Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cedric Hohnstadt: Great River Energy

Cedric Hohnstadt, Web Illustration, Interactive Illustration
Cedric Hohnstadt was recently commissioned by a local agency to create artwork for a new interactive website for Great River Energy, a Minnesota company that provides electricity to a large part of the state. The site is promoting their “Brighter Kid’s Club” campaign designed to help kids learn about saving energy.

“I was asked to draw the exterior and interior of what the client described as ‘the coolest tree house ever’. They provided me with some rough thumbnails and a long list of specific items that had to be included in the artwork. The idea was to create a fun little interactive clubhouse that could be enjoyed by both boys and girls.”

“I created all the elements as vector art in Illustrator and then handed them over to the agency. From there there they inserted additional elements (posters on the walls, for example) and added some simple animation to make everything come alive.”

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