Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wacso: Tender Maid

Advertising, Wacso
"They call them hamburgers, but that isn't a good word to describe a Tendermaid because it doesn't come in the typical hamburger patty form," says the copy for this new ad for Austin Minnesota's Tender Maid Sandwich Shop, illustrated by Wacso.

Says one reviewer on the Active Diner restaurant review site: "The architecture of the shop is straight out of the Sears garden shed section. Inside, there is enough room for a central work area with seating at counters running down both sides, and not much else. At lunch rush, it's sometimes difficult to squeeze your way to a seat. This place has been around since the Depression-era, and very little, except the prices and an occasional new malt machine, has changed."

Look's like Wacso's nailed the ambience perfectly!

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