Friday, May 28, 2010

Yana Beylinson: Crane & Co.

Yana Beylinson’s charming work is the basis of a new line of notes and imprintable cards for premium stationary brand, Crane & Co. (more)

Guido Scarabottolo: NYT Op-Ed

Guido Scarabottolo peers into the Earth’s secrets in this Op-Ed illustration for the New York Times.

Kelly Dyson: Gunslinger 101

Kelly Dyson illustrates the finer points of winning a Wild West shoot-out for Popular Mechanics. According to research, the SECOND person to draw actually moves faster, but that is usually not enough to make up for a slow start.

Max Estes: 3 x 3 Distinguished Merit Award

Max Estes’ illustrated book, The Crooked Knife, received the Distinguished Merit Award in the 3 x 3 ProShow Annual.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Applied Arts Magazine, Rocco Baviera, Anna + Elena Balbusso, Sara Tyson, Stephen Snider
Several members of were honored recently in Applied Arts Magazine's Annual Awards Issue.


Jacob Thomas, 3 x 3 ProShow Annual
Jacob Thomas has three pieces in the 3 x 3 ProShow Annual #7, including this Gold Award winning piece, The Anthologist, for the Boston Globe:


Tracy Walker, May Yoga Journal
Tracy Walker dreams up beautiful imagery to accompany an article in the May Yoga Journal, on connecting with the flow of your breath.


Ian Phillips, 3×3 Annual,
Ian Phillips has a total of three pieces placed in both the Gallery and Self-Promotion categories of this year’s 3×3 Annual.


Josh Holinaty, FFWD Weekly’s annual Summer Guide,
You can find Josh Holinaty’s image on the cover of FFWD Weekly’s annual Summer Guide for the second year running.


Dave Wheeler, M&C Magazine
Dave Wheeler illustrates the painful situation of the tongue-tied public speaker for M&C Magazine. Argh!


Paul Mirocha, Maps,
It was with great pleasure and a sense of awe that Paul Mirocha took on this assignment to chart that amazing migratory path of the Monarch butterfly.


Liz Goulet Dubois, Highlights Magazine, Magazine Covers,
Liz Goulet Dubois received an unexpected package from Highlights Magazine for children the other day, containing the 2009 High Five Cover of the Year Award in honor of her “Let’s Read!” cover, shown here.

James Yang: 3 x 3 Best of Show

“Globe Guy,” a wonderfully emotive animated short by James Yang, in conjunction with Director/Animator Dave Redl, has won Best of Show in the 2010 3×3 ProShow. This is the first time an animation has won the award.

James O’Brien: Three in 3 x 3

Three very different pieces by James O’Brien are to be included in the 3 x 3 Illustration Annual #7, due out this fall.

Kim Rosen: 3 x 3 ProShow

This festive image by Kim Rosen, inspired by the Philadelphia Mummer's Parade, was accepted into the up-coming 3 x 3 Illustration Annual.

Jorge Mascarenhas: 3 x 3 ProShow #7

Jorge Mascarenhas, Magazine Illustration,
Jorge Mascarenhas had three pieces selected for inclusion in the up-coming 3 x 3 Illustration Annual.

Christian Lindemann: Making the Right Choice

Christian Lindemann, Magazine Illustration,
Christian Lindemann creates moral tension with an amusing twist in this illustration for Swiss publication Migros Magazine.

Stan Fellows: Nature Conservancy

Stan Fellows brings together his innate knowledge of the natural world and sure hand with watercolor to create spontaneously beautiful images for his regular client, The Nature Conservancy.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ryan Snook: Commencement Speech

Ryan Snook illustrates the uplifting kind of commencement speech a writer wishes she had heard for the Boston Globe

Edward Kinsella: In the Family

Edward Kinsella’s illustration for The Progressive accompanied an article on Chicago based documentary filmmaker Joanna Rudnick. Her film, “In the Family,” led to a federal judge’s ruling that a company could not own the rights to the breast cancer gene.

Chris Whetzel: Dilly-Daleying with the NRA

Chris Whetzel was contacted by America's 1st Freedom back in March to create a portrait of Chicago Mayor Richard Daley for their "First Things First" spread. America's 1st Freedom is a National Rifle Association magazine; according to the article, Mayor Daley is an advocate of harsh firearm laws.


Peter Campofiori created this fun poster for the Sapphire Elementary School Book Fair, sponsored by Scholastic. The administrators wanted to go beyond the promo material they'd been supplied with from Scholastic. They approached Peter to produce this whimsical 2 x 4 foot poster for their library, which will be enjoyed far beyond the month of the book fair.

Anthony Freda: ObamaNation

Anthony Freda, Magazine Illustration,
Anthony Freda’s “ObamaNation” assemblage was accepted into the upcoming 3 x 3 Annual #7, due out this fall. (more)

David Plunkert: NY Times Op-Ed

David Plunkert, NY Times, Newspaper,
Dave Plunkert illustrates “An Executive Without Much Privilege” for the May 26th Op-Ed page of the New York Times.

Lara Tomlin: The New Yorker

Lara Tomlin, New Yorker Magazine,
Lara Tomlin creates a dynamic psychological tableau to illustrate The New Yorker’s theatre review of “The Metal Children.”

Georgie Fearns: Traveling

Georgie Fearns, Banners,
Georgie Fearns was commissioned by award winning luxury travel agent Robert Broad Travel to create three promotional banners.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Martin Ansin: Honda Civic GT Sport

Martin Ansin, Product Illustration,
Martin Ansin created this better-than-photorealistic imagery to introduce the new Honda Civic GT Sport. The campaign, currently running across all media in Spain, carries the tagline "The Heroes Are Back."

