Wednesday, June 30, 2010


John S. Dykes, Bicycling Magazine
John S. Dykes created this earthy image for Bicycling Magazine to accompany the story of a community in Utah that has successfully increased the number of biking students from 32 to 50%.


Steven Salerno, NY Times Real Estate
Steven Salerno's half page illustration on the cover of the Sunday NY Times Real Estate section is all about big apartments with BIG, BIG price tags.

Mark Smith: You Magazine

Mark Smith, Magazine Illustration
Mark Smith created this image recently for You Magazine to illustrate a story about a young girl who was bullied by her female friends and ostracized from her group.

NY Times Op-Ed & Letters

Alex Nabaum, NY Times,
Today’s New York Times Editorial page features an illustration by Alex Nabaum for a piece called, “Why We Talk to Terrorists.”

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


SILA 2010
The Society of Illustrators Los Angeles has announced the winners of their prestigious annual competition, Illustration West, now in its 48th year. Among those honored are numerous ispotters, several with medals. Congratulations to all!


Goni Montes, The Washington Post, Under Heaven
The Washington Post came to Goni Montes with a true dream job... an illustration for the Book Review on Guy Gavriel Kay's Under Heaven.


Pete Ryan, The Progressive
Pete Ryan's interpretation of corporate criminality for The Progressive: a briefcase doubling as a mugshot slate, of course!

NY Times Science Section, 6/29/2010

Rounding up the usual suspects, here are three ispotters whose illustrations regularly grace Science Times each Tuesday...

James Carey: Army Animation

James Carey’s sensitive line work was animated in this TV commercial for the Army Recruitment program by Why Not Associates.

Matt Dorfman: The Triumphant Decline of the WASP

Matt Dorfman illustrates the end of white male dominance on the Supreme Court for Monday’s New York Times Op-Ed page:

Brucie Rosch: Two for The Scientist

Brucie Rosch, Magazine Illustration,
The Scientist magazine emailed Brucie Rosch with this sweet little job: illustrations to accompany recent significant quotes in the scientific world.

Monday, June 28, 2010


Jess Volinski, Swankies
Jess Volinski's latest project involves the surface design of high end facial tissue brand Swankie® Hankies.


Kurt Huggins and Zelda Devon, The Undrowned Chil
Kurt Huggins & Zelda Devon reveal their first book cover for Random House.


Sean McCabe, Tim O'Brien, TIME Magazine,
Tim O'Brien created the world of inventor Thomas Edison for the cover of Time this week...and Sean McCabe followed up with a full page inside describing his electrifying, innovative vision.


Jurgen Mantzke, EnergyBiz Magazine,
The latest cover of EnergyBiz magazine features an illustration by Jurgen Mantzke for a story about the changes in the nuclear industry and how it is attempting to reinvent itself with cleaner energy and better public opinion.

Chris Gash: Toothy Lives On!

Chris Gash,  Ad Campaign,
Chris Gash created a character called “Toothy,” for use as in branding campaign for Emergency Dentist 24/7 in the Philadelphia area.

Alanna Cavanagh: Impressive

Alanna Cavanagh, Books,
Alanna Cavanagh’s fun, beautifully made work was naturally included in “Impressive: Printmaking, Letterpress & Graphic Design,” newly published by Gestalten and available from Bookstore!

Chris Beatrice: George Washington's Spy

Chris Beatrice, Book Cover,
Chris Beatrice created this cover illustration for the young adult adventure novel, "George Washington's Spy," published by Scholastic. The book is about a modern boy who travels back to the time of the American Revolution to help win the war. Pre-order a copy today, for November delivery, through Bookstore!

Ellen Weinstein: LA Times Home Cover

Ellen Weinstein illustrates Honda's vision of the future, a gas station at home, for the cover of the Los Angeles Times Home Section.

James Yang: Cutting Effectively

James Yang, Magazine Illustration,
James Yang employs a pruning metaphor in this illustration for HealthLeaders magazine about finding intelligent ways to reduce costs without harming the core mission of your business.

