Friday, July 31, 2009

Cat Scott: Louisville Magazine

Cat Scott, Magazine Illustration, Louisville Magazine
Cat Scott’s work appears in the August issue of Louisville Magazine, illustrating a story about surgeons, hospitals, contracts and… of course, money.

Doug Boehm: Wisconsin Dairy Factory Farm Problems

Doug Boehm, Cover Stories
Doug Boehm illustrated a recent cover for the Madison, WI newsweekly, Isthmus. The story is about issues related to Wisconsin factory farms, which are taking business away from family farms and producing too much manure. So much manure that they actually have manure lagoons. There are concerns related to ground water contamination and fear of flooding.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nigel Buchanan: Motor Trend Magazine

Nigel Buchanan, Motor Trend Magazine
Nigel Buchanan knocks one into orbit for Motor Trend’s recent article on the Prius Hybrid.

Jack Molloy: Travel Through History

Jack Molloy, The Wall Street Journal,  Cover Illustration,
Jack Molloy created these gorgeous images for the cover and inside of the Wall Street Journal Weekend Edition-Europe.

Sean Kane: Annual Report from Japan

Sean Kane,  Annual Reports, Japan's QOL Co
Sean Kane got his first glimpse of the completed Annual Report for Japan's QOL Co. Ltd. recently.

Pete Ellis: Maynard’s Wine Gums

Pete Ellis, Packaging, Posters, Maynard’s Wine Gums
When London-based ispotter Pete Ellis told us he had done the packaging and poster for Maynard’s Wine Gums, we just had to ask him… What the heck are wine gums?

Brad Hamann: DKNY Be Delicious Pop Art

Brad Hamann, Ad Campaign, DKNY
Last fall, Estee Lauder found Brad Hamannia and commissioned him to create Pop Art inspired illustrations for DKNY Be Delicious Limited Edition
fragrance. The campaign so far consists of half a dozen poster images, including a two page comic strip, plus packaging images. The images appear in full page ads, beach towels, posters, atop taxicabs… you name it!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jason Crosby: Stripper Moms, Blackmail and Trashcan Fires

Jason Crosby,
Jason Crosby’s recent spot illustration commissions really take on a life of their own when you string them together!

Kako: Eisner Award @ Comic-Con

Kako, Eisner Award, Comic Book Art
Kako is a featured artist in the comic compilation, COMIC BOOK TATTOO, which received the Eisner Award for Best Anthology recently at the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jerry Miller: Chatting with Artie Lange

Jerry Miller, Artie Lange
LA Weekly commissioned Jerry Miller for this spot of rowdy funnyman Artie Lange when he performed at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Cafe.

Kim Herbst: A Bigger Rucksack

Kim Herbst, Brave New Worlds
Kim Herbst’s witty piece, “We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Rucksack,” will be included in The Autumn Society’s “8-Bit & Beyond” group show at Brave New Worlds, which opens August 7.

Doug Alves: Quit Plan Characters

Douglas Alves, Concept Sketches
Douglas Alves created these concept characters for an Elastic Video animation project to support an anti-cigarette campaign.

Tad Carpenter: The Mighty Boosh

Tad Carpenter, Posters, Myspace
Tad Carpenter just did this five color 18x25 print for a Myspace secret show in NYC at the Bowery Ballroom.

Mark Fullerton: Space Kids

Mark Fullerton, Space Kids, Education Book
Here's one of thirteen images that Mark Fullerton’s PixelBoy Studio created for an educational children's book.

Tina Healey: Woman for All Seasons

Tina Healey, Greeting Card, Gartner Greetings
Tina Healey illustrated this current series of seasonal greeting cards for Gartner Greetings, Inc., an ongoing client of hers.

"I really enjoy the creative freedom and flexibility I have conceptualizing and illustrating for my gift and stationary clients."

Paul Boston: Work, Rest, Play

Paul Boston, Ad Campaign, Mars
Paul Boston was recently chosen by Mars to produce one of their latest UK press adverts. His quirky, whimsical, style was perfect for translating the iconic 'Work, Rest and Play' into sheep!

Lucy Truman: La Rentree

Lucy Truman, Ad Campaign
Here is one of a series of images Lucy Truman produced for La Rentree. Lucy's chic and glamorous style was used across their latest campaign for shoe accessories.

