Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Alex Nabaum: Disabled Rights

Alex Nabaum, Atlanta Magazine
Alex Nabaum created this graphic illustration for Atlanta Magazine. The article compared the past struggles for human and civil rights to the current struggle for rights for the disabled and handicapped.

Clint Hansen: Kiehl's Apothecary

Clint Hansen, Kiehl's
Clint Hansen just completed new set of illustrations for the Kiehl's website.

Louisa Bertman: Getting High with Phelpsie

Louisa Bertman, High Times,  Michael Phelps
Nobody gets more mileage out of a bong than Louisa Bertman! Here, she recreates Michael Phelps and the most expensive toke EVER for High Times magazine.

Bryan Christie: Swine Flu Life Cycle

Bryan Christie, Information Graphic, Swine Flu
Bryan Christie’s design information graphic gets up close and personal with the swine flu virus.

Max Estes: My Life as a Bunny Turns 600!

Max Estes, My Life as a Bunny
Max Estes daily comic/fetish/alter-ego “My Life as a Bunny” has passed the 600 day mark. Which means we officially do not remember Life before Bunny.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

TopDog Illustration: Three Ways to Break the Ice

TopDog Illustration,
TopDog Illustration assures us, via this recent project for Food Network Magazine, that there are, in fact, three ways to chip and chisel ice. Who knew?

Jem Robinson: Bollocks to Poverty!!

Jem Robinson, Bollocks to Poverty
Jem Robinson was thrilled to work with international force for good, ActiveAid, to create a header for their new website, Bollocks to Poverty.

Edward Kinsella: Treeless Mountain

Edward Kinsella
Edward Kinsella created this quietly moving illustration for The New Yorker’s review of the Korean film, “Treeless Mountain".

Steve Thomason: Weekly Reader

Steve Thomason, Weekly Reader
Steve Thomason recently created this cute visual for Weekly Reader. The article talked about the states where people are inclined to stay, and the states to which people move. WR does the text and the US map insert to fill out the design.

Kathryn Rathke: Sunday Globe Book Review

Kathryn Rathke, Boston Globe
Kathryn Rathke had a nice big illo in the Boston Globe book section last weekend for a debut book of short stories by Tracy Winn. The reviewer wrote that Ms. Winn "has a knack for laying bare the hidden desires and regrets that haunt her stifled protagonists."

As does Ms. Rathke, clearly!

John Hersey: Where Will Swine Flu Go Next?

John Hersey, New York TImes, Op-Ed
John Hersey gives us the weary world, aching and flu-ish, for today’s New York Times Op-Ed page.

Barbara Hranilovich: E is for Entrepreneur

Barbara Hranilovich has been self-employed for decades, as a commercial
illustrator, a fine artist, and small business owner. She is now the author of “E is for Enterpreneur,” a book of twenty-six essays that explore business communication, the emotional ups and downs of being self-employed, the value of patience and the nature of the entrepreneurial individual.

Jon Valk: Rolling Stone Royalty

Jon Valk, Rolling Stone, Kings of Leon
Jon Valk had a brush with royalty when approached by Rolling Stone to create a type-as-artwork treatment for a cover story on southern garage rockers, Kings of Leon.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Charlie Griak: FEVER on iTunes

Charlie Griak, Fever
Charlie Griak recently signed a distribution deal for his short animated film, "Fever." It will be released on iTunes for purchase this week as part of their Sci-Fi short film release

Shiho Nakaza: City of Angels

Shiho Nakaza,
Shiho Nakaza created a piece of art to benefit Stoked Mentoring, a non-profit action sports organization for at risk youth, based in Los Angeles and New York City.

Jason Seiler: Obama for the Weekly Standard

Jason Seiler,
Jason Seiler painted a 24-hour-turn-around Obama recently for The Weekly Standard.

Vicky Newman: Lazy Oaf

Vicky Newman,
Vicky Newman created this foxy dude for Lazy Oaf of Kingly Court in Carnaby Street, London for an impromptu exhibition to launch their new season collection.