David Vogin: TEDxOilSpill

David Vogin, Posters,
David Vogin's poster was selected to be displayed at the TEDxOilSpill conference in Washington, D.C.

TED conferences bring together the world’s leading thinkers and doers for a series of talks, presentations and performances. TEDxOilSpill will tackle the tough questions raised by the recent and ongoing environmental catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico.

Georgie Fearns: Summer Refresh

Georgie Fearns’ Portfolio has been updated with lots of new work, including this fun image of the Santa Monica Pier in California.

Friday, June 25, 2010


Jacob Thomas, Wall Street Journal,
Jacob Thomas came through for the Wall Street Journal in his illustration on 'The new rules of 'Exchange Traded Funds.'


Ryan Snook, News Illustration,
Ryan Snook created this full-page illustration for a June article in 'Global Brief,' concerning the future of the Arctic

David Fullarton: An American Type

David Fullarton, LA Times, Newspaper,
The LA Times looked to David Fullarton to create this piece for a review of 'An American Type,' by Henry Roth. It appeared in the Sunday Calendar Book Column.

Harry Malt: Bare Bones

Harry Malt, Exhibition,
One year ago, in the summer of 2009, Ispotter Harry Malt and his partner Chris Bianchi founded Bare Bones, a printed collection of art, writing, illustration and photography that believes in art for art's sake On Tuesday, June 29th at NYC's Envoy Enterprises, Bare Bones will be having their first US show featuring artwork from stateside based artists and of course, London's finest. They will also be introducing video for the first time, curated by artist Matt Lambert.

Jason Greenberg: Not fit for Society

Jason Greenberg, LA Times Book Review, Newspaper,
Jason Greenberg just completed this piece for the LA Times Book Review. The article was titled "Not Fit for Our Society: Immigration & Nativism in America."

Stuart Bradford: DIY Drug Company

Stuart Bradford, Magazine Illustration, Utne Reader,
Stuart Bradford was called upon to illustrate the concept of personalized prescription drugs for the July-August issue of Utne Reader. The article profiles the founder of the Pink Army Cooperative, a "DIY drug company" based in Alberta, Canada, that operates as a virtual global collective of researchers and drug developers openly sharing their research.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dale Stephanos: The Golden Fleece

Dale Stephanos, Magazine Covers Illustration,
Dale Stephanos illustrated the cover and interior images this month for Mother Jones’ feature on right wing talk show phenomenon Glenn Beck.

Edel Rodriguez: The General Gets Dumped

Edel Rodriguez, Newspaper, NY Times,
Edel Rodriguez redefines booted and unhorsed for today's Op-Ed in The New York Times on the firing of General McChrystal.

Jorge Mascarenhas: Creative Quarterly 20

Jorge Mascarenhas, Magazine Illustration,
Two pieces by Jorge Mascarenhas, "Vacation" and "Natalie Portman as Anne Boleyn," have been selected for the 20th issue of Creative Quarterly, on newsstands in August.

Jason Seiler: Mick Jagger

Jason Seiler, Newspaper, Portrait,
Jason Seiler threw some vintage Rolling Stones on the turntable and whipped up this portrait of Mick Jagger, circa 1972, for Las Vegas Weekly. The story is about the reissue of the Stones’ classic, “Exile on Main Street.”

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Ian Phillips, Jorge Louis Borges
Alessandro Bonaccorsi conjures mystery with this illustration for Jorge Luis Borges short novel, "Inferno, I, 32"


Ian Phillips, Haunted Hillbilly Hootenanny
Limited edition giclĂ©e prints of illustrations by Ian Phillips for Derek McCormack’s books "Haunted Hillbilly" and "Western Suit" will be available in a raffle at the Dakota Tavern Toronto next week.

Chris Gash: Animation Series

Chris Gash, Animation,
Chris Gash shares two from a series of brutally amusing little animations he is producing.

Ellen Weinstein: Dress for Success

Ellen Weinstein, LA Times, Newspaper,
Ellen Weinstein took on the daunting topic, “How to Dress for Middle-Aged Success,” for a recent article in the LA Times. A woman of a certain age despairs at finding outfits that get her noticed. Then it hits her: The best dress is an invisibility cloak, and it's always right at hand.

