Monday, August 31, 2009

Sophie Blackall: The Collyer Brothers

Sophie Blackall, Collyer Brothers, Boston Globe,
This is an illustration by Sophie Blackall which accompanied a review in yesterday's Boston Globe of E. L. Doctorow's Homer and Langley, based on the lives of the Collyer brothers.

Akiko Kato: Portrait for The New Yorker

Akiko Kato, Sondre Lerche
Akiko Kato created this portrait of Norwegian singer Sondre Lerche for The New Yorker this week. “Art director Max wanted a very moody one, so I made a softer image using pencils & acrylic…”

Teetering Bulb: King of an Endless Sky…

Teetering Bulb, Comic Book Art
Kurt Huggins and Zelda Devon, aka Teetering Bulb, have launched a new comic series, King of an Endless Sky, on the excellent fantasy venue,

Barnaby Ward: Terrible Yellow Eyes

Barnaby Ward, Gallery Showings
Here is Barnaby Ward’s contribution to the upcoming group show show at Gallery Nucleus, “Terrible Yellow Eyes,” inspired by the beloved classic, Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak.

Terrible Yellow Eyes
September 19, 2009 - October 6, 2009
Opening Reception / Sep 19, 7:00PM - 11:00PM
210 East Main St, Alhambra CA

Matt Dorfman: Recent Work

Matt Dorfman, Editorial
There are a pair of editorial images from Matt Dorfman.

Matt Sundstrom: Biotic Woman

Matt Sundstrom, Portland Monthly, Magazine Illustration
Matt Sundstrom created this illustration for an article titled Biotic Woman: Are Probiotics Superfoods or Super Hype? The image is currently appearing in this month's Women’s Health Annual for Portland Monthly Magazine.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Paul Cox: September Vanity Fair

Paul Cox, Vanity Fair, Magazine Illustration,
In the September Vanity Fair, Tom Wolfe imagines one fictional highflier's shock as he rejoins the commercial-aviation herd. Artist Paul Cox shows the author boarding the Gulfstream V of the story's Robert J. "Corky" McCorkle.

Jim Rugg: Back to School

Jim Rugg, Pittsburgh City Paper, Cover Illustration
Jim Rugg created the cover of this week's Pittsburgh City Paper for a feature on college students and public transportation.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Maria Rabinky: San Diego Map

Maria Rabinky, Golf World Magazine, San Diego Map
Golf World magazine knew artist Maria Rabinky could be counted on to create a San Diego map that captured both the city’s sunny disposition and the fact that it has world class attractions. The zoo, Coronado Island, and Torrey Pines are all prominently featured here.

Chris Ede: T-Shirts

Chris Ede, t-shirt
Chris Ede has a couple of hot new t-shirt designs out for men and women.

Gemma Correll: Bananas!

Here's a sneak peek of a narrative Gemma Correll worked on for the wonderful Anorak magazine.

Marian Heibel Richardson: Utah Housing

Marian Heibel Richardson, Brochure
Marian Heibel Richardson brings heart and soul to a large-format brochure for a new housing development in Utah.

Jonathan Williams: Prospect Magazine

Jonathan Williams, Magazine Covers, Prospect Magazine
The ever-versatile Jonathan Williams checks in this week with two very different editorial solutions for Prospect Magazine in the UK.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Octavio Diaz: Crowns- A Royal Pain

Octavio Diaz, Daytona Beach News
Octavio Diaz has fun playing with words and pictures for the Daytona Beach News-Journal, Accent section.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Phil Wrigglesworth: Which? Gardening

Phil Wrigglesworth, Which? Gardening
Phil Wrigglesworth put his green thumb to the drawing board and came up with this new piece for 'Which? Gardening' magazine, a how-to publication for novice and expert plant fans.

Eugene Smith: Sense and Sensibility...and Sea Monsters!

Eugene Smith, Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters
Eugene Smith got a chance to work with the good folks at Quirk Books on a new monster mash-Up book due out next month.

Carrie Hartman: The Clock Struck One

Carrie Hartman, The Clock Struck One
Carrie Hartman recently finished illustrating "The Clock Struck One: A Time-Telling Tale," written by Trudy Harris. Part of the 'Math Is Fun!' series, the book will release next month.

