Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Neil Duerden: PowerAde

Neil Duerden,  PowerAde
Neil Duerden created this visually fizzy work for PowerAde,

Ken Orvidas: Post-Treatment Letdown

Ken Orvidas
Ken Orvidas describes visually the disconcerting feeling of loss that sometimes follows intense medical treatment such as chemotherapy.

Tim Foley: Woody Guthrie

Tim Foley
Tim Foley channeled the past to create these solid digital graphics for a new production of 'Woody Guthrie's American Song.'

Tim O’Brien: Hamilton King Award

Tim O'Brien, Hamilton King Award, Society of Illustrators
Each year the Society of Illustrators, NY, honors one artist member for the single best illustration of the year. Last week, Tim O’Brien received the Hamilton King Award in recognition of his powerful painting of rugby players, “The Scrum,” which appeared as a billboard in Ireland and was exhibited at the Society this past winter.

Tom Richmond: Bo Confidential

“Bo Confidential: The Secret Files of America’s First Dog,” illustrated by Tom Richmond, represents the first book of original (non reprinted) content from MAD in a long, long time. This is the kind of thing MAD is planning on doing in between producing their (sadly) now only quarterly magazine publication.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Christina Wald: Black Beauty

The early reader version of “Black Beauty,” illustrated by Christina Wald for Grosset and Dunlop, just came out June 25th.

Jason Little: Conversational Comics

Jason Little, Conversational Comics
Jason Little is participating in Conversational Comics, a new summer speaker series taking place at Union Pool in Williamsburgh, Brooklyn.

Carrie Hartman: Twirl Girl Book

Carrie Hartman, Twirl Girl Friendship Bracelets Book
Carrie Hartman reports a recent fun project called “Twirl Girl Friendship Bracelets Book” for Sterling Publishing in New York.

Antony Hare: Maisonneuve Magazine

Antony Hare, Maisonneuve Magazine,
When Maisonneuve magazine underwent a recent redesign, they tapped Antony Hare to give their contributors’ profiles a fresh look.

Nina Frenkel: El Baile Del Sombrero

Nina Frenkel, Album Cover
Nina Frenkel recently created artwork for an album of children's music, "El Baile Del Sombrero," collection of songs in Espanol, full of very sweet lyrics and festive tunes.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Jesse Kuhn: Utne Reader

Jesse Kuhn, Utne Reader
Jesse Kuhn created the well-dressed Mr. Finger for the current issue of Utne Reader that just hit the news stands this week. The article was on civility... with a subhead that reads "Be civil, or I'll beat you to a pulp."

Jonathan Williams: Biker Tribes

Jonathan Williams, Times UK, Biker Tribes
The Times (London) asked Jonathan Williams to illustrate a selection of Biker Tribes for a 'Great Outdoors' supplement. The combination of Jonathan’s deadpan, forensic depiction of each tribe and the dryly witty field notes that accompany them is truly hilarious

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Julia Woolf: Halloween ABC

Julia Woolf Illustrates 'Halloween ABC' a little Golden Book by Random House, written by Sarah Albee. A colorful book about trick-or-treaters from A to Z, and their adventures around the neighborhood.

Alex Fine: Monster Blunt

Alex Fine, Phawker
Alex Fine created this illustration for an article written by Phawker columnist Aaron Stella about getting high for the first time. According to Aaron, it was a monster blunt that made him feel like he was being massaged.

Alex Nabaum: Water Footprint

Alex Nabaum, Mother Jones
Alex Nabaum created this image for Mother Jones for an article on how best to reduce your water footprint. The answer, for both carbon and water footprints, is to eat less meat.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kevin O’Malley: Paula Bunyan

Kevin O'Malley, Paula Bunyan
Kevin O’Malley illustrates the story of Paul Bunyan’s little sister, Paula, written by Phyliss Root.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Eamo Donnelly: String Republic Espadrilles

Eamo Donnelly, String Republic
Eamo Donnelly’s special, comfy, limited edition slippers have just been released in France as part of String Republic’s artist series footwear.

Kim Herbst: Calico Jack

Kim Herbst, Calico Jack
Kim Herbst created this trio for a children's book, hence the open area for text. The original sketch shows the woman on the left with a gun, but you know kids these days... it's more preferable for a pirate to stab someone with a large cutlass than brandish a firearm around.

Ryan Snook: Happiness Algorithm

Ryan Snook, Canadian Business Magazine, Google
Ryan Snook created this image for Canadian Business magazine for an article on Google’s use of an algorithm to reveal who is an unhappy employee.

Kavel Rafferty: Suaus Lass

Kavel Rafferty, Suaus
Kavel Rafferty created this illustration for Suaus, a store in Barcelona, via design agency Soon in Tokyo. This bikini clad lady will soon be painted on a wall of the shop.

Matt Herring: ADOBE Acrobat 9

Matt Herring,  Adobe Inc.
Matt Herring just completed an exciting project for ADOBE, consisting of four images to help launch their new Acrobat 9 software.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Ispotters in The Atlantic

Dung Hoang
Kim Rosen
The July/August issue of The Atlantic Monthly has two utterly diverse, but equally wonderful, illustrations by members of theispot.

Kyle T. Webster: Recent Work

Kyle T. Webster
Newly minted ispotter Kyle T. Webster has been all over the place lately!

