Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Eugene Smith: The Sherlock Holmes Handbook

Eugene Smith, Sherlock Holmes Handbook
Eugene Smith has finally completed work on "The Sherlock Holmes Handbook: The Methods and Mysteries of the World's Greatest Detective," by Ransom Riggs.

Michael Austin: Hidden Risk

Michael Austin, Wall Street Journal,
Michael Austin illustrated a feature story in the Wall Street Journal (9/30/09) titled, “10 Hidden Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease.”

Darcy Vorhees: Handball

Darcy Vorhees,
Darcy Vorhees recently completed a group portrait for local handball enthusiasts.

Vault49: Blackberry Europe

Vault 49, Blackberry Europe
Waaaaay back in February Vault49 was brought on board to create this campaign for Blackberry Europe, and since then the project has gone through all sorts of creative wrangling until today when it can see the light of day.

John Hersey: NY Times Sunday Book Review

John Hersey, NY Times Book Review, Newspaper
John Hersey’s recent cover image for the Times Book Review dealt with the debate over the broken US healthcare system.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tom Seltzer: Part Time Dog

Tom Seltzer, Part Time Dog
“So I got a job as a part time dog,” begins the hilarious ongoing web saga penned and drawn by Tom Seltzer.

Stanley Hooper: Recent Work

Stanley Hooper,
Stanley Hooper brings us up to speed on a passel of new projects.

Hugh D'Andrade: Recent Work

Hugh D'Andrade, Posters
San Francisco ispotter Hugh D'Andrade gets a particular charge out of high profile local jobs.

Lou Brooks: Twimericks

Lou Brooks, Book Illustration
Lou Brooks has invented a new medium of pure nuttiness: the Twimerick, a fiendish confection of limerick plus tongue-twister, topped off by his deliciously whacky illustrations.

Nonsensical whimsy—or whimsical nonsense—Twimericks are a form of wordplay that are irresistible for kids, as well as for grown-ups unafraid to be silly. Read them out loud and as fast as you can! It's pure happiness.

Order one for everyone you know who likes a good laugh, right here in Bookstore.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Tom Richmond: Workplace Poster

Tom Richmond, Holiday Poster
Tom Richmond recently completed artwork for a crazy holiday-themed workplace poster.

Matt Sundstrom: How to Be a Person

Matt Sundstrom, Newspaper
Matt Sundstrom created three friendly color illustration spots for The Stranger’s 2009 Back to School Guide. The article is the very useful, “How to Be a Person: General Knowledge.”

Kurt Hollomon: Nike Poster

Kurt D. Hollomon, Advertising, Nike
Kurt Hollomon brings his elegant line and lettering to this runners’ homage to the beautiful state of Oregon for Nike.

Brian Biggs: Roscoe Riley Rules

Brian Biggs, Book Cover Illustration, Book Illustration
Brian Biggs created artwork for a fun set of books called Roscoe Riley Rules.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Tad Carpenter: Sunrise Greeting

Tad Carpenter, Greeting Cards,
Tad Carpenter’s brand new collection of 25 cards for Sunrise Greetings is 70's beach inspired, from typography to color, even to content. All are over sized (8x12-ish) and have a fun die cut shape to them.

Jason Platt: Around the World in 80 Days

Jason Platt, Posters
Jason Platt created this poster illustration for Richmond Hill's production of "Around the World in 80 Days".

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sean McCabe: Brit Wit

Sean McCabe, The Atlantic Magazine, Magazine Illustration
Sean McCabe brings manic energy to this double portrait of UK comedians Russell Brand and Ricky Gervais for the October issue of The Atlantic.

Damien Weighill: If Only…

Damien Weighill, Science Illustration
Damien Weighill illustrated celebrities and leading scientists who were asked to explain the inventions they wish existed by finishing the sentence ‘if only…’

Cedric Hohnstadt: Great River Energy

Cedric Hohnstadt, Web Illustration, Interactive Illustration
Cedric Hohnstadt was recently commissioned by a local agency to create artwork for a new interactive website for Great River Energy, a Minnesota company that provides electricity to a large part of the state. The site is promoting their “Brighter Kid’s Club” campaign designed to help kids learn about saving energy.

“I was asked to draw the exterior and interior of what the client described as ‘the coolest tree house ever’. They provided me with some rough thumbnails and a long list of specific items that had to be included in the artwork. The idea was to create a fun little interactive clubhouse that could be enjoyed by both boys and girls.”

“I created all the elements as vector art in Illustrator and then handed them over to the agency. From there there they inserted additional elements (posters on the walls, for example) and added some simple animation to make everything come alive.”

Traci O'Very Covey: Classical Inspiration

Traci O'Very Covey, Brochure
This is a recent illustration created by Traci O'Very Covey for the Community Concerts at Second season brochure. The group performs free chamber music concerts in Baltimore, MD showcasing local, national and international artists.