Martin Ansin: Zorro!

Martin Ansin, Zorro, Video Game Cover
Martin Ansin just finished a pitch for a Wii videogame cover featuring Zorro. Follow his swashbuckling progress from sketch to finish.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Vault 49: Wallpaper

Vault 49,  wallpaper, Decorative
The irrepressible Vault 49 team was commissioned to create wallpaper designs for a new office of a global ad agency right here in NYC. Feeling lucky? Look deeper for the gambling subtext.

Urs J. Knobel: Wine with Everything (and Everyone!)

Urs J. Knobel, Portrait, Advertising,
Swiss artist Urs J. Knobel created this double page spread featuring portraits of famous vintners emerging, genie-like, from their own bottles.

Nancy Doniger: NY Times’ Last Escape

Graphic, Nancy Doniger, NY Times
Nancy Doniger's illustrations have appeared regularly in the Friday New York Times' Escapes section.

Paul Fricke: Jewish Robot Comics

Paul Fricke, Kid's Zone, Tzivos Hashem
Paul Fricke’s latest three-page comic strip for Tzivos Hashem’s Kid’s Zone magazine is all about helping the hero, Joey, learn about Passover.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tad Carpenter: Wilson the Lion

Tad Carpenter, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Mascot, Wilson the Lion
Tad Carpenter was asked to develop a mascot for the youth & family program at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. On the steps up to the museum are two bronze lions, so the overall idea to go with the lion theme was an easy one. Meet our new friend and mascot, Wilson the Lion.

Lesley Breen Withrow: Spring Greetings

Lesley Breen Withrow, Earth Day
Here's the art for a card recently illustrated by Lesley Breen Withrow that we’re delighted to post on Earth Day!

Paul Morton: Milk Splashes

Paul Morton
Nobody makes us quite as hungry as Paul Morton! Following assignments of chocolate coated fruits and milk splashes on cereals, Paul was commissioned to illustrate a new range of flavored milk drinks. Must…Have… Milk… NOW!

Jesse Kuhn: IndyKids Coloring Book

Jessie Kuhn, IndyKids
Jesse Kuhn created this wrap around coloring book cover for IndyKids, “Coloring Outside the Lines.” Each line art spread on the interior was done by a different artist and features examples of creative and inspiring political protest from history.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Eric Sturdevant: HOW Magazine

Eric Sturdevant illustrates the strategy of being a smarter manager for the June 2009 issue of HOW Magazine.

Tim Foley: WSJ Spots

Tim Foley,
Tim Foley created this series of spots for the Wall Street Journal on free speech and recent misguided ratings for toxic assets.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Brian Biggs: Clothespin Cars for Klutz

Brian Biggs,
Brian Biggs has a new book coming out in May for Klutz, publisher of those great activity sets and books you can’t help but stare at when you’re in a decent book or toy store.

Ronald J. Cala II: What Good Are Economists Anyway?

Ronald J Cala II,
Ronald J. Cala II depicts the perplexing world of financial forecasting for Businessweek Magazine.

Jason Platt: Laughing Stock

Jason Platt,
Jason Platt was commissioned by Richmond Hill Players to illustrate the theatrical poster for the comedy, "Laughing Stock."

Ruth Rowland: Sweet Job for Cadbury!

Ruth Rowland, Cadbury Chocolate
Ruth Rowland was asked to work on a new logo for Cadbury's popular chocolate assortment, Roses. Introduced in 1938, the distinctive blue packaging has been retained. Textured, spontaneous, brush lettering combined with clean, graphic illustration freshen up the packaging and give it a more contemporary feel.

“The new logo can even be seen reproduced on each brightly coloured wrapper - which is a nice touch. It's always great to work on a popular brand, particularly when you have fond memories of it from your childhood!”

Jacob Thomas: Balega Animation

Jacob Thomas created dreamlike animation for the new website for Balega Socks, a company that specializes in high performance running socks.