Vault49: More for the Queensgate Mall

Vault 49, Mural Paintings,
Vault49 are continuing their ad and signage work for the Queensgate shopping centre in Peterborough, UK.

Mark Smith: Endless COBRA

Employee Benefit News got in touch with Mark Smith regarding an illustration for a story titled 'Will It Ever End?' The sub-title was - 'One COBRA extension after another leaves benefit professionals wondering whether, and when, they'll see a sunset on the subsidy.'

Hugh D'Andrade: Milagros

Hugh D'Andrade, Product Design,
A few months ago Hugh D'Andrade got a call from an agency called Worldstudio who needed to design a new identity for a Mexican restaurant in Munich. Here’s what Hugh came up with:

Karen Greenberg: Lamp in a Box

Karen Greenberg, Product Design
Shortly after participating in the "Enlighten!" one-night-only art show/auction in Los Angeles benefiting Inner City Arts Programs, Karen Greenberg was asked by Lamp In A Box to be one of a select group of artists to launch a new 'illustrators series' of lamp shades, available soon through, museum shops and select galleries.

Jesse Kuhn: Johns Hopkins Nursing Magazine

Jesse Kuhn, Magazine Illustration,
Jesse Kuhn was commissioned recently by Johns Hopkins Nursing Magazine to create a cover and three interior full page illustrations.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Yvetta Fedorova: Let the Pill Go Free

Yvetta Federova, NY Times, Newspaper,
Yvetta Fedorova uses this pretty swimmer to illustrate an opinion piece for the New York Times arguing the case for making birth control pills available without prescription.

Judith Drews: Baba La Baleine

Judith Drews,  Children's Books, Book Cover,
Judith Drews’ first Bath Book (complete with an inflatable whale!) is now available in France at Editions Tourbillon.

Jennifer Thermes: Eating Central Ave.

Jennifer Thermes, Magazine Illustration, Maps,
Jennifer Thermes cooked up this tasty map for the July issue of Charlotte Magazine, to illustrate an article about restaurants on Central Avenue. “Not wise to work on this kind of map when I'm hungry,” notes Jennifer…

Lorraine Dey: A Sweater for Duncan

Lorraine Dey, Children's Books, Book Cover,
“A Sweater for Duncan,” illustrated by Lorraine Dey, is a book about a young Emperor Penguin named Duncan who has trouble dealing with the changes of growing up.

Jon Reinfurt: Lawyers All Around

Jon Reinfurt, Magazine Illustration,
Jon Reinfurt shares a couple of illustrations he’s done for the good folks at American Lawyer Media recently. The first one, concerning a feud between two five star hotels, appeared in American Lawyer Magazine.

Chuck Gonzales: Reasons to Smile

Chuck Gonzales, Book Illustration,
This happy book was illustrated by Chuck Gonzales for the makers of LISTERINE® TOTAL CARE and REACH® TOTAL CARE and published by Chronicle Books. The story was developed to help spread healthy, happy smiles; for each book printed, the co-sponsors have made a generous donation to the National Children’s Oral Health Foundation: America’s Tooth Fairy.

Liz Lomax: Frolic!

How do you get a dog to clean up after himself? Just enter the world of Liz Lomax and consider it done! Liz created a series of 3-D situations to illustrate a campaign for Frolic dog food, with the tagline, “Dogs Will Do Anything for It.”

Monday, June 21, 2010


Scott Pollack, The Wall Street Journal,
This piece was done by Scott Pollack for the Yoder & Son column in yesterday's Wall St. Journal, honoring Father's Day.

Jacob Thomas: Divorce Liberation

Jacob Thomas, Magazine Illustration,
Jacob Thomas illustrates an article for this week’s New York Magazine, exploring the odd fact that New York is one of the last states in the union to permit no-fault divorce. (more)

Nigel Buchanan: Shanghai Expo

Nigel Buchanan pushes the boundaries of cuteness with this booklet cover for Screen Australia, featuring a China / Australia co-production event at the Shanghai Expo.