Jason Seiler: 3D Total

Jason Seiler, Books,
Jason Seiler produced this portrait as a step by step tutorial for 3D Total, a publisher of books on digital painting. The subject is legendary Chicago tattoo artist Ben Wahhh; the book, revealing Jason’s full process, will be available in November.

Ellen Weinstein: World’s Best City

Ellen Weinstein, Newspaper,
Ellen Weinstein shows us how they say “We’re #1” in Vienna with this Op Ed piece created for The International Herald Tribune/ New York Times.

Paul Morton: World Cup Beer Labels

Paul Morton, Label Design,
Paul Morton has caught World Cup Fever, thanks to a gig creating these three beer labels for local breweries. Don't forget…Kick Off is on June 12th!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Zara Picken: Smart Clothing

Zara Picken‘s double page paper doll-themed illustration for Harvard Medicine Magazine accompanied a feature about smart clothing. The garments are intended to help with serious diseases and conditions, such as Parkinson’s, cerebral palsy and brain injuries.

John Tomac: Not Everyone Loves Your Pets

John Tomac, Newspaper,
Last week, John Tomac was contacted by The Record, the daily newspaper in Bergen County, N.J., to illustrate a feature for the front of their weekly Real Estate section. The story examined the challenges pet owners face when trying to sell their homes, especially when pets are accustomed to having the run of the house.

Alex Nabaum: Mr. Responsible

Alex Nabaum created this portrait of James Gifford for Asset International. Gifford travels the world on behalf og the UN, among other entities, showing that socially and environmentally sound investment practices pay better in the long term.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Whitney Sherman: Innovate Love

Whit­ney Sher­man contributed this lyrical piece of artwork to Inno­vate Love, a silent art auc­tion which ben­e­fits the Bal­ti­more Love Project, a non-profit com­mit­ted to con­nect­ing com­mu­ni­ties and peo­ple through­out the city.

Innovate Love will take place on Saturday, May 22 from 7:00pm – 11:00pm in the Penthouse at Silo Point, one of Baltimore’s premiere luxury residences located at 1200 Stuart Street.

James Yang: Down the Rabbit Hole

It is surprising how many times assignments will reflect events that happen a few weeks later. This James Yang illustration for Soojin Buzelli, for an article titled, “What the Heck is . . .?” seems somehow very appropriate for any number of unsettling current news items.

Mark Smith: Bedroom Entrepreneurs

Mark Smith, Magazine Illustration,
Mark Smith created this image for a story about “bedroom entrepreneurs” for American Way magazine. Apparently, more and more people are fighting the economic downturn by running successful businesses from their homes with the aid of their trusty computers.

Bill Cigliano: The National Spelling Bee

Bill Cigliano was commissioned by Harvard University for “Education Next,” a magazine on education and public policy, to illustrate the cover of their summer issue. The feature article is on the national spelling bee.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Dave Wheeler, Washington State Magazine, Editorial,
Dave Wheeler created this image for an essay in Washington State Magazine about the enduring appeal (and sanctuary) of the physical book.

Michael Austin: Childhood Obesity

Michael Austin, The Wall Street Journal,  Editorial,
Michael Austin illustrated a feature story titled, “Reversing Childhood Obesity” for the 5/18/10 issue of the Wall Street Journal.

Ryan Pancoast: Hawk of May

Ryan Pancoast’s cover for Hawk of May, published by Sourcebooks, features a vitally modern-feeling portrait of Gawain, one of King Arthur's knights.

Phil Disley: Times of London

Phil Disley’s boxing cell phones appeared as a header on page one, as well as larger within, in the Times of London this week. The story concerned the eternal Blackberry v. i-Phone battle.

Kenny Kiernan: Big in Japan

Kenny Kiernan whipped up a cool, fun illustration for this week’s Time Out Chicago cover. The art director wanted an anime/manga-style cartoon indie rock musician illustration to go along with their “Big In Japan” cover story.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Marc Phares: Reign over Pain

“Reign over Pain” is the slogan of the current campaign for Depodur, illustrated by Marc Phares of Epic Studios, Inc. Depodur is a catheterless single-dose injectable epidural analgesic that manages pain more effectively than the competition.

Brucie Rosch: Eliminating Risk

Brucie Rosch, Magazine Illustration,
Brucie Rosch has a spread plus accompanying spot in the current issue of Harvard Business Review. The concept: "Successful entrepreneurs methodically eliminate risk."

Laurie A. Conley: Preakness Gifts

Laurie A. Conley was honored to be chosen by the Maryland Jockey Club to create hand-painted gift plates as souvenirs for the owners of the horses entered in the 135th Preakness Stakes.

Jamel Akib: Tan to Tamarind

Jamel Akib created artwork for the award-winning children’s book "Tan to Tamarind." The book is a collection of poems on the theme of the color brown, celebrating the diversity in all shades of skin color.

Linda Davick: Cha, Cha, Cha!

Linda Davick created a lively illustration to accompany this Spanish learning song package for young people, produced by WhistleFritz.

Katia Wish: New Collectors

Katia Wish’s illustration work made a comfortable crossover into the fine art world recently. Two of her original watercolor/gouache paintings and three of the prints of her 3-D works are now in the permanent collection of Drs. Steve Williams and Michael Stillman.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

John Kachik: Digital Sign Painting

For the May 2010 issue of Bicycling Magazine, John Kachik was tasked with creating an illustration/type design with a vintage postcard flavor that could be used as both a one inch spot as well as believable city wall signage.

Science Times: May 18, 2010

Today’s Science Times section of the New York Times has some terrific work by five ispotters.

Jennifer Thermes: Sweet Charlotte, NC

Jennifer Thermes recently created this map for Charlotte Magazine to illustrate a feature story about how planning decisions, both good and bad, have impacted the city and its future.