Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jesse Kuhn: Nature & Technology

Jessie Kuhn, Deadwood
Jesse Kuhn created this lyrical cover image for the lawrence.com Deadwood Issue #240 whose theme was Nature & Technology.

Octavio Diaz: Rock ’n’ Roll Hall of Fame

Octavio Diaz, Rock and Roll
Octavio Diaz illustrates a story about why some musicians are NOT inducted into the Rock ’n’ Roll Hall of Fame. Bummer!

Doug Boehm: Unity

Doug Boehm, Retail Traffic
Doug Boehm created this powerful image for Retail Traffic magazine. The illustration depicts retail tenants teaming up in attempts to win concessions from shopping center owners.

John Tomac: American Banker (Muted)

John Tomac, American Banker
John Tomac originally created a vibrant cover for the most recent edition of the American Banker Fin Tech 100…

Ed Shems: Vanessa Trien CD

Ed Shems, Vanessa Trien, Album Cover, Carnival Day
Ed Shems has created the latest CD cover and booklet for the wonderfully talented musician/singer/songwriter Vanessa Trien. The album, Carnival Day, has just debuted and has already won an iParenting Media Award.

“I was fortunate enough to work directly with Vanessa on the illustration and design of her CD, including the creation of a Vanessa character and plenty of other characters from her songs. This was a very fun, multifaceted job and I'm thrilled with how it all turned out!”

Shiho Nakaza: Urban Paradoxes

Shiho Nakaza, Urban Paradoxes
Shiho Nakaza’s city sketches have been recognized by online magazine, Urban Paradoxes. Starting this month, with this drawing of Venice Beach, CA street life, Shiho will be a regular contributor to the magazine.

“I continue to sketch cities because watching people going about their daily business in a built environment is endlessly fascinating to me. I mostly sketch in my neighborhood of Los Angeles, though I've also sketched various places in Europe and Asia.”

Monday, March 30, 2009

22nd Annual Chicago Blackhawks Calendar Via Munro Campagna

Tim Foty, Mike Right, Tyson Mangelsdorf, Keith Negley, Ben Garvie
Windy City Illustration Reps Munro Campagna show their love for the home team this year with a great crop of artwork by Tim Foty, Mike Right, Tyson Mangelsdorf, Keith Negley, and Ben Garvie.

Tim Foley: Recent Work for Hong Kong

Tim Foley
Tim Foley’s regular client in Hong Kong has kept him busy lately with a couple of unusual requests.

Mary Beth Cryan: The Princess of Pop-Ups

Mary Beth Cryan, MoMA, Origami
When Mary Beth Cryan isn’t busy illustrating and engineering pop-up projects for clients like the Museum of Modern Art and this latest card for Up With Paper, she keeps her fingers nimble with world-class origami.

Jess Volinski: Big Wall Graphics

Jess Volinski, Big Wall Graphics
Artists are nothing if not inventive, as Jess Volinski once more proves with her latest venture for Big Wall Graphics.

Big Wall Graphics are printed with eco-solvent digital inks on state-of-the-art self-adhesive fabric paper, with fibers actually woven between the matte presentation layer and the repositionable adhesive substrate. The result is a final product that is both gorgeous AND durable. Big Wall Graphics can be stuck on any surface and re-positioned countless times, while still retaining adhesion without leaving a residue.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Mark Brewer: Recent Work

Mark Brewer, Editorial, Cartoons,The Wall Street Journal,
Mark Brewer has been keeping busy lately with plenty of editorial gigs, including these:

Bertman & Bertman Exhibition Extended

Louisa Bertman, Cambridge Chronicle, Cambridge Art Association
Portraitist Louisa Bertman and her father, sculptor Richard Bertman’s current joint exhibit has been extended a month, through the end of April. The reviews are glowing, as are the artists and their work, so catch it while you can!

University Place Gallery
Harvard Square Cambridge
Cambridge Art Association

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Neil Duerden: Fanta B’good Campaign

Neil Duerden, Advertising, Packaging, Fanta Campaign
Neil Duerden just finished up a great little commercial illustration job for Fanta, UK.

Rob Kelly: Bill Hader for Time Out

Bill Hader, Celebrities, Portrait, Rob Kelly, Saturday Night Live
This week, Rob Kelly’s "Hot Seat" subject for Time Out New York was actor/comedian Bill Hader, who currently stars on Saturday Night Live.

Christina Wald: Henry the Impatient Heron

Christina Wal, Children's Books, animals,
Christina Wald illustrates this fun new children’s book about Henry the Heron who just can’t stand still!

NY Times: Thursday, March 26

New York TImes, Noah Woods,
We love a good hit of illustration over morning coffee and the New York Times, more often than not, delivers the goods. Today’s paper gives us a cheerful Noah Woods encouragement to organize on the cover of the Home section. Click here to see three more images from today's New York Times.