Jem Robinson: Afghanistan

Jem Robinson, The Independent
Jem Robinson's illustration for today's Independent focuses on Afghanistan, in particular current events there and how the author's support for the war has wavered in recent years. Jem was asked to reflect the elections that took place last week by creating an image made out of a fingerprint.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Darcy Vorhees: Planet of the Grapes

Darcy Vorhees, Planet of the Grapes
Darcy Vorhees was commissioned to create another image for up and coming creative group Planet of the Grapes. She originally designed the recurring characters pictured.

Ellen Lindner: Undertow

Ellen Lindner, Graphic Novel
Ellen Lindner’s graphic novel, Undertow, is set amidst the chaos of a 1950’s summer weekend at Coney Island. It tells the story of Rhonda, a girl suddenly overwhelmed by events beyond her control. Her mother's alcoholism, her best friend's death...and now a social worker who's intent on making it all better.

Paul Fricke: Canine Classic

Paul Fricke, Posters
Paul Fricke was tapped to create this cute-as-heck image to benefit a local animal shelter. The art was used on posters for their 20th annual Canine Classic fundraiser event, as well as on tee shirts which will be available at the event and regularly at the shelter.

Mary Reaves Uhles: Jack’s Busy Day

Mary Reaves Uhles, Book Illustration
Mary Reaves Uhles shares her process for creating a spread for her latest children’s book, Jack’s Busy Day, which is about the day in the life of a ranch dog and his family.

Mary Beth Cryan: MoMA Holiday Cards

Mary Beth Cryan, MOMA Holiday Cards
Mary Beth Cryan has conceptualized, illustrated, and engineered two new pop up cards for the Museum of Modern Art Holiday 2009 collection.

Dave Wheeler: Teaching Kids to Manage Money

Dave Wheeler illustrates perfectly the perils of kids and credit for the LA times

Jason Greenberg: Love Triangle

Jason Greenberg, LA Times
Jason Greenberg creates a negative/positive love triangle for a recent issue of the LA Times.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Alex Nabaum: Progressive's 2010 Calendar

Alex Nabaum,  Progressive's 2010 Calendar,
Here's Alex Nabaum's contribution to The Progressive's 2010 calendar, for the month of April. It will be printed in 2 colors blue and black.

Mario Sughi: NewWebPick

Mario Sughi, NewWebPick Magazine
Danny Yu, chief editor of NewWebPick, interviewed neurosunero (Mario Sughi) for their just released Issue #23. NewWebPick attracts readership from more than 4 million creatives who download issues from 159 countries.

Jason Crosby: Cyber Hackers

Counsel Magazine, Jason Crosby, Cyber Hackers
Jason Crosby was recently asked to illustrate cyber hackers and their attempts to take down company websites for Inside Counsel Magazine.

Peter Breese: Fashion156

Fashion156, Peter Breese, Web Illustration
Peter Breese's new illustrations for hark back to a time when magazines were dominated by illustrations rather than photography. "The pieces are inspired by Prada's A/W '09," Peter tells us.

A breakaway from the wave of intricate pencil drawn pieces which have tended to dominate fashion illustration, Peter's block colored sirens offer a less severe, more sensual take on Prada's more menacing maidens.

Chris Ede: Beachdown

Chris Ede, Posters, Banners
Chris Ede and the other members of The Coloured In illustrator collective are currently hard at work creating two giant Beachdown banners for this year's Beachdown Festival, in Brighton, UK.

Christian Lindemann: Recent Work

Christian Lindemann, Magazine Illustration, Summer Projects, Book Illustration
Books, calendars, t-shirts---Christian Lindemann is knee deep in lots of fresh projects this summer.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tim Foley: Deer Ticks

Tim Foley, The Wall Street Journal, Illustration
Tim Foley just finished this 'health care column' illustration for the Wall Street Journal, on Lyme Disease and deer ticks.

Kavel Rafferty: London Times

Kavel Rafferty, London Times
"Your romantic confessions were so popular that we decided to share a few more of them," reads the London Times headline. Kavel Rafferty supplied the illustration for today's installment, in which a woman books herself on a singles' holiday for two weeks in Collioure, France. The group consists of 18 women and seven men. Complications immediately ensue.

Jesse Kuhn: St. Louis Magazine

Jesse Kuhn, Magazine Illustration
Jesse Kuhn created three spots for St. Louis Magazine's July issue.