“Classical music is such an inspiration to me! It was great working on this project for the second year in a row.”

Serge Seidlitz: Barclays UK

Serge Seidlitz, Barclays Bank
Serge Seidlitz envisions a flourishing economic climate for Barclays Bank in the UK. Who says money doesn’t grow on trees?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kyle T Webster: The Summer of Work

Kyle T. Webster, Magazine Illustration, Extract, The New Yorker
It's been a busy summer for Kyle T Webster - some highlights from the studio here!

Chris Whetzel: Failing to Learn

Chris Whetzel, Education Week, Editorial,  Illustration
Chris Whetzel recently created a piece for Education Week titled, "Failing to Learn." The focus was on how our education system is repeating the same mistakes, rather than learning from errors of the past.

Jacquie O'Neill: EcoMoi Undies

Jacquie O'Neill, EcoMoi Undies, Fashion Illustration,
Jacquie O'Neill was commissioned to create a set of illustrations for the newly launched EcoMoi range of organic bodywear.

Federico Jordan: Harvard Business Review

Federico Jordan, Harvard Business Review,  Magazine Illustration,
Federico Jordan illustrates “Mergers That Stick” for the October issue of the Harvard Business Review.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Raymond Beisinger: Just Four Colors…

Raymond Biesinger, Alberta Pension Services
In July of this year Raymond Beisinger was given an assignment with just four colors to stick to, which suited him perfectly. The brief: a Canadian government agency, Alberta Pension Services, was redefining every piece of visual material related to their business.

“They were bold about it, provided I pledged to respect their CMYK color codes and keep things posi. Note how the APS color scheme is perfect for rendering robins. Quite the happy coincidence that some birds flew into the mix!”

Christine Larsen: Birds + Bees + Kids

Christine Marie Larsen, Book Cover Illustration
Christine Larsen was thrilled to work with Amy Lang of Birds + Bees + Kids on the design and layout of her first two books. One is a journal for young people to use to ask their parents questions that they may be too embarrassed to ask in person, and the other is a guide and workbook for parents to use to clarify their values about sex, love and relationships.

Matthieu Forichon: Le Rendez-Vous

Matthieu Forichon, Advertising
Matthieu Forichon illustrates the art of the hook-up for the Hotel Ninon in Paris.

Brian Stauffer: AI5000

Brian Stauffer, Magazine Covers, Asset International
Brian Stauffer unleashes a dragon for Asset International’s AI5000. The cover image was also used as a full page plus interior to illustrate an article on China’s evolving asset management industry.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Brian Biggs: Space Puzzle

Brian Biggs, Mudpuppy
Brian Biggs tells us that the work he’s done for Mudpuppy over the last two or three years has been his favorite in both the process and the results. So when they asked him to do a piece with aliens and planets and comets and stuff… he jumped on it!
Jason Seiler, Weekly Standard, Magazine Covers
Jason Seiler painted this atmospheric watercolor portrait of Edgar Allan Poe for The Weekly Standard in just two days.

Jing Jing Tsong: Kyoto

Jing Jing Tsong, Wall Street Journal
Jing Jing Tsong strolls the Japanese city of Kyoto for the Wall Street Journal.

Paul Cox: The Elevator Man

Paul Cox's radiant palette, balletic ink line and cosmopolitan aesthetic bring a buoyant spirit to this metropolitan fable, written by Stanley Trachtenberg. To young Nathan, there is nothing more marvelous than his apartment building's elevator and the man who runs it.

It's not just that the elevator man has a dashing uniform; he is also gracious (he holds the elevator for Nathan's Type A dad) and cool under pressure (when other residents “lean on the buzzer,” he doesn't flinch). Best of all, he lets Nathan run the elevator when no one else is around.

But when the building modernizes with a self-service elevator, Nathan's exuberance plummets (“Nathan reaches up to touch one of the buttons, the one that has an 'L' on it. He hopes it means 'Let Me Off' ”)…

What happens next? Buy the book in Bookstore and find out!

Max Scratchmann: Kirk Heroes

British illustrator Max Scratchmann scored a huge hit at the Silmo 2009 trade fair in France with his set of trade cards for Kirk Originals designer spectacle frames.

Max produced a series of eight 'hero' characters for art director Karen Kirk, which were displayed at the exhibition on illuminated boards and printed as cards to be given to consumers who purchase Kirk Heroes frames.

Kirk Originals have stores in London, Brighton, (England) New York and Paris.

Geoffrey Grahn

This past summer marked the loss of a young, talented artist, Geoffrey Grahn. Geoffrey was an extremely quiet man, but his work was eloquent, and his laughter was heard loud and clear in the wonderful pictures he made. He was most proud of a children’s book he created for and dedicated to his young twin sons, Everett and Joseph.