Paul Mirocha: Superbowl Logo

Paul Mirocha
Paul Mirocha painted this logo earlier this year for Leigh Steinberg's 23rd Annual Superbowl Party. Held at Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo, this year's theme was eco-friendly… well, except maybe for the pirate ship the client requested halfway through the final painting. The schedule was crunching, and they kept adding more animals, but Paul and art director Michael Kavish made everything work.

Matt Sundstrom: Portland Monthly

Matt Sundstrom, Portland Monthly, Kids Health
Matt Sundstrom created a series of color spots for an insert in the June issue of Portland (OR) Monthly. The annual insert was on a theme of The A-Zs of Kids Health.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mike Nash: Dungeons & Dragons

Mike Nash, Dungeons and Dragons, Games, Character Design,
Mike Nash was approached by Dungeons & Dragons last June and asked to create artwork for 'Arcane Power,' their latest role-playing supplement.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Carly-Allen Fletcher: Six Degrees

Carly-Allen Fletcher, Editorial,
Carly-Allen Fletcher based this recent editorial piece on the classic 'six degrees of separation.'

Derek Bacon: Detroitosaurus Wrecks

Derek Bacon, The Economist, Cover Illustration,
The demise of General Motors is one of the bleakest indicators yet of the world’s flailing economy, and this cover illustration by Derek Bacon for The Economist says it all.

Cathi Mingus: Royal Castle

Cathi Mingus, Mudpuppy, Toys,  Games,
Here is a sneak peak at the Royal Castle Sticker Set Cathi Mingus just illustrated for Mudpuppy.

Christian Lindemann: Recent Work

Christian Lindemann, Migros Magazine, Cartoons,
Christian Lindemann just completed this illustration for a gardening article in the Swiss magazine, Migros.

Steve Thomason: Poker Poster

Steve Thomason,  Poker Poster, Cartoons, Advertising,
Steve Thomason created this illustration for a poster company in Oregon. It will be direct marketed to poker enthusiasts.

Steve Feldman: Eat Your Veggies

Steve Feldman, Posters, La Grande Farmers' Market,
Steve Feldman recently illustrated and designed this poster for the La Grande Farmers' Market. "I had two thoughts in mind when I designed this poster.

Cathy Gendron: Wealth Manager

Cathy Gendron, Wealth Manager Magazine
Cathy Gendron created this piece for an article in the latest issue of Wealth Manager Magazine. The story explored strategies and vehicles for the transfer of family wealth.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Working Artists, Leticia Plate, Jamie Hogan
A collective art show called Working Artists, is scheduled for July at Kennebunk Free Library in Kennebunk, ME. The inspiration for the show? Commercial artists are often misportrayed in television and movies as having financially secure, leisurely lives. Their doing art is portrayed as "fun".

This show is about the real work that goes into commercial art and the real people that artists really are.

The Show runs July 2nd-July 31st
Artist's Reception is in Hank's Room, Kennebunk Free Library
July 8th 4:30-7:30pm The public is welcome.

Alanna Cavanagh: Librarian Shoe

Alanna Cavanagh
Alanna Cavanagh finds visual inspiration in the darnedest places!

Chris Whetzel: Fantasy Football

Chris Whetzel, ESPN Magazine
Chris Whetzel was commissioned by ESPN the Magazine to create this action portrait of the Pittsburgh Steelers for their 2009 Fantasy Football book, hitting stands this week.

Jorge Mascarenhas: Moleskine Discipline

Jorge Mascarenhas was never in the habit of keeping a sketchbook. Ideas were written on old receipts and pieces of scrap paper, scattered around his studio.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Traci O’Very Covey: Farmers Marketing

Traci O’Very Covey, Farmers Market, Posters,
Traci O’Very Covey was delighted to create this illustration and design the poster and promotional materials for the Downtown Farmers Market in Salt Lake City.

Stan Fellows: American Robin

Stan Fellows, Nature, Watercolor
Stan Fellows created this luscious avian watercolor for The Nature Conservancy.

Harry Malt: D&AD Award

Advertising, Agency Branding Award, Harry Malt
Harry Malt has just received a coveted 2009 D&AD Agency Branding Award, apparently for doodling all over the walls of advertising giant McCann Erickson’s London office.

Grady Mcferrin: The Driveway Moment

Grady Mcferrin, National Public Radio, 2010 Calendar, 3D Illustration,
When National Public Radio invited Grady Mcferrin to create a piece of artwork for their 2010 calendar, he saw it as an opportunity to drive into the 3rd dimension.

Michael Morgenstern: Office Anthropologist

Michael Morgenstern, HOW Magazine
This month, Michael Morgenstern joined the ranks of artists lucky enough to be commissioned by HOW Magazine, longtime worshipers of well-made imagery. His illustration for the Careers column shows us how to fit in with the tribe when starting a new job.

Harry Briggs: The Best of Times

Harry Briggs, Greg Tang, Book Illustration
Harry Briggs has teamed up with author Greg Tang to create this rhyming, non-threatening introduction to multiplication.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Gemma Correll: She’s with the Band

Gemma Correll, Mural Paintings
Here’s Gemma Correll, blending into the mural that she painted outside the Amersham Arms Pub in London

John Tomac: Hooray for Tamalewood

John Tomac, Santa Fe Reporter, Tamalewood
John Tomac spent a recent weekend creating this cover image for the Santa Fe Reporter. The story is about the film industry in New Mexico, or as they call it, Tamalewood.

Jason Crosby: Roads Trips and Belly Dancers

Jason Crosby, New Times Broward/Palm Beach, WNC Magazine
Jason Crosby recently completed illustrations for WNC Magazine and New Times Broward/Palm Beach.