Thursday, January 24, 2008

Lou Brooks: TIME Magazine Cover, Mind & Body Special Issue

This week's Annual Mind & Body Special Issue of Time Magazine features the cover art of ispot illustrator Lou Brooks. "It was last Friday, and I was coming down off of about two weeks' worth of late nite deadlines. Just as I put my feet up, the phone rang and it was Time AD Arthur Hochstein himself, who easily convinced me to take on the assignment," says Brooks. "It was possibly the best match up of art director and illustrator I've ever experienced. We just really worked perfectly together. Even under the typical news weekly deadline pressure, neither of us ever took our eyes off of making it the greatest cover we could."

The cover headline - "The Science of Romance" - refers to the main feature of the special issue, which deals with the molecular dynamics of sexual attraction. Typical of Brooks's masterful iconic pop imagery, the cover features a closely cropped amorous couple caught mid-kiss, mixed with the irony of them each thinking about the moment scientifically.

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