Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Eamo Donnelly: Mountain Dew Jeep

Eamo Donnelly, Mountain Dew Australia, Jeep
Eamo Donnelly describes his adventure of designing a Jeep to promote the launch of Mountain Dew in Australia:

“I started with a technical spec of the jeep, front view and two side views. I had to work at 1:1 proportion, so the files where massive. Because this Jeep was to promote Mountain Dew to Australia, and Spring / Summer was the launch, I knew the Australian imagery would really suit this project.”

“So, I gathered all the icons and characters, and made a massive collage of all my imagery; then the artwork was vinyl wrapped to the Jeep. There where 4 artists doing a Jeep each, one for each state. Mine turned out to be the Sydney Jeep because the imagery really suits the lifestyle up there.”