“It was a challenging project, my first time dealing with animation. I didn't do the actual animation; it just became a thing I had to consider when creating the art. I gave them the image in layers and they took it from there. In the end it was very satisfying.”

Dave Wheeler: Home Ec

Dave Wheeler, Washington State Magazine
Dave Wheeler created this image for a Washington State Magazine article on reviving interest in homemaking skills.

“The client liked the digital sketch I submitted so we decided to try an experiment by keeping the finish flat and digital.”

Monday, April 20, 2009

Wacso: Minneapolis/St Paul Skyline

Wacso recently created this image of the Minneapolis/St Paul skyline for American Express.

Stan Fellows: Garden & Gun

Stan Fellows
Yes. There IS a magazine called Garden & Gun and they use some surprisingly sensitive illustration, such as these beautiful watercolors by Stan Fellows. Who knew?

Samuel A. Minick: Infographics

Samuel A. Minick
In addition to a vibrant career in editorial and book illustration, Samuel A. Minick has recently rekindled his passion for infographics.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Kavel Rafferty: Cover Illustration for Agota Kristoff's novel "Ayer"

Kavel Rafferty, Book Cover Illustration,
Kavel Rafferty just completed this cover illustration for Agota Kristoff's novel.

Jason Platt: It's All Equal for Free Shipping

Jason Platt, Advertising, LinguiSystems Inc
Jason Platt created this ad illustration for LinguiSystems, Inc.

Drew Morrison: April is 'L' Month

Drew Morrison, Long Island Pulse Magazine,
April is 'L' month for Drew Morrison. He just completed work for the Long Island Pulse, and for 'L' Magazine.

Paula Becker: Benjamin's Octopus

Benjamin's Octopus is about a little boy who dreams of swimming with the fish when part of his dream becomes reality. It's a little reader (to help kids with particular vocabulary words) that accompanies a reading unit. Paula Becker created this for Rowland Reading Foundation.

Krister Flodin: 3x3 Magazine

Krister Flodin, 3x3 Magazine, Cover Illustration
The 3x3 magazine of Contemporary Illustration #12 should hit the newsstand in about a week. Krister Flodin's cover illustration makes a visual play on the magazine's volume number... see if you can find the '12'!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Steve Feldman: Prince of Pirates

Steve Feldman, Random House, Sebastian Darke

Steve Feldman illustrated the pirate hat for this cover of Sebastian Darke Prince of Pirates for Random House. "They needed it quickly so I provided one pencil rough, which was promptly approved. Their reply to the finish was 'PERFECT!' They were a pleasure to work with."

Mark Matcho: Saving for College

Mark Matcho, New York Times
Mark Matcho brings his inimitable visual voice to a New York Times article on saving for your child’s college education.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bill Graham: Healthy eHome

Bill Graham
Last week, Web MD launched its Healthy eHome web pages for which Bill Graham contributed all nine illustrations, each with multiple Flash animated rollovers.

Paul Mirocha: Hotdoguero!

Paul Mirocha
When illustrator Paul Mirocha was asked to paint this Sonoran hot dog for a conference on borderlands food traditions, he researched the most popular hot dog stands in Tucson, Arizona for the secret recipe.

Christian Lindemann: Recent Work

Christian Lindemann,
We always get a kick out of German artist Christian Lindemann’s work. Knowing this, he was kind enough to pass along some things he’s been working on lately.

Andy Rash: Secret Agent News!

Andy Rash
Andy Rash continues his relentless march into the hearts and minds of children with the next installment in his Secret Agent book series, “Secret Agent Game Time.”

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pietari Posti: AMEX Coffee Table Book

Pietari Posti,  American Express, Advertising,
Pietari Posti has created illustrations for a beautifully designed new coffee table book for American Express, Extraordinary Lives: Members Since 1958.

Stanley Hooper: New Work

Stanley Hooper, Collage,
UK artist Stanley Hooper keeps us abreast of his latest spate of work “for you to gaze upon and make you happy.” Why, thank you, Stanley!