SI Cocktail Reception at Design Within Reach

Society of Illustrators, Leo Espinosa, Tim O'Brien, Chris Buzelli, Edel Rodriguez,
Friday, March 27, 7 - 9pm
Design Within Reach 142 Wooster Street, NYC
(between Houston and Prince Streets)

Design within Reach and the Museum of American Illustration at the Society of illustrators invite you to attend a cocktail reception and private viewing of selected works from Illustrators 51. Showcasing the best contemporary illustrations from around the world created in 2008, this annual exhibit features art commissioned for magazines, books, film and theater posters, graphic novels and newspapers.

Chosen by a jury of professional peers from thousands of submissions, 10 of the very best are on display for this special evening, including ispotters Leo Espinosa, Tim O’Brien, Chris Buzelli and Edel Rodriguez.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jem Robinson: Poster for PAN

Jem Robinson, Pan
This image, including illustration, lettering and typography, was created by Jem Robinson for PAN: A Musical Based on Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie.

Kenny Kiernan: Gothik Angelz

Kenny Kiernan
Kenny Kiernan Premium Themes for Sony Playstation 3 which will be going online very soon - this set features the Gothik Angelz

Ruth Rowland: Aruba Lettering

Aruba, Ruth Rowland
Another exciting example of Ruth Rowland’s ever-varied lettering work is revealed in this ad series for Lowe New York's new Aruba campaign.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ellen Weinstein: Portfolio Number 1

Ellen Weinstein
Ellen Weinstein has self-published a 42-page book of her favorite work.

Vault49: Dog Day Afternoon

Vault 49, Dog Day Afternoon
Vault49 recently produced this piece, Dog Day Afternoon, as part of a new series of logo treatments for a major West Coast brand.

Lisa Perrett: Home, Sweet Home

Lisa Perrett
Lisa Perrett has illustrated a set of three 24 page board books for Peaceable Kingdom Press. The Home, Sweet Home series teaches little ones about the world under their own roof.

5-Day Storytelling Workshop

 John Mattos, Anthony Freda
Marshall Arisman, John Mattos, Anthony Freda, and Victor Stabin will conduct a 5-Day Storytelling Workshop in Words and Pictures this June in Jim Thorpe, PA. Artists will make observations of the town in the form of a written travel journal.

Ted Wright: St. Louis Tornados Logo

Ted Wright, Tornado
Here's a piece Ted Wright did for a St. Louis minor league baseball team called the St. Louis Tornados. After doing 12 versions, the client settled on this one.
Marty Jones, Proud Family
Two fine art works by Marty Jones, including "Proud Family," have been selected for addition to the permanent collection of the Museum of Biblical Arts in Dallas, Texas.

Matt Dorfman: In Business Week and NYT Book Review

Matt Dorfman, Business Week
Matt Dorfman recently completed one piece for Business Week and two pieces for The Globe and Mail revolving around the financial crisis and requisite stimulus package.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Mark Fullerton: Tiny Trendsetting Store

Mark Fullerton, Children's Clothing boutique, Retail Traffic, 3D Illustration,
Mark Fullerton recently completed a website illustration for a children's clothing boutique. A city bound up-start that sells very hip kids clothes and shoes. We had a ton-of-fun creating this one! With a slight misunderstanding, our first round of character sketches were too cartoony. So, we were excited hear that we needed to do something that was more "urban". The client was completely happy with the final image and absolutely loved the characters. It took us a solid week of work to complete the project...plus we created the identity mark for the company.© 2009 Tiny Trendsetters

Friday, March 20, 2009

Sophie Blackall: Wombat Walkabout

Sophie Blackall, Wombat Walkabout,Children's Books,
Wombat Walkabout releases today. Illustrator Sophie Blackall, to celebrate with author Carol Diggory Shields and her editors at Dutton, made little bundles of accessories.

Gallery Nucleus presents Society of Illustrators Los Angeles West 47 Exhibition

Society of Illustrators, Illustration West 47 Competition Exhibition

Gallery Nucleus and SILA present an exhibition of juried works by established and emerging artist chosen for Illustration West 47 Competition.

Eamo Donnelly: Amy Winehouse for Blender Mag

Eamo Donnelly, Blender magazine, Celebrities, Music, Substance Abuse
Eamo Donnelly's favorite piece thus far..."(that is out...stay tuned for a PLAYBOY illo next month!) Really enjoyed this one, great art direction from Robert Vargas at Blender magazine. In the latest issue out now.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tad Carpenter: Rhys Darby Comedy Show In New Zealand!

Tad Carpenter,Rhys Darby Comedy Show, Posters,Graphic,
Tad Carpenter: "Some of you out there like me are fans of the great show Flight of Concords. If so, you are most likely familiar with the comedy of Rhys Darby. He recently did a Myspace secret Comedy show in New Zealand. Dan and I were super excited to do a poster for the over seas event. It turned into a pretty silly poster really."

Andrea Cobb: New York Times Facial Nirvana

Andrea Cobb, New York Times, Fashion, Beauty,
Andrea Cobb dreams up facial nirvana for the NY Times. She's never
had a facial, but knows a smile makes a big difference.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Brian Stauffer: Developing Conceptual Thinking

Known for his concept-driven approach to topics ranging from the bizarre to the mundane, Brian Stauffer will lead a discussion about the process of distilling written words into conceptual illustrations.