Sean Sims: Premier Inn

Sean Sims, Premier Inn, Interactive Illustration
Leading UK hotel chain Premier Inn selected Sean Sims to illustrate their interactive staff training manual. Sean's innovative yet informative work was used across a variety of media platforms.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Sophie Blackall: When You Reach Me

Sophie Blackall,
This is Sophie Blackall’s cover for a new novel, When You Reach Me, plus a couple of the alternative early stage sketches.

Jamie Hogan: Jason and Jonathan

Jamie Hogan, Cricket Magazine
Jamie Hogan discusses the process of researching a recent project for Cricket Magazine. "Jason and Jonathan" is a story by set in ancient Judea.

John Hom: Sesame Place's Count's Splash Castle

John Hom, Sesame Place
John Hom created this illustration to advertise Sesame Place's newest and biggest attraction, The Count's Splash Castle, which just opened this summer.

Ellen Lindner: International Psychic Friends Brigade

Ellen Lindner, International Psychic Friends Brigade
Ellen Lindner writes and draws a bi-monthly continuing saga of epic proportions, "International Psychic Friends Brigade," for the Black Swan Wine website.

Jason Seiler: Frank McCourt

Jason Seiler, Frank McCourt, Weekly Standard
Here is Jason Seiler’s stunningly photorealistic portrait of the late author Frank McCourt, painted last Thursday for the Weekly Standard.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Tim Foley: Late July Upturn

Tim Foley, New York Newsday, Illustrations,
The end of July is starting to see a slight upturn in the workload after several weeks of quiet. The above illustration was one for a client that Tim Foley hadn't work for in quite a while, Newsday, and this was for an essay regarding vacation opportunities closer to home, and in particular, sailing around New York harbor.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Michelle Barbera: Lance in France

Michelle Barbera, Children's Books,
The publication date of Michelle Barbera's latest children's book, Lance in France, was timed to coincide with this year’s Tour de France.

Jon Reinfurt: Empty

Jon Reinfurt, Empty Magazine
Jon Reinfurt has six pages of images featured in the latest issue of the Australian design and culture magazine, Empty.

Alex Williamson: Spy Wars

Alex Williamson, New Yorker Magazine
Alex Williamson’s full page image in this week’s New Yorker illustrates the history of Soviet spying in America.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jim Rugg: Medical Marijuana

Jim Rugg, Medical marijuana
For a recent issue of LA Weekly, Jim Rugg used his signature comic book style to illustrate the serious subject of the projected crackdown on medical marijuana dispensaries.

Tyson Mangelsdorf: Livin’ Large with the Lottery

Tyson Mangelsdorf, Oregon Lottery
Tyson Mangelsdorf was recently commissioned by the Oregon State Lottery to create a series of fantasy shopping spree images.

TopDog Illustration: ResMed

TopDog Illustration, Instructional Graphic
Troy Doolittle of TopDog Illustration notes that instructional graphics for medical device companies is becoming a growing segment of his business. Below is a recent project for ResMed, showing a patient how to install a sleep apnea monitoring device.

Michael Austin: The Backyard Homestead

Michael Austin, Book Cover Illustration
Michael Austin illustrated the cover of the book "The Backyard Homestead", a comprehensive guide to self-sufficiency, published by Storey Publishing.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Alex Nabaum: Traded for Ten Bats

Alex Nabaum, John Odom
Alex Nabaum illustrated a tragic baseball tale for ESPN the Magazine, based on a story about the late John Odom.

Café Royal Presents: Eli Harris: In Transit

Eli Harris,  Cafe Royale
Eli Harris has a solo gallery show opening on August 6th at Cafe Royale in San Francisco. The body of work is an extension of Eli’s sketchbook illustration.

Octavio Diaz: Sick Day, Sick Pay

Octavio Diaz,
When Octavio Diaz illustrates the concept, “Sick at Work,” we reach for the hand sanitizer IMMEDIATELY!

Andy Rash: Goodbye, Frank McCourt

Andy Rash, Frank McCourt
Andy Rash creates a memorial portrait of writer Frank McCourt (1930-2009).

Steve Thomason: NCIS

Steve Thomason, NCIS
Steve Thomason knows his way around the cast of hit TV show NCIS like the back of his hand. Here they all are, many sketches later, gathered together for a group caricature.

Akiko Kato: Steely Dan

Akiko Kato, New Yorker
Akiko Kato illustrated American jazz-fusion rock band Steely Dan for this week’s New Yorker.

Paul Morton: Recent Projects

Paul Morton,
Paul Morton dropped us an email recently, discussing a number of projects he’s been busy with, including Barnsley Beer Company and his own illustrated and written book.