Geoffrey Grahn's illustrations appeared on doughnut boxes, Hot Wheels, television commercials, video games, posters, cd's, book covers, t-shirts, stickers, patches, magazines and the soles of tennis shoes.

In addition to his sons, he leaves behind his beautiful wife, Pat. He will be missed by the illustration community, where his witty, intelligent work was celebrated with numerous awards throughout his career.

Andrea Cobb: Recent Work

Andrea Cobb shares a couple of diverse, but equally charming recent projects.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Jason Greenberg: Compassion Matters

Jason Greenberg, Vegetarian Times Magazine, Editorial
Jason Greenberg tips his hat to Rockwell with this early Thanksgiving feast for Vegetarian Times Magazine.

Mark Ulriksen: Eight Days for The New Yorker

Mark Ulriksen, Magazine Illustration, The New Yorker, Eight Days
Every now and then, The New Yorker will give a project to an artist and just let them run with it. Such is the case this week, with Mark Ulriksen’s stunning situational images of eight days last September in the American financial system.

Randy Pollak: Investment Advisor

Randy Pollak, Magzine Illustration, Investment Advisor
Randy Pollak was asked by Investment Advisor magazine to illustrate an article detailing people’s reduced charitable contributions in the current economy.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hand Made Maps: Hellboy II

Hand Made Maps, Hellboy II, Character Design,
Hand Made Maps produced a series of Renaissance-style drawings for us in the title sequence of Hellboy II ( directed by Guillermo del Toro).

Stephen Savage: Atlantic Monthly

Stephen Savage, Atlantic Monthly, Magazine Illustration,
Stephen Savage created a pair of images emblematic of the author’s frustration for the article, “How American Health Care Killed My Father,” for the September ’09 Atlantic.

Nabaum & Thomas in Fortune Small business

Fortune Small Business Magazine, Alex Nabaum, Jacob Thomas,
This month’s Fortune Small Business Magazine features a couple of interesting illustrations by ispotters.
Jacob Thomas creates a page header for Retail Democracy, the story of how one site boosted sales through online customer reviews. And Alex Nabaum’s battered bird illustrates Cash Curse: how easy money can hurt your business.

SND Awards Include Numerous Ispotters

Brian Stauffer, Award Winners, Society for News Design
The Society for News Design encourages high standards of journalism through design. An international forum, SND works to recognize excellence and strengthen visual journalism as a profession. Their 30th Annual Awards honor the work of the following ispotters for imagery appearing in newspapers throughout the past year:

Brian Stauffer
Sean Kelly
Dan Page
Jon Krause
Keith Negley
Alex Nabaum
Harry Campbell
Dave Wheeler

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tim Foley: Eight Years of Health at the WSJ

Tim Foley, The Wall Street Journal, Health Care
This week marked the end of an eight year collaboration between Tim Foley and Wall Street Journal designer Sue Foster on a series of health care spots, 273 illustrations in all.

Tad Carpenter: Nanny Match

Tad Carpenter,  Nanny Match, Graphic, Advertising,
Tad Carpenter was asked to create a brand for the start up, Nanny Match, which places nannies with families and families with nannies.

Sarah Beetson: Champers Hampers

Sarah Beetson, Perth Fashion Week, Animation,
Currently wowing all at the Perth Fashion Week is an anti-drink drive animation from the amazing Sarah Beetson.

Pietari Posti: Recent Projects

Pietari Posti, Fabric Company BonBonKakku, Pattern Design
Pietari Posti casts the wide net of his talent over a variety of art forms. First up, a large-scale pattern for fabric company BonBonKakku:

R. Sikoryak: Masterpiece Comics

The "Masterpiece Comics" of R. Sikoryak set classic literature on a collision course with comic strips from our time, resulting in hilarious, yet thought-provoking tales that enrich both mediums with new context.

The full collection is now available in hardback – grab it today in Theispot Bookstore!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Eli Harris: Banal Obsessions at Gallery Six

Eli Harris, Gallery Showings, San Francisco, Gallery Six
Eli Harris is having his second solo show at Gallery Six in San Francisco. “Banal Obsessions” opens this Friday, September 18 from 7-11pm, with new work as well as sketchbooks on display.

66 Sixth Street
San Francisco, CA

Zara Picken: Early Years Magazine

Zara Picken, Magazine Illustration
Zara Picken used a scrapbook approach to create a recent double page spread for Early Years magazine. The subject was parental engagement, with various objects representing tips given by individual experts.

Gemma Correll: Fred Flare

Gemma Correll, Fred Flare, Online Illustration
Gemma Correll created this madly cute character, Bee, and her clothing diary for Fred Flare, an online indie fashion resource.