Ingo Fast: A.I.G. Bonuses

Ingo Fast, New York TImes, A.I.G.
Ingo Fast sums up the national sense of outrage over bonuses given to the so-called “best and brightest of A.I.G.” in today’s New York Times.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Elvis Swift: Rowallan

Elvis Swift, RowallanElvis Swift uses his groovy scripted sketch style to dress up these elevator doors at a recent trade show for Rowallan leather goods.

Jason Seiler: Society of Illustrators West 47

Jason Seiler has two strong black & white paintings in The Society of Illustrators West 47 show, opening March 28th.

Jonathan Williams: The Sinking Pound

Jonathan Williams, Community Care, Currency
UK ispotter Jonathan Williams created this graphic interpretation of currency in decline for Community Care. The feature explains how the credit crunch is affecting statutory, voluntary and private providers in social care.

Steven Salerno: The Style Guy

Steven Salerno, The Style Guy
Steven Salerno has illustrated the book, The Style Guy, written by Glenn O'Brian (columnist for the men's magazine GQ). It is a fun, witty, lifestyle guide for men, giving advice on dress, manners, sex, grooming, dating, etc...

Jennifer Thermes: Copper River Delta

Jennifer Thermes, Alaska Magazine
This map by Jennifer Thermes will be running across a spread in Alaska Magazine's April issue.

“I love maps with intricate coastlines,” says Thermes. “They feel like puzzles.”

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sasha Barr: Shopping Bags

Sasha Barr, Shopping BagsThese reusable, screen-printed shopping bags by Sasha Barr's company, Wonder Thunder, make us want to do the right thing, right away!

Kavel Rafferty: Preposiciones Indecentes

Kavel Rafferty, Preposiciones IndecentesKavel Rafferty sets the mood for a short story for Preposiciones Indecentes with his tenderly observed black and white images.

Illustrators 51: Advertising, Institutional and Uncommissioned

Society of Illustrators, Medalists, silver medal, Nigel Buchanan, Chris Buzelli, Matt Dorfman, Leo Espinosa, Hal Mayforth, Edel Rodriguez
The Advertising, Institutional and Uncommissioned show at the Society of Illustrators, NY is a rich and vibrant blend of work that pulls from the most literal to the most conceptual art in our industry.

Theispot.com is very proud of all 33 members of the site who have work in the show, including six medalists.

Nigel Buchanan – Silver Medal, Institutional

Chris Buzelli – Silver Medal, Advertising

Matt Dorfman – Silver Medal, Uncommissioned

Leo Espinosa - Silver Medal, Institutional

Hal Mayforth - Silver Medal, Uncommissioned

Edel Rodriguez - Silver Medal, Advertising

Martin Ansin: Metropolis

Martin Ansin, Metropolis, Fritz Lang
Martin Ansin created this powerful limited edition poster for a special screening of Fritz Lang’s classic silent film, Metropolis. Two different variants of the poster were made: one in two silver inks, the other in two gold inks.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Chris Gall: DINOTRUX

Chris Gall,  Children's Books, Animals,
Chris Gall’s new children’s book DINOTRUX isn’t out until June 1st, but you’ll want to pre-order your copy… DreamWorks Animation has already optioned rights to develop the 32 page book as a CG-animated film.

United Airlines Retrospective

A recent issue of Communication Arts magazine paid tribute to the United Airlines “It’s Time to Fly” campaign. What has given these ads wings since 2002 is the rich variety of illustration used to deliver the message. We’re proud of the ispotters who have participated, and we look forward to many more years of inspired imagery in this on-going, award winning series.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kathryn Rathke: The Decemberists

Kathryn Rathke, Music, Romance,
Kathryn Rathke’s gig poster for The Decemberists will be plastered all over Austin, TX for the next few weeks.

Martin Simpson: Doritos Point of Sale

Martin Simpson, Packaging
Martin Simpson checks in from the UK: “I can finally show you some work I did for Frito Lay way back in September of last year... thanks to theispot!

Joe McKendry: How to Rob the World's Most Secure Diamond Vault

Joe Mckenny, Interiors, Wired Magazine
Joe McKendry steals next month's Wired magazine with an impossible illustration. The story is a first person account by Leonardo Notarbartolo, who was convicted of robbing the Antwerp Diamond Center vault of $100 million worth of inventory. Notarbartolo's story is colorful and fascinating -- but McKendry gives the set-up that let’s you sit back, soak it up and “picture this…”

Neryl Walker: Bare Escentuals Packaging

Neryl Walker, Sephora, Fashion, Beauty, Pinup, Glamour, Graphic, Editorial
Neryl Walker’s frisky illustrations are the focus of the full line of packaging for Bare Escentuals, Buxom Lips. Each color of plumping lip gloss is branded with a buxom beauty all its own- check out the latest eight at Sephora.