: Liplicious

Karen Greenberg debuts a collection of yummy cakes, pastries and cupcake flavors for Bath & Body Works Liplicious glosses. Dig in… Cupcakes premiering Fall 2010, Cakes and Pastries, Spring 2011.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Barbara Gibson: Western Lullaby

Barbara Gibson's latest book project, "Western Lullaby," involved the stanza by stanza illustration of a song written by Wyoming philanthropist Lynn Estes Friess.

Sonja Lamut: Papa's Pastries

Sonja Lamut’s brand new picture book, written by Charles Toscano, tells the story of Miguel and his father, a pastry peddler whose generosity leaves the family scrambling to make a living, but rich in spirit.  Order this gently inspiring book today from Theispot.com Bookstore.

Phil Wrigglesworth: Touring

Phil Wrigglesworth takes the scenic route in this illustration for The Independent, UK.

James Yang: What to Do?

James Yang illustrates the dilemma of searching for creative solutions.

Jon Krause: Insomnia

Jon Krause explores the depths of insomnia for this full page illustration running in the current issue of Reader’s Digest.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tom Foty: Celestial Seasonings

Tom Foty created two great summer inspired tea packages for Celestial Seasonings. Black Tea Lemonade and Southern Sweet Tea are available while summer is still here...

Shaw Nielsen: Indiana University

Shaw Nielsen produced these two charming illustrations, respectively full page and spot, for a story in Indiana University magazine on how technology often keeps us, and our children, inside and away from the great outdoors.

Max Estes: WSJ Asia

Norway-based artist Max Estes was a great choice to illustrate this 'City Walk' map of New Dehli for the Wall Street Journal, Asia… All dots connected via theispot.com!

Jon Reinfurt: Gadgets Galore

Here's a full page Jon Reinfurt did for one of his favorite clients, Associations Now. The story was all about the constant wave of cutting-edge technology that consumers are faced with and how to decipher whether the product you're buying is truly useful or just part of trend that will vanish by next week.

Graham Smith: Runner’s World Fall Shoe Guide

Graham Smith created these energetic portraits of the folks who test and report the performance of different running shoes for the 2010 Runner's World Fall Shoe Guide.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Andy Rash: Give It Up!

When they Wall Street Journal needs a picture of an old guy strangling a piggy bank… the resourceful Andy Rash comes to mind at once!

Pete Ryan: The Pain Chronicles

Pete Ryan illustrated a piece in Sunday’s Boston Globe for a book review of "The Pain Chronicles." The story details one woman’s struggle with chronic pain: the really positive, beautiful person inside, just surrounded by hurt.

Federico Jordán: Harvard Business Review

The Harvard Business Review commissioned Federico Jordán to illustrate the feature article for their September 2010 issue. The text, titled Four Mistakes Leaders Keep Making, describes how hundreds of clients fall into traps again and again and some ways to mitigate their impact.

Kurt Huggins & Zelda Devon: Open / Avocado

>Kurt Huggins & Zelda Devon create visual magic for fiercely talented songstress Kim Boekbinder’s first solo album.

Aaron Minier: Tales from the Fringe #3

Aaron Minier recently had the privilege of illustrating a short story for the comic book miniseries “FRINGE: Tales from the Fringe,” published by Wildstorm/DC Comics and based on the popular science fiction television show.

John Hersey: C.I.A. Recruitment Posters

John Hersey just completed two posters for the Cleveland Institute of Art (oh, THAT C.I.A...) These posters will adorn the walls of high school art departments everywhere.

Jurgen Mantzke: When is Big Too Big?

Jurgen Mantzke was commissioned by Hanley Wood, LLC for one of their B2B magazines to illustrate how developers of multi-family residences come in and build large developments which create an inevitable strain on the community.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Steven Salerno: Major Advantage

Steven Salerno created a spread image Pittsburgh Magazine to illustrate an article about on which side of the brain a person's core personality is wired, the right-side or left-side. 

Jon Reinfurt: WSJ Spot

A couple of weeks ago, the Wall Street Journal tapped Jon Reinfurt for a small illustration under a tight deadline. Fortunately, Jon thrives on this kind of challenge, so it ended up being a quick and breezy assignment. 

Ellen Weinstein: Circle of Life

Ellen Weinstein illustrated an essay on running and aging for Runner's World magazine.

Steven Noble: Espolón Tequila

Steven Noble created label artwork that reflects the rich culture and spirit of “real Mexico” for iconic tequila brand, Espolón.  The award-winning 100% blue agave tequila is being re-introduced to the US by Gruppo Campari after a hiatus of three years.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ken Perkins: Barnes & Noble

Ken Perkins created a series of illustrations for use in 50 Barnes & Noble locations.  

Alex Nabaum: Runner’s World

Alex Nabaum deals with the topic of mental grief over injuries and how to recover faster for Runner’s World Magazine.  Here, the half page lead-in: