Monday, November 30, 2009

Charlie Griak: Expiration Date

Charlie Griak, St. Martin's Press, Expiration Date
Charlie Griak created this book cover illustration for St. Martin's Press a little earlier this year. With the holidays just around the corner, the book is now available via Theispot bookstore for pre-orders.

Brian Biggs: Brownie and Pearl Step Out

Brian Biggs, Brownie & Pearl Step Out
Brian Biggs did the art in this new children's book, set to release in December. "Cheerful from start to finish!" enthuses Publisher's Weekly today about 'Brownie & Pearl Step Out.'

Zara Picken: AARP

Zara Picken, AARP
AARP asked Zara Picken to create a typographic illustration for their magazine, based on a six-word memoir for 'The Best Advice Ever'. Books and dogs make good companions!

Jeff Wack: Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester UK

Jeff Wack, MOSI
Jeff Wack recently completed this stunning poster, working with The Driven Agency for the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) in Manchester, UK.

Pietari Posti: Nobrow Magazine

Pietari Posti, Nobrow Magazine
Issue 2 of Nobrow Magazine, themed 'Jungle,' recently released, included this gorgeous spread of Pietari Posti's work.

Tracy Walker: Scotties Tissues

Tracy Walker, Scotties Tissues
Kim Yakota of Toronto design firm Shikatani Lacroix recently approached artist rep i2iart about using a Tracy Walker illustration on a Scotties Tissue box.

Sandra Pirie-St. Amour: Disability is an Art…

Sandra Pirie-St. Amour
The Institute on Disability at the University of New Hampshire selected an image by Sandra Pirie-St. Amour for the cover of their 2010 calendar.

Eamo Donnelly: New Work

Eamo Donnelly, Magazine Illustration
Eamo Donnelly has spent yet another high octane month creating vivid imagery for a wide variety of extremely happy clients.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tim Foley: A Bigger Slice of the Pie

Tim Foley, Magazine Illustration
Tim Foley’s illustration for the Barrons refers to the economy, but (like everything else on the day before Thanksgiving) also makes us HUNGRY!

Phil Schramm: Made for Each Other

Phil Schramm, Ad Campaign
Just looking at Phil Schramm’s work makes us thirsty, so it’s understandable that he was chosen to create these amazing images for Diageo’s ‘Quality Classics’ Campaign. Phil was commissioned to illustrate the ampersand shapes out of streams of various spirits and mixers. He created the visuals using a combination of 3D modeling and photography.

Nigel Buchanan: One Week, Two Covers

Nigel Buchanan, Magazine Illustration
Nigel Buchanan was commissioned to do cover artwork for UK newsmagazine The Week on the subject of Olympic funding…

Paula Becker: Thanksgiving Puzzle

Paula Becker,  Magazine Illustration
Just in time for Thanksgiving, Paula Becker created this fun “what’s the difference between these two images?” visual puzzle for ClubHouse Jr. Magazine. So if you have a few moments this holiday between meals or football games and need something fun to do, see if you can spot the changes.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sean Kane: Holiday Sweetness Revisited

Sean Kane, Roger's Chocolates
After a successful first year, Rogers' Chocolates has re-licensed two of Sean Kane’s illustrations for use on holiday tins (filled with assorted chocolates, creams, and caramels) and ornaments. Definitely a tasty project!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Stanford Kay: Picturing Swine Flu

Stanford Kay, Swine Flu,
Stanford Kay’s clean, iconic style was the perfect choice for a recent Newsweek infographic illustration. The image, which ran just as Swine Flu was becoming a hot issue, shows how different types of viruses can infect some animals while being harmless to others, and how they can ultimately spread to humans.

Georgie Fearns: Winter Wonderland

Georgie Fearns, Robert Broad Travel
Georgie Fearns has recently branched out into the stationary industry with “'Winter Wonderland,” a Christmas card design for the luxury travel firm, Robert Broad.

Pete Ryan: Sufferin’ Singles

Pete Ryan, Boston Globe,
Pete Ryan created this visual hierarchy for an article about the rights of singles vs. the rights gay couples vs. the rights of married heterosexual couples for the Boston Globe.

Tyler Jacobson: Dragon Magazine

Tyler Jacobson, Wizards of the Coast,
Tyler Jacobson shares his latest work for Wizards of the Coast’s wildly popular D & D gaming publication, Dragon Magazine.

Alanna Cavanagh: Be Good to your Liver!

Alanna Cavanagh, Lettering
Alanna Cavanagh just completed this zippy illustration / hand lettering piece for Best Health magazine.

Raul Colon: Child of the Civil Rights Movement

Raul Colon’s most recent picture book, “Child of the Civil Rights Movement” was written by Paula Young Shelton, daughter of Civil Rights activist Andrew Young.

With an activist father and a community of leaders surrounding her, including Uncle Martin (Martin Luther King), Paula watched and listened to the struggles, eventually joining with her family—and thousands of others—in the historic march from Selma to Montgomery. Poignant, moving, and hopeful, this is an intimate look at the birth of the Civil Rights Movement. The book may be ordered through Theispot Bookstore.

Edel Rodriguez: A Judge Grows in the Bronx / La juez que crecio en el Bronx

Edel Rodriguez, Book Cover Illustration, Book Illustration
Edel Rodriguez has illustrated a biography (by Jonah Winter) of our newest Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor, for children ages 4-8. Written in English and Spanish, the book describes Sotomayor’s urban childhood as well as her adult accomplishments.

Order this book today through Theispot Bookstore.

Mike Carina: The Big Muddy

Mike Carina, Magazine Illustration
Mike Carina illustrated a recent "End of the Line" editor's column for Mainline Today Magazine. The story recalled the editor's experience of a recent run that proved more of an adventure due to his poor sense of direction.

Deb Lucke: Pollinator Dreams

Deb Lucke, Art Show
Deb Lucke is one of 16 artists participating in a group show at Roos Arts in Rosendale, NY called “Pollinator Dreams.” The show represents a partnership with the Hudson Valley Seed Library to promote a vision of forming and sustaining local food networks. The Library started a new tradition last year of working with Hudson Valley artists to create cover art for their heirloom seed packets.

The project brings together art and seeds to represent a broad spectrum of styles, mediums, and visions, just as our seeds represent generations of individual tastes, culinary approaches, and garden heritage.

Pollinator Dreams
Roos Arts
449 Main Street
Rosendale, NY
Through December 12, 2009

Hours: Thursday – Saturday, 1 – 5 pm

Friday, November 20, 2009

Chris Gash: Santa and the Chimney

Chris Gash, Santa Comics, Magazine Illustration
Chris Gash was contacted by New Jersey Monthly in late October to illustrate a full-page comic for their Holiday issue. The subject was that enduring mystery of Santa and the Chimney. How does a fat guy get down a skinny space? Why doesn’t he burn himself?? How the heck does he get back up again???

Darcy Vorhees: Space Chasers

Darcy Vorhees, Storyboards, Animation
Darcy Vorhees is teaming up with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles director Roy Burdine on SPACE CHASERS, an out of this world children's property created by Burdine.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sean Tiffany: Techland

Sean Tiffany,  TIME Magazine,
Sean Tiffany was contacted by the art director of Techland, Time Magazine's newest website that deals with all things pop culture.

Nicole Allin: Somersault Snacks

Nicole Allin, Somersault Snacks Co, Packaging,
Nicole Allin recently created a cute cowboy character for the packaging of Somersault Snack Co.'s latest flavor line.

SPD Article Features Ispotters’ Work

Lara Tomlin, Magazine Covers, Award Winners
When the Society of Publication Designers penned an appreciation of Nai Lee Lum, long-time art director of Fortune Magazine’s Europe and Asia editions, she was asked to select some of her favorite covers.

Paula Becker: Highlights

Paula Becker, Magazine Illustration
Paula Becker’s friendly, fun work can often be found in the pages of that perennial favorite, Highlights for Children. Below is this month’s YBS spot, an encouragement to be kind and good to your fellow human beings. In this case, share your cookie!

Damien Weighill: Food Anthems

Damien Weighill, Magazine Illustration
Damien Weighill was commissioned by enRoute magazine for a recent food issue to illustrate a rock band of food-based musicians to go along with an article about food-themed songs.

Sean Kane: Navigating Change

Sean Kane, Album Cover
Sean Kane created this illustration for an instructional CD about helping employees to chart a course through the changing economy and business climate.

Christine Marie Larsen: Freedom's Feast

Christine Marie Larsen recently completed a series of illustrations, icons and hand-lettering for an online book and website project for Freedom's Feast.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Chris Whetzel: MYBusiness Cover

Chris Whetzel, MyBusiness Magazine,
Chris Whetzel was commissioned by MYBusiness magazine to create some eye-catching artwork for a recent cover. One feature was about the Military Heroes of Small Business and the other concerned Unions/Big Labor.

Randy Pollak: Four Sketches and a Finish

Randy Pollak, Concept Sketches, Magazine Illustration
Randy Pollak shares his sketch process with a recent client based on their outline for an article about businesses that are stronger after the recession than before.

Alex Fine: Crispin Glover

Alex Fine was happy to create this portrait of actor Crispin Glover on a tight deadline for City Paper. With a little more time, though, he REALLY could have had some fun:

“I really wanted to draw some rats and a flux capacitor but I never saw the article so I didn't know if it fit. For all I know he could have mentioned how much he hates being known from Willard or Back to the Future…”

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Richard Bornemann: Anomet Wiring

Richard Bornemann, Anomet Products
Anomet Products contacted Richard Bornemann to create a realistic 3D illustration of their product, customized composite wiring. Because the actual product is a very fine filament wire, photography was not an option; they needed an image that would clearly show the multilayered composition of their product line.

Lesley Breen Withrow: Illustrating Children's Picture Books

Lesley Breen Withrow, Children's Book Illustration
Artist Lesley Breen Withrow and her husband, Steve Withrow, have collaborated on a brand new guide, “Illustrating Children's Picture Books.” Sure to become an invaluable resource, the book is 200 pages of combined art instruction and storytelling insight from illustrators, writers, critics, and publishers from around the world.

This fully illustrated book provides you with a review of the world’s most innovative and talented children’s illustrators, as well as practical instructions on specific techniques and design solutions. It won’t be available until late December, but you can place pre-orders in Bookstore right now!

Rob McClurkan: TV Guy

Rob McClurkan: Television Illustration
Rob McClurkan was given a recent assignment to illustrate a boy and his dog inside a TV set, interacting with the audience.

Pietari Posti: Bellaciao

Pietari Posti, Book Illustration
Pietari Posti is one of 24 artists whose work is included in “Bellaciao,” a book which traces the imaginary history of a diamond through the 20th century.

Mark Brewer: 2009 MLB World Series Program

Mark Brewer, Program Illustration
Mark Brewer created six illustrations for the 2009 Major League Baseball World Series Program. "I was excited to get this assignment (which came through Theispot, by the way!) because I have been a baseball fan for a long time."

Marc Rosenthal: What’s the Recipe?

Marc Rosenthal, Magazine Illustration, New Yorker Magazine
The New Yorker commissioned a full page illustration by Marc Rosenthal to accompany an article about our hunger for cookbooks. Can you really learn to cook from a book? How do you tell firm peaks from stiff ones? How do you define “chopped”…?

Monday, November 16, 2009

Graham Smith: The Philadelphia 50

Graham Smith, Philadelphia Magazine
Graham Smith worked closely with art directors Andy Zahn and Jesse Southerland, of Philadelphia Magazine to create 18 illustrated portraits for November's “50 Most Important People in Philly” issue.

Kathryn Rathke: Genius Awards

Kathryn Rathke, Genius Awards
The Stranger Magazine's Genius Award ceremony, featured portrait artwork by Kathryn Rathke in two extreme sizes, the smallest and largest versions to date!

Jack Molloy: Map of Calistoga

Jack Molloy, Robert Louis Stevenson
This wine stained, well-lived map was drawn by Jack Molloy for the San Francisco Chronicle travel section cover to honor Robert Louis Stevenson’s residence in Calistoga.

Ruth Rowland: Speak Out for Understanding

Ruth Rowland, Southern Poverty Law Center
Ruth Rowland was honored to be was asked by the Southern Poverty Law Center to illustrate an article in their magazine, “Teaching Tolerance,” about a powerful and moving film created by a group of students at a Vermont high school.

Martin Ansin: Kubrick Poster

Martin Ansin, Stanley Kubrick
Martin Ansin’s work was used as the poster for Taming Light, a group exhibition featuring painting, photography and illustration inspired by the films of Stanley Kubrick.

Eric Sturdevant: Mind Your own Business

Eric Sturdevant created a half page illustration for HOW magazine’s for business column titled, "Be a Smarter Manager." For designers who run their own businesses, managing employee issues is among the biggest problems they deal with. Various mistakes owners make range from doing everything themselves to not communicating well with their staff.

Doug Boehm: Orlando AIGA Presentation

Doug Boehm, Art Show
As a third grader, Doug Boehm drew fictitious vehicles of destruction for his classmates, who paid him in candy. Soon after, Boehm graduated with a BFA in graphic design from the Tyler School of Art, and his first published work graced the pages of HOW's annual self-promotional issue. Join us as he shares how his talents have allowed him to flourish as an artist, illustrator, and designer. An art party featuring Doug's work alongside prominent local and national artists will take place after the presentation.

Akiko Kato: Broken Embraces

Akiko Kato, New Yorker Magazine, Magazine Illustration
Akiko Kato creates another haunting work for The New Yorker. This week it's the gorgeous Penélope Cruz, starring in Pedro Almodóvar's new film, "Broken Embraces."

Sasha Hall: From This Meal Forward…

Sasha Hall, Magazine Illustration
Sasha Hall created illustrations for the upcoming issue of Metro Detroit Bride. The article is about a newlywed couple making their first meal together: tomato & basil galettes, tortellini soup and a hot fudge sundae.

Rachel Ray Hearts Aaron Meshon Zipper Pulls!

Flipping through ‘Everyday-with Rachel Ray,’ we were delighted to see Aaron Meshon’s ‘Let’s Hang’ zipper pulls for Kid Robot listed as #41 in the Holiday Gift Guide!