Steve Thomason: Comedy

Steve Thomason, t-shirt
Steve Thomason recently illustrated this t-shirt design for Thomas Miles' stand up comedy tour.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Adam McCauley: The Monsterologist

Adam McCauley, Monsterologist
Open this award winning memoir…if you dare!!! Adam McCauley illustrates the fruits of the monsterologist’s bone-chilling research. In engaging rhyme, the monster master tells all about Count Dracula; issues a werewolf warning; and dishes on trolls, ghosts, witches, ogres, and myriad mythological and literary creatures!

Jing Wei: Leap Year

jing Wei, Album Cover
Jing Wei just completed the album cover art for "Leap Year," the debut album of the band Show of Cards.

Rob Kelly: Charles Schwab

Rob Kelly, Charles Schwab ads, Advertising
Here's the most recent piece Rob Kelly has done for Charles Schwab On Investing magazine, for their Summer 2009 issue.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bryon Thompson: Big Book of Contemporary Illustration

Bryon Thompson, Book Illustration
Bryon Thompson's work has been featured in the Big Book of Contemporary Illustration, by Martin Dawber. Six of Bryon's images are showcased among the 160 international artists.

Jacob Thomas: Team Boomer

Jacob Thomas
Ispotter Jacob Thomas will be running the ING NY Marathon this year in support of Team Boomer in the fight against Cystic Fibrosis. He aims to raise $3,000 for the cause. The first 60 people to donate $50 or more will receive a 2 color, 11"x14"; linocut print, signed, numbered and hand pressed by Thomas.

Sponsors can go here.

It's fast, easy, secure and for a good cause! Any and all donations are welcome!

Nigel Buchanan: Library Journal

Nigel Buchanan, Library Journal, Magazine Covers
Says Nigel Buchanan of this just complete cover for 'Library Journal': "This was a marathon illo which required all manner of different types; gender, race, age, jobs, all sharing the same book."

Vincent Vigla: Alien Gunk!

Vincent Vigla, Book Illustration, Book Cover Illustration
Vincent Vigla has just completed work on a fun set of children’s books for Harper Collins: ‘The Gunk Aliens’ series.

The four books, written by Jonny Moon, are illustrated in black and white with covers in colour, and feature around forty illustrations each. Says Vincent: “It was of course a very fun job to take, and two other books should be realised in the near future.”

Monday, August 17, 2009

Charlie Griak: Outdoor Life Magazine Illustrations

Charlie Griak, Outdoor Life Magazine
Charlie Griak created these 3 illustrations for the current issue of Outdoor Life Magazine. The art director was James Walsh.

Andrea Cobb: Yoga Journal and Dental Surgeons

Andrea Cobb's been busy lately. She's done a piece for the August issue of Yoga Journal, and the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario sought her out for their Aug/Sept cover of Dispatch.

Vicky Newman: The Decked Project! London

Vicky Newman, Decked Project
Vicky Newman is part of The Decked Project! Decked is a collection of fine and dandy illustrators, designers, tattoo artists and street artists, all showcasing custom designed skate decks.

Jon Krause: Zeitoun

Jon Krause, New York Times Book Review
Imagine Charles Dickens, his sentimentality in check but his journalistic eyes wide open, roaming New Orleans after it was buried by Hurricane Katrina. Jon Krause was able to, for a new review of "Zeitoun", by Dave Eggers, and Krause's illustrative result landed on the cover of the New York Times Book Review for August 16.

Jennifer Taylor: The Hollow Bettle

Jennifer Taylor, Book Cover Illustration
Jennifer Taylor's rich, angular portraits are a perfect match for the stylish prose in the newly released childrens book "The Hollow Bettle," by debut author Susannah Appelbaum.

Eli Harris: Gama-Go

Eli Harris, Catalog, Gama-Go
Gama-Go's Fall/Winter catalog features four new designs from Eli Harris. If you're in San Francisco pick one up at their flagship store at 8th and Folsom.

Paul Morton: Nationwide Banks

Paul Morton, Posters
UK artist Paul Morton recently completed a set of three posters for Nationwide Banks, commissioned by Sphere Design in Liverpool.

Elliot Bergman: Wow!

Just published: graphics by Eliot Bergman, in The Adobe Illustrator CS4 Wow! Book by Sharon Steuer. The Wow! Book contains techniques from 100 top Illustrator artists.