Neryl Walker: 200 Best Illustrators

Neryl Walker, Luerzer's Archive
Neryl Walker sends word that she has had two pieces accepted into Luerzer's Archive 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide.

Donna Levinstone: Strokes of Genius

Donna Levinstone, Book Cover Illustration
Donna Levinstone’s evocative black and white pastel work was selected for the cover of “Strokes of Genius 2: The Best of Drawing Light and Shadow” due out this fall from North Light.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Elvis Swift: The Garden Upstairs

Elvis Swift, Four Seasons Magazine
Devoted rep Joanie Bernstein slipped us this cool illustration by Elvis Swift for Four Seasons Magazine, titled “Upstairs at the Garden.”

Sasha Barr: Renegade Craft Fair

Sasha Barr, Renegade Craft Fair
Sasha Barr and partner Meagan Claire Hall of Wonder Thunder recently took part in San Francisco’s massive, superhip Renegade Craft Fair.

Kyle T Webster: LA Weekly

Kyle T. Webster, Los Angeles Weekly
This image by Kyle T. Webster will appear as a half-page in the upcoming Los Angeles Weekly for a story about Hollywood actors losing some fans when they come out of the closet.

Chris Lane: Zombies

Chris Lane, Zombies
Chris Lane is back from the land of the dead(line), having just finished 144 glorious illustrated pages for “Zombies: A Record of the Year of Infection.”

Michael Morgenstern: The Economist

Michael Morgenstern, The Economist,
Michael Morgenstern is now illustrating a weekly column for the Economist titled "Banyan" on the subject of Asian politics

Friday, July 17, 2009

Matt Dorfman: Steal This Code

New York TImes, Matt Dorfman, Op-Ed
If a programmer working for Goldman Sachs makes a copy of a code that he wrote and posts it elsewhere as an example of his body of work, does it constitute stealing? Former computer programmer Michael Osinski considers the current Goldman Sachs/Sergey Aleynikov lawsuit on the Times' op-ed page today.

For the illustration, Kim Bost gave Matt Dorfman the option of providing a single large image for the top of the page or making a slightly smaller one for the top in addition to a small crawlspace for a spot illo just beneath it. With the subject revolving around theft, this second option gave Matt and Kim an opportunity to, in essence, steal a chunk of the image itself to bludgeon the point home. Kim's good.

Gallery Showing: Dime Bag 3

Adam McCauley, Dime Bag 3, Gallery Showings
The Manhattan gallery Giant Robot is proud to host a tiny exhibition of colossal proportions curated by artists Jordin Isip and Rodger Stevens.

Dime Bag 3 is the ninth in an ongoing series of events by Isip and Stevens, bringing together over 200 artists from New York City and beyond representing an extraordinary variety of disciplines. Painters, illustrators, graphic designers, filmmakers, photographers, product designers, and others have been invited to create artworks specifically designed to be exhibited in 3-inch plastic bags: dime bags. Each artist was sent one of the symbolic baggies and asked to fill it in any way they wished.

A reception featuring many of the artists will be held from 6:30 to 10:00 on Saturday, July 18.
July 18 - August 12, 2009
Giant Robot Gallery
437 East 9th Street
Between 1st Ave. & Ave. A, in the East Village
New York, New York 10009
(212) 674-GRNY (4769) |

featured image from Adam McCauley

Kako: Derivatives

Kako, Fortune
Kako created this full page illustration for Fortune Magazine on the topic of Derivatives: The Risk That Still Won't Go Away.

Ryan Snook: Baseball Fan

Ryan Snook,  Cincinnati Magazine
Speaking of local sports teams in Cincinnati, Ryan Snook weighs in with this image of a young fan of a local baseball team, also for the current issue of Cincinnati magazine.

Pete McDonnell: Natural Cancer Girl

Pete McDonnell
Diane Paradise asked Pete McDonnell to create her superhero identity, "Natural Cancer Girl," and NCG's companion character, the lovable super-dog, "B9" (pronounced, of course ”benign”). Pete says, "Diane is a 14-year, four-time-cancer-survivor superhero, who in 2001 was told she had 12 weeks to live. She is amazing and inspiring! She gave me a free hand in creating NCG. I chose costumes and colors to create a sense of nature and holistic healing, which is at the core of Diane's work. I wanted the characters to be as iconic as another super-heroine, Wonder Woman."